Zhanxian - Chapter 569.1

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Chapter 569.1: 569.1

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*The Last Intervention

Sun Qingxue’s performance made the other three women shake their heads speechlessly. Originally, she was unwilling to accept, and even Gao Yue put on a master’s style to intercede with Yang Chen, but now he doesn’t need to push her, she immediately asked for it herself, they really didn’t know what to say.

However, the girls were really speechless about the performance of their husband. One is that he has paved the way for everyone in a calm manner, and the other is that, as Shi Shanshan said, there was no reason for everyone to reject him.

The demonized demon vine body of the second-grade earth immortal was really scary to say it! Only now did the four girls know what kind of terror Yang Chen faced when he was in the center of the Demon Continent. Recalling that they were only working together to fight against the attacks of some demonized monsters in the Dacheng stage, it seemed that the gap between them and their husbands was getting bigger and bigger.

It’s easy to feel this way, there was no other way, the second grade earth Immortal realm, this has surpassed everyone’s imagination. It is the existence that can easily kill all the masters of the five major sects at any time. It was taken by Yang Chen, what does this mean? How could such a monster appear in the mortal world?

“It’s not that big. When I went, this ultimate demonized demon vine was on the verge of death. I just picked up a ready-made cheap one.” Yang Chen knew what the four girls were thinking by looking at their expressions, and hurriedly enlightened them.

He didn’t tell the four girls about the detailed process before, because he was afraid that they would have some bad ideas. At the critical moment of cultivation, Yang Chen didn’t want to let them have any bad thoughts, especially the depressed mood, which was a taboo in cultivation.

He said so, but the girls still felt that the gap with Yang Chen was getting bigger and bigger. However, at this time, the difference between genius and mediocrity is reflected.

“We’ll catch up with you.” Shi Shanshan jumped out first and directly announced her determination with these words. Next, Gao Yue, Gongsun Ling and Sun Qingxue were all in a posture that would not admit defeat.

For the time being, Sun Qingxue calmed down. With this second-grade Earth Immortal demonized demon vine, Sun Qingxue estimated that she would not be free until she ascended, and even this could not guarantee complete integration, and she might ascend to the spiritual world. Only after she has the cultivation base of a human immortal can she truly absorb the power of this demonized demon vine.

Needless to say, this kind of cultivation speed and efficiency was absolutely shocking that countless people’s eyes would burst open, and there is no one who dares to provoke Sun Qingxue.

Needless to say, Gao Yue, fellow cultivator of water and fire. In addition, the dragon horn flying sword that absorbs the aura of the human emperor, only needs one attack and the opponent will immediately fall to a small realm. Coupled with the strength of the Dragon Horn Flying Sword, taking into account the results of the Demon Continent’s experience, even if she faced the master of the last Dacheng stage, she would not fall behind.

Not to mention Gongsun Ling, her cultivation base was the highest among the people right now, but because her spiritual power was a bit mixed and impure, she was concentrating on refining the geographical map of mountains and rivers to condense her spiritual power. She believes she will wait until this step is completed. With the help of hundreds of Dacheng stage masters in the geographical map of mountains and rivers, Gongsun Ling can definitely walk sideways in the mortal world.

In the end, there was only one Shi Shanshan left. It doesn’t look like much improvement. Of course, this is also relative. Compared with anyone of the same level, Shi Shanshan’s combat power was the best, except for Yang Chen.

The matter had reached this point, and Sun Qingxue also fully understood that Yang Chen was not so careful, and immediately began to complain about Shi Shanshan.

“Husband, Sister Shanshan doesn’t have your special guidance, you can’t be partial!” Sun Qingxue spoke with partiality again, making it difficult for Yang Chen to refuse.

Only Sun Qingxue could say this. Anyway, someone like Shi Shanshan with a competitive personality would never say that he is biased in front of Yang Chen and ask for benefits.

“It’s already been prepared, I don’t need you to say it.” Yang Chen smiled and scratched Sun Qingxue’s little nose, and said dotingly.

Hearing what Yang Chen said, Sun Qingxue had a plan, and secretly gave Shi Shanshan a sneaky look, snatched the seed of the demonized blue jade blood demon vine from Yang Chen’s hand, and hid it like a treasure, she was happy like flowers and was about to laugh.

“Like little Xue, first go back to the sect to cultivate for decades, and then I’ll go to a place with you to sample things.” Yang Chen said to Shi Shanshan “Anyway, before the spiritual world, you don’t have to worry about not having anything to cultivate.”

“Thank you, husband!” Shi Shanshan had a calm personality, nodded at Yang Chen, and after saying this, she stopped talking.

“What is it?” Sun Qingxue became curious again, pulling Yang Chen’s arm and asking.

“You don’t need to think too much, it’s not good for everyone to know in advance.” Yang Chen didn’t say anything this time, just smiled and refused.

“In the future, apart from the double cultivation technique, this is the last time I will interfere with your cultivation.” After the four of them were taken care of, Yang Chen said to everyone very seriously.

Everyone was taken aback by Yang Chen’s statement. For a long time, everyone seemed to be used to Yang Chen’s arrangement. As long as they followed what Yang Chen said, there was basically no big problem. Now that Yang Chen suddenly said this, the four girls had a feeling they couldn’t explain.

“Actually, each of you has your own perseverance and direction. I have interfered so much in the early stage, and it is already the limit. In the future, you can only look out for yourself.” Yang Chen said this very seriously “Even if it is your master, masters lead the sect to cultivate as an individual, without my interference, you will develop better. I look forward to your genius performance, let me be proud of you as your husband !”

In just a few short sentences, Yang Chen’s own thoughts were clearly explained, and at the same time, the mood of the four girls was raised to a level of indignation. Let Yang Chen be proud of being their husband, it sounds very good.

“Are we going to be separated for a while?” While Sun Qingxue was excited, she also heard some of Yang Chen’s digression, and couldn’t help but ask.

“We have been together for more than a hundred years and almost two hundred years. We are always from our respective sects, and we always have to make some contributions to the sect.” Gao Yue understood Yang Chen’s thoughts and directly replaced Yang Chen and said these words “You can’t forget the cultivation of the sect just because you are married.”

Gao Yue has always been the eldest sister, and everyone was convinced by her words, especially this time Gao Yue was actually expressing it instead of Yang Chen, the girls have no objection.

However, as Gao Yue said, everyone has been together for two hundred years, and they have long been accustomed to each other’s existence. Even in Qixia Town’s “farewell”, there was no such sadness.

There is no lasting feast in the world, and everyone must be separated for a short time after all.

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