Yugioh Card Summoner - Chapter .183

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Chapter .183

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Our ride back to the Sawyer manor was done in Overdrive. Take that gate guards, I do have  a carriage, so you can’t complain. 

After we got inside, we went different ways. Well, more like three of us went to our rooms to wash up and Paulina went to make a report about the road safety check.

Like yesterday, I doubled our bath time as magic practice time. I did promise Lua that I would get Ria to learn True Blood Magic. Her teacher today was Vampire Fraulein.


For my part, practicing space magic with Cosmo Queen wasn’t going that well. Not because I’m a bad student. Okay, maybe I am, but it is also because I’m trying to learn an advanced magic, without having a basic magic as a base. It's like learning how to drive with a Lamborghini and I’m not even sure that analogy is strong enough. 

“Perhaps we should do this study inside the Different Dimension Factory. That might make it easier for you, Master.” Cosmo Queen said.

“Would it? Why?”

“You already control that space, so you should be able to instinctively use space magic inside of it. We will have you gain experience doing it that way and then transfer that knowledge over by doing the same with the mana of this world.”

“If you say so. But that does leave the problem of my body.”


“Your body? Brian, what are you talking about?” Ria, who had just gotten out of the bath, asked. And saying ‘just’ is wrong. She is already fully dry and clothed, but her being dry is because Aqua Spirit dries us up after we finish our bath.

“Just thinking about one of my skills.” I said. “Aqua Spirit, thanks for the help, you can go now.” I said to my monster as I unsummoned her. Maybe I should also practice that spirit synchro thing with this world's spirits. I might gain a spirit magic skill.

“Another strange skill?” Ria asked.

“Don’t call them strange, useful. Another useful skill.” Well, they are strange, but also useful. So both are true.

Also, for why I haven’t given Ria a card yet, even though she has Card Summoner. Well, I just haven’t. I have no excuse. I’ll give her one tomorrow when I summon a bunch of them for the weapon test. I’ll also have to give Alice two cards for the adventuring quests we did today.


“But yeah. I’m going to use one of my skills. It will look like I’m sleeping, but I won’t really. Can you watch my body while I do that?”

“I don’t really understand what you mean, but sure.”

“Cosmo Queen, head to the factory first, I’ll be right there.” I said as I unsummoned Cosmo Queen. 

I then laid on my bed, leaving Ria and Vampire Fraulein in my room.



“Haah. I really need to figure out how to get Ria here.” I muttered as I opened my eyes in the factory.

“Just work hard and we can do it.” Laura said as she realized next to me.

“Well, I don’t exactly know how I level up my unique skills. Sure I probably could hunt down and kill a super strong monster, but what will that accomplish? If it doesn’t level you up, all we will have is a huge amount of materials that I have to get rid of.”

“I don’t have a level, use the word upgrade instead. If I had a level, there is a chance that Level Up would work on me. And we can just store the materials inside your Inventory.”

“Sure, and let them rot away. Did you find out if we can install Time Seal into Tahlia and have inventory gain a time freeze function?”

“I did. And yes, we can. I didn’t do it yet, as Tahlia wanted you to do it. But you might want to level up Inventory once or twice before you do the install.”

“... okay. Why?”

“Because the install evolves Inventory into the unique skill Storage and unique skills can’t be leveled up.”

“... oh god. Why?”

“Is something wrong?”

“How many unique skills are you planning on having me acquire?”

“As many as you can get. There is a chance that I will get upgraded as you get more of them.”

“Oh? Then yeah. But maybe I should level up inventory to LV.10 first. That is the skill level cap right?”

“Soft level cap. It is possible to go beyond 10, but you need to get to LV.99 first. Then perform a limit break. That way, the limit for your overall level becomes 199 and the limit for skills becomes 20.”

“And let me guess, this limit break isn’t easy.”


“Well, I’m not level 99, so I’ll worry about that later.”

“I believe that might be for the best.”

“But if I want to max out my Inventory, maybe I should accept the use of a few Pyro Clocks. I could use multiple and just skip all of that annoying being in a coma part.”

“I still do not recommend it, but if you really want to, I won’t stop you.”

“Or I’ll just wait. Or not get inventory to LV.10. Difficult decisions to make.”



“Master, are you ready to keep going?” Cosmo Queen appeared next to us from a portal and asked.

“Yeah. That’s why I’m here.”

“Us too, us too.” I heard a kid calling. 

I turned and saw my two daughters riding towards us on beasts. Fantasia was riding a silver wolf and Tahlia was sitting side saddle on a dark gray multi tailed goat thing.


“Father, Mother, sorry to bother you, but would it be possible for us to join as well?” Tahlia asked, after she dismounted Dark Gray. 

“Hi you two. Of course you can join.” I instantly agreed. “As long as our teacher is fine with it.” As I said that, I turned to look at Cosmo Queen.

