Chapter 185: Lu An, What Are You Doing Here? “What?” the little girl pouted and said unhappily, as if she thought he was going to go back on his word. “Are you stupid? Of course it’s to put it on you.” The man poked her forehead in amusement. He then took the whistle and carefully put it around her

Chapter 186: If He Is The Bright Moon in the Sky… She was like a child who had been discovered doing bad things, and didn’t dare face her parents. A certain second brother didn’t say anything else. He just glared fiercely at Ling Chuan, before he turned around to follow his little sister. As for Qi

Chapter 187: Alone Again Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations Lu An was a little stumped, but she didn’t dwell on it. She opened the boxed meal and started eating. Although the boxed meals from the production team were a little crude, for those who had been working for so lo

Chapter 189: A New Grudge On the other side, Second Brother Lu Jingfan’s expression clearly relaxed. Seeing that someone was about to go over and clean up, he hurriedly called out, “Don’t move, it might be poisoned!” “Er…” Comrade, do you think this is some kind of police suspense drama? I special

Chapter 188: Seven-star Restaurant: Am I Not Worthy? He could spend some time alone with the girl once again! “Drumstick, meat~” “Little An’an, I want to eat meat too~” Seeing the little girl about to eat the drumstick which she picked up from Second Brother’s bowl after staring at it for a long t

Chapter 251: An Estrangement This time, Xia Wanyuan held onto the handrail tightly. Jun Shiling watched Xia Wanyuan carefully from behind as she was afraid that she would fall again, and the corners of his lips curled up. After Xia Wanyuan left, Jun Shiling swam alone in the hall for half an hour be

Chapter 252: Awkward The room fell silent. “Okay.” Xia Wanyuan nodded. “Alright, I’m going upstairs to work. Call me if there’s anything.” Jun Shiling had finally returned to his gentle appearance. There was no change in his eyes, but Xia Wanyuan did not feel very happy. Instead, she felt a strange

Chapter 254: The Princess Is Jealous “Okay.” From Xia Wanyuan’s eyes, Shen Qian saw firm trust. As a subordinate, there was nothing more motivating than this trust. Shen Qian already had some preliminary thoughts in his mind. He communicated these thoughts with Xia Wanyuan, who gave him a lot of adv

Chapter 253: Change in the Company Industry [ There’s no need to leave comments everywhere, right? ] [ Everyone is saying that Xie Rou’s song is the light of country music. The lyrics and melody are pretty good, but Xie Rou’s voice can’t keep up. ] [ The person in front, if you can do it, why aren’t

Chapter 604: Embarrassed Again Fu Tingyan seemed to be used to getting support from others, when Bo Ye helped him up, he didn’t refuse, he followed Bo Ye’s footsteps and slowly went up to the second floor. Ever since their intimate contact on the bus, Bo Ye and Fu Tingyan would usually avoid all con

Chapter 605: Didn’t Looked Like It Was Knocked, Jealous The distance between the two of them was less than one and a half meters. Fu Tingyan realized that not only there was a piece of skin broken, but it was also a little swollen. Last night, he drank until he blacked out and couldn’t remember what

Chapter 606: She Was Shocked When Bo Yin looked at Fu Tingyan’s bed, Bo Ye realized it and knew why he was angry. “The guy who lives with me is the guy you injured previously.” When he mentioned previously, Bo Yin frowned even more, as it was too dark, he couldn’t see clearly how the other person lo

Chapter 225: His Deep Eyes Were Unfathomable, But He Remained Calm The rest of the Liu family stood and watched without saying a word. Guan Chibei glanced at Liu Ya and did not reply. Liu Ya’s eyes flickered and she tugged at Mother Liu. Mother Liu did not know anything. When she received Liu Ya’s s

Chapter 226: Was She So Easily Coaxed?! However, they were also sour. She did not know how unhappy she sounded to others. Guan Chibei paused and his eyes darkened. However, he maintained his expression and said slowly, “Then do you have anything you want me to do?” Although this voice was soft and

Chapter 156: Mr. Li’s Tenderness It was as good as a slap on Cat Live’s face when Tiger Shark released the announcement. Tiger Shark was blatantly telling the world that they had stolen live telecasters from Cat Live, but Cat Live was powerless. Cat Live’s manager and all the employees wanted to pas

Chapter 157: Mr. Li Is a Nice Guy Mu Sheng inexplicably felt Li Hanchen was that eagle. He had sharp claws, but he was also very gentle. “Are you okay?” Since Mu Sheng did not answer, Li Hanchen thought she was having a nightmare and wanted to get up and turn on the lights. Mu Sheng pulled the bla

Chapter 158: Mr. Li Saves the Day C remained online despite all the arguing going on in the channel. He gave Mu Sheng an Endless Star and all the comments disappeared. As usual, everyone could send comments ten seconds later. [Tsk tsk tsk. Cat Live is on the brink of bankruptcy, but its bot is still

Chapter 159: The Furious Mr. Li Mu Sheng’s words came so suddenly that Li Hanchen was unable to conceal the shock on his face as he turned his face around swiftly. “Why?” Mu Sheng turned her head. “We were never a real married couple to begin with.” The original owner of the body was made to marry

Chapter 551: The Ancient Ballad In order to take down War Temple, Kant had prepared four siege logs. When placing the four siege logs side by side, they were 12 meters wide. As for the three-meter diameter siege logs, even if they were placed on the ground and placed side by side, the gap between th

