Zhanxian - Chapter 767

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Chapter 767: Chapter 767: Yang Xi’s Plots

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Chapter 767: Yang Xi’s Plots
Gongsun Ling couldn’t understand how the Greatest Heaven Sect, the largest sect in the dao domain, always regarded itself as the leader of the dao sects, but how the high-level leaders from the sect master to the core elders used this method to find dual cultivators.

With their identities, if they casually stretch out their hands in the sect, she believes there will be a lot of female cultivators willing to be their cauldrons, right? Even if they don’t want to drag their disciples down, as long as they let out the words, she believe there will be countless rogue cultivators jumping on it like moths to the flame, there is no need to be so sneaky and shady.

Yang Chen sneered secretly in his heart, Li Liheng had already fallen into a demon, and he was desperate to improve his cultivation base. Ming Guangruo captured more than a dozen female cultivators himself, and this is not counting the Dacheng masters he and others captured together. In addition, if Ming Guangruo acted alone, didn’t the other masters who also took refuge in Li Liheng act alone?

For a while, Yang Chen didn’t pay attention to the missing female cultivators, but he had arranged for the people from Immortal Wine House to investigate when the time was right. Of course, this is decades in the future. It is not yet the time, the fermentation of things has not yet reached the most suitable time.

Yang Chen did not let go of Yang Xi’s actions, and inquired very carefully. According to Ming Guangruo, Yang Xi is already the manager of the young sect master, who can intervene in matters big and small, and the young sect master trusts manager Yang very much. Of course, this is because Yang Xi’s younger sister, Yang Lan, is the young master’s favorite concubine.

Although he despise Yang Xi, a guy who has no real ability to rely on his sister to invite favors, but Yang Xi is really a close aid of the young sect master, and Ming Guangruo has to give Yang Xi a lot of face. In fact, the young sect master has been extremely diligent and hardworking for nearly a hundred years, he often retreat without seeing anyone. Most of the Young Sect Master’s orders were conveyed by the Young Sect Master through Manager Yang.

Hearing this, Yang Chen couldn’t help but secretly nodded in his heart. This is the scheming Yang Xi in his impression. In his previous life, Yang Xi was also favored in front of Li Liheng, but after getting the vermilion fruit, he ruthlessly killed his backer with a single sword, he was probably doing a lot of deceitful things behind Li Liheng’s back.

The same is true in this life, Yang Chen never believes that those so-called Li Liheng’s orders really came from Li Liheng’s mouth. Just like sending a master into Langya Well to hunt down Yang Chen this time, it seems that Yang Chen hasn’t been hated by Li Liheng yet, right? To be able to put Yang Chen to death so urgently, there is no other possibility except Yang Xi’s doing.

Good! Yang Chen let out an admiration from the bottom of his heart. Yang Xi did a really good job. If it weren’t for Yang Xi, it would not be so easy for the Greatest Heaven Sect to create grievances in the future.

If nothing happened to Li Liheng, he would still die in Yang Xi’s hands in this life. Don’t say anything else, it is only said that once Li Liheng knew about the fact that he was falsely passing orders, once Li Liheng knew about it, he would have a doomed end. Only after Li Liheng died, Yang Xi could live.

Yang Chen is now looking forward to Yang Xi’s next move. Although Yang Chen and Yang Xi didn’t collide at all, Yang Xi’s cooperation was so beautiful, it really deserved Yang Chen’s evaluation.

Even Yang Xi cooperated so well, if Yang Chen slacked off, it would be impossible to justify it anyway. Immediately, Yang Chen told Gongsun Ling to keep her mouth shut and not to tell the other sisters about these things. Especially Gao Yue, Yang Chen didn’t want Gao Yue to have any worries.

One kind of sixth-grade fire seed, two kinds of sixth-grade fire seeds, three kinds, four kinds… Time passed quietly while Yang Chen absorbed the sixth-grade fire seeds and the girls’ respective cultivation, fifty years passed in a blink of an eye.

Fifty years, the Murong sisters have already completed the tempering of the natal magic weapon. The tempering of masters in the Dacheng stage and the tempering in the Jiedan stage are completely two concepts. In terms of time alone, more than half can be saved.

The five-element hook made by the masters of the dragon clan has completely integrated into the body and mind of the five girls. The balanced power of the five elements allows them to get twice the result with half the effort when forming the five-element formation. Fifty years of successful tempering, it has made them completely make up for the previous loss of time and cultivation base, and returned to their peak strength again.

Shi Wushuang also completed the process of absorbing and refining the Penglai devine wood, and after practicing diligently, her cultivation level improved in a straight line. With the help of the promotion of her natal flying sword, the combined effects of the Qi and Blood Pill for refining the heart and the Nine Serenity Flying Sword, Shi Wushuang successfully broke through the tranquility of the early Dacheng stage and entered the middle Dacheng stage.

Gongsun Ling was able to pass the tribulation at any time. After suppressing the Yin Fire Tribulation for more than a dozen times under Yang Chen’s order, she finally stopped suppressing her cultivation, triggered the Yin Fire Tribulation and successfully passed the Tribulation into the Dacheng stage.

The geographical map of mountains and rivers has undergone the baptism of Yin fire tribulation, and the spiritual power provided by those masters has become more and more condensed, making Gongsun Ling’s cultivation more and more refined. Not only that, there is another magical effect of the geographical map of mountains and rivers.

The original geographical map of mountains and rivers could only be used to transform the terrain to trap the enemy and protect the master, but now an extra powerful attack method has been added. At any time, Gongsun Ling can release a mountain or a lake at will to attack the enemy.

When any cultivator faced the real Mount Tai attack launched by Gongsun Ling, there were not many cultivators who could easily deal with it. Of course, Yang Chen is an exception to this kind of overpowering monster.

Limited by her cultivation, it can only be ordinary mountains and lakes, but as Gongsun Ling’s cultivation improves, the mountains can become mountains and continents, and the lakes can become rivers and seas. At that time, it will be the real geographical attack of mountains and rivers.

Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue also succeeded in the Yin fire tribulation, they still followed the cultivation direction arranged by Yang Chen before, one refines the supreme pure Yang sword qi, one refines the plant of the ultimate demonized demon vine, until now, these two women have only completed less than half of the refining work. He believe that the two women will continue this process until they ascend to the spiritual world, even in the spiritual world.

Every time Yang Chen absorbs a sixth-grade fire seed, the spiritual power of the fire attribute will increase once. But every time Yang Chen always quickly activates the Great Yin-Yang Five Elements Secret Art, the five elements are mutually generated, and the spiritual power of other attributes is relatively balanced.

Now it takes about ten years to absorb a sixth-grade fire seed. In fifty years, Yang Chen has absorbed five kinds of sixth-grade fire seeds. The spiritual power of the Great Yin Yang Five Elements has finally been raised to the edge of the Dacheng stage, just waiting for anytime Yang Chen will trigger the Yin fire tribulation.

However, Yang Chen wasn’t too anxious. There were five kinds of sixth-grade fire seeds, three kinds of third fire and two kinds of fourth fire. Relatively speaking, Yin and Yang were out of balance. The influence of the sixth-grade fire seed is extraordinary, Yang Chen must absorb at least one more sixth-grade fire seed to trigger the tribulation.

In particular, Yang Chen has a plan, he intends to use the Yin fire tribulation to speed up the refining process of the Demon Continent’s core. This requires more secure arrangements.


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