Venomous Empress Reborn - Chapter 801

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Chapter 801: 801

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801 Grant a Marriage (2)

This thought only lasted for a moment before Emperor Wen Hui came back to his senses. He smiled at Prince Rui and said, “I’ve been very busy these days, so I didn’t have a chance to ask if Prince Rui is used to living in Ming Qi.”

Now that the State of Qin had a hostile attitude towards Ming Qi, if the Daliang Dynasty wanted to take advantage of this situation, Ming Qi would really be finished. Therefore, Emperor Wen Hui did not want to make things too ugly with the Daliang Dynasty.

That was why he was in a hurry to curry favor with Prince Rui. If the people of Ming Qi saw Emperor Wen Hui like this, they would probably be disdainful.

Prince Rui smiled lazily and said, “Thanks to Your Majesty, I’m doing well. However, I heard that Your Majesty hasn’t been doing well these past few days.”

Emperor Wen Hui’s heart skipped a beat, but he did not show it on his face. He only shook his head and smiled bitterly. “I didn’t teach my son well. I’m really sorry that such a thing happened while you are in Ming Qi.”

“You can’t be blamed.” Prince Rui said, “After all, you have nine sons and you can’t discipline all of them.” His tone was neither happy nor angry. “But Huangfu Hao is really pitiful. He came to Ming Qi to pay tribute, but he died together with his sister here. What a tragedy.”

Emperor Wen Hui’s smile became a little awkward.

Prince Rui was right. The emperor of the State of Qin wanted the crown prince to pay with his life. Of course, it was because he wanted Ming Qi to suffer an equivalent loss, but there was another reason. When the two countries came to pay tribute, Prince Rui of the Daliang Dynasty was not injured at all, but the crown prince and princess of the State of Qin were both dead. What did this mean? Was Ming Qi deliberately targeting the State of Qin? Or was he showing that the State of Qin was weak and could not even protect its own crown prince and princess?

No matter what, this was something that made the State of Qin very embarrassed. Therefore, even if the crown prince paid with his life, the alliance between Ming Qi and the State of Qin would still be at a standstill for a long time.

He said, “I’m also trying to settle this matter as soon as possible.”

Prince Rui smiled. “The emperor of the State of Qin won’t let this matter rest so easily.”

Emperor Wen Hui was annoyed. He tried his best to avoid talking about this matter, but Prince Rui kept bringing it up. Emperor Wen Hui did not think that Prince Rui was stupid enough to not discern this. Then Prince Rui must have done it on purpose to disgust him.

Emperor Wen Hui wanted to storm out like he did with his disobedient officials, or fly into a rage. Unfortunately, Prince Rui was not his official. Although he was a prince, in a way, he was even more fierce than him, the emperor.

Emperor Wen Hui could only change the topic by asking, “I wonder why Prince Rui is here today.”

Prince Rui did not speak and only knocked at the table with one finger. In the silence, Emperor Wen Hui felt like his heart was clenched by something. He suddenly thought that Prince Rui chose this time to come today because he wanted to talk to him about something very important.

If Prince Rui mentioned the city at the border of the Daliang Dynasty and Ming Qi at this time… how could Emperor Wen Hui reject him?

His back turned from stiff to being covered with cold sweat. Prince Rui was silent, but the silence put a lot of pressure on Emperor Wen Hui.

A moment later, Prince Rui stopped knocking at the table and said casually, “I come for my marriage.”

“What?” Emperor Wen Hui was instinctively stunned when he heard this. Before he could understand, he heard Prince Rui’s calm voice.

“My brother always wanted me to start a family as soon as possible. This time, when I came to Ming Qi, he specially instructed me to bring a princess consort back. That’s what I am here for.”

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