Yama Rising - Chapter 896

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Chapter 896: 896

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Qin Changxin's mouth was slightly agape, and he almost sprang to his feet.

He wasn't the only one in disbelief, all of the death gods were also staring at Erinys with incredulity in their eyes, and their minds had gone completely blank.

Countless gasps and cries of surprise rang out in all directions, sweeping over the entire hall like a wave, and countless journalists had already risen to their feet.

"My god..."

"Have they gone insane? You have to be insane to do this! But... why is it so alluring at the same time?!"

"This is incredible! A new premier superpower is about to rise up in the world, and it's going to overshadow everything else!"

"So she's proposing that the entire world enter a communist society? That's said to be the ultimate utopia, the pinnacle of societal evolution!"

"I can't believe this..."

"This is impossible, yet I heard it with my very own ears..."

Only after a long while did the ringing in Qin Changxin's ears subside.

The entire scene had erupted into a frenzy, yet only he was feeling chills running down his spine. He gently laid a hand onto his own forehead, only to end up with a handful of cold sweat. The frenzy erupting in the hall was like an all-devouring vortex, and he was at its very center.

This was truly a display of sincerity and determination!

They were so determined to knock the Cathayan Underworld down from its pedestal that they were even willing to sacrifice their own interests!

Qin Changxin sat in silence with his hands folded over his stomach. The Alkebulan Underworlds had been intercepted, and everything was speeding up into overdrive here, there was no way that the opposition would pass up an opportunity like this. He had a feeling that the three pillars were going to lay all of their cards down on the table on this very day!

Erinys was very pleased with the atmosphere in the hall, and she gave a subtle visual cue to the underworld emissary beside her, upon which the underworld emissary immediately yelled, "Quiet, please. The contents of the agreement that has just been introduced have already been decided, and all that's left is to sign it now. The specific details still can't be released, but after the signing ceremony, Mistress Erinys is happy to answer all questions in detail."

As soon as his voice rang out, gentle music began to ring out across the entire hall, and in the wake of the bombshell that had just been dropped on everyone's heads, the music was like soft rain that was soothing everyone's frazzled nerves. Amid the calming music, a death god finally rose to his feet.

He was very tall, roughly two meters in height, and he was wearing ancient Europa kingly attire with a golden crown sitting on his head. However, his body was completely skeletal, and his stark white hair rose up slightly around him as he made his way toward Erinys.

This was the nameless god of death!

There were four super underworlds in this world, yet only two first-rate underworlds, which were the Russian Underworld and the New Continent Underworld. The emergence of the nameless god of death immediately attracted everyone's attention.

However, he wasn't the only one.

Right after he rose to his feet, close to 10 more death gods stood up in unison and also made their way toward the stage.

"My god..." One of the journalists was already unable to find the words to express his astonishment, and all he could do was throw his hands over his own mouth as he looked on in utter disbelief.

The balance of the world was about to undergo a complete shift. This was the rise of a super alliance, and it definitely wasn't good news for all of the underworlds outside of the alliance.

If there were only one voice left in the world, then an autocracy would inevitably take shape.

Who would be able to contend with this mighty juggernaut?

The Yin energy of around a dozen death gods swept across the entire hall, and finally, a journalist asked in a low voice, "Where is the Cathayan Underworld? Is the Cathayan Underworld just going to stand and watch?"

"I don't know, but are they really just going to let this slide without even issuing a statement?"

"If this agreement is signed, then there will only be two voices left in the world: the world's voice and the Cathayan Underworld's voice! Are they planning to withstand this pressure?"

"Didn't they say they were going to hold a press conference? Are they really going to give up just because the Alkebulan Underworlds haven't arrived?"

One Yin spirit after another turned their attention toward Qin Changxin. His expression remained calm, yet it was taking all of his willpower to hold back from lashing out.

The eyes of everyone around him were like pairs of sharp knives, poking countless holes into his pride and dignity as a representative of the Cathayan Underworld.

