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Chapter 168

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Translated by: La0o9
Edited by: VindiFan#1

Xuanyuan Tianzun was extremely unpleased.

From the way things went, if it weren’t for Gu Qing Shan discovering the truth of the matter and forming such a brilliant tactic, he would’ve very easily been caught off-guard, possibly even sent to the Tianma’s world and lose his life.

He already owes Gu Qing Shan a great favor, yet his disciple had tried to frame him.

Even though part of it is due to the Tianma’s influence, but if Wu Xing Wen himself doesn’t already want to do so, the Tianma wouldn’t be able to influence him in that direction.

It’s because his mind is muddled and borne malice that the Tianma was able to sneak into his Thought Sea.

All the events that happened after was from the Tianma’s manipulation, but Wu Xing Wen cannot escape the blame.

If this isn’t done right, even my own Dao heart will be affected.

Thinking so, Xuanyuan Tianzun took out a black talisman and threw it.

“Put that on your forehead” he spoke with a heavy voice.

Wu Xing Wen accepted the talisman, noticed the look on his Shifu’s face, gritted his teeth, but had no choice except to do as ordered.

Xuanyuan Tianzun tapped the talisman from afar, then spoke: “Go”

The talisman turned into black smoke and entered Wu Xing Wen’s ears.

Instantly, Wu Xing Wen’s eyes became blank and stood dead still on the high platform.

“Soul Reading Talisman?” Bai Hua Fairy asked.

“Hm, my Blue Clouds Pass has always condoned justice and fairness, if there’s ever a fault, then it shall be judged in front of everyone. He will get what he deserves” Xuanyuan Tianzun spoke.

Bai Hua Fairy nodded in satisfaction.

“Ask again” Xuanyuan Tianzun ordered the two cultivators responsible for Heart Appraisal.

“Yes sir” the two cultivators don’t dare to disobey, quickly came up and asked again: “What exactly did you do in Gu Qing Shan’s matter”

Wu Xing Wen spoke in monotone: “Spirit Beast sect’s Li De Wen is young, his thoughts are simple, he felt his brother’s death was underserved and was angry, so I manipulated him with words to help ruin Gu Qing Shan’s reputation”

Li De Wen was stunned to know that matters was not as he had initially thought.

“To me, this matter was nothing but a small passing action, but once I did it, my consciousness seems to be blurred, unable to judge things properly anymore”

Wu Xing Wen kept on going in a monotone voice.

“During my blurriness, thought after thought kept coming up in my mind, directing me towards a certain direction and finally it became unstoppable. I had forgotten everything about the decisive battle and started to concoct a plan to kill him”

All the cultivators gasped as they heard it.

Wu Xing Wen wanted to ruin Gu Qing Shan’s reputation, but got taken advantage of by the Tianma, provoking the entire army to isolate Gu Qing Shan.

Luckily the three Saints had appeared when they did, otherwise he would’ve been able to execute his plan to kill him.

And now, not only did he got possessed by a Tianma, he was also being Soul Read by his own Shifu, dropping his reputation to rock bottom..

This was karma that couldn’t be blamed on anyone else but himself.

Li De Wen watched this scene in shock, muttering: “Why… why did you have to fool me…”

He finally understood that he was just being taken advantage of.

In other words, his brother really did disobey military orders and was killed by Gu Qing Shan.

Li De Wen whimpered, then slowly fell to his knees, crying loudly.

The two questioning cultivators exchanged looks and reported: “The Soul Reading results is true”

Xuanyuan Tianzun shook his head and released his hand seal.

Wu Xing Wen’s consciousness finally returned.

He was actually awake during the entire process, but unable to do anything or control what he spoke.

I’m really done for.

He stood alone on the platform.

The looks that cultivators gave him was no longer of admiration, respect and closeness. They all turned into coldness and condemnation.

Before the decisive battle, he was still thinking about how to badmouth someone else. How could someone so petty and weak-minded like that ever control an army properly?

Wu Xing Wen could feel his own heart sinking into the abyss without any way back up.

Xuanyuan Tianzun didn’t even bother to look at him again, only turned to ask Bai Hua Fairy: “How do you want to deal with him?”

