108 Maidens of Destiny - Chapter 252

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Chapter 252

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Chapter 252: Blowjob ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Great Saint Starkiller sat in the Void Immortal’s Abode. Around his whole body flickered more than a hundred flying swords that became Starlight, as if he was bathing in a galaxy. The cycle of Heaven circulated, the Starlight dimming and brightening from time to time. The Heavenly Cycle Changing Sword was currently being practiced by Great Saint Starkiller continuously, vaguely transforming into a profound sword array. The surrounding  spiritual influences endlessly washed the galaxy and stars, making Great Saint Starkiller appear to be seemingly placed inside a void, very mysterious.

“Great Saint, you cultivate the Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Sword very slowly.” A seemingly amused yet not voice floated out from within the void. A tall girl walked out.

Her body wore Engraved Dragon Golden Armor, draped in a large red cloak, embroidered with Five-colored Phoenixes. Her feet wore Pure Gold Coiling Dragon Boots, and her waist was bound with a Golden Dragon. She appeared more majestic than an emperor, aggressive and austere. The woman was also absolutely beautiful, with a slender neck, teeth like ivory, a stunning smile and beautiful eyes.

“Ying’er, you have returned!” Great Saint Starkiller opened his eyes, his appearance calm as a dry well.

“Great Saint, your complexion is not too good? Did you encounter some trouble?” The brows of this woman named Ying’er rose, as if her whole body was full of concern.

“I ran into the Purple Thunder Monster!” Great Saint Starkiller smiled.

“Oh? The Purple Thunder Monster, that Purple Thunder Monster rumored to have contracted Lin Chong?” Ying’er’s eyes released light, a sort of expression that had caught sight of prey. “Is he as formidable as the rumors say?”

“Not bad, even more formidable than that.” Great Saint Starkiller nodded. He spoke forthrightly, summarizing the events.

Hearing that several of her sisters accompanied him, Ying’er showed astonishment: “What, four sisters? That Purple Thunder Monster unexpectedly has such great capability.”

“These Ninth Generation Star Duels are cyclical, with a difference, indeed.” Great Saint Starkiller was unafraid, contrarily smiling.

“At long last, there is an interesting Star Master. This General had always thought this generation would be lonely. Ha, ha, truly, this is too good.” Ying’er rubbed her hands together. Her personality was extremely straightforward, unable to bear but think of going all out against the Purple Thunder Monster right now.

Great Saint Starkiller said: “Ying’er, is your Four Star Star Weapon settled?”

An arrogant smile flit across Ying’er’s lips: “Of course This General settled it, however, This General also wishes to know whether or not Great Saint can last for thirty seconds under This General’s blade.”

Great Saint Starkiller rose, calmly smiling. He waved his hand, and the Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Sword to the side revolved into a sword array, densely packed, completely lacking gaps.

Ying’er sneered. Both her hands dropped, and an imposing weapon that could overflow the heavens and split the earth appeared.

Four Starlights like fairies circulated with a sort of extreme imposing air. Great Saint Starkiller felt stifled.

“If you do not go all out, you will be near death.”

Ying’er shouted, then rushed forward.

Great Saint Starkiller retreated a step, and he immediately smiled.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was very gloomy, quite gloomy. He looked at the Purple Star Jade Pendant in his hands gloomily thinking of bumping against the wall. Two cracks dazzled and were full of mockery, like a mark deeply branded on his heart, impossible to get rid of. Dammit, truly disgraceful. He was a grand genius of Star Masters. A man able to contract two Star Generals unexpectedly would flee back to the Immortal’s Abode not once, but twice.

Sullen, extremely sullen.

River Dragon Li Xiangfei and Demon King of Chaos watched him with some worry, “Young Master, there is no need to blame yourself. For that Purple Thunder Monster to unexpectedly have four Star Generals accompanying him, this honestly is too far outside of expectations. Few among the Star Masters can be his opponent right now.” Li Xiangfei gently consoled him.

Hearing this, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was even more furious.

