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Chapter 369

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Chapter 369​ A Competition For Geniuses

Leylin deliberated over his phrasing. “But to do that, you’ll have to deploy the higher-ups!”

If the guilds joined forces, they could naturally extinguish the scattered rebels, but part of their forces would be tied down. With the north down, and casualties stacking up at the center, the cost outweighed the benefits involved.

“Then what do you suggest?” Logan seemed to be able to tell the hidden meaning in Leylin’s words.

“The rebels led by Longbottom definitely need to be suppressed and exterminated, but I believe we can try to pacify the wandering Magi.”

Leylin stroked his chin.

“How? Twilight Zone has a limited amount of resources. Are you, Nature’s Alliance, going to pay out of your pocket?” Logan was slightly annoyed.

“No, of course not!” Leylin smiled while he shook his head, “What do you say we hold a competition for young Magi?”

“Competition?” Logan was baffled.

“Yes, a competition between geniuses! It will be targeted at young Magi, with generous rewards and the opportunity to join some guilds. If they obtain a certain ranking, they can even enter a guild of their choice!” Leylin declared his scheme.

“With this, not only can we unite more wandering Magi and express our goodwill to the organisations behind them, we can also shift their focus from the unfairness of guilds to the vying for a position, causing internal friction!”

“This… Let me think…” Logan scratched his beard.

Leylin paid no attention to him and smiled, because he knew Logan was considering his suggestion.

As expected, minutes later, Logan roughly slapped the table, “It’s a good idea! Of course! Why didn’t I think of it?”

He stood up and quickly paced around the room. “No matter how much we try to tempt those old Magi, it’s all going to be in vain. They’ve already lost all chances of improving anyway, and won’t be able to cause many problems!

“On the other hand, the competition offers young Magi more than just glory. The generous rewards and the opportunity to join a guild will surely tempt them! We just need to hand some things out, and it will definitely change the dynamics of their army. We might even be able to pick up some good seedlings! Not bad… not bad at all!”

Logan kept nodding. He, too, knew that pressuring the lower strata was not a good idea, especially in times of war. Prying them apart would lead to a much better ending.

“I’ll go and report your suggestion to the council, they’ll definitely agree!” he did not even bother to hide his excitement, yelling out his agreement.

Meanwhile, Leylin revealed a profound smile. There was something else he had yet to say, but he was sure Logan understood it as well.

Setting up a competition to select Magi and taking them into guilds was also a type of revolution. This was a step in the direction of the setup of the academies on the south coast.

This way, Longbottom’s righteous cause would be wounded in multiple ways. When that happened, it would be the best time to capture and kill him!

At the same time, the various Magi training in Sacred Flame all fell into a stupor. They were all receiving a prophecy.

“Countless stars are congregating there. It is the location of both the beginning and the end of everything!”

Aaron’s eyes recovered from having been all-white, the fear still lingering in him as he patted his chest.

“I actually automatically made a prophecy! Looks like the force of destiny is unprecedentedly powerful.”

“Of course! A competition between genius Magi! Not only wandering Magi, but also geniuses of guilds can also enter. The judges will be the protectors of the four regions who are at least rank 2, and the legendary protector of all regions might even appear!”

In front of him, Vinas rolled her eyes and said sarcastically.

“You-” Aaron was so furious that he turned red, almost getting up.

“Alright, alright. Can you not quarrel!”

Baelin was now wearing his Bio Boosting Armour, his aura more vast and profound as a result of the power of destiny converging on his body. Though he couldn’t feel anything himself, for Aaron and Vinas who trained in Sacred Flame, the change was as obvious as the lighting of a torch in the darkness.

“What did you see?” Baelin asked curiously.

Under his supervision, these two prophetic Magi were currently at peace, having decided to first crush the dark elves’ conspiracy before battling it out among themselves. Sometimes, however, the two would be at odds, which would end up giving him a headache.

“Not too long later, central Twilight Zone will hold a competition for young genius Magi! The only restriction is that one must be younger than 50 to attend.”

