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Chapter 361

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WAO Chapter 361: Devil’s guidance

Translated by: La0o9
Proofreader:  Arya


Isa looked at him mockingly: “For such a dumb reason… as foolish blood relations!”

She coughed up some blood, then slowly closed her eyes.

She died.

Gu Qing Shan pulled his sword back with a complicated look on his face.

Another powerful human Professionist had died.

But there was no way around it, as both the Fuxi Emperor and the Holy Church’s Pope went on a wrong path.

They will only bring humanity closer to the brink of extinction.

The thing that caught Gu Qing Shan’s attention more was how everything that happened just now was actually an out-of-control battle.

 A single God's Chosen card was able to freeze time, sealing the movements of all three of them.

Normal God's Chosen cards aren’t that powerful.

If they actually were, then no other Profession would be necessary.

The Pope is powerful, but she can’t possibly own such a powerful Law-related card.
Because if she really does, all she needs is another similarly powerful Law-related card to kill everyone.

Gu Qing Shan carefully thought about the Pope’s fighting styles.

This card that is able to stop time is very out of place in all of her cards.
And more importantly, Su Xue Er actually also owns something of the same rank.

Gu Qing Shan is now very sure that Su Xue Er did not go to the cultivation world.

Having such a powerful card, what kind of world is she in?

Zhang Ying Hao wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and stepped forward to look at the Pope’s corpse.

“I never thought one day I’d be able to participate in assassinating such a powerful person as yourself. I’m honored”

He then respectfully bowed at the Pope’s corpse.

Ye Fei Li landed from the air, standing next to Gu Qing Shan.

Ye Fei Li looked over at Hurt and asked in a low voice: “What now? You want to kill him to?”

“There’s no need to, the Holy Church’s matter should be left to the people of the church” Gu Qing Shan answered.

“The Holy Church’s matter?” Ye Fei Li didn’t quite understand.

Then, a solemn female voice resounded.

“Hurt! In the name of the Holy Church of Death, I ask you, are you or are you no longer loyal to your faith?”

Monarch Varona slowly stepped forward.

Hurt lowered his gaze slightly: “You don’t have the right to question me”

“Of course I do” Varona spoke, “I used to be a Cardinal of the church, as my partner for 5 fives, you should know the degree of my faith”

Hurt looked up: “I do, but you are now the Monarch of the Fuxi Empire, an outsider to the Holy Church”

Varona continued: “What I’m saying is, the current Medici clan has a rightful heir, and she should be where your allegiance lies”

Hurt scoffed: “You speak of Anna? That little girl?”

“She is not a little girl. She is the most outstanding head of our Medici clan for the last several hundred years, one who has come further than any other clan’s member had”
Varona’s tone became strict: “Hurt, remember this well, if you are not loyal to the Medici clan, then you are betraying the Holy Church”
“You should go, either leave the Church, or pledge your allegiance to the Church once more, pass this message to the other Holy Apostles as well”
Varona continued: “I can guarantee you this. Anna will ensure the glory of our Holy Church, regardless of whether or not the bunch of you are there”

Varona gestured for the royal guards to make way.

Hurt showed her a final complicated look before leaving.

Varona then came before Gu Qing Shan and the rest, staring down at Isa’s corpse.

“This usurper of the throne had died by your hands. This was a crucial moment for the Medici clan and a moment of the Holy Church’s rebirth!”

She shed tears, then smiled from the bottom of her heart.

In front of everyone here, the Monarch loudly declared: “You are benefactors of the Medici clan, benefactors of the Holy Church of Death, I bestow upon you absolute honor in recognition of your heroism”

Gu Qing Shan clasped his fist and replied: “Thank you, Your Majesty”

At the same moment.

Faraway, in the Holy Empire.

The Grand Holy Sanctuary at the Holy Empire’s Capital.

The underground secret bunker.

The card floating above the blood reservoir, [Devil Summoning] suddenly shattered.

It left a few light sprites below thoroughly dispersing.

In the blood reservoir, a voice whispered: “She died… that is very unexpected”
“It seems the death god is angrier than I thought, even my Law card couldn’t save her from death”

The blood then formed into a hand that climbed out from the reservoir.