Chapter 552: Encounters In the Divine Kingdom After failing to find the main hall in the center of War Temple, Kant led his army to the west side of War Temple, in front of the mysterious temple with its back against the city wall. This was a gothic-style building. On the walls on both sides of the

Chapter 553: More And More Enemies At this distance, it wasn’t suitable for knights to charge. However, the dense formation was very suitable for Kant. “Divine Domain” Kant whispered, and a circle of pure white light suddenly radiated from his body, this was a function of Divine Power, which was one

Chapter 554: The God In the Village When Kant heard Baheshtur’s words, he carefully looked at the army that had been reduced to the initial stage of the grand knight and had rushed out of the village for the fourth time. Kant had only roughly glanced at the relief sculptures on both sides of the tem

Chapter 862: Father’s Choice Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Lu Fanghui remained silent for a long time when he said that. For a few seconds, he seemed to turn into a statue and did not move at all. However, intense ripples appeared on the surface of the r

Chapter 863: Survival Is Everything Outside the SUV, the torrential rain was still pouring and thunder was rolling. The interior of the SUV was soundproof, and it had the highest defense. There was no sound of rain or thunder inside, only Lu Fanghui’s hoarse voice that was filled with endless regret

Chapter 864: The Weakness of Dinosaurs Perhaps because his surging vitality magnetic field had not completely calmed down yet, so it interfered with the card that had compressed dozens of crystals to the limit until they were as thin as a cicada’s wings. Nanoscale spirit circuits were carved on the

Eleanor Larson opened the box and was stunned.   Cat ears, a nurse uniform, a leather whip, black stockings, and candles.   “What are you trying to do?” Eleanor Larson was rendered speechless. ‘Quince has to be crazy! Is he planning on doing something to me? We are cousins!’   “Don’t o

Chapter 355: Prevention Is Better Than Cure ‘Could there be a tracker on the two Immortal Cranes?’ Chen Chen’s heart skipped a beat as he thought, ‘This is terrible.’ The reason why he was so careful in the upper realm was because he did not understand what kind of methods there were in the upper re

Chapter 811: Master Pei Is Speechless “I attended a class here.” With that said, Si Chengyan was silent for a long time. Then, Si Chengyan probed, “You didn’t cause trouble, did you?” Pei Yunge remained silent. “…” Si Chengyan more or less knew what was going on and smiled gently. “Mathematics or

Chapter 813: Fire Professor Bresse! Hearing Si Chengyan say this, the rest of the people looked at each other. Then, a professor immediately said, “Professor Si, don’t worry. Our country’s academic field and political field are very different.” “We really hope to get a chance to work with Y.G. and a

Chapter 812: A 19-year-old Professor? They saw Si Chengyan talking to the girl who had walked in so intimately. All the professors suddenly had a guess… This unbelievably beautiful girl was… Y.G.?! If this was exposed, it would definitely be explosive news!! Pei Yunge said slowly, “Someone gave it

Chapter 814: Become Fernans’ Neighbor At the school gate. Before Lilia could get into the car, she saw Pei Yunge waiting for someone at the door. Her eyes darkened as she clenched her fists instinctively and muttered, “Is she really our school’s… exchange student?” How could this be?? “Miss?” It w

Chapter 235: Maintaining A Low Profile Can Increase One’s Survivability Jiang Lan looked at the youth in front of him. He did not have much emotional fluctuations. Although he did not understand the embryonic form of Defying Seven Stars, he should be able to give some pointers. “It’s rare to see an

Indeed, everyone kicks a man who is down.   Tyler had experienced that feeling before. Now that his family was on the verge of bankruptcy, all those underlings of his had utterly cut him off.   Hence, he believed what Salvatore said.   Salvatore asked, “Tyler, I’ve heard about what hap

Tyler pointed his finger at Victoria furiously. “Victoria Clarke! You’re teaching me a lesson? Who are you to do that!?! Who do you think you are!?!”   In addition to the previous time in Victoria’s office, Victoria had already slapped Tyler thrice.   He was genuinely afraid of Victoria.  

Chapter 239: Encounter at the Banquet 4 Lu Yan took another sip of the nasty milky tea. He could not bear it and put it to the side before leaving his cat on the tabletop. The white cat glanced at the milk tea with disgust and did not move. Lu Yan said, “There are only seven experts of the grandmast

Chapter 138: I’ll Let You Hit Me Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios After leaving Heaven Ascension City, Qin Jue discovered that not only were there many technological buildings in the Immortal Sacred Land, but there were also many in Heaven Ascension City. These buildings had almost be

Chapter 139: Strange Town At this moment, Long Aotian felt incomparable pain throughout his body. His meridians had also been injured by the backlash and he was almost unable to circulate his spirit energy. Long Aotian had never thought that he would one day be severely injured by such a backlash, l

Chapter 464: Who Is Better at Flirting than Gong Jue? Gu Qiqi had a headache! How did Gong Jue become three years old again? Can’t he be more mature like President Chu? Chu Junmo’s heart softened when he saw Gu Qiqi’s troubled look. He said gently, “If you don’t have an appetite, don’t force yours

Chapter 909: The Journalist Who Interviewed Gu Mang Went to See SomeoneTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas StudiosGu Mang did not need to help with the matters at Academic Center Hall anymore. She left with Jiangsui and the rest.Once they got into the car, Jiangsui said, “Sister Mang, regarding

Chapter 906: Throwing 15 Darts In UnisonTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationZhang Chengrui was not irked that Yun Jian ignored him. Instead, he wore the expression that said “watch me” and focused on picking up another dart to throw it.Boom! The sound of a balloo