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Chapter 91: Chapter 91: A High-Grade Magical Treasure

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Chapter 91: A High-Grade Magical Treasure

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“It’s finally time to draw lots!”


On the stand, a young prodigy looked at the people passing through the valley below and lining up to draw lots and said excitedly.

After drawing lots, everyone looked for their own competition platforms.

Not long after, the 450 platforms were filled with people.

“This… Mu Qingxue has such incredible luck…”

“Well, it seems like this Ice Beauty from the Great Mystery Sect is going to be the first to be eliminated.”

“I have to say that her luck is really amazing. 1 didn’t expect her to draw a Mystery Darkness Sect disciple who doesn’t get along with them right at the beginning.”

“This Mystery Darkness Sect disciple is not weak. He is actually at the sixth level of the Qi Sea Realm…”

All eyes on the platform where the young prodigies were located were focused on Mu Qingxue.

“Hmm? The Mystery Darkness Sect? Mu Qingxue from the Great Mystery Sect drew a disciple from our Mystery Darkness Sect?”

Gu Xuanyun, who was originally dispirited and thinking about how to take revenge in the future, immediately perked up when he heard the words “Mystery Darkness Sect.” He quickly stood up and looked for the competition platform where Mu Qingxue was.

Soon, he found the stage where Mu Qingxue was.

At this moment.

Mu Qingxue and the disciple of the Mystery Darkness Sect she was fighting against had entered an intense battle.

They both used killer moves as they engaged.

Obviously, neither of them wanted to waste time on the other.

After all.

There were still many more competitions to come.

Preserving strength in this match would increase the chances of winning the next one.

“Hahaha, fortune favors me! Mu Qingxue is destined to lose today, just as I predicted!”

Gu Xuanyun watched the competition on the platform and laughed unscrupulously.

Although he couldn’t do anything to Su Chen, seeing a disciple of the Mystery Darkness Sect being defeated by a disciple of the Mystery Darkness Sect brought him joy as well.

“Aren’t you celebrating too early? The outcome of the battle has yet to be determined. Where did you get the confidence to be sure that Mu Qingxue will lose?”

Su Chen, who had been mediating with his eyes closed, opened his eyes when he heard Gu Xuanyun’s words. He looked at him indifferently and said.


Gu Xuanyun, unusual for him, did not get angry. He sneered and looked at Su Chen with a sidelong glance, and said confidently, “Since you don’t believe that Mu Qingxue will lose, why don’t the two of us make a bet?”

Gu Xuanyun was very confident in the disciple of the Mystery Darkness Sect.

After all.

Their Mystery Darkness Sect wasn’t the beast-taming lineage that the Everlasting Sect had sent this time.

Once the disciples of the Everlasting Sect lost the help of the demonic beasts, their combat power would greatly decrease.

Right now.

The disciple who was fighting Mu Qingxue had already reached the sixth level of the Qi Sea Realm.

He could be considered a genius even in the Mystery Darkness Sect.

There was a difference of three minor realms between the two. How could Mu Qingxue win?


Su Chen agreed without hesitation.

When someone came to offer him benefits, why not accept?

“I have a high-grade flying treasure called the Cloud Piercing Shuttle. It can travel tens of thousands of miles in a day and even defend against attacks from warriors at the middle stage of the Spirit Sea Realm! I’ll use this thing to bet with you. Do you dare?”

Gu Xuanyun waved his hand.

A three-inch-long magical treasure that was emitting silver-white radiance appeared in the air, exuding a dazzling light.

The moment this magical treasure appeared, it instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

A high-grade magical treasure was extremely precious to prodigies like them. High-grade flying treasures were even more precious!

Among the dozens of prodigies present, no one could take out such a precious treasure.

Even Situ Feng, who had been watching the battle, could not help but glance at Gu Xuanyun.

“How about it? Do you dare to make a bet with me?”

Gu Xuanyun was enjoying the attention of the crowd as he glanced at Su Chen and said proudly, “What’s your bet?”

“Let me think…”

Su Chen withdrew his gaze and pretended to be in a difficult position. After pondering for a moment, he said, “A month and a half ago, 1 comprehended a few earth-level cultivation methods and martial arts from the stone tablet in the sect. However, they were all useless to me… How about this, 1 will bet an earth-level middle-rank martial art with you…”

As soon as Su Chen finished speaking, he gently opened his hand.


A white jade slip appeared in his palm.

The earth-level cultivation methods that he comprehended from the mysterious stone tablet were directly transmitted into his mind.

The only jade slip he had was the heaven-level upper-rank Heavenly Divergence Divine Art.

At this moment, it was not bad to use it as a substitute for an earth-level cultivation method or martial art.

After all, there was no way he would lose!

“An earth-level cultivation method or martial art!”

Countless people took a deep breath and looked at the jade slip in Su Chen’s hand with burning eyes.

If Gu Xuanyun taking out a high-grade flying treasure only surprised them for a moment, then they were totally shocked when Su Chen took out an earth-level middle-rank martial art.

This was an earth-level middle-rank martial art!

Everyone present was the representative of the various forces this time, but not everyone had cultivated an earth-level middle-rank martial art.

This was because every earth-level martial art and cultivation method was an extremely precious existence.

“Alright. It’s decided then.”

Gu Xuanyun looked at the jade slip in Su Chen’s hand with fiery eyes as if his eyes were about to shine.

He was afraid that Su Chen would go back on his word, so he quickly added, “You can’t go back on your word!”

“Yes, 1 won’t change my mind.”

Su Chen waved the jade slip in his hand and said indifferently.

“Brother Su, don’t be impulsive!”

At this moment, Lin Xuan of the Spirit Sword Sect advised in a low voice.

How precious was an earth-level middle-rank martial art?

Just this earth-level middle-rank martial art in Su Chen’s hands could be exchanged for hundreds of high-grade flying treasures in Gu Xuanyun’s hands. If he really lost to Gu Xuanyun, it would be a huge loss!

Moreover, the two below had a significant difference in strength.

One was at the third level of the Qi Sea Realm, while the other was at the sixth level.

There was a difference of three minor realms between them.

No one present had high hopes for Mu Qingxue.

It could be said that this was almost a guaranteed loss!

“Lin Xuan, what do you mean by this? Since Brother Su and I have decided to make such a big bet, naturally he can’t go back on his word… Are you saying this because you want to participate too?”

When Gu Xuanyun heard Lin Xuan’s words, he was immediately anxious and hurriedly said.

He was genuinely worried that Su Chen would be persuaded by Lin Xuan and change his mind.

“Since this is a bet, the stakes of both sides should be equal. Can your Cloud Piercing Shuttle be compared to Brother Su’s earth-level middle-rank martial art?”

Lin Xuan retorted unyieldingly.

Gu Xuanyun was stunned when he heard this. He nodded miraculously and said, “What you said makes sense…”

After that, he looked at the battle below and then at the jade slip in Su Chen’s hand. He gritted his teeth and took off the two storage rings from his hand, placing them in front of him, and said, “This is all 1 have. Although they are still not as valuable as the earth-level middle-rank martial art you have, these things are also extraordinary. What do you think?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Gu Xuanyun looked at Su Chen expectantly..

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