Chapter 513: He Can’t Find His Way Home!Without a doubt, Spirit Penetration and Space Rune Knowledge were his biggest gains this time. However, the Emperor Realm spirit attributes that the vampires dropped were also good.The existence of the Emperor Realm spirit attributes was rare, and it was alway

Chapter 514: The Corpse In The Emptiness…“Why is this happening…”Wang Teng’s grieved shouts echoed in the silent and dead void. Anyone who heard it would feel his sorrow and cry for him. Unfortunately, in this place, there was no one else but him.Wang Teng forced himself to calm down quickly. Things

Chapter 515: Strength of Ultima!In the gloomy void, a corpse that was dozens of meters tall floated quietly. On its forehead sat a cross-legged figure.Around that figure, there were spots of light that resembled starlight, dancing around him. They looked extremely dazzling and mysterious.Wang Teng w

Chapter 516: The Terrifying Ancient Gods!His spiritual power restoration rate was too slow. Wang Teng could only restore his spiritual power while sensing the situation far away through his void mayflies.The void mayflies had been flying for a long time and had traveled far. With that little connect

He quickly ran towards the door to stop the argument to stop it from increasing too much."You accused me after you suddenly came out of the shop?""I'm not accusing you. I'm just saying that it is the fault of the two of us. None of us were looking carefully," Zale replied. "So, instead of blaming me

"I never expected there would be a time when I would be the more patient one of the bunch." Standing in the back, Lucifer watched his father and his mother shop for each other, finding everything slightly amusing. He was known as the impatient one and the person who often got angry fast, but here, h

"I know about your decay. But you should also know about me. I can kill you faster than you can decay the Barrier," Lucifer lazily said. "Look around you."Clarisse looked around her, noticing multiple lightning bolts keeping an aim at her, waiting to stab her at one mistake. She didn't know that Luc

"There are many complications in it." Cassius nodded. "At best, we'll only take out the conflicting ability and none of his old abilities. And at worse, one of his original abilities might be gone too. You understand that?" Xaen asked Salazar. "So there's a good chance that he might lose his healing

Long Chen finished a direction and started flying. Xun remained behind him, with Zhu Chang taking the back to protect Xun and keep himself hidden to some extent.  As they flew through the green fields, Long Chen noticed someone in the distance. It was the first time he had seen someone here, and t

" what?" Ye Chen, Chi Shui and Li Jingyi were shocked when they heard what the water dragon said, they were shocked because the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower had been at the very bottom of the lake inhabited by the water dragon."Can you get us a Yin & Yang Awakening Flower?" Ye Chen asked the water dr

"Where am I now?" Ye Chen started to wonder where he was right now.This place looked really good, Ye Chen was mesmerized by the scene in front of him.Around where Ye Chen was standing there was a beautiful scene, around Ye Chen there was a lot of ice that was formed very beautifully and beautifully.

" Is that true?" Ye Chen was happy when he heard of this matter, soon Ye Chen would soon get the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower."Last question, this is something that is limitless that can transcend all kinds of things in this world, it can reach all places in the world and this is something that is di

Chapter 384: ImpressiveAfter landing in front of Laure’s house with Sophia and Amelia in his arms, Lucien does not enter the living room but walks toward the middle of the street. He is impressed to see Donna’s great red ax stuck in the earth. “This… is it normal for someone to be able to keep mater

Chapter 459: The marks of the Heroes, Shiki’s grieving, and Makoto’s mess up in a long whileThe Rotsgard Academy was in a festive mood from the visit of two Heroes back to back. Even when they have already left, the excitement hasn’t cooled down, and the surroundings of the temporary teacher that wa

Chapter 460: PeakyTLN: Hey guys, Reigokai here!This chapter was a bit short, so I am currently editing one more chapter I will release shortly today! Wait for a bit~.Anyways, enjoy! :D!——–“Waka, can I ask what you put in the head of Shiki?!” This is something that happened a few days after Shiki beg

Chapter 461: Intermission – Daily Life Double-face (Top)TLN: Hey guys, Reigokai here!It is two chapters today, so make sure you didn’t miss there previous one~.—–“Then, I am counting on you.” A single gentleman comes out from the Adventurer Guild. Guild staff members match his movements and line up

Chapter 1428: Chapter 1428 Third Young Master Ye’s Bragging (III) Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Is this person so happy that he can not even hear his phone call? Only then did Third Young Master Ye unwillingly take out his phone. When he saw the phone nu

Chapter 714: Does Your Father Want to Seize the Throne? Yan Ruzhuang was very surprised. She did not expect Young Lady Xie to have such a relationship with Master Mo. It was no wonder Young Lady Xie would give her a token! Xie Qiao accepted Yan Ruzhuang’s invitation. Seeing that it was still early,

Chapter 713: Possessed Yan Ruzhuang was a little nervous. After entering the compartment, she looked left and right. There were some spices placed in this small room. They smelled… a little familiar, but she could not recall where she had smelled them before. There was smoke lingering, and there was

Chapter 715: He Can Be Replaced If He Dies Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Yan Ruzhuang felt a chill in her heart from Xie Qiao’s words. It was as if a cold gleam was shining on her back. She could not sit still. “The Emperor is the Emperor, and the subjec

