Yugioh Card Summoner - Chapter .184

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Chapter .184

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My wake up was the same as it had been for the past two days. But this time, I actually woke up early enough to spot the maid that woke up Ria.

I didn’t even bother waiting for Ria to leave and just jumped straight into the Factory.



“Good morning, Laura, Mia.” I said to the two system supports. They were once again just chatting, while sitting at the round table.

“Good morning, Dear.”

“Good morning, Mr. Brian.”

“So, any news from last night?”

“We have been putting the final touches on the system link, so we can attempt to bring Mistress here when you visit her tomorrow.”

“I’m still telling her you call her that.”

“As I’ve said, I don’t care. We managed to come up with a different way of transferring the data thanks to Tahlia, so we were able to improve the quality. I don’t think there will be any issues.” Mia said.

“Well, at least that’s good. What about you, Laura? Anything from you?”


“In terms of Pack Opener, I fully completed Labyrinth of Nightmare. Other than that, I got a report from the forging operation that they have managed to make some blood iron.”


“But the vampires called it low quality, so it isn’t ready for use yet.”

“Well, hopefully they can get some better quality stuff soon. I can make some with the dungeon, but if the monsters can make it from just iron, it might be better.”

Well, I would have to get a forge for them to work at and summon them there for 2 hours and everything. Or we would have to make that space isolated room, which follows the laws of the real world, instead of the factory rules. That way, whatever they make is a physical object that I can put into Inventory and then take out on the other side, instead of just being an object in the factory.


“Perhaps we should look into making that space insulated room. Maybe add a kitchen there as well. Have Bistro Butcher and Kitchen Dragonmaid making some food with Mystik Wok and store it in my Inventory.”

“We would need to upgrade inventory into storage first. We don’t want the food spoiling inside your inventory.”

“Yeah, that little problem. Can you still try to make the space? Cosmo Queen might be able to help with that as well. I’ll look into picking up some iron or steel ingots for the forging, so we won’t have to use the dungeon to get them.”

“I shall. But we might have a problem getting the equipment for the room. We can’t just use the factories normal functions to make them like we can here. You’ll need to buy them, or we can make them with the dungeon.”

“We’ll run out of points if we try to make everything with the dungeon.”

“Most likely yes.”

“Can you make a list of everything we need for the room? For both forging and kitchen. Also, check if Kitchen Dragonmaid or Bistro Butcher can activate Mystik Wok.”

“Sure. Also, make sure you go see both Tahlia and Fantasia. They were quite taken back yesterday when you didn’t, even if they won’t actually say it.”

“Yeah. I can do that.”



I used my skill to pull up the camera feeds from inside the dungeon, because I was too lazy to walk up a few steps and take a look at the security station there.

Tahlia, as always, was easy to spot with her pink jumpsuit. And also because of where she is. From what I know, there is about a 60% chance that she is in the depths of her own room.


“I’ll go see Tahlia first. Laura, please notify me if someone walks into the room I’m ‘sleeping’ in.”

“Of course.”

“Mia, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow? Lua as well.”

“I’ll come here during the night, as long as that is fine with you.”

“Yeah. It’s perfectly fine. I think Laura enjoys your company as well.”

“You don’t have to speak for me, even if it is true.”

“Yeah, I know. I’ll be off now.”

With that, I left the table and walked towards the Treasury room. I could have used that avatar destruction and remaking teleportation, but I should have a bit of time, so I’ll just walk.

And I think the goblins will appreciate it.



The bank had changed a bit. Well, more like now it had a private security force made of goblins from Goblin Attack Force.

They had on dark uniforms with the Different Dimension Treasury embroidered on the left breast, where officers would usually have their badge. The uniforms also spelled Security on both the right breast and across the back. They were still armed with their spiked metal bats, so they looked more like mafia guards than usual bank guards.


I was quickly led to the manager's office and he let me into the back room as soon as I said I was here to meet Tahlia.


I walked up to the table Tahlia was sitting at and sat down on one of the other armchairs next to the table,

“Good morning.”

“Good morning, Father. What did you come here for?”

“To see you. Or is that not allowed?”

“No! I’m happy that you came…” Tahlia said as she made a tea cup appear and took a sip of it to hide her face.



