Zhanxian - Chapter 521.1

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Chapter 521.1: 521.1

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Chapter 521.1: Deposit

“As long as the grandmaster agrees, everything is easy to decide!” Hearing Yang Chen’s intention to go, the man in the strange robe was naturally overjoyed and hurriedly agreed.

“I don’t lack spirit stones and I don’t need magic weapons for the time being, I only need a few things.” Since Yang Chen has made a decision and intends to take a look, naturally he would not be polite with the strange-robed man and directly ask for his compensation.

“Grandmaster, please give orders.” The man in the strange robe was even more happy. Yang Chen said he had already agreed, it was only left with the price. However, for people like them, what price was there that they can’t come up with?

“Fire seeds, the more the better, whether it is demon fire seeds or monsters fire seeds, no matter what grade, I want it.” Yang Chen first put the things he wanted first “This time, no matter what it is, I want at least ten types of sixth grade fire seeds, 20 types of fifth grade fire seeds, 100 types of fourth fire seeds and no less than 500 types of fire seeds below fourth grade. If there are more fire seeds, I will exchange them with demon orbs.”

Hearing this condition, the man in the strange robe was about to say something, but was directly stopped by Yang Chen.

“It’s not that I am being greedy, you must know how extreme the things you want me to do are.” Yang Chen’s reason was very strong, and he was confident “This thing could not only be done by senior alone, so many of your dacheng stage masters couldn’t achieve it, for this younger generation junior to do it, I must get enough benefits because of the risks?”

This was very reasonable, at least in the ears of the man in the strange robe, there was nothing to refute for the time being. What kind of person was he? He was not a master of the Dao Sect who was reasonable, and a man in the Demon Sect. Who would reason with you when he needs it?

But the man in the strange robe didn’t speak for the time being, let alone answer. He had already seen it, and Yang Chen seemed to be still inexplicable. It seems that there were still conditions that have not been finished.

He simply asked Yang Chen to put forward all the conditions first, and as to whether he agreed or not, when he got to the ground, could he still let him make the decision? He was just listening to the silly boy chattering to relieve his boredom.

“What are the other conditions? Let’s say it all together so that we can come to an agreement to satisfy both parties.” The man in the strange robe didn’t change his expression and said quickly.

“Pill recipes!” Yang Chen said without hesitation “Whether it is the demon sect or the dao sect’s pill recipe. The pill recipe used above the Yuanying stage cannot be less than twenty.”

Those above the Yuanying stage were the pill recipes used in the dacheng stage. This time Yang Chen encountered a triumphant, and the lion opened his mouth wide, and did not mean to be polite at all.

The man in the strange robe had another idea, so naturally he didn’t bargain with Yang Chen. Instead, he urged him to finish all the conditions, and even reminded him of any omissions.

“Don’t you want the magic weapon materials? For us, as long as the goal is achieved, it doesn’t matter what the price is.” The man in the strange robe persuaded in turn “As long as it is worth the money, it’s just something that can be achieved.”

“The top grade eight metal, ninth water materials, and various true essence spirit powers, if you don’t have them, you can trade them with demon orbs or spirit stones.” Yang Chen also knew that it couldn’t be too much, so these things were only offered for exchange, there was no need to achieve it.

Now most of the Yin-Yang five-element flying swords have been formed, First Wood Penglai Divine Wood flying sword, Second Wood Blood Phantom Vine flying sword, Third Fire Bright Ray Sword, Fourth Fire was the flying sword that he refined himself, Fifth Earth Living Soil flying sword, Sixth Earth Nine Nether Flying Sword, Seventh Metal Immortal Beheading Blade, Ninth Water Greatest Heaven Sect contribution flying sword, Tenth Water flood dragon bone flying sword, he was only missing the Eighth Metal flying sword.

However, although the ninth water flying sword of the Greatest Heaven Sect was very good, but it was still a little short of Yang Chen’s requirements. It needs to be refined with some advanced materials. The current ninth water flying sword was only a sword embryo at best, not even a real ninth water flying sword.

For the essence spirit power, he already had First Wood, Third Fire, Fourth Fire , Fifth Earth, Sixth Earth , Seventh Metal, Ninth Water, Tenth Water, but also lacks Second Wood True Essence and Eighth Metal True Essence. If he could get them together, the Yin-Yang five element true secret art was almost complete, only the third fire true secret art was missing.

Of course, these are things that Yang Chen hopes to be able to get by chance, and after mentioning them, he didn’t expect to get them. But maybe these cultivators have it with them, and Yang Chen would never refuse it in exchange for it.

“There is nothing else for the time being, but there is one thing. The demon orbs obtained by purifying the demonic qi on the road are owned by me.” Yang Chen thought for a while, when there were no other requirements, after mentioning the last one, he finally said no more.

The man in the strange robe has been listening with a smile on his face, but he has sneered again and again in his heart. It could be said that their plan this time was so big that it was understandable to use these prices in exchange for Yang Chen’s help. But then again, they are either demon cultivators or monster cultivators. In this lawless continent of monsters, do they really have to pay for what Yang Chen wanted?

“No problem, grandmaster, should we be on the way now?” The man in the strange robe clapped directly, and then reached out and made a request.

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“Do you agree with everything?” Yang Chen was taken aback, and he also sneered in his heart. This guy seems to have agreed to everything, but he must have another idea in his heart. Yang Chen was not a fledgling stupid boy, and he wouldn’t unconditionally trust the people in the demon sect.

“One won’t be left out!” The man in the strange robe replied affirmatively.

“It’s been so long, I haven’t asked the senior’s name, I have been rude.” Yang Chen suddenly changed the subject and began to ask about the identity of the man in the strange robe.

“My surname is Li, but my name has long been forgotten. Others have given me a nickname called Yingmei ( shadow demon).” The man in the strange robe finally revealed his identity, but he still didn’t have a full name. He just gave him a surname and a nickname “You can call me old Li, and you don’t have to be cautious with me.”

Both sides claimed to be humble, in the demon continent, nobody claimed to be a senior. Whether it was Yang Chen or Ying Mei, they all called themselves juniors.

Yang Chen wasn’t so arrogant that he wanted to call him old Li. The first time they met, it didn’t matter to that point. This name could not be used casually. If it was replaced by Li Cheng, Yang Chen screamed, and Lao Li was still alive. This old fellow has absolutely no such friendship.

“Senior Ying, you must have investigated my methods.” Yang Chen said with a smile, “Doing business at the gathering point is safe. But this time the business is a bit big, so Senior should pay some deposit first?”

“Deposit?” Ying Mei said with a serious expression, and his heart began to churn.

According to reason, Yang Chen’s request was not exaggerated, but it was not possible to put it here in Yingmei. From the very beginning, he used the empty glove white wolf’s idea and asked him to pay the deposit. Isn’t this terrible?

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