108 Maidens of Destiny - Chapter 179

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Chapter 179

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Chapter 179: Most High Indifference, Your Concubine Is Unnamed


Kunlun Mountain Range.1

Hailed as the number one spirit vein mountain, legend had it that a thousand years ago, Grand Supreme Zhenjun2 meditated at Kunlun and comprehended that Most High Indifference3, moving to Transforming Star of Annihilation. He left behind countless legends, and a hundred years afterwards, a down and out boy on the Kunlun Mountains found the text for the Most High Indifference. He practiced it for a hundred years, and henceforth reached Heaven in a single bound. Furthermore, he swept across the Kunlun Mountain peaks, establishing what would someday be the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Great Sect, the “Most High Path.”

Three Clarities Field was where the spiritual aura of the Kunlun Mountains was most rich. The mountain was ten thousand zhang high, with clouds rolling around, its True Spirit abundant. A massive main hall was faintly discernible within the mist, as if it was in a painting, making others see unclearly. The emerald peaks all around stood tall over hundreds of large and small halls and pavilions. Mist and cloud flowed past these pavilions, as if they were in the clouds.

If one were to enter the valleys that those emerald peaks surrounded, raise their head to look around, then they would find that that immense located below rippled the white clouds. Surprisingly, it was seemingly hovering in midair, a flight of stairs seemingly formed from white clouds, wondrously long. It led to that huge palace that was a minimum of several hundred zhang high off the ground. That was made completely of large blocks of white jade, appearing pure and holy, solemn and dignified.

“Three Clarities Hall”

The Most High Path’s main hall.

At this moment, the hall doors tightly closed, and the hall had more than ten cultivators of varying appearances and of both genders sitting upright upon prayer mats. Some had the countenance of tightly wrinkled brows, some had two eyes of fury, and others were calm as water. Each face was different, and if Su Xing were present, he would be greatly startled. Looking at the robes of these cultivators, astonishingly, they came from each of the Ten Great Sects. Each had profound cultivation, were Great Cultivators that underwent secluded cultivation, and among them, there was even a cultivator from the royal family. And these Great Sects that focused everyday on seclusion without care for the outside world were at this moment at a gathering of adepts, clearly calculating something.

“The Purple Thunder Monster was not eliminated. He must be the next Demonic Head, an endless disaster!” The one who spoke wore a blue water robe. He came from the Blooming Water Sect and was known as “Ancestor Qianli.”4 The Blooming Water Sword Sect had three Great Ancestral Masters named, “Baili,” “Qianli,” and “Wanli.” Each had refined cultivation and very rarely revealed themselves. Although it seemed Ancestor Qianli was Supercluster Middle Stage, his powers were extremely profound. Due to his excellent Blooming Water Divine Thunder, there were very few of the same realm that could be his opponent.

“Lin Chong has signed a contract, and it is by means of Lin Chong’s hand that he provokes our Sects like this. If we do not do more, the Azure Dragon Territory will be a laughingstock.” A green robed elder said coldly. He was a secluded Great Cultivator from the Taiyi Sword Sect, and his cultivation was already Supercluster Late Stage. The Taiyi Sword Sect this time had suffered the loss of an Ancestral Master and a carefully nurtured Star Master, making the Sword Sect from top to bottom unanimously make haste to kill the Purple Thunder Monster.

“Exactly what Daoist Master Qinglian5 said. Could it be that our Azure Dragon Territory is being humiliated for amusement by a tiny Purple Thunder Monster? I hear he is but only a Galaxy Early Stage Cultivator, without even a Sword Chant…” A woman wearing a fire-patterned red robe had a bantering tone, but her eyes were cold. Her beautiful hands played with a red lotus fire. She was the Divine Flame Sword Sect’s Red Lotus Fairy,6 with a cultivation that reached the apex of Supercluster Late Stage, with imminent entry into Supervoid Stage. Because she had Face Setting Pills,7 they allowed her to appear very young and pretty. That pair of vermilion eyes was like a burning inferno.

The three Great Sword Sect Ancestral Masters of the Four Great Sword Sects were the very first to issue the argument to kill the Purple Thunder Monster.

“And how does Headmaster Handan8 of the Shifting Flower Sword Sect see things?” The Red Lotus Fairy’s eyes mockingly gazed at the woman beside her.

Although Handan was once a Headmaster, she could compare to these present Old Monsters that did not care for the things of the world. Her qualifications were short by only a bit, and she immediately reverently agreed: “The Elders of the Shifting Sword Sect have gone to the Vermilion Bird Territory to plunder the Birth Outline and have not yet returned. However, I will approve in their stead. Who knows whether or not the next victim would be our Shifting Sword Sect.”

Her words made the others show satisfied smiles.

“The Shifting Sword Sect actually is very thoughtful. Running off to the Vermilion Bird Territory to plunder the Birth Outline, indeed you have given this much thought.” Ancestor Qianli of the Blooming Water Sword Sect chuckled coldly.