“Hm, the power collected by the reservoir is enough for me to open the gates through the two worlds and return to the Nine Hells”

This hand of blood clutched at the air, as if wanting to grab something.

“The rare God's Chosen soul that came from Fog Isle, I’ve got you”
The hand clenched tight: “According to our contract, I will take your soul”

The voice sounded very excited.


The banquet hall.

Isa opened her eyes.

Gu Qing Shan’s sword was still stabbed through her chest.

Isa looked around, then at the blood glow around her body and the sword.

She rose up from her own body, staring at her corpse.

No one noticed her.

Isa realized something.

I’m dead.

“Hah, so this is how you died” a voice came from above.

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Isa looked up and exclaimed: “Asmodeus!”

“It’s me, I’m here to guide you away from this chaotic world”

Asmodeus showed up.

No one could see him.

Right now, he’s also only a soul.

Isa looked as Asmodeus and spoke with a grudgeful tone: “Asmodeus, I beg you to avenge me. I am willing to pay any price”

Asmodeus shook his head: “No, you’re wrong. According to the contract, you belong to me now, including everything you own, there is nothing that you can pay me as a price”

Isa’s tone became panicked: “Didn’t you want to know what happened to Huang Quan? Help me get revenge and I’ll tell you all the secrets that I know”

Asmodeus’ voice became monotone: “No, no, no, lies are useless to one such as me, Isa. Furthermore, I have no interest in what goes on in a hell that isn’t mine”

He continued: “The only thing that interests me, Isa, is your soul and your soul alone”
“You are a very good card user, I need you to fight for me, to bring me unparalleled benefits”

Isa begrudgingly screamed: “Then help me! Kill my enemies! I am willing to give up anything at all!”

Asmodeus asked: “Is that so? Anything at all?”

“Yes, Asmodeus!”

“Then the Order that you construct with your soul, I want that, Isa”

Isa was stunned.

Her voice became fearful: “How did you know that?”

Asmodeus’ voice became triumphant: “As a God's Chosen that came from Fog Isle, and an existence recognized as a Guru, you can use a God's Chosen card to construct a fixed Order, isn’t that right?”

“To do that I need to lose myself, give up everything to become an invisible existence to fight against the Apocalypse for eternity. Such an agonizing existence, I won’t do it!”
Isa hurriedly denied: “I don’t need vengeance anymore, Asmodeus!”

Asmodeus came down from the air, grabbing Isa by her neck.

He roared furiously: “You fool; you don’t understand ANYTHING about Orders at all!”
“Come with me, I will tell you just how crucial the power of an Order is, and how much benefit it will give to both you and me”
His tone then became soft and slow: “Mortals, living beings, everything. In the face of Order, they are nothing but cattle waiting to be butchered”
“Let us both drink the blood of worlds and enjoy the wonderful feast of souls”

While talking, he was also thinking.

Should I kill a few people to ease Isa’s anger a bit?

His gaze passed through the scene, then stopped at the two longswords hovering by Gu Qing Shan.

When he noticed the Chao Yin Sword, he was a bit surprised; when he saw the Earth Sword, he appeared fearful.

Passing through the swords, he looked at another direction.

With his divine sense, he was able to see an illusion-like figure, scepter in hand, silently standing there.

The person had a face of the thin dog as his head.

Asmodeus’ pupils dilated.

The Death god is still here.

“What are you looking at?” Isa followed his gaze, but saw nothing there, only empty space.

“No, nothing at all”

Asmodeus replied.

He decided against it.

Isa still couldn’t believe it so she hesitantly asked: “What you said just now, is it true?”

Asmodeus regained his composure and spoke: “Of course! Once you know the true secret of Order, you will come crying to me, begging me to help you become a type of Order and never look back!”

“Asmodeus, tell me, what is the true secret of Order!” Isa didn’t relent.

“An Order doesn’t necessarily need to be used for salvation, it can also be used to enslave mortals as well, do you not understand?”

Saying so, Asmodeus’ eyes glowed with excitement.

Isa was completely stunned.

She had never thought of things that way before, as if a gate had just slammed opened in front of her.

And outside that gate was a completely new world.

Asmodeus urged her: “Come, let us leave, we can’t stay here for long!”

He waved his hand and opened a crack in space.

The two souls went inside and disappeared without a trace.

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