Bai Hua Fairy then turned to look at the Great Monk of Sorrow, asking: “I don’t know the military very well, so let just do as the monk judge best”

“Amitabha, he’s clearly no longer fit to be a General” the Great Monk of Sorrow spoke with a solemn expression: “From regulations, he shall be stripped of his General rank and have to climb once again from the position of soldier”

Seeing Bai Hua Fairy about to frown, the Great Monk of Sorrow quickly added: “Also, for sullying a Saint’s disciple’s name, he will go through the same humiliation and receive the 300 strikes punishment”

Hearing that, Bai Hua Fairy’s expression loosened.

All 300 strikes of the punishment are infused with spirit energy, the person being punished must receive them while topless, and they’re not allowed to use any sort of scripture to resist the pain, each time they do, they’ll receive an extra 10 strikes.

Not only does the person being punished lose any semblance of respect and admiration they had before, they also have to endure the pain.

This punishment is light, not enough to take Wu Xing Wen’s life, but his dignity as a cultivator will be completely lost.

Bai Hua Fairy was very pleased with Xuanyuan Tianzun’s attitude, so she left the punishment entirely for the Great monk of Sorrow to decide.

That way, this matter is being dealt with completely by the book, the two Saints doesn’t have to face off each other, and they don’t infringe on each other’s dignity.

And since this punishment doesn’t kill Wu Xing Wen, it doesn’t only relieve Bai Hua Fairy’s anger, it also respects Xuanyuan Tianzun’s feelings.

Sure enough, Xuanyuan Tianzun’s expression loosened a bit when he heard that.

Xie Dao Ling turned around and asked Gu Qing Shan: “What do you think?”

Gu Qing Shan thought about it and replied: “I want to say something to him”

“Then do so” Xie Dao Ling told him.

In front of the three Saints, in front of all the cultivators there, Gu Qing Shan went in front of Wu Xing Wen and stopped.

Wu Xing Wen scoffed, then turned to face Gu Qing Shan.

Fucker, it’s all your fault.

“Are you here to humiliate me?” He held his anger back, staring a hold into Gu Qing Shan.

Gu Qing Shan answered: “No, I’m only here to ask you one thing”

“It’s already come to this, what else do you need to ask?”

Gu Qing Shan looked Wu Xing Wen straight in the eyes and asked: “As a Ding Yuan General, before the decisive battle between the demons and us, yet you wanted to take your grudge out on me alone, what were you thinking?”

Wu Xing Wen stared at him, gritted his teeth and answered: “I am the eldest brother of Blue Clouds Pass, and my youngest brother was killed in the semester examination by you”

Gu Qing Shan doesn’t dodge his stare, instead returned it very seriously: “During the entire semester examination, our Bai Hua sect was only there as spectators. But Lee Chang An provoked over 20 people, not only to attack me, but also tried to slander our sect, whose fault is that?”

Wu Xing Wen didn’t reply.

“If you truly care about your junior brother, you should’ve cared for him when he was still alive. Educate and teach him yourself about how he should act around other people and not slander other people’s sect’s reputation”
Gu Qing Shan received his looked, very solemnly continued: “You are the eldest brother of your sect, yet you didn’t teach your juniors well. You let him act arrogant as he pleased, ridiculing another person’s sect only to get killed. You think this isn’t your responsibility?”

Gu Qing Shan slowly: “Before your junior brother died, you didn’t even bother to teach him correctly. Yet after he died, you wanted to frame another person and ruin their reputation, justifying this as avenging your junior brother”
“As the eldest direct disciple of a sect. Do you really think this was actually my fault, and not yours?”

Wu Xing Wen was stunned, unable to say anything back at all.

Gu Qing Shan shook his head and returned.

Xie Dao Ling slightly smirked, but felt that it wasn’t quite the right time to do so, so she quickly regained a blank expression.

Then she ordered: “Carry out the punishment”

With her swift order, Wu Xing Wen’s General armor was taken off by two enforcer cultivators and shoved onto the punishment rack.

Wu Xing Wen began to receive his punishment, whipped in front of everyone there.

His screams of pain echoed around the camp.

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