“The Shifting Sword Sect originated from the Vermilion Bird Territory. That place is somewhat more convenient to This Sect, and neither does This Sect wish to fight over the chests with friends, so as to injuring relations.” Handan said, neither servile nor overbearing.

“Enough talk about this. We had better speak more on the matter of the others shrinking back when the time for battle came.”

A man sitting at the head coldly chuckled. His cultivation had unexpectedly reached Supervoid Early Stage, and he spoke particularly forcefully, with each word like thunder. The man’s lips were red and his teeth white, his demeanor distinguished and elegant. He wore a purple gold crown and was draped in a Clear Void Most High robe. Those pupils were expressionless and apathetic. He was known as “Enviless of the East.”9

Enviless of the East’s ice-cold gaze looked at the Lifeless Hall’s Ancestor Longevity, the Heavenly Ice Holy Palace’s Queen Lady of Ice, and the True Immortals Hall’s Xuan Zhenzi. His expression seemed to say: If it was not for your cold feet, then how could the Purple Thunder Monster have prevailed.

The three were all from Great Sects, and although their cultivation was somewhat lower, they were not afraid.

Ancestor Longevity chuckled: “The Purple Thunder Monster had a Lifeless Pearl, so This School owed him a favor. Naturally, it has been returned.”

“Who could have thought that the Purple Thunder Monster would go confront Extreme Clarity. And who could have thought that Extreme Clarity would die. He indeed had a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure.”

The Queen Lady of Ice even was disinclined to explain.

“Then, on what positions do the ladies and gentlemen participating in this ‘Alliance of Ten Conference’ stand?” Enviless of the East dully asked. His tone had a sort of indistinct pressure existing within it.

“Since the Lifeless Hall’s favor has been returned, next time, we will naturally make haste to kill him.” Ancestor Longevity stroked his beard, his tone certain.

“En. This Purple Thunder Monster also is a Star Master. If we can root him out, that naturally is even better.” Xuan Zhenzi nodded and sighed in relief. He did not mind if the Purple Thunder Monster were to die.


The Queen Lady of Ice nodded her head.

This conduct of the Purple Thunder Monster’s that defied the natural order had already provoked everyone’s anger. Regardless of whether they were thinking of their sects and disciples or if they were considering the Star Duels, if he did not die, this Purple Thunder Monster was like a needle stuck inside the flesh, highly uncomfortable.

“But this Purple Thunder Monster, they say, has ever-changing appearances and is very capable of altering his face. To find him will not be simple.” The Red Lotus Fairy brooded.

“Ladies and gentlemen, have you all forgotten what the next phase is?” Enviless of the East coldly smiled.

When he raised this, the cultivators present showed epiphanic expressions.

The Evil Smiting Hall of the Star Duels’ third phase would have its curtain raised one month after the end of the Purple Star Birth Outline. Evil Smiting Writs would appear in both the Vermilion Bird Territory and the Black Turtle Territory. Only Star Masters that possessed the Evil Smiting Writ could enter Evil Smiting Hall to collect a Star Beast; if the Purple Thunder Monster dared to even single-handedly fight for the Purple Star Birth Outline against the joined forces of multiple Great Sects, then he definitely would not miss this Evil Smiting Hall. At that time, as long as their sect’s people were in either of the two territories, then they could surely find the Purple Thunder Monster.

“Although the Purple Thunder Monster has countless appearances, there is a common characteristic, and that is Lin Chong!” Enviless of the East coldly laughed: “Regardless of how he changes his appearance, this Star General cannot. At the time Lin Chong appears, he will no longer be able to escape.”

“Although the Crystal Dragon Palace will not participate in this chase to kill, they have already agreed to refine a secret treasure for me.10 At that time, it will be impossible for him to escape, ha, ha.”

“But there is a problem. The Black Turtle Territory has innumerable Devil Cults, and the Vermilion Bird Territory has different tribes everywhere. Those places are not within our domains.” The Queen Lady of Ice opened her mouth.

“No matter. I will personally go speak with the Black Turtle Territory’s number one Devil Cult, the ‘Devil Star Palace.’11 In all likelihood, with such a powerful Star Master, even they would be very willing to collaborate with us. And the Vermilion Bird Territory…Headmaster Handan, we will attack with everything, but as for the other particulars, those will be left to the Shifting Flower Sword Sect. The Shifting Flower Sword Sect originated from the Vermilion Bird Territory, so this will not be problem, will it.” Enviless of the East was unquestionable.

Handan nodded: “Only naturally, but for us to spend so much trouble on killing a single Star Master, would it not anger the Liangshan Maiden?” She worriedly asked.

“The Liangshan Maiden? Fear her, my ass.” Ancestor Qianli was discontent. “If she has the capability, then just slaughter our Ten Great Sects already.”