What are you doing? The other three pillars have already laid down their challenge, and they're even transforming the state of the entire world! What are you doing as the fourth pillar? You've finally re-emerged after a century, yet you've only just come out to act as a spectator? Has the Cathayan Underworld really fallen from grace?

"Quiet, please." Right at this moment, Erinys declared, "Journalists can begin asking questions now."

As soon as her voice trailed off, all of the journalists in the hall immediately threw up their hands in unison. Erinys raised her chin toward a Caucasian female journalist, who immediately stood up and asked, "Esteemed death goddess, may I ask what areas are encompassed within the scope of this agreement? How do you plan to 'take down the walls' and bring the world together into a cohesive and harmonious alliance?"

Countless image capture crystals were flashing incessantly, and within the sea of blinding white light, Erinys smiled and replied, "It's very simple: we're going to get rid of every nation's protection policies, but not entirely. For those working overseas, they will have to pay the same tax rates as those working domestically, no more and no less. Secondly, all nations under the umbrella of this alliance will enjoy the same recreation, transport, reincarnation, and social benefit systems as the three pillars. All work will be given to the construction team assembled by the utopia to complete, and no single nation will benefit from all of the work that arises from the formation of the alliance."

Erinys was completely unfazed by the flashing white lights as she continued, "In addition, the three pillars will lead the way in revoking all technological barriers. We will be sharing 90% of civilian Yin rune patents and 30% of military Yin rune patents. On top of that, every other nation will provide the same proportion of their own patents. Of course, that's provided they have Yin rune patents to begin with."

Countless gasps rang out across the entire hall. This was another astonishing bombshell. This meant that any nation that joined the utopia would be given free access to the Yin rune patents of many nations, regardless of how large or small the nation was!

How many patents could a small nation possibly have?

How many patents would one of the four pillars have in comparison?

There was simply no comparison to be made!

Has it already begun? Qin Changxin didn't leave, even though the last thing he wanted to do was stay. It was his duty to continue watching.

The enemy's figurative sword was slowly drawing closer and closer, and it was about to reach his throat. Even though there was a raucous commotion ringing out around him, he felt completely alone and vulnerable.

Erinys watched the journalists with a smile and asked, "Do you have any more questions?"

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"No, thank you very much for your answers!" The female journalist sat back down with an excited expression.

As soon as she did so, the journalist beside her immediately stood up, and he was no less excited than she was as he said, "Mistress Erinys, I noticed that you said that the utopia will be gathering a round table of seven for the purpose of researching and developing a new energy resource patent, and that all participants will be able to share the patent once development is complete. May I ask if this is a countermeasure against the new energy resource announcement that the Cathayan Underworld recently made?"

This time, it was Archimedes who finally broke his silence. His gaze passed over the journalist who had just spoken and landed directly on Qin Changxin, and he smiled as he replied, "In the present era, the world is mostly a peaceful place, and our goal is to help the entire world reach prosperity, not to target anyone. As you all know, if a research project is beginning to bear fruit, it will be recorded at the Coalition of Underworlds in the form of technological yellow paper, but the Cathayan Underworld hasn't done that. Pardon me for being blunt, but I think they've only discovered a possibility. The only proof we have of this so-called new energy resource is just a one-sided testimony from them, but as for whether this new energy resource exists and to what extent it's been researched and developed, these are all completely unknown."

Everyone cast their eyes surreptitiously toward Qin Changxin upon hearing this, and his temples were pulsing like jackhammers, but he could only remain silent with a polite smile on his face.

As expected, as soon as the opposition began their retaliation, they immediately attacked the new energy resource that the Cathayan Underworld had announced which was crucial to the Cathayan Underworld's survival. Furthermore, they were expressing these doubts in front of all of the world's underworlds, completely disrespecting the Cathayan Underworld in the process!

In their words, nothing that the Cathayan Underworld had said could be taken seriously without sufficient proof.

One wave was coming after another, and Qin Changxin felt as if he were about to be drowned.

