Yama Rising - Chapter 886

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Chapter 886: 886

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"You finally made it."

"I did."

"You're a little late."

"This is the earliest I could've arrived. I had to notify a large number of Mythic Spirits, and I've already done my best. The timeframe you afforded me was far too short."

"All of the death gods are here, have you previously considered other underworlds for your resurrection plan?"

"If I did, then I wouldn't have made their deal with you back then."

Qin Ye and the Plumed Serpent God's projection exchanged a smile, and Qin Ye sat down on his chair before pouring a cup of tea. "When will the Alkebulan Underworlds be arriving?"

"Tomorrow at noon," the Plumed Serpent God replied with a smile.

Qin Ye's tea-pouring hand faltered slightly upon hearing this.

They're finally about to arrive... Izanami and the forces behind you, do you think this is the extent of the Cathayan Underworld's resistance? The divine descent was only the beginning! 

Qin Ye took a deep breath as he braced himself for what was about to come. The arrival of the Alkebulan Underworlds would be the true beginning to the Cathayan Underworld's resistance.

"Have you already notified them?"

"I have, but if you want to really kick up a fuss and show everyone the Cathayan Underworld's determination to return to the top, as well as display the Cathayan Underworld's intentions to re-establish bonds with other underworlds, then the agreements that we've signed with one another still aren't sufficiently monumental."

The Plumed Serpent God's projection swept a hand through the air, and a series of contracts immediately appeared in mid-air. All of them were in scroll form, and they contained proposed agreements between the Cathayan Underworld and the Alkebulan Underworlds.

"The agreement arbiters are all from the Nipponese Underworld, and they'll see all of the contracts that we sign with each other," the Plumed Serpent God said. "The Cathayan and the Alkebulan Underworlds have signed a fruit import agreement over a period of 20 years, during which the Cathayan Underworld will purchase 20% of the Alkebulan Underworlds' yearly fruit exports. Payments will be made at the site of delivery with artworks used as the medium of payment. The Alkebulan Underworlds will grant access to the Cathayan Underworld to five S rank mines, and at the same time, the Cathayan Underworld will construct 100 bridges and city walls in the local areas... All of the agreements are of this nature, and truth be told, it's just not impactful enough. These are all normal trade agreements, and if you want to use them as leverage for the Cathayan Underworld's return to the world stage, then that would display a lack of sincerity."

"I understand," Qin Ye replied with a smile. "Which is why I prepared two other agreements, and those two agreements can only be signed by you and me in person."

He made a grabbing motion, and a scroll appeared in his grasp, which he handed over to the Plumed Serpent God.

The Plumed Serpent God only took a quick glance at the contents of the scroll before immediately drawing a sharp breath.

He looked up at Qin Ye with a stunned expression, and Qin Ye smiled and nodded, indicating for him to keep reading, to which he eagerly obliged.

10 minutes passed by, then 20, then 30... After 40 minutes had passed, he finally finished reading the contents of the scroll, and as he cast his gaze toward Qin Ye again, the look in his eyes had already become extremely complex.

After a long while, he finally heaved a faint sigh. "I had thought that following the departure of the second King Yanluo, the Cathayan Underworld would enter a period of decline, but I'm beginning to doubt my own judgment on this matter now. You are more adept than him when it comes to matters like this. After all, he has never had to consider the intricacies of negotiation, all he's ever had to do is turn up, and everything automatically goes his way as he's far too powerful for anyone to resist. Perhaps it's exactly because of this that you have a far better understanding of how to interact with others."

Qin Ye pointed his chin at the scroll before asking, "Will this be enough to completely crush them?"

"I wouldn't go that far. They've clearly prepared extensively for this, and they'll definitely be able to withstand this one storm. The fact that they dare to strike at the Cathayan Underworld indicates that they had to have supreme confidence, and under the current circumstances, even the slightest misstep could result in a fall from grace for the Cathayan Underworld."

The Plumed Serpent God sighed as he continued, "Don't underestimate the three pillars and regard them as trash. They may be inferior to the Cathayan Underworld when it comes to their military and top-end power, but if you want to stay in this circle, then you'll have to follow the rules. The Cathayan Underworld still isn't powerful enough to completely ignore the rules."