“For what reason would that man have four Star Generals, dammit. Are the brains of those women ruined? Following that Star Master, truly extremely stupid!!”

Li Xiangfei and Fan Ming looked at each other in dismay, “It is probably because of Lin Chong. In Liangshan’s thousand years, this is the first time the Majestic Star signed a contract, which somewhat would make other sisters dizzy for a time.”

“The top priority, Young Master, is not to sigh in despair here!” Fan Ming opened her mouth, her tone strict. If it could be said that Li Xiangei was playing the role of the villain, the Demon King of Chaos was the typical strict parent, lecturing him: “If Young Master is defeated like this, then Fan Ming must have seen the wrong person.”

“Ming’er, you underestimate This Holy Lord too much.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon sucked in a deep breath, laughing.

“To be able to know how things about the Purple Thunder Monster stand before the Third Stage, this is a good thing.” Li Xiangfei said.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon nodded: “En, This Holy Lord actually is regretful the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo was not seized. Otherwise, handling that abnormal Great Saint Starkiller would be very possible.” The two Star Generals were silent, also feeling this was regrettable. Great Saint Starkiller truly was too abnormal. Furthermore, he possessed a super powerful Star General. Even if Li Xiangfei and Fan Ming were to confront that Elder Sister, they would feel powerless for a bit.

“When Emperor Liang arrived, that he was unable to to take it is fortunate.” Fan Ming said in a low voice.

“This time, the Heavenly Underworld Sect has suffered a disaster. The Underworld Heaven Sect Master was unsightly. Young Master must increase his strength. This Fei and Little Sister Fan Ming must upgrade their Star Weapons as soon as possible. We heard that Ying’er has already reached Four Star and returned.”


Events did not deviate in the slightest from what Zhao Hanyan anticipated. The Heavenly Underworld Sect, for the sake of a tricky surprise attack on Heavenly Gem Valley, ruined the whole thing at the end. Two Ancestral Masters died, and their bottom line was clearly shown. To make things worse, this had even been discovered by Great Saint Starkiller. Originally, the Heavenly Underworld Sect wanted to take the sneak attack on Heavenly Gem Valley as an opportunity to conveniently get rid of Great Saint Starkiller. But they had not expected they would achieve nothing in the end. Great Saint Starkiller returned to the Black Turtle Territory and informed this matter to Devil Star Palace. The Devil Star Palace’s “Elder Heaven And Earth” even specially assigned people to make inquiries. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon also knew the severity of things. The secrets absolutely could not get out, clinging onto the pretext that they went for the Heavenly Gem Valley’s Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo and Star Master.

The Devil Star Palace also could not help things, and finally, they personally assigned a thousand disciples to invade Heavenly Gem Valley. It was a pity that Emperor Liang already long had preparations, for Heavenly Gem Valley was deserted. They searched the entire valley and did not find the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. In the end, this affair was finished with nothing settled.

And at this moment, the person involved that made the Devil Cults and Emperor Liang wring their hands in disappointment was currently enjoying an entirely worldly romance.

“Young Master, Xinjie wants to collect semen.”1

Wu Xinjie’s clothes were half-exposed, and she lied seductively upon Su Xing’s chest. The two of them finished kissing, already breathing heavily, their lust bursting forth.

“Losing your virginity now is very harmful. Soon, Evil Smiting Hall is about to begin. We had better wait.” Su Xing panted, with no choice but to hold back.

“What Xinjie spoke of was the Fine Ladies’ Essence Gathering.”2 Wu Xinjie stopped Su Xing’s neck, pressing her tender body tightly against his. Their lips touched, her amorous intent like silk.

“You’ve trained in it?” Su Xing’s very wanton hands wandered over her body. From the tall and straight peaks to the hidden valley of flowing dew, the girl’s body already had been explored without anything left. “Then how will you gather it?”

“En.” Wu Xinjie lied atop Su Xing’s shoulder, her whole face blushing. She rose, with all sort of flirtatious feelings, just a bit of charm in her eyes.

Su Xing’s whole body quivered, and then the girl leaned her body over.

The sound of sucking rose.