I spent a bit of time with her, talking about her opinions on leveling her up quickly and the install of Time Seal. She wanted it done on the spot, as it would make her more powerful, but I wanted to wait at least two more levels. Then I would have 1280 slots in my inventory and that would be enough for a while. Honestly, I wanted to wait all the way for LV.10 Inventory just so it would be maxed out.


“Thanks for speaking with this little fool. I enjoyed it.” I said as I got up and was getting ready to leave. I had already located Fantasia with the security cameras and I was getting ready to ‘teleport’ there.

“You aren’t a fool.” Tahlia said as she got up. “Please come again.”

“I will.” I gave her a hug before I teleported to an ocean room.



“At least I can breathe.” I said as I realized that I had teleported into a room that was completely filled with ocean water. I thought I would appear at the surface, but instead I was just in water, hitting an invisible ceiling. 

I don’t know why exactly, but I could breathe underwater just fine. My speech also seemed normal. By the way, this room wasn’t made by Umi, but by A Legendary Ocean, indicated by the massive ruins I could see at the bottom of the sea.


As I looked around and saw a massive sea serpent swimming towards me. It was flanked by a swarm of mermaids, fish and other sea creatures.

Riding on its head was a small girl in a school swimsuit, which read Fantasia on the front.



Levia-Dragon - Daedalus came to a stop in front of me, so that Fantasia was just a few meters away. I’m impressed that the nearly 30 meters long sea serpent could swim that close to me without hitting me, but I’ll just say it is skilled.

“Papa!” The little girl jumped off of the sea serpent and swam up to me. Her feet and hands had a membrane in them, making swimming easier. I guess she would need some flippers to help her keep up with the mermaids.

I took her into a hug.



“Papa, look! I’m a shark!” Fantasia called as she was swimming around. She had transformed her legs into a tail, even if it wasn’t a shark tail.

“You aren’t a shark. Sharks flap their tails side to side. You are doing it up and down, like a dolphin. Or a mermaid.”

“Side to side? Really?” 

Fantasia looked around, looking for a shark, but the only shark monster I have is Deepsea Shark. And as it is a fusion monster and I haven’t summoned it yet, it can’t appear inside the factory.

Luckily The Legendary Fisherman rides a shark, so he was able to show off how a shark swims.

Fantasia tried to do it as well, but it is quite difficult to shake your ‘tail’ side to side, compared to up and down. I guess it just goes against usual human movement.

I ended up transforming my feet into a mermaid tail as well and it was quite fun.

How can I do it? Well, this is just an avatar, so I can. I could probably do it in the real world with DNA Surgery as well. Maybe I should install it when I get some of my install slots open again. Being able to adjust like that does sound super useful.


(Brian, Rhianna has returned to your room. You need to head back.) I heard Laura’s voice in my head.

(I see. Thanks.)

“Fantasia, I have to go now. But I had fun. Let’s go swimming again some other time.”

“Yes. Next time, we can play on the pirate ship.”

“Sure. Captain Fantasia will command the ship with her absolute authority.”

“But Papa is the Captain.”

“Then Captain Wood shall guide our vessel through the roughest seas with ease.” I said as I took Fantasia into a hug. “I’ll come again in the evening, if I don’t have time before. See you then.”

“See you, Papa.”



“Brian! Are you alright? You weren’t waking up.” Ria asked in a slight panic as I opened my eyes.

“I’m fine. I was just inside that one skill I told you about yesterday. Don’t worry.”

“That mental space thingy?”

“Yeah. It’s called Different Dimension Factory, not like that actually matters. I visit it basically every morning to have a little chat with my system support.”

“Ah. Alright. I’ll keep that in mind if you don’t wake up.”

“Yeah. Maybe I should get something like a sleep mask that I wear whenever I go to the factory. I think that would help you to tell if I’m in the factory, or if something is actually wrong.”

“If you want to.”



After breakfast, the three of us were heading to the training field. Paulina was going to join later, but she had some business to do first. And Jonathan was going to come in the afternoon, so the practice field was free for us to use for the entire morning.


“So, what do you want to start with? Finding a weapon for Ria? Maybe opening some packs so you both can pick some cards you like? Or just some combat practice?”

“Let’s do some packs. We haven’t done any in a while.” Alice said.

“Packs? What are those?”

“They are what I get my cards from. You’ll see. But yeah. Let’s start with that. Pack Opener, open.”

