Zhanxian - Chapter 741

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Chapter 741: Chapter 741: Too Much Is Trouble

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Chapter 741: Too Much Is Trouble
Absorb them all with profound spirit Furnace? This was unrealistic, as long as there is fire in the profound spirit Furnace, it is enough, and it is not necessary or capable of absorbing all of them. Then, after absorbing enough fire seeds, the profound spirit Furnace was withdrawn, what method should be used to deal with these pure yin true fires?

To be precise, it is not necessary to completely remove all the flames, as long as a path can be cleared, the needs of the women can be met, and they can enter the palace to pick things. Or it is a bit too polite to use selection, and it is better to express the mood of the girls with packaging.

But in the face of so much pure yin true fires, if Yang Chen really wants to let go, Yang Chen is still not reconciled. This is the seventh-grade flame, right in front of his eyes, just collecting a little fire to open a way, then turn around and leave? That’s not Yang Chen’s style. In terms of value, this kind of fire is estimated to be able to top up all the things in the palace.


Yang Chen has always adhered to the idea that if he doesn’t take it back, he will be blamed. Such a large area of ​​pure yin true fire is right in front of him, isn’t this heaven sent, then what is? It’s ominous against heaven, but it can’t just be so cheap.

The easiest way to clear a way is to put out the fire. The question is, what a pity to destroy such a precious seventh-grade flame? No matter what, Yang Chen would never use this kind of reckless method.

Since the fire cannot be extinguished, it is necessary to find a way from another aspect. Yang Chen’s gaze began to focus on the ground under the flames, staring intently, as if some beautiful flowers grew there.

The pure yin true fire can keep burning, and the support below is crucial. It is a good thing to be able to maintain the burning of the pure yin true fire.

So much pure yin true fire, what to do with it? Yang Chen still doesn’t have the ability to absorb the seventh-grade fire and integrate it into the Yin-Yang Burning Heaven Fire, even if he uses the merit chapter.

If you can’t use it yourself, others can consider it. Gao Yue is a fire attribute cultivator, her natal fire is the Purple Heart Fire, and the upgraded version of the sixth-grade Purple Heart Profound has already been obtained, and even the more advanced seventh-grade Purple Heart Heaven Fire, Yang Chen is also sure to get it, so she has no need to change her natal fire. Tao Junqi and Murong Yan, who are both fire cultivators, can think about it.

Although Tao Junqi was born in the Greatest Heaven Sect. She is also a genius disciple with excellent qualifications, but her natal fire is not as advanced as the seventh-grade fire, but the sixth-grade fire, before ascension. There is still plenty of room and opportunity for improvement.

On the words of cultivation, both Yang Chen and Gao Yue are in the Yuanying stage. For the time being, Yang Chen can only control the sixth-grade fire, while Gao Yue has to wait until the Dacheng stage to use the power of the Yin fire tribulation to absorb the Purple Heart Profound Fire. As for the seventh-grade fire seed, it is only possible for Gao Yue to get it at the peak Dacheng stage. Murong Yan’s cultivation is also a little low, not enough to control the seventh-grade fire, only Tao Junqi is now at the peak Dacheng stage, and has the conditions to absorb the seventh-grade fire.

Peak Dacheng stage, this is just a condition. If Tao Junqi is allowed to control the absorption of the seventh-grade pure yin true fire, she will fail more than 80% of the time, and there is a 90% chance of dying after failure.

With Yang Chen around, of course such a thing would not be allowed to happen. No matter how Tao Junqi was, she was her own woman, so Yang Chen would never forget her. What’s more, if she absorbs the seventh-grade fire seed, Tao Junqi’s assurance of ascension is much greater, and her speed can also be accelerated. It is very likely that she will be able to ascend before leaving the Langya Well.

Tao Junqi had been in retreat for a few years, Yang Chen didn’t wait too long. He just waited until Tao Junqi left the seclusion and during the waiting period, everyone was not idle, and all of them were cultivating secretly in this secret pavilion under the influence of the demonic qi of the Nine Nether Flying Sword.

Waking up from retreat, Tao Junqi was directly shocked by the seventh-grade fire in front of her eyes, and then was even more shocked by the fifth-grade questioning inner heart pills. Coupled with the process of the profound spirit Furnace that other women showed off to her, she couldn’t believe it.

Yang Chen said he would help her to absorb the seventh-grade fire, Tao Junqi said nothing, even though she knew that her absorption would most likely fail, she didn’t back down. These short years of getting along has made her completely understand that her husband as a monster who specializes in making the impossible possible.

Tao Junqi herself has a high level of cultivation, and this retreat has completely consolidated her realm at the peak Dacheng stage. Under Yang Chen’s intimate guidance, Tao Junqi did not hesitate to start the process of absorbing the seventh-grade pure yin true fire. The reason why we say intimacy is that during the process of absorption, Tao Junqi was always held in Yang Chen’s arms and pointed out at close range.

Yang Chen’s main role, besides pointing out Tao Junqi’s experience in controlling fire, is to be ready to protect Tao Junqi at any time with the method of merit. This is his own woman, Yang Chen will never be stingy with his merits.

Tao Junqi had never thought about this kind of incomparable process of absorbing fire, but even at the peak Dacheng stage, she could feel the warmth of being cared for so clearly, and she couldn’t help being happy. If you are happy, you will have a clear mind, and if you have a clear mind, you will be more efficient and confident in doing things. If you are confident, you will be more likely to succeed.

That kind of feeling that even if you step down the abyss in front of you, you still firmly believe that your husband will hold you when you fall to 9999 feet, so that Tao Junqi has no worries about the future and went all out. According to the method Yang Chen instructed, she absorbed the Pure Yin True Fire to her heart’s content.

Under the worried eyes of the other women, Tao Junqi only used Yang Chen’s three critical moments to save her life, and successfully transformed her natal fire into a seventh-grade pure yin true fire.

This change alone has directly increased Tao Junqi’s cultivation by at least 30%, and directly reached the peak Dacheng stage. Just now she has consolidated her cultivation, and she has already touched the edge of her tribulation. After discovering this, Tao Junqi didn’t care that she was the oldest among the girls, she hugged Yang Chen and showed a rare woman’s coquettish and happy expression, which made the other girls dumbfounded.

At last, he had some thoughts on his mind again, Yang Chen could finally concentrate on using these pure yin true fire. The Pure Yin True Fire is so powerful, it cannot be justified without refining a few attack magic weapons.

Ordinary people can refine a few First Wood Divine Thunder, which can be regarded as fatal magic weapons at critical moments. If these pure yin true fires are refined into the top-quality divine thunder, there will still be pure yin true fire when it explodes. Fire attack, it is definitely a must-have weapon for traveling around and killing people.

He believe that in the future, when those short-sighted guys bully the people around Yang Chen, they will suddenly be bombarded by it and burned by the pure yin true fire, their expressions will definitely look good.


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