“Be at ease, Lin Chong provoked us first. It can be presumed that Liangshan Maiden is a heart clear as a mirror.” Enviless of the East pensively said.

“En. This is fine.”

Then, everyone again deliberated the details, with regards on how to arrange for the Star Masters’ entrance into the two territories, how they would contact each other, how they would station checkpoints leading to and from the Vermilion Bird Territory, etc. A frightening alliance unprecedented in history that was composed of the first-rate cultivators of the Ten Great Sects had been born.

And at this time, our implicated person was currently immersed in controlling his Sword Chant.

One day after he finished training, Su Xing sat down panting for breath.

“Su Xing, just what should we do about that Wu Song?” Shi Yuan looked at the cool and elegant beauty a hundred meters away that had closed her eyes in meditation. Her tone was ill-humored. The Thief Star’s nature had always been carefree and outspoken. Although the incident when Wu Siyou nearly killed Su Xing several days ago startled everyone, this made the Thief Star have negative feelings about her.

Su Xing grabbed his hair, for he did not know what he should do either.

“How about you let Yingmei go comfort her. Little Sister Yingmei certainly did break the Harm Star’s heart.” Wu Xinjie mockingly looked at Lin Yingmei.

Lin Yingmei’s expression was somewhat not too natural. That bold declaration last time was still vividly on her mind. Let alone that Wu Siyou had not yet recovered from the shock, the other sisters that had been with her were also surprised by the turn events. This was unexpected.

“What is there to comfort her about. Could it be she still has some thoughts about my woman?” Su Xing tyrannically spoke, grabbing Lin Yingmei’s arm.

“Young Master!” Lin Yingmei somewhat heated up in embarrassment, and the beauty laughed into her sleeve.12

“However, why is Wu Siyou this unwilling to accept that Yingmei has signed a contract? She refers to herself as  ‘Your Concubine,’13 so could it be she has some black history?” Su Xing randomly guessed.

“Where did Young Lord hear that ‘Your Concubine’ requires a contract? Has Young Lord not ever heard of this phrase?” Wu Xinjie blinked.

“What does that mean?”

“Your Concubine means that she is unnamed, meaning a young girl that has not yet married, or that she has not yet obtained recognition, or that her current title has not been updated.” Yan Yizhen explained. “Could it be she wants to receive other people’s recognition?” The Skilful Star was also somewhat curious.

“No.” Lin Yingmei shook her head: “It is only because Siyou does not want to let other men approach her that she favors referring to herself as Your Concubine.”

Everyone suddenly understood. So it turned out that she did not want other men to have any thoughts about her. However, this way of thinking was indeed a novelty.

Wu Siyou abruptly rose. It was unknown whether or not she had sensed they had been chatting about her, but the woman walked this way.

“Su Xing, are you a man or not?!” Wu Siyou coldly said.

Su Xing nearly blurted out that old, out of date line, “You’ll know if I’m a man or not in bed,” but seeing as how Wu Siyou would probably go berserk hearing that, Su Xing countered with his own question: “Wu Siyou, what do you want to say?”

“If you are a man, then prove to Your Concubine that you have the qualifications to make Lin Yingmei become your woman!” Wu Siyou’s eyes were very sharp, as if they were making one last struggle.

“Siyou?” Hearing Wu Siyou so nakedly say that she was Su Xing’s woman, Lin Yingmei could not help but somewhat blush.

“If this man cannot do so, then even if Your Concubine burns both jade and stone, she will fight you to the death!” Wu Siyou said very firmly. Her words contained a courage that made people shiver.

Su Xing actually somewhat had increasing admiration for this cool and elegant woman. He playfully smiled: “Then what do you feel I should do to in order for you to believe I have the qualifications to become Lin Yingmei’s man?” Is it to conquer you? Su Xing thought in evil delight.

“Very simple.” Wu Siyou fixed her eyes on Su Xing. Her eyes had a brilliance that made others awed. She spoke, word by word: “Your Concubine wants you alone to go obtain the Evil Smiting Writ!!”

“Absolutely not!”

Su Xing had yet to reply when the other beauties rejected.

崑崙, another actual mountain range 

太上真君, Grand Supreme True Gentleman or True Lord  太上忘情, Though I say indifference, a more accurate translation would be “insensitivity.” 忘情 is better referred to as a removal of thought and emotion.  千里老祖  青蓮真人  紅蓮仙子   定顏丹  菡萏掌教   東方無忌  本座, lit. This Seat, an archaic way of referring to oneself in a humble manner.  魔星宮  For Lin Yingmei to laugh, even if she’s trying to stifle it, shows just how much warmer she’s become since meeting Su Xing.  妾身 In the last chapter, I translated this as “Your Servant,” but to avoid confusion with Lin Yingmei and for the explanation on why Wu Siyou refers to herself as such, this is a one time change. All other chapters will have it tl’d as Your Servant. To be clear, 妾身 is a self-derogatory way to refer to oneself. 
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