Zhanxian - Chapter 584.2

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Chapter 584.2: 584.2

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So, when Yang Chen was out of seclusion, he saw seven female masters who were able to dominate the situation there, guarding his door like virtuous little wives, waiting without saying a single word.

Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling naturally knew about this, but the Palace Master and several elders had no choice. After taking turns to persuade them, the two women were a little bit dumbfounded and could only acquiesce to them.

However, the two women couldn’t see it, so they simply hid from a distance to perform the sect mission, not wanting to see Yang Chen entangled with a few more beauties.

After talking about these things, Yang Chen and the group of elders were relatively speechless in the discussion hall for a while, and then the palace master remembered and asked about the effect of Yang Chen’s retreat.

“It’s a good practice, but as soon as I came out, I was in a bad mood!” Yang Chen still couldn’t fully accept the fact that the elders of his sect just kicked him into the fire pit, and he was weak in answering.

“There’s nothing serious about the sect, and everything will be done step by step, so you can solve them with peace of mind!” The master of the palace was also a little bit unbearable, so he could only drop this sentence and say no more.

“Anyway, as long as you are careful, you won’t be the one who suffers.” Wang Yong comforted again “Since they brought them to the sect themselves, just eat them and clean them up, and then see if they will serve you happily or not.”

For Wang Yong, his disciple and grand disciple were so promising, and his face was bright. As he said, as long as there was no problem with Yang Chen’s safety, the beauties will never be the disadvantage of his disciples and grand disciple.

In the realm of Wang Yong, a lot of things are also very open. Since the other party’s purpose was obvious, there was no need to hide it. They should eat, drink, and take advantage of it, the big deal was to give them a little discount.

Anyway, as long as it does not exceed the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect, it was better than now. Then either side would be justified, and no one can pick a thorn. After all, the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect have cooperated many times since the beginning, and their friendship was not ordinary.

In Yang Chen’s past life memories, even among the Immortals, there were many lecherous Immortals, there were a lot of them. Anyway, if you reach that realm, as long as it was not forced, it would also be a good story for outsiders to talk about.

But Yang Chen never thought about it, after being reborn. Before he ascended through the tribulation, he already had a lustful reputation on his back. How can this be a pure man who has always maintained his virginity in his previous life?

What’s more, it’s a good story if he loved them or not, and now it’s obvious that he was the one who was forced. He don’t even have a place to reason, was there any reason in this world?

Not to mention the Great Lou Golden Immortal, it was impossible that even the Jade Emperor or Three Purities Dao Father encountered such a thing. Needless to say, Yang Chen was now in the middle Yuanying stage, so what if he can kill the masters of the Dacheng stage. Even if he can kill Immortals, he can’t kill those beauties, right?

Deliberately looking for Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling to relieve his depression. However, Yang Chen discovered that the two women were not in the Pure Yang Palace at all. It was estimated that they were angry and left.

There was never a moment when Yang Chen looked at his yard and felt that he didn’t want to go back. In the past, as long as he thought of Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling waiting for him, his heart felt warm, but now it’s just a pain.

The disciples of the Pure Yang Palace who he met around, whether they were elders or juniors, all smiled and congratulated Yang Chen when they saw Yang Chen. Who could know the sorrow in Yang Chen’s heart at this moment.

No matter how reluctant he was, Yang Chen had to go back to his yard to face the seven women. Shaking his head, Yang Chen walked into his yard, and as expected, the seven wome were waiting for him in the yard.

“Welcome back!” Tao Junqi was the eldest and the oldest, standing in the middle like a wife welcoming her husband home, greeted him virtuously.

“Ten years of seclusion, and you haven’t touched any delicacies, so you must be bitter.” Shi Wushuang said with a smile, “Sister Murong and the others have already prepared some wine and vegetables, you can try their craftsmanship.”

While talking here, the five Murong sisters over there have already brought up a few trays from behind. Before Yang Chen could react, the small stone table in the courtyard was already covered with several delicate-looking dishes, as well as a jade pot and a jade cup. The wine has not been poured out, but the aroma of the wine was already tangy.

Yang Chen’s good food, good wine, good tea, good clothes, these habits seem to have been passed down for a long time. Even the four wives have mastered a craft because of Yang Chen’s hobby. Of course, now add the reputation of a good beauty.

Shi Wushuang and the others knew a lot about Yang Chen’s hobbies, but they didn’t know if the cooking skills of the Murong sisters and the others had just been learned recently.

Since the beauties have already made moves, it would be a real rudeness if Yang Chen ignored them. Yang Chen simply gritted his teeth, and as soon as he came, he sat down with a golden knife, picked up the jade chopsticks already placed on the table, and wanted to enjoy it.

Before Yang Chen could choose which dish to choose, one of the Murong sisters grabbed the front. Holding a jade plate, she chose one dish from several dishes, spooned a little, and placed it in front of Yang Chen, shyly and said “This is the craftsmanship of this slave family, you can try it!”

At this time, the other Murong sister had already stood behind Yang Chen, stretched out a jade hand, put it on Yang Chen’s shoulder, and massaged it gently.

The jug was also carried by another woman, filling it for Yang Chen, and then the next one had already squeezed the jade cup and brought it to Yang Chen’s mouth.

When he thought that the five Murong sisters of the Five Elements Sect in the Immortal Realm actually served him like this, Yang Chen felt like he was in a dream. As if he was shocked, he almost didn’t dare to move.

“Master…you don’t have to be nervous, my reputation has already been involved with you, and I can’t get rid of it in this life.” The one who spoke was Shi Wushuang, her eyelids lowered slightly, and she said with a slight grievance “It’s not that I wait for the lowly. , you are really outstanding, for the sect’s plan, I am also willing to follow you, be a slave and a maid, you make a decision.”

In Yang Chen’s astonishment, Tao Junqi next to him also said with a slightly aggrieved expression “I don’t ask for anything else, I just ask that you take more care of me and my sect in the future.”

Seeing that Yang Chen’s body was stiff, Shi Wushuang asked a little puzzled “You, you don’t like this?” For fear of causing Yang Chen’s misunderstanding, she quickly explained “We only know from an old friend of yours that you like these.”

When Shi Wushuang said this, Tao Junqi waved her hand over there, grabbed a person from some magic weapon, and threw her directly on the ground.

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