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Chapter 527: 527

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Chapter 527: The battle begins!

In the snow storm.

The 8 villainous men stood frozen in place with horrified expressions.

“What the hell happened!” someone lost their patience and shouted.

The bald man answered: “I used Soul Points to ask [Kindling], it says that this is an incredibly powerful curse!”

[Kindling] knows what this is!

Everyone calmed down a little.

“[Kindling] knows how to undo it, as long as we pay enough Soul Points——”

As the bald man was speaking, his voice slowly became lower and lower until he stopped entirely.

His expression went pale.

Because of the answer [Kindling] had given him.

[Pay 100,000 Soul Points to undo the curse]

100,000 Soul Points!!!

This was an astronomical amount.

Having killed so many people, the most Soul Points the bald man managed to get at once was merely 110.

The same message was shown before everyone’s eyes.

“No! We have no hope to undo the curse this way! We’re done for” someone spoke in despair.

Su Xue Er wielded the scepter as she slowly stepped towards them in the icy winds.

She stopped in front of them, glaring at the bald man.

The bald man’s facial expression shifted over and over, until he finally tried a stiff smile.

“We’re sorry, lady, this was all a misunderstanding, we got the wrong person”

Seeing him like that, the others hurriedly follow as well: “That’s right, that’s right, we got the wrong person, we’re really sorry”

“We shouldn’t have acted without thinking like that, please forgive us”

“You’re a big-hearted person, please let us go, we swear to scout ahead for you”

They all tried to flatter her.

Su Xue Er ignored their pleading.

She shifted her gaze from the bald man to another.

“Just now, you said you wanted to obtain me?”

Su Xue Er asked softly.

The man awkwardly wracked his brain for minutes without being able to think of any excuse for that.

Su Xue Er lightly stroked her Scepter of Law, drawing a card from it.

This was a grey card—— grey represented a card of the lowest level.

There was only a sharp dagger depicted on the card.

Su Xue Er lightly waved the card, summoning the dagger in her hand.

Apparently realizing something, the man desperately tried to beg: “No, please don’t! I made a mistake, I shouldn’t have offended you, please spare me, I still have a lot of mouths to feed at home!”

Su Xue Er replied: “I empathize with you, but then, if I had fell into your hands——”

She shook her head without saying anything else.

The dagger was slowly pushed into the man’s chest

“Argg——” the man screamed in agony.

Su Xue Er held the dagger and slashed it downwards.

The sharp dagger easily pierced through flesh, but was caught by his rib bones.

Su Xue Er tried putting more force into it, but found that she wasn’t anywhere strong enough to break his rib bones this way.

She sighed and let go.

The servant of blood stepped forward, taking the dagger in hand for her.

“Keep cutting him, all the way down”

Su Xue Er ordered.

The servant of blood held the dagger, slowly cutting open this villain’s chest, stomach, and bisected him all the way through his legs, perfectly cutting his body in half.

“Aaaaargggg!!! You cruel witch!”

The man was screaming desperately.

Cold sweat ran down the other’s forehead as they tried to beg and scream for help.

“Keep going, there’s still 7 left, let them all enjoy the same fate”

Su Xue Er crossed her arms and told him.

The servant of blood pulled the dagger out and continued to cut open these people who killed him.

Desperate and agonized cries of pain kept resounding through the frozen wasteland.

Once it was finished, the servant of blood came back to Su Xue Er.

He knelt down and raised the dagger with both hands, returning it to Su Xue Er.

The bloody dagger returned to its card form, slowly hovering in front of Su Xue Er.

“This was my fruit knife, unfortunately, it’s unclean now” Su Xue Er said disappointedly.

She pointed at the card without touching it.

The grey card was quickly swept away by the wind, disappearing from Su Xue Er’s sight.

She discarded it.

“Hey, lady, you’ve already let out your anger, can you let us go?” the bald man endured the pain, panting heavily as he spoke.

Su Xue Er glanced at him and suddenly laughed.

She deducted: “You bunch don’t have any techniques to use Soul Points with, yet you managed to summon such a monster. From the look of it, the only method for you to collect Soul Points must be to kill others”

Pointing at the one-eyed giant that crawled out from the ground, Su Xue Er asked: “You must’ve used a lot of Soul Points to summon that monster huh?”

They all exchanged glances without daring to answer.

“Of the people you killed, if they were female, you definitely must have…”

Su Xue Er muttered without finishing what she said.

It was easy for her to imagine what must have happened to those girls.

Even I had to use all I had to win against them.

Thinking that, Su Xue Er’s expression turned pale from anger.

