Renegade Immortal - Chapter 821-

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Chapter 821-

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Chapter 821- Xu Mu!

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he clasped his hands and calmly said, “I have lost my way. I’m wondering what domain of the Allheaven Star System this is. What is the name of this planet?”

The middle-aged man pondered before taking a step back and saying, “This is the Western Domain and this is planet Black Earth. What is your name?”

Wang Lin looked at the middle-aged man and didn’t answer. He took out a jade and checked it with his divine sense. He found the location of planet Black Earth and determined his location.

At this moment, the middle-aged man took a few steps back. His right hand touched his bag and a jade appeared in his hand. His expression became focused as he checked the jade.

When the Yao family sent out the Heaven Order, the Yao family members carved Xu Mu’s appearance on jades and sent them to many families.

If someone provided a clue about the target of a Heaven Order, then they would be greatly rewarded!

The middle-aged man’s heart pounded as he checked the jade. Aside from the clothes, the person in side the jade was almost exactly the same as the person before him!

“Xu Mu!! He is Xu Mu!” A wave was set off within the middle-aged man, but his expression didn’t reveal a trace of it.

The middle-aged man’s expression was neutral and then he smiled. “Fellow Cultivator rushed all the way here. Why not stay here and rest for a few days before leaving!”

Wang Lin withdrew the jade and looked at the middle-aged man, especially at the jade in the middle-aged man’s hand. He calmly said, “No need!” With that, he charged into the distance.

Behind him, the Chosen Immortal Clan expressionlessly followed him. The hundreds of rays of light quickly disappeared into the distance.

One of the old men looked at Wang Lin and company disappearing and said “Brother Ouyang, these people’s background is unknown. Why did you invite them to our planet? Right now we must go into close door cultivation and strive to take a celestial title!”

“Brother Chen, don’t you think that person looked a bit familiar?” The middle-aged man’s eyes lit up and he threw the jade in his hand.

The two old men were startled. After carefully looking at the jade, their expressions changed greatly.

“It was actually him!”

“Rumor has it that this person has been missing for a long time. He unexpectedly appeared here!”

“The Yao family rewards people who provide any clue. If this works out, then taking a celestial title will be a lot easier!” The middle-aged man licked his lip and his eyes flooded with greed.

One of the old men hesitated and said, “However, this Xu Mu isn’t a nobody. If we reveal his location, will he come to take revenge…”

“No need to worry! He won’t have a chance to retaliate against us as he will be killed by the Yao family!” The middle-aged man sneered as he took back the jade. He clenched his teeth and immediately crushed the jade. It turned into mist.

The mist moved and condensed into an illusory figure. This was a figure of a youth. He had an extremely arrogant expression.

“Planet Black Earth’s Ouyang Qun greets Yao family’s sky messenger. I just found a trace of Xu Mu…”

Wang Lin moved extremely fast through the stars with hundreds of rays of light following him, charging into the distance.

While flying, Wang Lin pondered.

“That middle-aged man was a bit strange… However, I’m not acquainted with him nor have I met him in the past. Maybe I’m paranoid.” As Wang Lin pondered, there was a flash of coldness in his eyes and he stopped.

The Chosen Immortal Clan members all stopped and looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and took out a map jade. After leaving behind a mark, he threw it to the Chosen Immortal Clan ancestor. He calmly said, “I put a marker on the location of planet Qing Ling. You all head over here, I’ll catch up later!”

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The old man silently pondered and took the jade. After examining it, he looked at Wang Lin and respectfully said, “Since that is the case, we will head out first. Benefactor, let us meet on planet Qing Ling!”

Wang Lin slightly nodded and watched the Chosen Immortal Clan leave. After they left, Wang Lin turned around and took a step toward planet Black Earth.

“The three people at planet Black Earth were acting strangely! There might be a problem there; it is better to be cautious!”

Ripples appeared under his feet. After one step, he took another step and more ripples appeared. He merged with the world without any hindrance.

At the moment he raised his foot for the third step, he disappeared completely.

Outside planet Black Earth, the middle-aged man had just finished speaking. The eyes of the youth formed by the mist shined brightly. There was a trace of excitement on his face as he said, “Very good, I’ll report the clue you three have given to the family. If it is true, then there naturally won’t be any lacking of benefits for you three!”

After he spoke, the mist disappeared.

The middle-aged man’s eyes were filled with joy. He looked back at his two companions and laughed. “This is very simple. We just have to provide clues and that Xu Mu will without a doubt die. Why should we let others get this benefit? It is heaven’s will to give us this opportunity; otherwise, why would Xu Mu come here instead of another cultivation planet?”

The two old men silently pondered and wryly smiled. Now that the matter was already set, it was impossible to change. However, there was a shadow of worry that wouldn’t disappear in their hearts.

“I hope Xu Mu isn’t as strong as the legend says and that he gets killed by the Yao family. If he finds out that his whereabouts were leaked by us, I fear…”

Just as the old man said this, his expression changed greatly. He looked behind the middle-aged man and his face immediately turned pale without a trace of blood.

The other old man’s body shivered. His eyes revealed a look of disbelief and he exclaimed, “Xu… Xu Mu!!”

At this moment, all the hair on the middle-aged man’s body stood up and a chill appeared in his heart. He didn’t dare to move or turn around at all, as if he was shocked by lightning!

A ripple appeared in the void behind the middle-aged man and Wang Lin walked out. His eyes were filled with killing intent so strong that it was also corporeal.

“The three of you got guts!” When Wang Lin appeared, his two fingers formed a sword. With one step, he pressed it directly on the back of the middle-aged man’s head.

Popping sounds echoed inside the middle-aged man. He then coughed out a large amount of blood and a large amount of blood sprayed out of his body. As he flew out in an arc, his body collapsed and his origin soul tried to escape. However, his origin soul was immediately caught by Wang Lin, who was filled with killing intent.

This scene was like a giant hammer slamming into the chests of the two old men. This caused them to be filled with terror!

The two of them didn’t hesitate to retreat while screaming.
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