“Yes. Of course. I shall teach all four of you.” She said as we began our first lessons into magic as a full family.



“Papa, look. I. Can. Teleport.” Fantasia said as she was popping in and out of existence between each word.

“Miss, that is not teleportation.” Cosmo Queen said.

“Fantasia, you can’t just delete your avatar and re-emerge as a new avatar and call that teleportation.” Laura added.


“... but I’m teleporting, right?”

“No, you are not. Come here, I’ll show you.” Cosmo Queen said. 

Fantasia walked back to us.

“Here, hold this.” Cosmo Queen said as she handed Fantasia a small wand looking thing. “Now try that teleportation while holding it.”

“Okay.” Fantasia said before she poofed out of existence and reemerged a little ways away.



The wand she had been holding on the other hand stayed where it had been and fell to the ground.

“Eh? But I was holding it.” Fantasia wondered as she disappeared and reappeared closer to us.

“That is because you didn’t actually teleport. As Lady Laura said, you made your avatar disappear and reappear in a different place. This results in anything that isn’t a part of your avatar being left behind.” Cosmo Queen explained as she picked up the wand and placed it in her sleeve.

“Then I’ll study more!” Fantasia declared. “I’ll teleport around with Papa when I learn it.”



By the end of our session, three of us could use the Fantasia version of teleportation, myself, Laura and of course Fantasia. 

The one that could use actual space magic was Tahlia. I guess knowing quantum physics and all of that is an advantage in studying magic that breaks multiple laws of nature. She managed to learn Apport, a basic space magic spell that teleports a small object from close by to you. It seems like a useless spell, as I can do that with Telekinesis, but it is the first spell I’ll be learning, so I paid close attention.


We also played a bit with changing clothes, but that quickly devolved into a mess of wills. Fantasia was trying to force me into cosplaying different monsters one after another, while I was trying to force Laura into outfits I like. Tahlia realized it was a mess and just made sure she got to keep her clothes, so she didn’t participate.

I did get to see a nice maid outfit on Laura, but no bunny girl Laura yet. But as I made sure a Goblin Calligrapher was present when Laura was in said maid outfit, I now had a painting of it. Well, currently it is factory only, but I can make one with my Founder’s terminal or summon the goblin that painted it and have him repaint it in the real world. I made sure to give him a Dark Energy install as a reward.


“Thank you for the lesson. I’ll have to go now.” I said as I got ready to leave. I had to go back to unsummon Vampire Fraulein.

After hugs to my daughters, I disappeared from the factory and woke up in the real world.



“Ah, Master has returned.” Vampire Fraulein was the first to realize I had returned from the factory.

“Brian, are you alright?” Ria asked, as I sat up on the bed.

“Yeah, I’m fine. That skill might leave my body like that, but it isn’t dangerous.”

“Yes. Miss Fraulein did explain a bit about it, but I’m not quite sure if I fully understand.”

“I’m sorry, if that was out of line, Master.”

“Nah, it’s fine. I’ll be using it in front of Ria anyway, so better if she at least has some idea about it. But you’ll need to head back now. I’m already getting the early warning signs from your card.” I told the Vampire. 

The warning I’m referring to are the mana pulses that the cards let out when their time limit is approaching. At first, I couldn’t feel them at all, but now that I’m a bit more comfortable with mana control, it is quite a bit easier.

“Of course. I hope I was of service, Master.” Vampire Fraulein gave me an elegant curtsey and lowered herself back into her card that appeared below her.


“Well, how did it go, Ria? Did you manage true blood magic yet?”

“Not quite. I think I need one or two more days.” She answered. 

“Well, perhaps you can have two practice sessions tomorrow. I think our plan was to just rest anyway. Then the day after that we’ll take the blood to the village.”



“Brian, would you summon a monster for me to fight tomorrow?” A request made by Jonathan at the dinner table, after he heard that Alice and Ria had fought, and defeated, a cockatrice.

I looked at Angelina, searching for permission to do that. I don’t mind summoning practice partners, but I learned from the first time to not do it without permission. Well, I did know it even before that, but I also accepted that I might get some backtalk from it.

“I’ll allow it. He has been working harder since the first time, so I think he may fight something again.” Angelina gave her permission.

“Thank you M…”

“However, you’d better choose his opponent carefully. If he has any permanent injuries, I’ll make sure you pay up for them.”

“Come on, do you think I’ll summon some dragon to fight him?” I jokingly asked. Actually Petit Dragon might be a good practice partner for him. It’s actually weaker than the Winged Minion I summoned last time.

“... no, I suppose you wouldn’t. But I’d prefer something that won’t almost suicide dive into him.” Angelina said.

“I’ll do my best to pick something appropriate.”



“Here, the drawing, well more of a painting, of the outfit.” I gave Paulina the drawing Goblin Calligrapher painted. It cost me 1000 generation points to make because of the remote generation penalty, so I don’t want to make too many, but one should be enough.