She asked her servant of blood: “Do you still remember who killed you?”

The servant of blood appeared sorrowful and answered: “I can’t remember anything from when I was alive, but when I face them, I feel a sense of disgust and discomfort”

“While they are still not dead, devour them”

“Yes, thank you master for the food”

A few moments later.

Su Xue Er anxiously looked at her System UI.

Two lines of text quickly scrolled past.

[You’ve obtained a bit of Soul Points to replenish your reserve, the System will continue to resist Kindling’s invasion]

[Remaining time until death: 22 minutes]

Su Xue Er looked at these lines of text.

Remaining time until death: 22 minutes…

She wiped the tears from the corner of her eye, ordering the servant of blood: “We’re leaving”

On another side.

Gu Qing Shan opened his eyes in a completely dark space.


Extremely cold.

This was an extraordinary sense of chill, something that a simply strong body wasn’t able to resist.

Nothing could be seen around.

A voice suddenly sounded in his ears.

[Welcome to the Light of Dawn Triste’s personal collection world]

[As you deal with a bit of trouble for Triste, she will reward you according to the degree of your work]

[Once you finish dealing with one issue, the world will automatically transport you to another area with issues]

[The more issues you solve, the better your rewards shall become]

[And so, the first issue]

[First battle: Surrounded]

[You must cooperate with everyone to win against the enemy and escape the encirclement]

[This is a test of your strength, only after escaping the encirclement will you be qualified to help the Light of Dawn resolve the issues of her world]

Visit for extra chapters.

[The test will now begin]

The voice went away.

Within the chilling silence, a small, cold hand reached out to grab Gu Qing Shan’s own.

“What is it?” Gu Qing Shan asked.

“Scared” Laura curtly told him.

The two of them carefully listened.

The wind outside was howling like banshees.

“Did you hear the announcement just now?”

“I did, but because I hid myself, I will not be forced to do anything. Triste could not find me so this world would not either”

“Is that so? I’ll walk in front, you follow behind”

“Can you let me sit on your shoulder?”


“Whenever I am afraid, father would always——-”

Laura stopped.

Her mood worsened.

Father is no longer here.

Father, mother, brother, the entire clan is no longer here.

I’m all alone by myself in this world.

Gu Qing Shan sighed.

He had just been told that the way Bramble Birds count their years was different from humans.

A year in the Mystic Zones was exceptionally short.

The 12-year-old princess Laura, if you convert it to human years, would only be about 7 years old.

Gu Qing Shan briefly thought before lifting Laura up and put her on his right shoulder.

“I like to sit on the left” Laura said.

Gu Qing Shan then put her on his left shoulder.

Apparently Laura had just recalled something else as her eyes became reddened.

“Ehem, erm, actually I’m also an orphan” Gu Qing Shan cut off her thoughts with his words.

“Hm? You were an orphan?” Laura carefully listened.

“I’m already used to it, and also… there are benefits to being an orphan” Gu Qing Shan said.

“What benefits?” Laura was intrigued by the topic.

“When we die, we won’t need to worry about there being too many people crying for us”

“What kind of benefit is that…?”

“But it is! Don’t you know? When you see someone else sorrowful for you, you will be even more sorrowful, but our superiority lies in the fact that we can perfectly avoid going through this”

“…It is really a superiority?”

“Of course”

While talking, they found a door and stepped out.

The howling of the wind was now right by their ears.

It was a snow storm.

Gu Qing Shan noticed himself standing in the middle of a city.

He released his inner sight to silently observe the area.

An abandoned, crumbling, ancient city filled with corpses.

Outside of the city was a vast endless frozen wasteland.

The voice told him to cooperate with everyone——-

But there was no one else here.

It seems I went in too late so the rest of them have already left, now I don’t even have a single comrade.

“What a horrible start”

Gu Qing Shan muttered.

Laura was getting comfortable sitting on his shoulder and spoke: “That is not so at all”

“Because you’re here?” Gu Qing Shan asked.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

With dull sounds of impact, the ground started to shake.

A commotion began to well up within the city of corpses.

Some humanoid monsters began to crawl out from the ground.

They opened their dark eye sockets, staring at Gu Qing Shan and Laura who were standing on one of the buildings.

At a glance, they used to be humans when they were alive.

But they had all lost their eyes.

The corpses were also getting reanimated.

Laura answered: “I feel that the situation was even worse than you had thought”

Following her voice, the monsters started to rush at the two of them.

“We don’t have time to waste here”

Gu Qing Shan grabbed the Earth sword from the void of space in his hand.

The battle begins!

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