Venomous Empress Reborn - Chapter 800

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Chapter 800: 800

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800 Grant a Marriage (1)

The empress gritted her teeth and said, “There’s no need.”

In the battles of the previous dynasty, the women in the harem were often implicated. If the crown prince fell, how long could the empress keep her position? One day, Emperor Wen Hui would age. If Prince Zhou succeeded the throne, what would happen to the empress?

Consort Xu smiled and said, “If you don’t want me to, I won’t force you. However, I still have something to tell His Majesty. I won’t accompany you anymore.” She covered her mouth and smiled, about to send someone in to inform Emperor Wen Hui.

The empress wanted to scratch Consort Xu’s face. If Consort Xu went in now to add fuel to the flame, the empress would probably be even angrier at the crown prince.

However, she could not stop Consort Xu.

Just as Consort Xu was about to enter, she saw someone rushing over from outside. When he saw Consort Xu, he said apologetically, “Your highness, Prince Rui is outside and wants to request an audience with His Majesty.”

Prince Rui? Consort Xu and the empress were stunned at the same time. Why was Prince Rui here now?

Although Consort Xu was usually arrogant, she was not stupid and did not dare to be careless when it came to serious matters. She immediately said, “Then I’ll come back later.”

The empress was a few years older than Consort Xu and had seen a lot of things in the imperial court. Her heart sank. Prince Rui only came when the crown prince was convicted. He probably came with ill intentions.

The personal guard beside Emperor Wen Hui quickly came out and said a few words to the person who reported. The person who reported left. Soon, the empress and Consort Xu, one kneeling and one standing, saw a young man in purple walking over.

He was wearing half a silver mask and had a relaxed expression. For some reason, the empress was a little ashamed and angry. As the empress of a country, she was seen in such a sorry state by outsiders. Consort Xu looked at his face and was a little stunned. She could not see his appearance clearly, but his noble aura and elegance were enough to make people admire him. It was as if as long as he stood here, others would naturally be attracted to look at him.

Prince Rui walked past the empress and glanced at her. There was not much emotion in his eyes, and his footsteps did not stop, as if he did not see the empress kneeling in front of the hall.

In the study, Emperor Wen Hui sat at the table. He looked calm and composed, as if he was not the person who had just flown into a rage in the study.

However, his back was a little stiff.

The purple-robed young man walked in from outside and lazily called him Your Majesty. Then, he walked up to him and sat down. There was no respect or admiration in his eyes.

That look actually made Emperor Wen Hui feel like he was nothing in front of a young man.

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