Archimedes continued in a slow voice, "As everyone knows, the round table of the Argosian Underworld represents the pinnacle in scientific research across all of the underworlds. 80% of the Yin runes in the ninth layer were developed by us, and I'm not convinced that any nation would be able to overtake us in the research and development of a new energy resource, and it's especially suspicious that the Cathayan Underworld is still yet to present any concrete proof of such a thing. There are countless case studies in the field of Yin rune research where success was encountered initially, only for research to result in dead-ends."

Archimedes made no attempt to hide his hostility anymore as he pointed directly at Qin Changxin and continued, "There are no startup plans, no evidence, and not even any examples for display. They are presenting an unknown possibility as a fully developed product, but we wouldn't do that. We won't lie to the world, and we will share all of our technological prowess with the nations encompassed within our co-prosperity circle. I am willing to give you all my word that we will solve the energy problem within the next 200 years and lead the world into a new era!"

His voice echoed throughout the entire hall, and no one dared to rebuke him. Amid the deathly silence, the journalist who was still standing gulped nervously and said, "I, I don't have any more questions."

Having fired the first clear shot against the Cathayan Underworld, Archimedes returned to his spot beside Erinys before giving her a slight nod.

Erinys turned her gaze toward the first journalist seated in the fourth row.

During press conferences, all underworlds would have their own hired journalists present. These journalists would be able to help the speaker by asking some questions pertaining to subjects that would otherwise be quite difficult to approach, and this journalist was precisely one such example.

The journalist took a deep breath at the sight of Erinys's gaze, then slowly raised his hand. His hand was completely innocuous among the sea of hands, but he was immediately singled out by Erinys. "I'll go with the first journalist in the fourth row. What questions do you have?"

The journalist stood up and extended a respectful bow, then asked, "Mistress Erinys, why is it that this co-prosperity circle is only being proposed by four of the three pillars? Why has the Cathayan Underworld been intentionally kept out?"

Qin Changxin's pupils immediately contacted as he cast a piercing gaze toward the journalist who had just spoken.

Was this still not enough? Would they really only be satisfied once the Cathayan Underworld was well and truly dead?

Through this question, he could already sense the storm that was about to come.

"That's a very good question." Erinys's smile was still very warm, but her voice was as cold as the most unforgiving of winters. "Let me ask you all this: what are the four pillars? The four pillars were chosen as leaders to guide all of the underworlds toward glory and prosperity. Has the Cathayan Underworld fulfilled this duty in the past century? How many contracts with other nations had to be repealed due to their sudden decision to isolate themselves from the rest of the world? How many underworlds were harmed economically by their actions? So many letters were sent to the Cathayan Underworld by so many underworlds, yet not a single one received a response."

She cast a calm gaze toward Qin Changxin as she continued, "What right does a nation like this have to refer to itself as one of the four pillars?"

All of the journalists present looked on with astonished expressions at the unyielding Erinys.

This was the most important international conference, and the three pillars had allied themselves with over 10 other underworlds to unleash a direct attack against the final member of the four pillars!

All of the journalists had a feeling that there was something amiss about this conference, but only now did they realize exactly what had been brewing under the surface!

Erinys didn't give anyone a chance to react as she continued to look into Qin Changxin's eyes with a piercing gaze. "A nation that is unwilling to shoulder its responsibilities."

Hela and Jörmungandr gulped nervously as they listened to Erinys's authoritative voice with ashen faces.

"A nation that has abandoned all of the partners that it owes obligations to."

On the stage, faint smiles had already appeared on the face of Izanami and the nameless god of death.

Come! It's time to pick sides! This will decide the state of the world for the next few centuries, and it's up to you whether you want to be part of the sea or be stranded on a sinking raft! 

"A nation who has lied to its allies and actually has no energy resource to speak of!"

Slam! Erinys's hand fell onto the table with a resounding thud, and her Yin energy erupted forth like a tsunami while the entire hall trembled in the face of her thunderous voice. "What right does such a nation have to continue acting as one of the four pillars?!"

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