“That was fast. Thank you.” Paulina said as she took the picture and looked at it. “This lady? Who is she?” 

“That’s Laura.”

“Laura? As in your system support? Or is there another Laura?”

“No, that’s her.”

“What? Show me.” Alice said, and she rushed over to take a look.

Ria followed right after her and also looked at the picture.

“... she’s beautiful …” Alice muttered as she was looking at the picture.

“Is she? She seems somewhat... basic.” Ria questioned.


“But how can a system support have a body?” Paulina asked. “Shouldn’t a system support only be inside of your head or something like that?”

“Normally yes. But I have a skill that allows her to do that.”

“... can you do it here?”

“No. It doesn’t work like that. It’s like this space inside my head I can enter. I can interact with my monsters there and Laura can have a body there, but not here.”

“Then this painting? How did you make it?”

“I had one of my summoned monsters, which can paint, do it first inside that skill, then I summoned it here and had the monster paint it again.” Of course that isn’t what I did, but I could have.

“... Hmm. That skill sounds interesting. Can you show it to me?” Paulina asked.

“No, not at the moment at least. I can’t bring others there unless I level it up first.”

“That’s too bad. May I keep this painting?”

“No.” I instantly said. No one gets to keep a painting of Laura, but me. “But I’ll let you borrow it until you can have some designer look at it. But I do expect it back before your father’s birthday.”

“Thank you. That will be plenty of time.”


As I was about to return to my room, Paulina called out and said one more thing.

“By the way, Father said he would buy the cockatrice meat, so could you drop it in the kitchen?”

“Sure, but I don’t know the way.”

“Oh, right. Kay, show him the way.” Paulina ordered the maid that was with her.

“As you wish.”



After dropping off the meat, I returned to my room. There, a maid was waiting with a few gold coins for the bird meat. 9 in total. I took one and gave the others to Ria, ordering her to take half of them to Alice for her portion of the work. The one gold I took was for transport and butchering fees. And to make the split between the girls even.


“Brian, may I ask something?” Ria asked after she returned from taking Alice’s portion of the money to her.

“You already did, but I assume you meant something else. Go for it.”

“Why are you giving this much money to a slave?”

“... because you will need it when you buy stuff that I don’t need to know about.” I said. I learned from Laura. You don’t question certain things girls buy. Especially when it comes to their once per month products.

“What do you mean by that? I’ll never buy something that I won’t tell you about.” Ria said.

“... what? Not even your more … private products?”

“What do you mean by private products?”

“Eh? … Do I really have to explain that? Like the products you use to protect your … private areas. Usually around once per month.”

“Protect private areas? Once per month? No, I don’t know.”

“... How old are you?” Is Ria young enough that she doesn’t have her monthly cycle yet? That shouldn’t be the case, but I have to know.

“I’m twenty one.” She answered. Safe. And she is just one year younger than me.

“... so, you don’t have a period?”

“Period? Oh, that. I think Agatha spoke about it. No. Dhampirs don’t have that. We control if we get pregnant with blood magic.” Ria explained. “So if you ever want to call me to bed, there won’t be any trouble.” She added with a tempting tone.

“... Thanks for the offer. I’ll think about it.”

I don’t feel right forcing her, but if she offers, I might have to do it. I’m not going to say I haven’t wanted to at least rub one off at some points, but I just never have. And if Ria really is willing and there is no chance of pregnancy, perhaps yes. I’ll have to ask Laura first though. I know she isn’t the same, but still. For me, she is. 


After that, it was level up time. For me, because of what Laura told me earlier, it was Inventory. For Ria, Fast Mana Recovery. At least that might help a bit with her running out of mana in the fights.


Name: Brian Wood
Race: Human !
Level: 54
HP: 1630
Mana: 2170
Strength: 405
Defense: 605
Magic: 525
Pack Opener LV.4 (unique)
Different Dimension Factory LV.2 (unique)
Telekinesis LV.2 (extra)
Summoner’s Unity LV.3 (extra)
Inventory LV.4 (extra)
Dungeon Founder (extra)
Summon Water Spirit (extra)
Health Conscious (extra)
Mana Control LV.5
Water Spirit’s Blessing (Greater)
Language Comprehension (humanoid)
Slave Master
Slaves: Rhianna



Name: Rhianna
Race: Dhampir
Level: 46
HP: 1150
Mana: 1270
Strength: 740
Defense: 500
Magic: 670
Blood Magic LV.4 (Racial)
Card Summoner LV.1 (extra)
Fire Magic LV.3
Mana Control LV.3
Fast Mana Recovery LV.2
Internal Magic Technique LV.5
Unarmed Combat Technique LV.4
Flickering Step LV.2
Power Boost LV.4
Defense Boost LV.2
Blood Sucker (Racial)
Slave. Master: Brian Wood


“Good night.” I said to Ria as I switched off the lights.

“Good night.”

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