Daily Pack tokens: 100
Current Pack tokens: 200
Available packs :
Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon
Metal Raiders
Magic Ruler
Pharaoh’s Servant
Labyrinth of Nightmare
Legacy of Darkness
Pharaonic Guardian
Magician’s Force
Dark Crisis
Invasion of Chaos
Ancient Sanctuary
Soul of the Duelist
Rise of Destiny
Flaming Eternity
Daily Reprint Tokens: 100
Current Reprint Tokens: 130
Available Reprint sets:
Dark Beginning 1
Dark Revelation Volume 1
Dark Beginning 2


“Brain. Why do you have that many tokens?” Alice asked. “Last time we did this, you had like 20 or so.”

“... stuff happened.” Laura had also stopped bonding both Pot of Greeds and Jar of Greeds into the skill. That is why I had an even 100 at both dailies. They were still being activated by the goblins inside the bank, so I would still get the tokens. But they were also a part of my collection, to make it look more complete. Laura usually left me 100 of both tokens, but apparently I had some extras for today. Even though I’ll never get through all of them.


“Any sets you want to open?” I asked.

“Let’s do Magic Ruler.” Alice said.

“Yeah, let’s not. I already have everything from it, so maybe something else.”


“What about Flaming Eternity?” Ria asked.

“Yeah, sure. We can do that.”

“Why did you instantly shoot me down, but agree with her?”

“She chose better. Had you picked Magician’s Force I would have at least considered it.”

“Then let’s do some of both.”

“Sure, but Flaming Eternity comes first.”


Use a ‘Pack token’ to open 1 pack of ‘Flaming Eternity’
[Yes] [No]


First pack in a while. Let’s go!



FET 1 

Flame Ruler, Fulfillment of the Contract, Good Goblin Housekeeping, Divine Dragon Ragnarok, Golem Sentry, Release Restraint, Threatening Roar, Beast Soul Swap, Ultimate Insect LV5



“That’s the card you set on me.” Alice recognized the Threatening Roar.

“Sure is.”

“Flame Ruler? And a Divine Dragon. Are they strong?”

“Not that strong. I mean, they are strong, but compared to some of my other monsters, they are quite weak.”

“How can a Divine Dragon be weak?”

“Don’t ask. I really don’t know. It just is. Sadly, nothing super good here, so let’s just go to the next pack.”




Kangaroo Champ, Flame Ruler, Space Mambo, Release Restraint, Re-Fusion, Catnipped Kitty, Threatening Roar, Blade Rabbit, Swords of Concealing Light



“A kangaroo?”

“And a kitty.”

“There is also that rabbit we ate in the dungeon.”

“Yeah. It would appear so.” I said. As I took a look at the girls. Alice had a notebook out and she was writing something down.

Personally, I think the best card is Swords of Concealing Light. Just being able to subdue large groups of people is super useful.


Anyway, next pack.




Elemental Burst, Catnipped Kitty, Fulfillment of the Contract, Release Restraint, Re-Fusion, Insect Knight, Blade Rabbit, Cross Counter, Penalty Game!



“Elemental Burst sounds strong.”

“It is, but it is quite difficult to activate, as you would need four monsters all of different attributes to be summoned at the same time.”


Cross Counter is the real jewel of this pack. I don’t know how it would translate if installed. Maybe some sort of spike skill, or something like that. Like, you hit me, you also take damage? Maybe.


Anyway, next pack.




Divine Dragon Ragnarok, Poison Fangs, Blade Rabbit, Centrifugal Field, Elemental Burst, Element Valkyrie, Release Restraint, Mecha-Dog Marron, Meteor of Destruction



“Meteor of Destruction? Does it just summon a meteorite?” 

“Yeah, basically.” I answered Alice, before turning towards Ria. “What do you think of Element Valkyrie? I think it might be a good card for you.” 

It does have an effect to gain attack while you control a fire attribute monster after all. And Ria uses fire magic so she should count.

“Would you really give me something like that?”

“Yeah. Of course.”

“Then I will accept it.”

“Good. Let’s do one more of this and swap over to Magician’s Force after that.”




Maji-Gire Panda, Firebird, Abare Ushioni, Mecha-Dog Marron, Catnipped Kitty, Kangaroo Champ, Armed Samurai - Ben Kei, Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys, Assault on GHQ



“A phoenix?”