“In addition, the champion of the competition will even be able to meet the great protector of all regions and be given access to profound Magi academic knowledge, as well as assistance to advance forcefully.”

Aaron couldn’t help but gulp. Even he was enticed by such temptations.

The young female Magus called Vinas continued, “Most of Twilight Zone’s geniuses will attend, including Longbottom who’s sided with the dark elves. He’ll be waiting to cause trouble!

“And because there’s another Magus like us helping him and covering him with a fog of destiny, I can’t tell for sure what their exact plan is and whether they’ll succeed.”

“Longbottom…” Baelin muttered, his eyes dim.

He knew that this kid that he had thought highly of had quickly become an official Magus and even sided with the dark elves. He’d probably played a big role in the fall of the north.

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“I remembered him being a very polite and enthusiastic boy… and his sister…” Baelin’s expression looked complicated. If Leylin had chosen to impart his knowledge to Longbottom, everything would have been different.

Aaron noticed Baelin’s indecision. “Lord Baelin, Longbottom is now a traitor to humanity, a destructive person who is masterminding a rebellion. You need to draw the line, and capture him yourself!” he advised.

“That’s right! I can tell that the large conspiracy in the central region involves many rank 2 Magi, and they will show their strength during the competition. You need to defeat Longbottom there and thwart their plans to save humanity!”

Vinas sounded incomparably resolute. She believed she was now walking the path of ancient heroes and was working hard to protect the harmony and stability of the human race. There was an aura of piety about her.

“I understand…” Baelin smiled wryly.

Somewhere else, Longbottom had also obtained this information from Ernis.

“A competition for young geniuses? A pageant for the Magus world? Many rank 2 Magi and protectors will even appear there as judges?”

Upon hearing this, green light shone out of Longbottom’s eyes, “This truly is a great opportunity to finish everything in one fell swoop!”

Ernis was silent as he felt two powers other than his own in the river of destiny. They would surely meet at the competition.

“Is it finally here? The final victor shall be me! Only I will be able to train in Sacred Flame till the peak and become the ruler of Twilight Zone!”

Ernis roared in his heart, though he looked calm on the outside.

“Send down the orders. All sections are to halt all activities and enter stealth mode, preparing for the upcoming competition. Also, inform the matriarch that I need support. Powerful support!”

Ernis respectfully bowed his way out upon hearing Longbottom’s orders.

Longbottom’s aura had become an enigma. After absorbing the essence of a rank 2 Magus, his strength had soared so high that Ernis could not tell the limits of his strength.

“Leylin, Baelin! Everything shall be settled there!” Longbottom mumbled, and the large phantom spider figure became more solid, as if becoming real.


Time passed, and news of the central region holding a competition for young geniuses spread like a hurricane to all four corners.

There was only one requirement for entry; all participants needed to be below 50 years of age. The rewards were very generous; not only were there great amounts of precious resources and research to be won, the top thirty could freely enter a guild of their choice. The large-scaled guilds in the central region all provided a few places, and there was even a small rumour going on that the Guardian of the Realm would meet the champion and take them on as their disciple!

All of Twilight Zone was elated. Many young wandering Magi, and even guild geniuses, all left their stations and headquarters to head to the central region.

Many of them cared little for both the resources and the opportunity to join a guild, but apprenticeship to a rank 3 Magus was a temptation they could not resist.

Leylin expected this.

The plan was accepted as soon as Logan reported it. The Magi of the council were definitely smart enough to see the benefits of such an event. They even decided to make it a recurring thing, to ward off such troubles permanently.

However, even Leylin was initially surprised that the Guardian of the Realm would announce such a thing. It led him to make a few guesses.

“Looks like the Guardian of the Realm doesn’t have much time left. I just don’t know if the inheritance is meant to draw out the malefactors, or is sincere.” Leylin touched his chin.

However, he was very optimistic towards all this. With it, the competition would be even more popular, and work even better for his plans.

Those so-called ‘genius Magi’ probably brought with them forces of destiny. Though they could not be compared with Baelin and Longbottom, when they were all added together, the sum was not something that could be ignored.

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