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Chapter 259: 259

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Those who entered later on were furious when they saw the treasures being taken away by them.

The World Tree and the Bodhi Eye? What they were looking at were things that they desired most. They even drooled.

However, they did not dare to move.

Who would dare to steal an Emperor’s treasures? Wasn’t that courting death?

Therefore, instead of staring blankly, they might as well go look for opportunities elsewhere. Although this area was the richest place in the entire mystic realm and had countless natural treasures, it was clear that they did not have the strength to take things.

Along the way, all those who were attracted by the treasures here could not help but twitch their lips when they saw Ye Changge and the others. Then, they headed elsewhere.

“Master, with these treasures, our Heavenly Snow Palace’s strength will become even stronger,” Lu Yanqi said excitedly.

So many spirit herbs were all precious medicinal herbs. If they were refined into pills, the Heavenly Snow Palace’s strength would experience a qualitative leap.

Chu Yueli was also very moved. At the same time, she was filled with gratitude towards Ye Changge. If it were not for Ye Changge’s rescue, they would have died long ago.

Just now, Lu Yanqi found a strange white lotus in a valley. Just as she was about to pluck it, a water dragon suddenly emerged from under the water.

Its angry roar swept in all directions, especially its powerful aura. It shook the entire mountainous forest, causing it to tremble.

Chu Yueli could not forget now. The terror of the flood dragon far exceeded her imagination.

If it was not for Ye Changge’s attack, they would not have survived.

This was because this flood dragon already had the strength of a peak quasi-emperor. Its strength was tyrannical to the extreme. It also had the fallen heart flame, a talent that could burn everything.

Moreover, martial artists and demonic beasts of the same realm were usually stronger than demonic beasts because they had strong physiques. If one could not break through the opponent’s defense, how could one continue the battle?

You would be killed in the first round.

Although the Azure Dragon Secret Realm had countless secret treasures, it was also quite dangerous. In fact, there were demonic beasts because of the precious spiritual treasures. They were protecting them. After ten thousand years, they had become powerful existences.

Some of them had even reached the level of half-step Great Emperors, which was extremely terrifying.

At this moment, Ye Changge looked toward the southeast of the mystic realm and said to Ning Manman, “Do you want to have a good constitution?”

In the past, Ye Changge had wanted to change her constitution to bring out her potential.

For cultivators, although constitution was not the most important thing, it had an irreplaceable function. Having a good constitution could play a crucial role in battle.

For example, if you and your opponent were at the same level, without the use of a magic treasure, the person with a stronger constitution would definitely win.

Some people’s constitution was so strong that it was abnormal. When they fought, they had ten times their own strength, and their combat strength was off the charts.

This was also the reason why Ye Changge was in a hurry to change her constitution.

As she was his own disciple, he was concerned about her showing her strength without an especially high constitution.

Upon hearing this, Ning Manman’s eyes lit up, and then she became resentful. “Master, you still have the nerve to say that? I’ve been waiting forever and you only think about it now.”

As she said this, she wore an aggrieved expression, which made Chu Yueli and Ye Changge laugh uncontrollably.

To be honest, they had never talked with Ning Manman like this before. Perhaps only in front of her master would she reveal her true personality.


This was also because the two of them were extremely close.

“Really? Then maybe I forgot.” Ye Changge was also very helpless. He was worrying about his disciple every day and did not have his own time.

He even felt that in this world, if there was a master who was the most competent, it would probably be him.

What master would busy himself all day with matters concerning his disciple instead of making his disciple help solve his own problems? When it came to him, this order really seemed to be reversed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you improve your strong physique today.” Ye Changge was full of confidence.

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In terms of improving one’s physique, Ye Changge was extremely confident. Although in the eyes of others, this was a fantasy, but in his case, nothing was impossible.

In the mainland, who could stand up straight and say that they could change a person’s physique? This did not exist.

Perhaps only someone like Ye Changge could do something that did not conform to common sense. Meanwhile, Chu Yueli and Lu Yanqi were completely confused and did not know what they were talking about.

They were stunned.

“This is what you said. I want to surpass eldest brother!” Ning Manman opened her small lips and said what she was thinking.

In the past, when eldest brother was forging his physique, a strange phenomenon descended from the sky and the Great Dao resonated. The three thousand Great Dao turned into a swimming dragon that soared between the heavens and earth. Auspicious clouds bloomed and tens of thousands of multicolored lights appeared.

This scene shocked the entire sect. Even a large region that was looking at the strange phenomenon in the sky was dumbstruck.

Fortunately, this strange phenomenon did not last long before it dissipated. This was the work of Ye Changge. Otherwise, the people of the entire continent would have broken down the door of the sect.

To be able to improve one’s constitution, didn’t this mean that a beggar could have the aptitude of an Emperor?

That could be true as well.

With Ye Changge’s ability, even a beggar could forcefully raise his talent and turn him into a sparkling and unpolished jade.

After listening for so long, Chu Yueli finally understood.

It was also because of this that her pretty face revealed a deep shock. Changing a person’s physique, how terrifying was this!

Never mind hearing about it, even if she searched through the entire history of the continent, there was no record of this.

What she saw and heard today completely overturned her worldview.

What kind of physique a person had was destined by the heavens. Or, it was already fixed before birth. There was absolutely no possibility of changing it.

On the continent, there were two ways to change one’s own physique.

One was to inherit excellent genes from one’s parents. If one of your parents had a special constitution, then you might have a special constitution as well.

The other was because of fate. There was a saying about this. Even if your parents had ordinary constitutions, you could have a constitution that others could not obtain.

However, this kind of situation was one in a million. It had never happened in tens of thousands of years.

Other than these two situations, Chu Yueli had never heard of a method that could change a person’s physique or talent through human intervention.

This kind of ability was too terrifying.

For example, she had a snow-white body and her cultivation speed was more than ten times faster than others. However, it was nothing compared to other systems.

As for improving her physique, she did not believe it was possible.

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