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Chapter 78: 78 Testing Skill, Powerful Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon!

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78 Testing Skill, Powerful Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon!
“After its perfect evolution, it actually awakened talent skills?!” Mu Xuan said in surprise. Talent skills were a powerful ability that very few beasts could awaken, but his Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon had awakened two talent skills at the same time.

It could be said that after this perfect evolution, even if Mu Xuan’s Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon was only at the quasi beast king level, it was already able to defeat even an intermediate beast king!

“Hahahaha, this is the kind of evolution I want!” Mu Xuan laughed.

After being overjoyed, Mu Xuan finally calmed down and began to help the Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon test its skills. After all, the original five skills had now become eight skills, many of which had undergone huge changes. As a beast tamer, Mu Xuan naturally needed the specific situation of these skills.

At this moment, the benefits of having a mystic realm that belonged to oneself appeared. No matter how much trouble Mu Xuan caused, no one would notice.

“Little Spirit, use your innate skill, Frost Ember Ice Flame!”


The Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon roared, its voice becoming more and more dignified. In the next moment, an ice-blue flame emitted from the Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon’s mouth.

Mu Xuan could see that after this ice-blue flame passed through, the space was distorted. In the next moment, the ice-blue flame fell to the ground. With a buzz, it spread out like snowflakes. Silently, everything within a hundred meters melted!

Mu Xuan gasped. He had a direct understanding of the Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon’s innate skill. This was simply an ultra-low temperature missile!

Then, Mu Xuan let the Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon test its second talent skill, which also surprised Mu Xuan.

Innate skill—Frost Absolute Star Fiend. This was a single-target skill. It simulated an extremely low-temperature pillar of light close to absolute zero emitted by an extremely low-temperature planet. The power emitted by this extremely low-temperature planet close to absolute zero was represented in the words “Star Fiend”.

After the Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon was used, Mu Xuan saw a dark blue pillar of light suddenly descend from the sky above the target. It almost reached the heavens and the earth, and the effect it created was a deep hole that was a hundred meters deep!

Mu Xuan could sense that the power of this [Frost Absolute Star Fiend] had already reached the high-level beast king level!

After using the talent skill twice, the Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon’s aura was clearly a little weaker. Clearly, the talent skill was similar to a big move and consumed a lot of energy.

However, Mu Xuan still let the Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon continue to test the six major skills and calculate the Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon’s battle duration. The outcome was also very gratifying. The six major skills were greatly enhanced, especially the strongest move, [Falling Star Ice Explosion]. It actually directly summoned a meteor ice with a diameter of 100 meters and smashed down, almost causing an earthquake in the Holy Light Mystic Realm.

In the end, Mu Xuan obtained the final data. The battle power of the Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon lasted for 39 minutes. The big move [Falling Star Ice Explosion] also had the battle power of a high-level beast king, but it needed 20 seconds before it could be casted.

The two talent skills only needed a short five seconds to cast, but the consumption was equivalent to two Falling Star Ice Explosions…

“Little Spirit, not bad!” Mu Xuan gave the Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon a big hug, making the Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon extremely happy.

After this, Mu Xuan simply summoned all his beasts and played with the little guys for the entire night to improve their relationship.

The next morning, Mu Xuan appeared in the hotel room again. Everything seemed to be the same, but no one knew that Mu Xuan’s strength had already changed a lot!

“Next, it’s time to find three beast king-level dragon demon beasts and carry out the beast king battle!” Mu Xuan whispered.

The stronger the beast, the more difficult the beast king battle would be. This was because the fundamental goal of the beast king battle was to obtain the recognition of other beast kings of the same race. Beasts with stronger bloodlines naturally wouldn’t be weak.

Fortunately, the Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon was a legendary-quality beast. It could jump levels to fight enemies. It wasn’t difficult to complete the beast king battle. The difficult thing was to find three beast king-level pure-blooded dragons.

In the Dragon Country, there were very few beast king-level pure-blooded dragons that traveled alone, because they were basically all killed by the beast tamers in the country. As for the dragon beasts nurtured, it was clearly impossible to have a beast king battle with them.

Mu Xuan searched online and discovered that the information about beast king-level dragon beasts around the capital was all from a few years ago. Moreover, what was even more speechless was that some information was actually sold for tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands.

On the other hand, there were some monarch-level dragon demon beasts. For example, the overlord demon beast in the Taihang Mountain Range, the level 8 monarch-level Supreme Profound Demon Dragon, and the level 9 monarch-level dragon demon beast in the Yin Mountain Range, the Nine Yin Demon Bone Dragon!

“Looks like I have to go to Eternal Academy in advance!” Mu Xuan secretly planned. Outside the Western Capital where Eternal Academy was located, there were almost endless demon beasts. There were naturally many beast king-level dragon demon beasts. The Western Capital couldn’t wait for someone to hunt them.

The next day, Mu Xuan checked out of the hotel and prepared to immediately go to the Western Capital.

The Western Capital, anciently known as Ya’an, was located outside the Hundred Thousand Mountains. It was a huge fortress that firmly guarded the route demon beasts in the Hundred Thousand Mountains took to attack the Central Plains.

However, it was not easy to go to the Western Capital. First, he had to take a large flying beast from the Imperial Capital to Wuhan. Then, he had to take a boat up the river to Yuzhou. Finally, he had to cross the Tianfu Plain and reach the Western Capital.

This was the most troublesome thing in the Beast Taming Era. Transportation was very inconvenient!

It was fine outside Sichuan Province. Large flying beasts could basically reach it, but entering the Shu Lands was really harder than ascending to the heavens. The rugged mountain path and the endless demon beasts were enough to scare everyone away.

However, the Heavenly Province Plain where the Shu Lands were located was the largest plain in the Dragon Country. It could be said to be the most important food and resource plantation in the Dragon Country.

As for riding a flying-element beast, Mu Xuan didn’t even think about it. In the Wu Mountain Range and the Ba Mountain Range, there were no less than ten monarch-level demon beasts and hundreds of thousands of demon beasts.

If he wanted to pass through the sky above the two mountain ranges, he would definitely die.

It was said that in order to open a waterway in the Yangtze River, the Dragon Country’s government had killed at least five monarch-level demon beasts. They had also lost three monarch-level beast tamers!

Therefore, on the way to Sichuan, Mu Xuan could only choose to travel by ship.

Fortunately, it wasn’t difficult to ride a large flying beast from the Imperial Capital. After paying a fee of ten million, Mu Xuan directly chartered a beast king-level flying beast and headed south to Wuhan.

There wasn’t much danger from the Imperial Capital to Wuhan, not to mention that it was a beast king-level flying beast. The journey was dangerous, but he finally arrived at Wuhan.

There was no lack of customers from Wuhan to Yuzhou. Mu Xuan only waited for a day before boarding the passenger ship to Yuzhou. This ship was actually an overlord-level Armored Giant Turtle!

From Wuhan, he went all the way up the river. After passing through Yueyang, Jingzhou, Yichang, and other cities, he finally stepped into the Wushan Mountain Range safely and arrived at the most difficult part of the journey.

“Dear passengers, we’re about to enter Wu Mountain Canyon. Everyone, be vigilant. The main beasts are on standby at all times to prevent any accidents!” the captain piloting the Armored Giant Turtle said in a low voice.


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