Zhanxian - Chapter 585.1

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Chapter 585.1: 585.1

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Yang Chen still hasn’t figured out how these arrogant women from the three major sects can suddenly make such a gesture to please him, but after seeing the figure on the ground, he has some understanding in his heart.

The person on the ground was really Yang Chen’s acquaintances. When Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling went to the Demon sect domain to look for the seventh metal spiritual solution, because their cultivation base was relatively low, they were only in the Jiedan stage, so they disguised themselves as the locals did. The one they met at that time was this person on the ground.

Shao Fanghua, Mrs. Fanghua, the elder of the Yin-Yang Demon Sect, was invincible in seduction, and was also a unique figure in the Demon Sect. However, because Ye Zhenxiong of the Promise Demon Sect was plotting against her at the time, the plan failed, so she was so frightened that she immediately hid.

Before leaving, Mrs. Fanghua mistakenly thought that Yang Chen was a descendant of the demon sect who cultivated the double cultivation method, and used all means to seduce Yang Chen. At that time, in addition to Gongsun Ling, Yang Chen also had the five apprentices of Wan Qian. In order not to be exposed, Yang Chen had a lot of fun at that time.

At that time, the five girls were dressed in revealing clothes, and they were even more attentive in serving. In addition, Gongsun Ling also wanted to let go of the two-person world with Ai Lang. Yang Chen didn’t even have to move his hands, he only stretched out his hand for food and opened his mouth.

Perhaps, it was because of the impression left to Mrs. Fanghua at that time, that he liked the services of beauties, so the seven arrogant girls of the three major sects would make such a move!

Speaking of which, it wasn’t much of a surprise that Mrs. Fanghua fell into the hands of the seven women. Mrs. Fanghua, who was still trapped at the peak Yuanying stage, in front of Tao Junqi, a master of the late Dacheng stage and the five Murong sisters in the early Dacheng stage did not even have a chance to resist. If she even faced Shu Wushuang, Fairy Aoki, who was also at the peak Yuanying stage, she was not an opponent, and being captured was a natural thing.

Yang Chen’s reputation was too big, and many people keep his portrait. It was not surprising that Mrs. Fanghua later learned about Yang Chen’s identity. He just didn’t expect that things would be so coincidental. Madam Fanghua fell into the hands of the seven women, and passed them some bad ideas, which made Yang Chen so unnatural now.

“Slave Fanghua, greets master!” Although Mrs. Fanghua was controlled, she was not in a coma, and she was still sane. Seeing Yang Chen, she didn’t dare to be as big as before, she immediately straighten her clothes and bow down to the ground respectfully.

However, although the kneeling was very strict, the curve of the body was more and more protruding. Especially that kind of lowly posture could arouse people’s desire the most. Yang Chen naturally didn’t care, but the seven girls all blushed when they saw it. This demon girl was so rude even when she greeted him. She was indeed a demon girl from the Demon Sect, she was despicable. Thinking of how Yang Chen really liked such words, they were all too shy.

In the past, Mrs. Fanghua and Yang Chen played the game of master and slave with Yang Chen, and now they are just turning that game into reality. For Mrs. Fanghua, the most important thing now is to save her life. As for the illusory pride, what’s the use of that now?

Yang Chen smiled bitterly in his heart again, it seemed that the seven girls really did everything they could to please him. Even the past that has been hidden for so long can be found by them, which also shows the strength of the three major sects.

If the seven girls just put on an obedient attitude, Yang Chen wouldn’t mind pretending to be a snake and dismissing them. But the problem is that they made their position clear as soon as they came up. First, it was for the reputation of their family, and second, it was for the sect.

To be honest, it was for the sake of the sect, but it made Yang Chen unable to parry. Yang Chen couldn’t say anything, he doesn’t deal with their sects, and their respective sects are not pleasing to the eye, so won’t he agree? Yang Chen was not trying to calm people down, but provoking trouble.

“Let’s have a good chat!” Yang Chen could only smile bitterly, and then slightly waved his shoulders. He smiled at one of the Murong sisters behind him, and asked them to sit down.

This time, the girls did not disobey and sat down each. Seeing that there were no other servants around, Yang Chen glanced at Mrs. Fanghua, who was kneeling on the ground, and said coldly, “Will you still not get up and serve?”

After driving away all the original servants, it was estimated that the seven girls did not want others to see their appearance. At this time, Mrs. Fanghua became the most suitable servant.

Mrs. Fanghua hurriedly got up, quickly prepared tableware for the seven women, placed the wine glasses, poured the wine one by one with the wine jug, and then stood respectfully behind Yang Chen.

This battle was completely different from the time when she just knelt down. She became cold and high, as if she suddenly transformed into a glamorous cold plum, awe-inspiring not to be taken lightly, to be more dignified, to be as ladylike. If everyone didn’t know her identity as a Demon Sect elder, maybe they would think she was a famous lady.

The ever-changing temperament made the seven girls surprised for a while. Seeing that Yang Chen seemed to be accustomed to it, the seven girls all began to think, could it be that Yang Chen likes this ever-changing temperament?

“Since the elder sisters are so clear about what they said, if this younger brother is more hypocritical, he will not appear to be a man.” Yang Chen picked up the wine glass and said to the seven women “It is plain that the reputation of the elder sisters has been damaged, and Yang Chen has nothing to repay. I will toast you a glass of wine at first, but in the future, if you are sent, I will not hesitate.”

The seven women didn’t care, they all stood up to accompany Yang Chen for a cup, and sat back again.

“The sect has a the decision, so naturally I have wronged you sisters. This younger brother apologizes to you sisters here, but it is the younger brother who has implicated the elders. Everything is wrong because of this younger brother, I also ask you elders to forgive me.” Yang Chen added another apology. This kind of thing can’t be said to be the other party’s fault, can it?

“I believe that you sisters are also very aggrieved, and you don’t want to follow a stranger without knowing him.” Yang Chen organized his words and slowly said to the seven girls who were all a little shy: “It’s not that this younger brother is presumptuous, this kind of major event, we must also pay attention to love affair, both parties have to be willing, so that they are not forced to be together reluctantly, this younger brother also feels that he has wronged you sisters.”

Feeling that Yang Chen was going to talk about a key point, the seven girls raised their heads and looked at Yang Chen. Seven pairs of beautiful eyes stared at Yang Chen, especially five pairs of beautiful eyes that were almost identical. The psychological pressure on Yang Chen was even greater than when Yang Chen faced Dacheng stage enemies.

For some reason, Yang Chen felt a little soft-hearted in his heart, and the words of rejection that he had originally said in his mouth turned into another rhetoric.

“I think, at least we have to get to know each other for a while first, and then talk about other things in detail. If you feel wrong, let’s talk about other things. What do you think?” After saying these words, Yang Chen almost felt like giving himself a slap in the face.

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