Chapter 266 – Vampire Mystery There was still a lot that we didn’t know about vampires. Especially when it came to the true ancestor. Not only did it never show itself, but the vampires would also not speak of it. Even Shia and the beastkin wolves knew very little. So perhaps it was a mistake that w

Chapter 1220: Amanozako (1) Qin Ye flew directly into Aokigahara as a gust of Yin wind, causing the canopies of the trees in his wake to rustle audibly. He spread open his palm, and the finger bone in his hand was pointed resolutely in a certain direction. After flying in that direction for 10 minu

Chapter 1221: Amanozako (2) Amanozako abruptly raised her head to stare at Qin Ye with shock in her eyes, but she then quickly lowered her head again. This was quite a revelation, but it wasn't actually unexpected. After all, why else would the ruler of one of the four pillars have come in person

Chapter 859 An Unexpected Change Li Mu hesitated for a moment. He didn’t rush to get close. After all, the peach orchard was a place inside the imperial palace of the ancient Celestial Court where killing intent was everywhere. Sometimes, even a leaf falling from some peach tree here might kill a m

Chapter 860 Unexpected Winning Move Li Mu almost cried out in shock when he heard that from the tree. “I’ve been discovered. “Do all the masters in the Deity Realm have such a keen sense of perception? “I’ve concealed my aura using the Xiantian Skill, but I still have been discovered. “Wait a mi

Chapter 781 The Editor In Chief Is Too Absurd (28)Someone was knocking on the car window. Shu Jue let go of Shi Sheng and quickly pulled her away from him, breathing heavily.Shi Sheng looked at Shu Jue and gasped lightly. She licked the corner of her lips and the taste of blood spread out in her mou

The words of the two NPC guard captains surprised and stunned everyone present in the lobby.“I must be hallucinating! Since when did NPC guards start treating players so respectfully?!”“Could those guards be fake? He’s already crossed the cordon. Even the Glimmering Sword with her Vice City Lord sta

Baby Chu felt as though his head had exploded… Gu Jinglian pinched the boy’s ear and said through gritted teeth. “Are you courting death?” Baby Chu clutched his head and mumbled with red eyes, “Sob sob… Daddy is bullying me…” “That’s right. I’m beating you up.” Gu Jinglian coldly drag

Chapter 2910: 3 Way SplitUnder their terrified gaze, Huang Xiaolong started to walk towards the members of the Qiao Family and Boundary Emperor Creed. “Your Highness!” Long Jianfei and the others yelled in surprise.With a single look, Huang Xiaolong sent the Dao Venerables holding down Long Jianfei

Chapter 2116: Sir demon lord: Fairy please stay (5)But many things happened in a thousand years.For example: The awakening of the Demon God.For example: The empress and heavenly emperor having another son.Di Fan Yu realized that his position as the crown prince wasn’t as stable as he had thought.He

Chapter 779. Sequence 5Luck is supposed to appear rather sudden, but he didn’t expect it to be this sudden. When he was asked ‘are you free right now?’ through the phone, he replied that he was free, and he was told to come to the café in the lobby of the YBS building. He complied without asking bac

Just when Phidias became impatient, Davos returned with Henipolis. Before Phidias could speak, Davos spoke as soon as he saw him in the tent, “I remember you, Phidias of Sparta! You had come to Thurii’s Senate as Sparta’s envoy ten years ago to falsely accused me of hiding the merc

Damocles paled when he heard that and protested loudly, saying, “Ares is the witness of the ongoing war between Syracuse and Theonia, and any tragedy in the war is normal. Even after the Athenian navy ravaged the coasts of Sparta’s territory, the Spartans did not slaughter the Athenians

The Gambling King finally left and Lu Mingshi was overjoyed. He felt that his decision to make Gu Yixin play cards with the Gambling King was perfect. However, Lu Mingshi didn’t know that the impact of his decision was far more than that. After the comrade Gambling King went back, he was dep

When she asked him to answer her question first, she made her own judgment and began to talk to herself. She’s been shaking pitifully at the end of every word. It was a painful voice that seemed like she was digging her own wounds before she was hurt. It became a mirage and was as thin as it c

“Honey, why are you at the gym during noon?” “Why do you… care… when I… go to… the gym…?” Zhang Qianqian still sounded quite breathless, “Do you have anything else? I’m hanging up.” “Wait… wait, I do!”

In the Zhang Family’s villa. The Zhang Family still didn’t know Ye Chen’s identity, even less about the fact that Ye Tianya had called Qin Tian. And Ye Chen didn’t know what Qin Tian did to Zhang Qianqian either. He only thought that Qin Tian was being so generous to the Z

“You got a way? What way can someone as useless as you have?” “I’m being serious,” said Ye Chen patiently, “Qianqian, just believe me.” “Last time I told you the Qin Family will continue working with us, isn’t that what they did?” &ldquo

Out of every ten urban web novels, nine of them have the protagonist born as losers.  And among these nine novels in which the protagonists are losers, at least eight of them like to go around in rich people’s circles even while they’re still nobodies. Whether it’s a wedding

Compared with the one-time cooperation, the long-term benefits Qin Tian promised were even more desirable. The opportunity was just right ahead. If she still couldn’t seize it, then she had definitely been living in vain for all these years. “This…” At this time, Zhang Q

