Chapter 775: Twin Souls As a veteran reaper, Meng Chao knew that the Tree of Wisdom was not lying. tigerfish did have the habit of returning to the upper reaches of the river to lay eggs during the breeding season. Since going against the current consumed a lot of physical energy, the tigerfish woul

Chapter 1065: Chapter 1065 His Father was Powerful (III) It seemed that in Tang Zhimo’s heart, Ye Lanchen was still very powerful. Otherwise, he would not have asked her to ask Ye Lanchen for help. It was not that Chu Wuyou did not think of Ye Lanchen, but it was because so many things had happened

Chapter 319: Fusing With The Einherjar’s Body “These individuals have gathered to confront the underground city. Their strengths range from bronze and silver-tier warriors to gold and platinum-tier elites! I am curious as to how many of them there are. I think there are at least a million of them.”

Chapter 541: Skull Mountain Lugh wanted to seize the time to continue searching the other nests to prevent others from stealing his fruits. After Lugh left, several clan leaders in Guangshi City saw everything that had just happened. Originally, they had come here today for these source beast corpse

Chapter 487: Training The refugee ship floated in the boundless starry skies, giving off a unique aura. However, at this time, Lei Luo and Tolle were playing chess in the captain’s room, not paying attention to the scenery outside. At this moment, they were already heading towards a military port pr

Chapter Sixty-One: Ding Ning on the Road The highest commander of an army would have a decisive role in the outcome of a war. This was not just about cultivation or courage, but temperament. Sometimes, slight hesitation could affect key battles. Increasing morale and having an army willing to fight

Chapter Sixty-Two: Tang Mei on the Road Zhangsun Qianxue did not understand. Ding Ning turned to glance at her and said, “Of the thirteen marquises of the Qin, each of them are giants in the country, but this is not like the time when Ba Mountain Sword Field led the army. Back when Ba Mounta

Chapter Sixty-Three: Who Will Take The Sword This general faced the wind, the cold energy coming off the scripts on his scaled armor flying behind him like long tail feathers. Tang Mei first saw this man’s scaled armor, then the person’s face. He could not help but be startled. “

Chapter Sixty-Four:Take Off The Armor Xi Fenghe came with the doubts of the entire military. His power surpassed realm seven, but the cultivator behind him who attacked now might represent that the military had not been reassured with Xi Fenghe. In presence, confidence, and the power of this attack

Chapter Sixty-Five: Night Ambush Yin Mountain was very tall. Even standing on the slopes, the stars above were many times larger than in Changling. They looked like pearls that were within reach. Many of the parts of the Yin Mountain were natural borders between the Qin and Chu dynasties. This slo

Chapter Sixty-Six: Night Fire These white figures were all wearing white robes. The cotton robes were rough, and there was gray mixed within the white. However, this was very close to the color of the snowy valley. Even more importantly, the white robes contrasted against the black sword scabbards.

Chapter Sixty-Seven: Bet On The Duel The night wind suddenly stopped. It was not that the mountain wind blowing from Xuegu Pass had stopped, but an enormous wave of primal energies had moved over with the female cultivator and resisted the wind. This woman reached out, Pure lifebond presence surge

Chapter Sixty-Eight: Sect Sword Manuals Ding Ning looked approvingly at this Qin general and then his gaze fell to the other’s sword. This was a thin and small indigo sword with gold and yellow seal scripts. It looked like a large dragonfly wing. It was very suited to be a flying sword. It w

Chapter Sixty-Nine: Teach Ding Ning did not look at the shocked Yu Yan Shan in the air but just at the spinning metal piece, his index and middle finger pointing and swiping down. There seemed to be an invisible line in the world that was pulling. The seemingly out of control metal piece suddenly

Chapter Seventy: Old Matters Of Last Flower Yu Yan Shan’s chest was moving greatly. He did not immediately answer. Ding Ning was not in a hurry, putting his hands behind his back and looking silently at the other. After a few dozen breaths, Yu Yan Shan managed to catch his breath. But he st

Chapter Seventy-One: Return The weather was good, and the sunlight came through the curtains to land on Mo Ying’s face in the tent. His was a face full of determination, and a presence actually very similar to Liang Lian. He and Liang Lian, this group of young and strong generals in the army,

Chapter Seventy-Two: Heir This sword was so casual, and the kill so quick that everyone in the military that witnessed this move had no time to feel terror. They just unconsciously understood the other was so strong they could not be stopped from coming into the camp. Then another wild gust of cold

Chapter Seventy-Three: I Will Collect The dozen cultivators were standing in the wind and snow in front of Zhangsun Qianxue. Their figures were gradually obscured by stronger wind and snow, but her steps slowed even more. The power released by these cultivators formed indigo pillars that stretched

Chapter Seventy-Four: Warm Spring The camp was absolutely silent. All the cultivators were certain Ding Ning had not reached realm seven, especially those fighting Zhangsun Qianxue. They were certain Ding Ning’s presence was very young. In other words, he had not been in realm six for long.