Yes, but we will be soon! After we weather this storm, the Cathayan Underworld will show everyone what a true resurgence looks like! 

Qin Ye's heartbeat was beginning to accelerate slightly from excitement.

Before he had a chance to say anything, the Plumed Serpent God continued, "If you want to secure victory here, you'll need more than us. You need to constantly give those fence-sitters more and more confidence. The Alkebulan Underworlds have never been all that influential on the world stage, and the same applies to Northern Europa. After all, the Mythic Spirits of the Alkebulan Underworlds are flawed, and this is common knowledge to all Yama-Kings. As for Northern Europa, the five nations are situated right next to the Argosian Underworld, thereby giving them a severe geographic disadvantage. The only ones who can contend with the entire world and would dare to burn all of their bridges for your cause would be the rulers of the new continent!"

He stared intently at Qin Ye as he continued, "Winning their support is the key to your victory! I can only give you so much help."

"That's already enough," Qin Ye replied with a smile. "During these past few days, I've been struck by the impulse to raze Nara to the ground on more than one occasion! They've been demeaning me and the Cathayan Underworld this entire time, but your arrival heralds the beginning of our retaliation."

He licked his own lips as a bloodthirsty smile appeared on his face. "We are entering the final countdown, and I don't plan to give them a chance to regret their decision!"

Right at this moment, the sound of door-knocking rang out, and Qian Duolai made his way into the room before cupping his fist in a respectful salute, then reported in a voice that was filled with irrepressible excitement, "Your Excellency, a total of five underworlds including the Red Moon Federation and the Semitic Underworld have extended letters of invitation, hoping to see us to discuss problems surrounding international environmental conservation."

So they're finally here... 

Qin Ye was wringing his hands together so tightly that his joints were cracking audibly.

Finally, someone had dared to take the initiative to approach the Cathayan Underworld. During the past few days, Qin Ye had been living in constant frustration and indignation, and even the Emissaries of Hell didn't want to set foot outside their rooms.

No one had dared to accept the olive branch that he had extended, and no one had even bothered to pay a visit to what was once the most powerful underworld on the international stage. However, the tide was beginning to turn with the divine descent of the Plumed Serpent God.

However, Qin Ye didn't grow complacent in the slightest. He knew that he had only been able to achieve this as everyone was still wary of the Cathayan Underworld's past reputation. He was only in this position as he was standing on the shoulders of giants.

His mind was racing for a moment, but he quickly calmed down, then said in an indifferent voice, "Let them wait."

So now you're coming to see me? Where were you before? Why were you playing all hard to get when I was extending an olive branch during the welcome banquet? 

Mistakes had to be punished, and even though Qin Ye wasn't confident in securing victory, he still had to leave these small fry hanging to display his superiority.


A woman with pale skin was seated on a chair. She was wearing a black western shroud, and her hair was dancing as if they had a life of their own.

Beside her sat several other death gods, all of whom were Abyssal Prefects.

This woman wasn't a significant figure as far as the major uderworlds were concerned, but in the mortal realm, she was an extremely renowned figure.

She was the Lithuanian death goddess, Giltine.

Even more importantly, she was the death god of an underworld that had independent jurisdictive power. Back when Thanatos's formidable underworld army swept across the entirety of Europa, Lithuania and several small countries managed to survive. Unfortunately for Lithuania, it was in an even worse position than Northern Europa's five-nation alliance as it was surrounded by the five-nation alliance and the Argosian Underworld.

It was too weak and its territory was too small. To its west was the five-nation alliance, to its south was the Argosian Underworld, to its north was the Inuit Underworld, and to its east was the Russian Underworld.

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None of these were entities that it could mess with.

Did it want to hang onto the coattails of a powerhouse? Of course it did! But which powerhouse should it be aiming for?

It didn't dare to turn to any of the neighboring powerhouses as doing so would immediately attract displeasure from the other surrounding powers. Even she was only an evil ghost that had attained intelligence through being worshipped, thereby becoming a death goddess. As a result, no nation, including even second-rate underworlds like the Nipponese Underworld, took her seriously at all.

