Zhanxian - Chapter 520.1

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Chapter 520.1: 520.1

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Chapter 520.1: Invitation

After tempering the emotions, endless killings follow. The demon continent was a huge sharpening stone, sharpening all the sober people on the road into an unparalleled sharp sword.

For Yang Chen, the demon continent was the biggest unknown after his rebirth. He doesn’t know what else will be inside, and what weird things will appear. What he needed to do now was to grow in the killing according to his usual experience.

At this moment, the demonic fiends that Yang Chen was facing were basically those at the peak and late Yuanying stage. Compared with the monsters on the periphery of the mainland, they were much stronger. Even the demonic fiends of the same realm, the ones here were more powerful than the ones before.

The most important thing was that for some unknown reasons, the monsters here were naturally grouped and fierce. Under the circumstances of Yang Chen’s deliberate attacks, he had to pay a high price to be able to cope.

Yang Chen did not use the golden bell, and deliberately converged the yellow turban warrior body refining technique to only act on the bones. This could ensure that Yang Chen would not suffer fatal damage, but would not be unharmed at all.

It was impossible not to be injured at all. Yang Chen knows very well that it was definitely better to be injured than not to be injured during the training. For this reason, Yang Chen has to study how to be injured, if he was slightly injured, or even how to use non-fatal serious injuries in exchange for certain opportunities.

No matter who you are, there was no guarantee that you would not run into someone stronger than yourself, and it was impossible that you would never be hurt in your life. Once encountered at such a critical time, how to react after being injured, how to counterattack, these experiences are the capital of life-saving in the future.

Yang Chen was not only so cruel to himself, even the same requirements were applied to his own wives. Even for his four wives, all of them were beautiful but compared with the future, these small injuries could be completely ignored. Moreover, with Yang Chen, no matter how serious the injury was, there would be no problem and it was guaranteed that no scars would be left.

No one deliberately drove the demonic fiends to besiege Yang Chen this time, but going deeper would have posed such a dangerous danger. Yang Chen was also under more and more severe siege as he marched along the way.

Whether it was Yang Chen or the four girls, everyone has the ability to single-handedly challenge the dacheng stage demonic fiends, but Yang Chen was cautious and would never allow everyone to go too deep. This was a place he couldn’t grasp. Yang Chen knew what kind of cultivation base was suitable for what kind of place to be experienced.

Chopping melons and vegetables along the way for almost a whole year, Yang Chen finally found a demon orb. However, these demonic fiends of the Yuanying stage could condense at most sixth-grade demon orbs, and the one in Yang Chen’s hand was even smaller, only in the seventh grade. The “jelly beans” that Xiao Tian was enjoying now, if he just took out one and it was more than twice as big as this one.

Anyway, it’s finally a bit rewarding. Although Yang Chen wanted the demon orbs, he just had to move his mouth. Countless people would offer it with both hands, but where could he find it with his own hands and feel a sense of accomplishment?

Yang Chen took this demon orb and helplessly shrugged his shoulders. This was a situation he couldn’t control. Moreover, that kind of good luck that goes against the heavens in the dao sect domain also disappeared completely, killing for four years, only to get three demon orbs.

But thinking about the head-sized demon orb in his cosmos bag, Yang Chen couldn’t help feeling pity for the guys who worked so hard here. Just a few days after he arrived, he got a heaven defying demon orb at the outermost periphery. Those people stayed for hundreds of years, but they could only use the third-grade demon orb as treasures. The difference between people was really true and can’t be compared.

If someone knows that Yang Chen got a human head-sized demon orb and still sighs that his bad luck was here, there would definitely be countless people chasing him to death with flying swords. They have never seen such a cheap and good seller. The guy, was he tolerable or unbearable?

Yang Chen looked at the demon orb in his hand carefully for a long time, and then played with it in his hand, then calmly said in a certain direction “After so long, just say what you want!”

“Hahaha, Grandmaster Yang is really extraordinary!” Before the person arrived, there was a burst of laughter. Soon, a figure appeared in front of Yang Chen “I am not here to boast, but to try my hiding skills in front of you that even demonic fiends can’t see through, I am very curious about how grandmaster Yang discovered me.”

The visitor was a long jade man, very handsome, dressed in various dark green and light green robes, he looked like a large piece of fine jungle. Not to mention anything else, just this robe could make him hide his figure in the jungle, and ordinary people’s eyesight was almost impossible to detect him.

“You have a strong demonic qi, much stronger than those around you.” Looking at the strange attire of the other party, Yang Chen didn’t take it seriously, just faintly mentioned it, which was regarded as an answer to the other party.

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Actually, Yang Chen had long discovered that someone was tracking him. The thread of spiritual awareness from the three purities secret art was spread around like a spider web, anything that it touched would be known to Yang Chen. That said, he just gave the other party an acceptable explanation.

“That’s it.” The man in the strange robe suddenly understood. Following Yang Chen’s prompt, he began to uncover the secret about how Yang Chen discovered him.

Yang Chen was a very powerful demon orb refiner, able to completely purify the demonic qi of the demon orbs and naturally has a deep understanding of the demonic qi. Finding where the demonic qi was strong, and there are no monsters or human shadows, it could naturally be judged that someone was hiding there.

“Grandmaster is really amazing, I admire you!” The man in the strange robe gave Yang Chen a bow, and said very sincerely “for people able to find traces of me when hiding, Grandmaster, you are the third one, I admire you!”

After saying this, the man in the strange robe waited for Yang Chen to speak. Everyone would be curious once they hear that they were the third one, they will definitely ask who the first two are. In this way, the two sides would have further topic discussions, and their relationship would be closer because of this.

This man in the strange robe was almost hopeful, but this time, he encountered a dull gourd. After Yang Chen heard him say this, he just gave an understatement and said nothing more. Neither did he ask who the top two were, nor his identity and the purpose of being here.

The atmosphere froze for a while.

The man in the strange robe stood for a while, seeing that Yang Chen had no intention of opening his mouth, his face was a bit stunned. However, since he was here, he must make his purpose clear, so he could only speak up first.

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