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Chapter 786: 786

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The head of marketing slowly concluded, “I think it’s safer to choose Zhang Yunfei, who has been famous for a long time.”

“However, from what I know, Jiang Yuheng still has a drama to be aired. His popularity can be stabilized. He is also very career-minded. At least in the short term, his popularity will remain. More importantly, his image is very healthy. I think very highly of this young man. If we wait until he has been famous for a long time, we might not be able to sign a talent like him in the future,” the sales director said.

“Then rather than waiting for a spokesperson to grow, I might as well choose Zhang Yunfei, who has already grown.”

“Then why can’t we grow with the spokesperson? This is also the value concept of our brand, right?”

Their words were not unreasonable. Everyone had different opinions.

The sales director said indifferently, “Why don’t we wait until the end of this auto show before deciding on someone?”

“Alright,” the marketing director said.

After the meeting ended, the marketing director called Yue Xiu.

“How is it? Has the person been decided?”

“Miss Yue, I’ve already tried my best to fight for Yunfei, but the internal opinions are not unanimous. Jiang Yuheng is popular and has a good image. His chances of winning are indeed very high.”

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“Department head Liang, then I’ll have to trouble you to fight for Yunfei again. I’ll also get someone to fight for you.”

Hearing Yue Xiu’s words, Department Head Liang immediately said, “Of course, I’ll fight for it.”

What was Yue Xiu’s status? There were very few things she could not do if she did not want to.

Everything was about to happen if he could connect with Yue Xiu.

If Zhang Yunfei could get close to Yue Xiu and quickly become an A-list celebrity, what else was impossible?

Yue Xiu hung up the phone. She was actually very angry.

Previously, when she helped Zhang Yunfei obtain resources, she did not need to expend so much effort. It was almost all a matter of words. Who wouldn’t give it to her? However, Shi Jin had interfered and nurtured Jiang Yuheng, making her feel restrained recently.

Yue Xiu always suspected that Shi Jin was born to jinx her.

“Go and investigate. Didn’t Jiang Yuheng make any mistakes?”

The assistant quickly went to investigate and returned to say, “Indeed not. Furthermore, he has already obtained a new script and entered the production team to film it. It looks like Shi Jin clearly wants to promote him and fight with Yunfei.”

“If there’s no dirt, can’t you guys search harder?”

The assistant had already turned Jiang Yuheng upside down, but he could not find any dirt. He had no choice, but to continue working hard.

As for Zhang Yunfei, he had a foul mouth and a low EQ. He was competitive and had said some uncomfortable things in many programs in the past. His actions towards the female guests were also not appropriate. For example, when he played games, he did not have any gender awareness at all and casually touched other people’s private parts.

Although these were not too big a scandal, once they were gathered together and deliberately led the way, it would indeed leave a bad impression. At the critical moment, it might affect others’ choice of him.

Yue Xiu had already gotten people to delete these scandals about Zhang Yunfei. However, in the era of the Internet, everything that had been done had traces. From time to time, people would mention Zhang Yunfei again.

Yue Xiu guessed that Shi Jin had done a lot of things as well, deliberately making these things follow Zhang Yunfei like shadows.

However, Shi Jin actually did not care what Zhang Yunfei had done or was doing now.

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She quickly got Jiang Yuheng to join the production team and strive to film more works to maintain his popularity.

Jiang Yuheng was a very career-minded person. He had also planned all of this.

The things that Yue Xiu valued about Zhang Yunfei, Shi Jin did not care about at all.

“Zhang Yunfei’s things have already been deleted by his manager, but it’s hard to guarantee that there won’t be any left. We really can’t find anything on Jiang Yuheng. I wonder if Shi Jin attacked first,” the assistant reported to Yue Xiu.

“Didn’t Jiang Yuheng join the production team? Get someone to follow him.”

Hence, the paparazzi quickly moved and followed Jiang Yuheng.

Jiang Yuheng’s recent scenes were filmed in a remote mountain area.

In order to obtain his first-hand dirt, the paparazzi followed.

Soon, Yuexiu received a message from the paparazzi.

“Didn’t they say that there was no dirt? The person Shi Jin chose is only so-so.” Yue Xiu saw the photo in her hand and sneered.

She handed it to her assistant. “Send Jiang Yuheng to the hot search.”

When Shi Jin received Yao Jiahong’s call, she sat up in bed. “What trending topic?”

“It’s been hanging on the high seat for hours. Take a look first.”

Shi Jin opened Weibo and took a look. #Jiang Yuheng bought twenty boxes of Viagra at once# The comments section had already exploded.

The news pointed out that Jiang Yuheng was currently filming in a remote area. Under the tracking of the paparazzi, they discovered that he had entered the pharmacy and bought twenty boxes of this medicine in one go.

Jiang Yuheng was the most popular male artist this season, so he received a lot of attention.

After this news was exposed, be it the impact on him or his fans, it was very huge.

The most important thing for a male actor was his temperament. If such a thing were to be exposed, not only could it confirm that he was a person with no restraint, but it also meant that he needed to rely on medicine. He was incapable at such a young age, which gave everyone a bad impression of him.

It had to be said that this move was a fatal blow to Jiang Yuheng.

In the future, no matter when people mentioned him, they might immediately associate him with Viagra.

“Brother Yao, let’s go and find out what’s going on.”

“I can’t get through to Jiang Yuheng at all. The signal there is not good to begin with.”

“In that case, I’ll go over specially.”

How could Fu Xiuyuan be at ease when he heard that she was going out in the middle of the night?

“I’ll go with you.”

“Do you know what I’m going to do?”

“No matter what you do, I’ll accompany you.” Fu Xiuyuan’s attitude was firm.

“I’m just going to help an actor resolve the scandal he’s facing.” Shi Jin was very honest and did not want to hide anything from him.

Fu Xiuyuan had already picked up his car keys. “So? Since it’s something you want to do, I can accompany you no matter where you go.”

Shi Jin pursed her lips slightly. “Alright, let’s go.”

In the car, Fu Xiuyuan drove. Shi Jin thought of a countermeasure as she communicated with Yao Jiahong.

When the car reached the set, it was almost dawn.

The crew members were already preparing for filming. The actors were also done with their makeup and were preparing to start filming.

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