“Yeah. That’s nice.” 

“... may I have it?” Ria asked meekly.

“Hmm. I’ll think about it.” It’s not that I didn’t want to give Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys to Ria, but it is the only one I have at this moment, so I’d like to get another one before I give it to her. But luckily, this pack has a good substitute. “How about I give you the Firebird for now and if you learn how to use it, I’ll give you the Phoenix as well.”

“Yes. Thank you.”



“Now then, time for some Magician’s Force.”


Use a ‘Pack token’ to open 1 pack of ‘Magician’s Force’
[Yes] [No]




Vampiric Orchis, Adhesion Trap Hole, Amazoness Spellcaster, Kiryu, White Dragon Ritual, Miracle Restoring, People Running About, Magical Plant Mandragola, Mega Ton Magical Cannon



“Mega Ton Magical Cannon? Would that be good for me?” Alice asked.

“No, definitely not. The mana cost would be way too high.” Not that I even know if it can be charged up with just mana, as it uses spell counters. But as spell counters could be used as a source of mana for a person, perhaps you can turn mana back into a spell counter. I just need to find out how much mana is one spell counter.

(I’ll test it out for you.) Laura offered.



“There is also a dragon.”

“Yeah. That’s the one I was planning on giving you eventually. But I really want you to fly on Pitch-Dark Dragon first. But we can do that tomorrow when we visit the dhampir village. I don’t think anyone there will mind if we take a little flight on dragons.”

“Then if I ride a dragon there, can I get that card as a reward?”

“Sure. Or you can wait a bit longer. Either way is fine with me.”

“I’ll think about it.” Alice said and wrote something into her notebook.


Anyway, next pack.




Formation Union, Sonic Duck, Thunder of Ruler, Pitch-Dark Dragon, Magical Plant Mandragola, Amazoness Blowpiper, Hidden Spellbook, Miracle Restoring, Apprentice Magician



“Look, it’s Alice.” I joked as I pointed at Apprentice Magician.

“But I’m a girl. That magician is a boy.”

“Eh? Not arguing about being an apprentice. That’s unexpected.”

“How could I argue against that? Mana has not approved me yet, so I’m an apprentice.”

“And a great apprentice at that. I’m sure Mana would be proud of the speed at which you are improving.”


Next pack.




Pitch-Dark Dragon, Raregold Armor, Ultimate Obedient Fiend, Vampiric Orchis, Dimension Jar, Kiryu, Physical Double, Dark Magician Girl, Cat's Ear Tribe



“Speaking of her and she shall appear.”

“... Brian, how many of these Dark Magician Girls do you have?”

“Other than the one I’ve given you, two.”

“... that makes mine feel less special.”

“Sorry. I don’t know what you want me to do about it.”


I also got a new Ultimate Obedient Fiend. I haven’t had one since I gave that copy to Brandon. 

Next pack.




Autonomous Action Unit, Dark Cat with White Tail, Zombie Tiger, Magical Plant Mandragola, Des Dendle, Rivalry of Warlords, Wave-Motion Cannon, Neko Mane King, Dramatic Rescue



“Another cannon?”

“Yeah. But this one is a bit different. It charges over time and gets more powerful the longer you wait.”

“So it doesn’t take mana?” 

“Not as far as I know. It’s time based, not mana based.”

“How does that work?”

“Don’t ask. Maybe it collects mana from the air or something. One more pack to go. Then let’s find Ria a good weapon.”




Aitsu, Poison of the Old Man, Giant Orc, Burning Beast, Wave-Motion Cannon, Freezing Beast, Kiryu, Huge Revolution, Amazoness Tiger



Both Freezing and Burning Beast in the same pack. Nice. Not that I’ll ever use them, but still nice.


“Brian, could we try fighting that orc?” Ria asked.

“... are you sure? It’s quite strong.”

“I’ve just never fought an orc and I wanted to try.”

“Sure, are you up to that, Alice?”

“Yes. I can try.”

“Well, let’s do it then. First, we will get Ria a weapon and then you two can test it against an orc.”


It might be a little contemptuous to fight against an orc with a brand new weapon, but I think they can manage it. And the orc is my summon anyway, so it won’t kill them. Then just get Guardian Angel Joan out here to heal them if they get hurt.


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