The electric blasts released by Inugami senpai went straight through and hit Koga and Amira.  The sound and light of the electric shocks gushing out, it is hard to tell what is going on, but for the time being, it is safe to assume that they have been able to stop them in their tracks.  After witn

Chapter 72   All the ogres in Sky Mountain gathered at the Small Summit. Excluding the young ogres and the elders, all the other ogres who could use their strength lined up single file behind the arm wrestle rock. And the sole person on the other side standing there facing them was me. &nb

Chapter 73   The Ravirdyne I returned to after a month was as magnificent as always, and the scenery around the Magician’s Tower was also beautiful. But I couldn’t enjoy the scenery like I did a month ago. A lot of things had changed during the last month.   “So, di

Chapter 74   The mana-train ride to Ignit Magic Academy was true tranquility itself. This was because magicians didn’t have a particular reason to visit the Radian Kingdom. Most of them would head toward Ravirdyne. But still.   “……How am I actually alone?&r

“One… only a single person?” – Yagura muttered while listening to the light sound of footsteps coming from a few passages away. Considering that it is midnight currently, any shinobi from the village should not be coming to meet him at this time. And before coming here, Ya

Kuchiyose no Jutsu!’ Poof… From the cloud of white smoke, Shisui in his Anbu costume appeared. “Is it time?” Shisui asked Itachi who has summoned him. “Hmm, Mizukage-sama has been defeated, so let’s start.” – Itachi said to Shisui. Tsukihi and It

Sometimes later in Kirigakure Archive Room. Tsukihi was quietly studying the scroll in her hand, sometimes she would have a frowned expression, and sometimes a look of realization would dawn upon her face. The scroll she was studying recorded the ‘Suika no Jutsu’ (Hydrificati

You’re My Belated Happiness Chapter 40 Part 1   Ruan Yu was lying face up when she saw Shen Mingying’s question, her hand trembled and her cell phone fell flat on her face.   She gave a cry and finally, there was movement outside of her door. Xu Huaisong knocked three time

You’re My Belated Happiness Chapter 40 Part 2   At first, Xu Huaisong’s heart sank a little, wondering whether Ruan Yu’s condition had worsened and he would have to take her to get a diagnosis. Then he noticed something in the room that seemed a little unusual.   Rua

Chapter 227 Dangerous Organizations ② Part 1  Plan X. Fulfill the Boss’s orders.  The Members of a secret organization do not need to think. All the thinking is done by the executives, who issue instructions. The only thing the members are allowed to do is faithfully execute their mission.

Chapter 227 Dangerous Organizations ② Part 2  He moves like a shadow. The “Thief King (Tozoku Ou)”, Gaff Shenfelder, is a master of stealth.  He used to lead a large band of thieves who made their living by 『Stealing』.  He broke into banks, he broke into museums. He once broke into a T

unedited Annie’s mind began to return to the emergency situation. She couldn’t believe Ejed forgot the things he was carrying around like his essentials. Maybe he forgot to bring it. He could have made a mistake, no matter how thorough he was as the emperor. Annie lowered her upper bo

Chapter 1350: Long Qi Of The White Dragon ClanSpace was much more durable in this location than in the Fifth Mainland, as despite Lu Yin’s power, he was unable to tear through the void.As far as that beast with the strength of an Envoy was concerned, their ship was smaller than even an ant.Shou Shen

Chapter 791 After the fourth awakening, Tang-E went through another change. Hyeonu only noticed it after a few more battles. “Well done. This time it was very good.” As usual, Hyeonu summoned Tang-E and Gom-E and won a neat victory. They swept up the god tribe and divine cre

Chapter 792 “I am back after a long time. It is the best instructor of A-World, Alley Leader.” Hyeonu appeared through the black screen and waved to the viewers. Alley Leader Academy was content that was re-introduced to viewers after nearly a fortnight. It had been a long ti

Chapter 793 Jamie Moore’s practice continued non-stop. “Stop and rest. This is enough. Take a 30-minute break before continuing.” However, Hyeonu made Jamie Moore sit down after a reasonable amount of time. It was because he felt Jamie Moore’s concentration dropping.

Chapter 0460: Burning Bridges While Jing Taixu was being taken for a ride by the Astral Sage College's One Star Hall wind resonance user, Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e were enjoying some private time together, leaning on the balcony and looking out at the streets. And then Li Luo noticed a famil

Chapter 0461: Officially Begun There was only an hour left before the hall-level competition. Vice Principal Su Xin gathered the students for a final information consolidation. Over at the One Star Hall side. Everyone was looking at Yu Lang, as he was their representative scout. All the informati

Chapter 0462: Anima Cumulonimbus When Li Luo opened his eyes, he found himself on a hillside of ocher soil, surrounded by forest. Swiveling his head around, he confirmed that Bai Mengmeng and Xin Fu were close by. Both quickly moved to his side once they had shaken off their disorientation. Li Lu

Chapter 0463: Qin Zhulu versus Sun Dasheng In a forest. Boom! A blast of resonant power ripped a tree from its roots, leaving a gash of dark soil behind. The earthy smell of wet soil filled the air. On a gentle slope, Lu Qing'er and Yin Yue watched tensely as two people tore at each other li