Chapter Seventy-Five: Meeting Fate The short sword gave off hundreds of different colored energies due to the strong vibrations which flew upwards and faced the mountain shadow coming down from the sky. The sword energies charged at the enormous shadow and exploded like fireworks at the bottom of t

Chapter Seventy-Six: Debut Blood dropped into the dust by Mo Ying’s feet like early plum blossoms. He looked down as the two mixed together, holding the spear with one hand in silence. The wound on his forehead was not enough to affect his fight, but it did affect his state of mind. The doze

Chapter Seventy-Seven: Sword Sacrifice A pitch black energy bloomed like a dragon, the energy coming off the spear formed a blinding ring of light where it met the flying sword, and then the energy expanded outwards. Ding Ning slumped suddenly, and grunted. As the ground sank down, a layer of bloo

Chapter Seventy-Eight: Death Ding Ning’s voice echoed in the camp and stabbed through people’s hearts. The dozen cultivators in the formation were silent. Seeing the scene, one of the cultivators thought back to a sunset a long time ago in Changling when his master pointed at a cultiva

Chapter 22: Fifteen Years This casual attack shattered his lifebond sword, inflicting in him a fatal damage. An Baoshi knew his only hope was in the void realm behind the Sword Washing Pool. For ordinary cultivators, the void realm was filled with terrifying unknowns. Disregarding the unknown natu

Chapter 23: In The End When the cultivator in front of her breathed his last, a light suddenly shone at the woman’s abdomen, where her energy sea was, like a jewel shining and about to burst out of her. Then, with a muffled grunt, she managed to force the light down, and it disappeared. She s

Chapter Twenty Four: Spring Ahead Holding to one’s promise was a facet of being kind. Fu Su could not believe that they would fight the Chu in spring. This was not because he was dazed at hearing the news of Ding Ning’s death, but because the Deer Mountain Conference had just passed.&n

Chapter Twenty Five: Alive This was true despair, or the greatest irony. Extreme joy follows extreme sorrow. People’s fates were frequently like this. When they were at their most glorious, they would fall into hell. Light even started to appear in front of An Baoshi. It was no longer pitch

Chapter Twenty Six: Lacking A Sword “My generation likes to learn the sword, reside by the cold pool for a decade — ” The glowing water drop reflected the terrified expression of this border soldier after he understood. ** The power of the black lake water was gradually weakene

Chapter Twenty Seven: Punish The World There were countless famed swords in the world. In the Min Mountain Sword Valley, there were countless swords from the former Han, Wei, and Zhao dynasties. But in his eyes, the only enemies were Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu. Compared to enemies like that, famed swords

Chapter 28: Inexplicable Words Multiple Wuzhi cultivators were hidden in the wind and snow, extremely wary as they welcomed the arrival of the wolf pack. Wuzhi was a dynasty that could move at any moment. In reality, they were the largest tribe on the plains that let many other tribes of the plain

Chapter Twenty Nine: Chance of Winning The wolf pack dragged the cart forward in the wind and snow. The wolf pack the Wuzhi queen dowager gave them had been raised with the secret method of the Wuzhi royalty. They were stronger than ordinary plain wolves, and were extremely intelligent, knowing wh

Chapter Thirty: Anomaly There were enormous cross-shaped stairs above the large mountain. These stone stairs would only appear when the snowstorms stopped, and to people, their appearance was like a miracle. Most people in Donghu treated this snowy mountain as a divine mountain, not because of the

Chapter 31: A Unmarked Breakthrough The more to the north of Donghu, the longer the nights were. But the wind and snow disappeared. The reason was that the land to the northwest increased in elevation. Soon, one would encounter a snow line that never melted. The wind was blocked by enormous mountai

Chapter Thirty Two: Unlucky For the herdsmen of the plains, the more difficult their lives were, the more they revered the world, and thought that gods existed. Those unsurmountable giant mountains and glaciers gods’ abodes and the snowy plains behind the glaciers the kingdom of heaven. No o

Chapter Thirty-three: Meet Army The stench was the classic scent of black belly poison. The black belly poison came from a mixture of the poison of a mountain viper and many types of toxic grasses. It was very powerful. Most cultivators under realm seven would die almost immediately, and even the

Chapter Thirty Four: From Chu Zhangsun Qianxue’s brows frowned. She was a true lady, the eldest daughter of Changling’s most powerful family in the past. Before the Ba Mountain Sword Field rose, the Jiaodong Commandery’s Zheng Family would not even have qualified to hold shoes for

Chapter Thirty Five: Invincible The most elite armies of the former You Dynasty had a kind of pill called the “Marching Pill.” The name of the pill sounded normal, but in reality, the effects were terrifying. The armies who used such a pill had stunning endurance and energy, and could

Chapter 36: Fanatic The old monk considered before saying, “In the past, it was easy for you to become the first sword of the world, but now, it is hard.” Ding Ning nodded. He could understand the old monk’s meaning. However, the old monk feared Ding Ning would misunderstand and

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Eye of the Formation In Changling, it was already a dark night, but among the glaciers, the sun seemed as though it would never set. Being able to sense some of the traces that Spirit Void Sword Sect cultivator left behind did not mean being able to accurately sense it at any

Chapter Thirty Eight: The Fastest In The World “We need to destroy these seal weapons.” Zhangsun Qianxue frowned and looked at the rear behind the enormous black shadows. Most of the loads the snow hou had been transporting had been removed to become seal weapons standing up