Zhanxian - Chapter 548.2

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Chapter 548.2: 548.2

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Chapter 548.2: Treat Of Death

This demonized demon vine was a hundred times smaller than the strongest one Yang Chen has seen. Whether it was a vine or a leaf, it looked similar to some ordinary vines, and it was not scary at all, but the level of strength is beyond the reach of that one.

The one that Yang Chen killed was just beyond the second grade human immortal realm. Yang Chen relied on his powerful protective magic weapon and Yin-Yang heaven burning fire to burn it to death.

But now that Yang Chen saw this ultimate demonized demon vine, Yang Chen’s visual judgment alone already told him that it had the cultivation base of the second-grade Earth Immortal realm. It was much more powerful than the most powerful cultivator Yang Chen had ever seen in this mortal world.

To put it mildly, if this ultimate demonized demon vine was really intentional, it alone could kill all creatures in this mortal world.

Second grade earth Immortal realm, this was two more powerful realms than the dacheng stage, it was still a huge gap beyond the first realm.

The cultivators who have just ascended through the tribulation, have experienced the transformation of the heavens and entered the spiritual world, and have also undergone the transformation of the spiritual world, were only mere human grade immortals. To meet this demonized demon vine, even if tens of thousands of them go together, they would just become its food.

The gap between the middle Yuanying stage and Earth Immortal realm seems to be only the dacheng stage, Human Immortal realm, Earth Immortal realm, three great realms. However, the Yuanying stage and qi refining stage who have just started to cultivate were only separated by three major realms: the foundation establishment stage, Jiedan stage and Yuanying stage, but the gap between these three great realms cannot be filled even with millions of human lives.

That spatial connection point was under the main root of this demonized demon vine. The rhizomes spread by this demonized demon vine were sturdy. The demonic qi kept escaping from the spatial connection point, absorbed by the demonized demon vine first, and then released, infesting the entire demonic continent.

How should Yang Chen deal with such a formidable opponent? If he wants to refine the spatial connection point, he must break through the protection of this demonized demon vine and enter next to the main root.

In the middle Yuanying stage, he was to face a second grade earth immortal, Yang Chen’s heart sank to the bottom in an instant. He was too greedy, so greedy for that spatial connection point, and he actually came to this kind of terrifying entity.

Yang Chen was purely based on the concentration of demonic qi to identify the direction. With his spiritual awareness, he didn’t dare to easily probe any place around a large number of beasts above the seventh grade human immortal realm, for fear of triggering a counterattack from those beasts. It was only after reaching this position that the existence of the demonized demon vine was discovered.

What’s even more frightening was that the demonized demon vine seems to have discovered Yang Chen’s figure, and two black vines were like two long tentacles approaching Yang Chen’s side.

There was no way to hide, in front of such a powerful demon, any concealment was futile. So that the inverted sea jasper lamp can’t play the role of shielding him, the huge gap in cultivation makes all external tools seem so futile.

The reason was very simple, just as some modern stealth aircraft can avoid the scanning of ordinary radars, but they cannot avoid the more powerful synthetic aperture radars, the gap in the realm cannot be made up anyway.

The killing intent of the Immortal beheading blade may be able to quell this guy, but it was only a possibility. There was another possibility, which was that it would completely anger the demonized demon vine. A master who has reached the realm of Earth Immortal, it was impossible to generalize with these masters in the mortal world, when angered, the only result was that there would be no bones left of him.

At this moment, Yang Chen thought of countless methods in his mind. Countless magic weapons, countless formations, but none of them could help Yang Chen get out of his predicament at this time.

The most likely possibility was to use the shuttle to quickly escape from this area with the continuous support of spiritual power provided by Yang Chen. But escaping would definitely be the result of being madly attacked by those species of beasts, and besides, whether it was possible to escape this demonized demon vine, or not.

At the speed of light, the two vines had already rolled up to Yang Chen’s side. To be precise, it was wrapped around the nine nether flying sword that had been posing as demonic qi outside of Yang Chen’s body.

The speed of the vines was unimaginable by Yang Chen. It only took a blink of an eye to see the vines roll over to actually roll up his body. Yang Chen’s method in his mind was caught before he could make a decision.

The vines did not directly strangle Yang Chen, but gently wrapped him, making Yang Chen stunned for a while.

Yang Chen had no doubts that this only seemed to be a vine as thin as an arm, but it could easily cut himself and the dragon golden bell into two pieces, and it was still under the circumstance that he had used the Yellow turban warrior’s body refining technique to the extreme.

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The moment the vines were entangled, Yang Chen even felt a sense of despair. In this life, although he has been more successful after his rebirth than in his previous life, he still has many unfulfilled wishes, especially the matter of seeking revenge against the Greatest Heaven Sect.

The only happy things were that his master was not like in the previous life, and the same was true for his senior apprentice sister.

Apart from these, there seems to be nothing else that would allow Yang Chen to die without regrets. This kind of desperate mood was urged by the almost substantive demonic qi in the center of the demonic qi, his whole person had an emotional explosion of despair and regret that could no longer be added, and could no longer lift any spirits.

The emotional outburst this time was even more terrifying than all the previous episodes combined. Yang Chen was almost on the verge of losing control. He was only one step away from becoming a demon, attacked by demonic qi, and turned into a completely demonized Yang Chen.

At a critical moment, the immortal body that was far away in the sea of no return and was stored in the Dragon Palace by Yang Chen suddenly opened his eyes at this moment, but only opened it for a while, then closed it again immediately, and restored the state like hibernation.

Just opening and closing his eyes, Yang Chen, who had almost lost his mind, suddenly seemed to be injected with vitality, his mind regained his shrewdness in an instant, and his despair was stopped abruptly, and his mind began to work again, looking for that silver lining that probably doesn’t exist.

The abnormal performance of the vines made Yang Chen keenly aware of it immediately. As soon as his heart moved, he established a deep connection with the tool spirit of the nine nether flying sword.

The nine nether flying sword was originally refined by Yang Chen as a quasi life source magic weapon, so it was not unusual to do this. Soon Yang Chen was pleasantly surprised to find that a vague emotion came from the vines. This emotion was not hatred and killing intent, but kindness.

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