When a Master of Metaphysics Marries into a Wealthy Family

When a Master of Metaphysics Marries into a Wealthy Family
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Shen Ye has transmigrated. The original owner was a completely pitiful one. His mother was murdered by his biological father and his mistress, and he was fooled into entering the entertainment industry by his stepmother and later ruined by her. When Shen Ye took over the original owner’s body, he was pushed down the stairs by the mistress’s son!

The original owner’s grandmother was worried that he would be lonely and helpless for the rest of his life and would be bullied by the Shen family, so she insisted on letting him marry Ye Ze.

Ye Ze is the person in charge of the Ye family and has enough ability to protect him.

Shen Ye said that he doesn’t need to rely on him because he has awakened his talent. Soon he will become a master of metaphysics and sweep the entire entertainment circle. He, himself, is his greatest reliance!

However, he did not refuse his grandmother’s proposal, who told him to fall in love with Ye Ze at first sight?

The warm purple air on the other person made him feel so comfortable…

He took the heirloom jade pendant his grandmother gave, waved it in front of Ye Ze’s eyes, and smiled like a stealing cat: Uncle, let’s get married!

Ye Ze: …

Ye Ze endured it for a long time and finally forced him to change his words on the wedding night: call me husband.

After that, the painting style is like this:

International actress: Looking for a fortune teller!

National actor: Asking for a fortune!

Popular Little Flower: Asking for a fortune teller!

Mistress’s family: Please let us go…

[Warning: Before reading this story, you should know that this is a very cliche and enjoyable story set in a fictional world. It is not real and has a huge golden finger that is illogical and enjoyable. Please do not use your brain when reading it and assume that everything the author writes is reasonable. If you can’t accept it, please do not read it. The author does not accept any questioning or criticism and does not welcome any nitpickers. Thank you very much ~] Tags: Entertainment Industry, Rebirth, Sweet Romance, Metaphysics | Keywords: Protagonist: Shen Ye, Ye Ze | Supporting Characters: | Others: Mu Cai

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