Zhanxian - Chapter 658

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Chapter 658

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Chapter 658: Zhao Clan


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Zhao Chengtian who spoke, Yang Chen and the girls all recognized him. When Yang Chen sold the cultivation secrets of a fifth-grade alchemist, two ancient big families participated and one of them was the Zhao family. Zhao Chengtian who was speaking at this moment was one of the three people who were present to listen to Yang Chen’s experience.

Judging from experience, Zhao Chengtian already has a late Dacheng stage cultivation base, which is basically on par with Tao Junqi. But now Tao Junqi already has the Iron Wing Flying Eagle monster pet at the peak Dacheng stage, so her combat power may be slightly better.

To the surprise of the girls, among the dozen or so figures who showed up, none of them were below the Dacheng stage. Such a lineup, coming from an ancient big family, is something that people can’t help but be afraid of.

The five major sects are on the territory of the dao sect, they are absolute leader-level sects. However, they do not have much control over the territories of these overseas rogue cultivators and further distant big families. Generally speaking, these ancient big families have their own inheritance, and they will not easily provoke a disturbance on the dao territory, so everyone was still at peace.

Although it is normal that all the masters of the Dacheng stage appeared this time, after all, seven monster pets at the peak Dacheng stage were born, if the masters below the Dacheng stage came here it was just to deliver food. But so many came out casually all at once, it let the girls see the terrifying background of the Zhao family.

“It’s easy to discuss, so it’s Senior Zhao!” Yang Chen also bowed his head and saluted. After returning the greeting, he asked curiously “I don’t know if Senior Zhao was passing by, or was it just a coincidence?”

While speaking, more than a dozen masters of the Zhao family had already arrived on the island, looking at the seven girls behind Yang Chen, no one made any unnecessary movements. They just stood on the opposite side in an orderly manner, vaguely forming a semicircular encirclement, enclosing Yang Chen and the seven girls in it.

“My home is nearby, and I suddenly found that the spiritual power here is disordered, so I came here to take a look.” Zhao Chengtian said without any concealment, his face was full of smiles, they didn’t know if it was because he was happy to see Grandmaster Yang Chen, or because of other reasons.

“We were going out for a trip, passing by here with my wives, I happened to think of a difficult problem in my formation, so I cultivated it here.” Yang Chen opened his mouth and explained to Zhao Chengtian with an apologetic face “Unexpectedly we disturbed Senior Zhao, forgive us!”

The Murong sisters’ reputation was well-known, and they all cultivated formations in the Dacheng stage. It was not something incomprehensible for people to cultivate a formation that causes chaos in the spiritual power of the world. The cultivation qualifications of the five women themselves are high, and it is not too much for the formation of the five people to have the aura of the peak Dacheng stage.

“Oh? Grandmaster Yang is married again?” After Zhao Chengtian heard this, he immediately changed the topic from the chaos of spiritual power to Yang Chen’s marriage “I didn’t know you were the wives of the Grandmaster, please forgive me for being rude!” He bowed his head to the seven girls again and again.

“Greetings fellow Daoist Zhao!” Since the other party asked, the seven girls also bowed their heads to Zhao Chengtian heroically in return. Although Yang Chen called Zhao Chengtian senior, they didn’t follow Yang Chen in addressing him like that, they just called each other fellow daoists. The disciples of the great sects have such confidence and pride.

Seeing the seven girls greeting him at the same time, Zhao Chengtian understood that even if he was stupid, these seven girls were all Yang Chen’s wives. While he couldn’t help but feel a burst of envy in his heart, there was a burst of warm congratulations in his mouth.

“It’s better to meet by chance than to invite each other. Since we met, it is destined.” After the congratulations, Zhao Chengtian warmly invited them “My humble house is nearby, please I would like to invite you to be our guests, the whole Zhao family would be honored!”

It is normal etiquette for people you know to invite each other to a nearby home when they meet. However, Yang Chen felt that Zhao Chengtian’s appearance was a bit strange. As far as the noise being loud, when Li Cheng came, the iron-winged flying eagle beast he was sitting on was even more noisy, why didn’t they come out. On the contrary, they will create some movement at the peak Dacheng stage. It is very strange that there are so many masters of the Dacheng stage here.

“If that’s the case, then we have to bother you!” Although his posture was a bit strange, Yang Chen was not a fearful person, especially with seven new concubines and seven peak Dacheng stage monster pets, where wouldn’t he be able to go? Immediately he agreed to the other party’s invitation, without delay.

Li Cheng asked Yang Chen to come to this island, there must be a purpose, maybe this is the Zhao family that Li Cheng wanted Yang Chen to know. With this premise, even if it is a dragon’s pool and a tiger’s den, Yang Chen will make a breakthrough. Besides, the seven girls were not coquettish and weak girls who can be bullied by others, they were Dacheng stage masters of the three major dao sects standing behind him.

At that moment, Yang Chen put away the Dragon Palace, followed Zhao Chengtian, and under the escort of a group of Zhao family experts, went straight to the family location that Zhao Chengtian said.

The Dragon Palace was just an image of a thatched hut on an island at the moment, it was inconspicuous and did not have the slightest overflow of spiritual power. Seeing Yang Chen even go for such a simple little hut, the experts of the Zhao family couldn’t help but look at him with contempt.

Seeing these contemptuous gazes in seven girl’s eyes, they suddenly had a secret urge to laugh. These ignorant guys, and how they imagined back then, thought that Yang Chen’s yard was just a few ordinary small rooms. They really don’t know how dumbfounded these guys would be if they knew the truth.

It was said to be an escort, but this time the masters of the Zhao family blatantly surrounded Yang Chen and the seven girls. Except that Yang Chen and the others were not shackled, everything else seemed to be the same as an escort.

Yang Chen didn’t seem to have seen all of this, and the seven women were also pleasing to the eye, the women who followed Yang Chen, whatever Yang Chen was doing and what they were doing, they couldn’t see the slightest anger.

“Senior Zhao, forgive me. When I came down, I didn’t see any islands where people could live on for thousands of miles. I don’t know where senior lives, where is it?” In a blink of an eye, everyone flew away. About a few hundred miles away, Yang Chen asked curiously while following Zhao Chengtian on the sea.

“Hahaha!” Zhao Chengtian didn’t answer Yang Chen’s question directly, but laughed wildly first, and then replied very proudly “Everyone who has been to my house is like this at the beginning, please don’t worry, grandmaster, soon grandmaster will know where the Zhao family is located.”

As if cooperating with Zhao Chengtian’s words, the sea ahead suddenly began to boil. With the sound of rumbling water on the calm sea surface, a huge island suddenly emerged from under the sea surface. On the island, there was a semi-circular transparent shield that isolates all the sea water. Under the shield, there were exquisite pavilions, like an Immortal palace on earth.

This island had a radius of hundreds of miles, and it has been rising continuously. When they finally floated on the surface of the sea, in Zhao Chengtian’s proud eyes, Yang Chen and the seven women couldn’t help but let out a sound of surprise.

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