Chapter 1: Strange PeopleIt was refreshing, like a good night’s sleep. He liked the feel of the blanket, giving him a false sense of comfort and security. He turned over to the side, wanting to lie in bed all day. Breathing in, a sweet and subtle fragrance permeated the air and turned his mood to sw

Chapter 2: Strange PeopleShe looked at him, eyes indicating a form of embarrassment. She must think of him weirdly, but she quickly changed her facial expression and walks to the curtain. She opens it wide, and soon, the strong rays lighted the room bright.“I’ll pick you up in an hour.”“Yes.”“If you

Chapter 3: Strange People“Okay, calm down.”It is now clear now that he is inside a novel, his reality now connected to it for odd reasons. It is urgent he figure out his current whereabouts. There should be hope before he goes off committing heinous evil acts that will affect the main character.Ther

Chapter 4: Strange PeopleLet’s not get involved with you. Lee Jin Woo, you like a woman like that? It would be for the best that I stay as far away as possible.“Do you need anything?”“No, nothing at all,” Jin Woo said coldly.This Lee Jin Woo’s insane sexual desire to humiliate such a scary woman was

Chapter 5: Strange PeopleJin Woo looked into Yoona’s eyes. From his viewpoint, it looked terrifying. His body shuddered, and he quickly shut his eyes, but there was no pain.Yoona loosened his ties and arranged it neatly. “Let’s go, or you won’t be able to meet them.”“……”Jin Woo breathed deeply, deci

Chapter 6: Strange People“…….”“You won’t even say ‘hello’ to me now?” Min Woo said, his tone solemn.“Yes, it’s been a longtime,” Jin Woo answered faintly, forcing himself to smile.He wanted to make the best impression.‘Is it because you don’t like me?’ Min Woo thought. His eyes sank for a deep momen

Chapter 7: Strange People“It looks like I’ve mistaken you,” said the chairman.“Umm…”Chairman Lee Hee-Jin closed his eyes, bobbed his head, and sighed. “Fine. Leave this matter to me.”“…Yes?” Lee Jin-Woo was confused.The chairman got up from his seat and looked at Jin-Woo with fierce eyes. “I will pu

Chapter 8: Strange PeopleT/N: Highly recommended to re-read from the beginning. New contents were added and would lead to confusion if not re-read. Novel will also be regularly updating beginning from this date on. Previous translator suddenly disappeared without notice but it’s now been taken up.“I

Chapter 9: Strange PeopleWhen Lee Min-Woo looked at the files in Jin-Woo’s hands with curiosity, he sweated cold sweat on his back.Lee Min-Woo stepped forward and held out his hand. Jin-Woo had no choice but to hand over the papers nervously.He looked through the papers quickly then at Jin-Woo with

Chapter 11: Strange People‘Should I check out Lee Jin-Woo’s phone?’Jin-Woo pondered. His curiosity got the best of him. He flipped the phone and scoured through Lee Jin-Woo’s contacts.「Front Groups: I’ll book a hotel room for the night.」「Modern Crown Prince, Jin-Woo: Acquiring EPL First Division Lea

Chapter 10: Strange PeopleT/N: To those feeling slightly confused about everything, the author employs a technique, which I think is pretty refreshing, where not everything is revealed all at once. We don’t know everything about the specificity of the world, as of yet, because the MC hasn’t mentione

Chapter 12: Strange PeopleJinwoo looked up video footages of what a competition looked like.He saw figures flashing and disappearing and huge rocks cut cleanly in half. Two men collided against one another, their speed too quick for the camera to capture.And then… the earth overturned. It seemed lik

Chapter 13: PrinceThe price per bottle was over 100 million won. It was expensive because of its purpose and its raw material. To extract this much would have cost a considerable amount of resources.But not for Jinwoo. He was loaded.Jinwoo drank the mana concentrate.After a huge gulp, he took out a

Chapter 14: Prince“We have a car ready,” Yoona said flatly.“It’s that tank-like vehicle from before, isn’t it?”The tank-like vehicle had specs that could deflect missiles. Forget a man attempting to commit assassination, only a high-grade talent could break in. The vehicle truly stood out. But… it w

Chapter 15: PrinceJinwoo arrived at the main building. It was large and colorful, enough to fit a regular-sized campus. He thought it more fitting to call it a castle than a main building.Daeseon University reminded him of Hogwarts.The main building was built with resources collected from the Gates.

Chapter 16: Crown Prince (4)“Thank goodness. I’m glad it matches your taste palette. Um… forgive me for being presumptuous, but I heard you’ve left the main house and…”“Yes,” Jinwoo cut off Myungsoo, “that’s what happened.”“Ah! It seems like the chairman’s preparing you for succession in earnest. To

Chapter 17: Crown Prince (5)Inside the Front Lines Group’s Future Strategic Burea, the staff monitored Lee Jinwoo’s movements in real-time and quickly deleted everything that could damage his image negatively.As there were many staff members present and advanced programs at hand, they were able to m

Chapter 18: Female Student (2)“Ugh… why the hell…”“…That bum as* girl again…”“I bet the b*tch works at a pub. Looks like the type to bed professors for extra marks too.”“Heh. She looks the type who’d do it. Should I hit her up and see if I can score well in that area?’Jinwoo heard many whispering vo

Chapter 19: Female Student (3)“Look at her trying so hard.”“Heh. Those are the same clothes she wore yesterday, right?”“Oh God, the pungent smell!”Jinwoo was dumbfounded at their childish behavior. He shook his head, sighing. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Daeseon University was an elite un