Everyone else were genuine death gods, what was an urban legend like her doing here?

However, the opportunity that she had been waiting for had arrived.

She had heard that the Cathayan Underworld was about to re-emerge onto the international stage during this conference, and she immediately rushed to Nara upon hearing this news. However, as soon as she arrived, she immediately sensed the peril of the situation, and as a result, she didn't dare to request an audience with the Cathayan Underworld. However, the divine descent that had taken place just now and the performance of the Cathayan Underworld during the past few days finally instilled her with sufficient courage to stand here.

Who wasn't taking a gamble? The ones seated around her were also doing the same thing.

The door was finally opened right before their eager eyes, and Qian Duolai emerged with a smile on his face before extending a bow with impeccable etiquette. "Sorry to keep you waiting, esteemed death gods. Yanluo Qin is currently discussing some important matters with a good friend of his, including some details concerning certain agreements, so he won't have time to see you right now."

Are we not worthy of an audience? 

No one said anything. After all, this was only to be expected. During these major international conferences, they stood to benefit more than the major underworlds, but they couldn't necessarily provide any benefits to those major underworlds in exchange.

"However..." Before they even had a chance to be disappointed, Qian Duolai continued, "After the Alkebulan Underworlds arrive, we'll be holding a press conference that will be hosted by the third speaker, Mr. Qin Changxin. Following the press conference, perhaps we can hold our first discussion between nations. I hope all of you have already prepared topics that you would like to discuss."

Giltine's mood was immediately buoyed upon hearing this.

We still have a chance! 

She had already made the decision to come here, so she was no longer a fence-sitter. This delay would give her some more time to see if the Cathayan Underworld had some other tricks up its sleeve.

Even the small underworlds could sense that the unrest brewing beneath the surface in Nara was going to be comparable in magnitude to back when the Argosian Underworld and the Aegyptian Underworld had instigated the world wars. Diving in headfirst recklessly was definitely not a smart thing to do, and smaller nations like them would only be able to secure the most benefits by carefully observing and striking when the time was right.

No one could predict the outcome of the battle between the four pillars.

Overall, it looked as if the Cathayan Underworld were at a disadvantage, but who knew if it had more powerful allies that were still yet to come?

"I look forward to meeting with Yanluo Qin," Giltine said as she rose to her feet and lifted the hem of her shroud as she extended a curtsey. However, right as she was about to take her leave, a nearby door was opened, and Qin Changxin strode in extremely quickly with a grim look on his face.

Did something happen? 

All of the death gods present looked on with contemplative expressions until Qin Changxin entered the room where Qin Ye was staying.

Right as he was about to walk into the room, Qin Changxin's hand faltered slightly as he rested it on the doorknob, and instead of closing the door, he communicated something to Qian Duolai wordlessly with his eyes. Qian Duolai immediately understood what he wanted, and he pretended to close the door, but in reality, he was leaving it ever so slightly ajar so the death gods outside could hear everything.

"My Lord!" Qin Changxin fell to his knees as soon as he entered the room, and he was deliberately speaking in a loud voice to ensure that the death gods outside could hear him. "The five nations of Northern Europa will be arriving in 20 minutes!"

Qin Ye's eyes immediately lit up upon hearing this.

This was the news that he had been eagerly awaiting!

Finally, he would be able to truly commence his retaliation!

His heart was already beginning to thump wildly in his chest, but his expression remained calm and collected. The second King Yanluo was right, he was indeed very suited to this role. His acting skills and shamelessness were all top-notch.

Qin Changxin took a deep breath before continuing, "They still haven't arrived yet, but the two representatives of the five nations, Death Goddess Hela and World Serpent Jörmungandr, have sent out envoys, and they wish to see you!"

The death gods outside, who were just about to depart, immediately stopped cold in their tracks upon hearing this, and their mouths gaped open slightly as they turned back in the direction of Qin Ye's room.

Was this the Cathayan Underworld's second ally?

This was Northern Europa's five-nation alliance, the powerhouse that had several death gods among its ranks and had withstood the invasion of the Argosian Underworld! Had they chosen the Cathayan Underworld?

Giltine almost screamed out loud in the wake of this revelation!

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