Chapter 1136: Bait However, Meng Chao did not see any veterans of the White Bone Battalion. He also did not smell the scent of the tracking powder on Leaf. It seemed that only the hundreds of new warriors who had just joined the White Bone Battalion were hiding in this hot forest. “Could Leaf and

Chapter 1137: Catastrophe As Meng Chao spoke, he closed his eyes and submerged his entire head into the mud deep in the swamp, only exposing his two nostrils. With the help of the cooling of the mud, his brain was still operating at an extremely high speed, maintaining his intense thoughts. The dest

Chapter 1138: Repeating the Same Trick Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Unfortunately, before the feelings of regret surfaced in their hearts, the Grim Reaper’s sharp blade had already harvested all their souls. A moment ago, the deathly silent forest had i

Chapter 539: Wei Zhiqian’s Story Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio How was he so shameless? Qin Muye wanted to badmouth Wei Zhiqian a little to Tan Mo. Qin Muye rolled her eyes and said, “Brother Zhiqian, when did you realize that you liked Mo Mo?” “It can’t be after Mo Mo came of

Chapter 538: Only You “I’d like to eat Japanese-style charcoal-grilled meat,” Qin Muye said, as she squinted her eyes mischievously. No matter how Wei Zhiqian looked at it, he felt that her smile did not have good intentions. “All right.” Wei Zhiqian nodded. Qin Muye had probably already done her

Chapter 363: Honesty I laughed. “That’s because I have a good background. I have Jing Tian and my little uncle to back me up. I am merely using their power to intimidate others.” I shrugged. “Ultimately, it has its upsides. At the very least, smart people like you won’t bully me.” Lu Yan patted my s

Chapter 364: A Good Show After sending Ye Qian off, I lay down to sleep. I felt a warm hand on my forehead. It was Jing Tian. I opened my eyes. As expected, Jing Tian sat down on the chair beside my bed. I extended my hand to him with a smile. He held my hand. “You said we’re going abroad for the ho

Chapter 365: Enemies or Friends Translator: Lonelytree Lu Yan and Ye Qian were in awkward positions. Even though Lu Yan was the biological daughter, her position was no better than Ye Qian since she was not recognized by her birth mother. Due to Mrs. Gu alone, Lu Yan’s return to the Gu Family beca

Chapter 680: Gege, Sorry “A member of the Lancaster Family? How troublesome…” Huo Qi cursed under his breath, “Go and stop the bleeding first.” “Miss Song…” “You don’t have to worry about that.” Huo Jiu dragged him into the car. Thinking about the gaze he saw earlier, he still felt goosebumps all

Chapter 681: He’s Angry The girl in his arms always had many secrets, but this did not affect her position in Huo Yunque’s heart. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” As he comforted her, the girl trembled even more. She huddled in Huo Yunque’s arms like a little beast afraid of being abandoned. Fear occupied ev

Chapter 990: Elder Qu’s Humiliation and Zhong Shenglin’s Pressure Old Master Qu frowned unconsciously and muttered to himself. “Strange, didn’t they ask me to go to the special training center? Why did she leave?” Elder Qu stood there hesitantly for a while before he went to the special training gro

Chapter 991: Continued Humiliation and Elder Zhong Protects His Child! “Take the blame?” Elder Qu turned to look at Director Han. “What’s going on? I asked you to take special care of her, but this is how you take care of her?” Director Han’s expression froze. “I…” Old Master Qu’s eyes were bright

Chapter 432: What Are You Looking At? Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations Many people around them froze. Even the tall and sturdy men couldn’t help but tear up! Even a snake was working so hard to save them! On the other side, Ling Chuan had already composed himself. There

Chapter 433: Stunned Little Friend Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations “I…” Leng Zhiqiu immediately choked and flushed. Before he could say anything, the big boss picked up the small blanket in the basket with perfect fingers and carefully covered the snake with it. It was

Chapter 1124: A small crutch, not a man?Losing her voice is like losing her identity.This is a firm perception in Miku's mind.After experiencing the loss of her voice, the fear of losing her voice is even greater now than ever before. She thought about how humans might betray her again before her fa

Gravis wasn't sure how he should feel right now.Joyce had definitely become someone that couldn't be saved anymore, and her actions were more than enough to kill her.Yet, Gravis just couldn't forget the young girl he had met back then.Joyce had traveled the lower world to hand out gifts for eventual

There was a humongous, deep, dark hole not far away from the Myriad Sect. It was thousands of kilometers wide, and it seemingly stretched into infinity.The hole was hundreds of thousands of kilometers deep. If a mortal fell into the hole and ignored the pressure, the mortal would die of starvation b

Chapter 1121: Nightmare Beast HeartCloud Boundless looked at Qin Yu. Their eyes met in midair. He slightly bowed; everything that needed to be said was already said.“Set off!”As before, on the surface Cloud Mist remained the leader of the troop. She waved her hand and was the first to step into the

Chapter 1122: Angry Ant KingA barrier gradually appeared, wrapping around the entire mountain valley. Although it couldn’t completely prevent any inside auras from leaking out, it weakened them a great deal so that they wouldn’t proliferate in too wide a range.Cloud Mist said, “I’m not afraid of att

Chapter 634: Ascension Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “Next, let Liszt come up and receive his punishment.” Watson ignored the people who raised their hands; he knocked on the conference table. Liszt immediately walked out of the crowd and knelt on one kn