Chapter 20: Wicked Plan (1)“Ugh!”Park Jeongho was immediately caught by a group of black-suited bodyguards who suddenly rammed into him, making him fall flat on the ground.The muscular and burly bodyguards pressed his head down onto the floor and bounded him. Park Jeongho had tried to move, but the

Chapter 21: Wicked Plan (2)After hearing about the university league team, Jinwoo decided to cancel his schedule.Though he couldn’t remember the details, it was probably the granddaughter of Gum Son who was sponsoring it.Jinwoo didn’t want to go there and possibly cause more ruckus than he wanted. A

Chapter 23: Wicked Plan (4)Jinwoo intentionally picked up another piece of the spicy cutlet and ate it in front of her to make sure she saw him. Yoona watched for a second and followed suit after trying to reorganize her expression to look calm.Though her ears were completely red, as if ready to exp

Chapter 22: Wicked Plan (3)The bodyguards made an awkward expression at his words. Nevertheless, they followed his orders instinctually. Their master’s words were absoluteThough it was lunchtime, the hot food restaurant was quiet. The kind owner lady smiled at Jinwoo and Yoona—two beautiful faces—as

Chapter 24: Kim Saeyeon (1)Though it had never been explicitly mentioned in the original novel, everything was Park Jeongho’s fault—it was all because of him. All the troubles Jinwoo would face in the future had much to do with Park Jeongho.‘Is it really okay for me to be involved with this?’Jinwoo

Chapter 25: Kim Saeyeon (2)Yoona pulled out a PC tablet and showed the screen to him.On the display was Park Jeongho and his fellow associates that followed him were all tied up horribly. They were drooling saliva after saliva as the hooded torturers held their electrified rods. They stood there omi

Chapter 26: Kim Saeyeon (3)She had thought about reporting to the police, but she was afraid of the retaliation she would face and the danger that would come to her family, so she kept it all to herself.Park Jeongho had a strong background and powerful backings… and she was a nobody… someone like he

Chapter 27: Kim Saeyeon (4)For Saeyeon, the whispered insults that were thrown at her from time to time were like a noise in the background that hadn’t affected her at all at this moment. If anything, the heavy burden on her back ceased to exist and all her nearby surroundings blurred.She didn’t eve

Chapter 28: Kim Saeyeon (5)Her brother’s always worrying about her. He wasn’t particularly any good at studying nor did he have any set goals in mind either.She sometimes worried about him.After arriving at the convenience store, she greeted the other workers about to get off their shift as she was

Chapter 29: The Villain’s Kindness (1)Kim Sayeon continued to cry, her words incoherent and unable to speak properly.After a while passed, she finally stopped, and slowly, her lips parted.“Thank… you…” she said, mumbling.“There’s no need, I’m truly sorry for what happened,” the principal said, voice

Chapter 30: The Villain’s Kindness (2)The principal had really regretted his whimsical decision to support the student body and choosing to give them authority on the campus. If he could, he’d love to puke out all his bitter regrets, but unfortunately, the damage was done.Even the vice-principal pro

Chapter 31: The Villain’s Kindness (3)At first, Yoona thought Lee Jinwoo was a terrible man. What were the good points about him? She couldn’t see it. He was arrogant, flawed, and was prone to acting to his own will.He never quite overstepped his line, but he’d come close to it every time.‘However…’

Chapter 32: The Villain’s Kindness (4)Yoona studied Lee Jinwoo’s expression.He seemed completely disinterested, his face expressionless. From the looks of it, he had no care for the world. She couldn’t read any emotion emanating from him.Seeing him show earnest generosity one day then complete coldn

Chapter 33: Lucky Protagonist (1)3 short months passed.Jinwoo breathed relaxingly and stepped into a pool overflowing with mana.At first, he only needed mana the size of a bathtub, but as the mana capacity of his body increased, he expanded the size to an indoor pool.The amount of concentrated mana

Chapter 34: Lucky Protagonist (2)In the original novel, there were quite a number of heroines making their appearance, all head over heels for the main character because… well… he was the main character. But… just like all the main characters of most fantasy novels, the main character was too indeci

Chapter 35: Mana of Information (1)After the Gates appeared out of thin air, the antiquated books that history accumulated over the passing years began to exhibit magical powers.It was the reason the men and women of this world with talents were able to increase their abilities to such an extent. It

Chapter 36: Mana of Information (2)Through his lens, the whole world became crystal clear and shone as if he put on brand new prescription glasses.With the breakthrough of his unawaked potential, the ability of hisMana of Informationbroke through new levels. Jinwoo could even see specks of individua

Chapter 38: Choi Hayeon (2)It wasn’t difficult for Jinwoo to get in contact with China’s Premier, Lee Suchong.The Americans were floundering, trying to develop a proper Gate mining technology. And while China didn’t show nor express much public interest, the whole world knew they were desperate to d

《Act 3: Maximum Inspection》Chapter 37: Choi Hayeon (1)Now that Jinwoo’s potential talent was reaching its highest available peak, he was strangely growing more adept at it.Jinwoo was sure that he didn’t need to train harder to learn the skill or get migraines and headaches from it based on his learn

Chapter 39: Choi Hayeon (3)Hearing the TV show host’s uttering words, Jinwoo’s eyes bulged wide, spitting out a mouthful of beer in bewilderment.The liquid stained the sofa. Not that it mattered. The sofa would be replaced if servants were unable to clean the mess.That aside, the sudden appearance o

Chapter 41: Choi Family (2)Later on, Jinwoo realized that he shouldn’t have laughed off the awkward thoughts he had. It wasn’t good to ignore ominous signs and he felt pathetic thinking about it lightly at the time.Jinwoo had allowed himself to believe everything was all right when he knew deep down