Su Xing moaned, only feeling his whole body open up to the pleasure. Pleasure like spider silk was sucked from his dantian upwards, unceasingly entering a warm orifice; this sort of feeling immediately followed Wu Xinjie’s sucking. Wave upon wave gushed forth, and the lust previously suppressed inside his body was pulled to bursting out by this incredible sucking.

“Xinjie…” Su Xing’s breathing was increasingly heavy.

Wu Xinjie’s lust was circulating. At the same time she sucked, she did not forget to exercise the Fine Ladies’ Essence Gathering. The Fine Lady’s Yin Energy passed through Wu Xinjie’s tongue, her red lips and entered into Su Xing’s dantian. Then, the Yang Fire in Su Xing’s dantian was painstakingly being drawn into the girl’s throat; Yin and Yang mixed, like ice and fire, truly the world’s supreme pleasure. How could this sort of wonderful thing be understood by going outside the Human Path.

A moment afterwards, Yang Fire poured out in torrents and burned. Wu Xinjie charmingly brushed back the hair next to her ear, swallowing everything.

And unknown how long afterwards, Su Xing’s whole body perspired. That feeling truly could only be described as wishing he was dead. Wu Xinjie’s seductive appearance was fully revealed, her whole body already left with just a tiny bellyband wrapping her body. Her flesh was rosy, her fragrance on the attack, and his Yang Fire burned.

“Ah…Young Lord.” Wu Xinjie licked her lips, wearing a completely sullen look.

“How is it? This cultivation method?” Su Xing chuckled.

“En. There was an increase in Star Energy.” Wu Xinjie nodded, an extremely alluring appearance: “Is Young Master not yet satisfied?”

“This time, let Young Lord properly serve you.” How could Su Xing be satisfied with this. The girl cried out in alarm and was turned over on the bed by Su Xing.

“Ah, don’t, Young Lord, this is too shameful, it is better to let Xinjie do it…”

Sensing Su Xing’s flaming gaze, Wu Xinjie’s ears grew hot. The words immediately afterwards had not yet dropped when shy moans broke away from her soft throat.

And that was the sight of an overflowing love.

Truly, this was “softly undressing the raiment, blackness permeates the mountain, the sweet collapsed beauty is fragrant, a shy dilettante, moistening the growing passion, hearing that blowjob sound;”3

Ever since Wu Xinjie’s Fine Ladies’ Essence Gathering had small progress, Su Xing was in a situation where he wished he was dead. How could this sexy, alluring woman let things go if she did not gather twice or thrice in a day. Their movements alternated, and the odd Yin technique endlessly made Su Xing the one going through this about to be feel a sense of inferiority. The Fine Ladies’ Essence Gathering was specially used for female cultivators for sex. Besides being able to give their lover supreme pleasure, it could also absorb Star Energy. Compared with extremely evil gathering arts, the Essence Gathering techniques were truly gentle beyond compare. Not only did it not make the energy of the man being served exhausted, it contrarily could mix it with Yin Energy, expanding the counterpart’s Star Energy.

After the blowjob of the first night, Su Xing broke through his bottleneck, reaching from Galaxy Stage to Galaxy Middle Stage.

Su Xing and Wu Xinjie were this ecstatic, and the other five Star Maidens also more or less could somewhat react to them. Outside the Immortal’s Abode, they looked at each other in dismay. Their expressions were wondrous, and the five beautiful ladies’ reactions were all unique. Yan Yizhen customarily treated it with indifference, Gongsun Huang shook her head about and felt she was visiting a foreign place, An Suwen’s face and ears were crimson as she lowered head and remained silent. Lin Yingmei’s brow wrinkled, and she bit her lower lip, yet she did not say anything. Shi Yuan blinked.

Shouting out loud.

“This Young Lady wants to learn that, too…”

All of the girls blushed in shame.

Just like this, several days passed when finally, the test day of the Four Styles School’s Solitary Star “Gold Coin Spotted Leopard” arrived.

On this day, outside the hall on the Four Styles School’s main peak.

Four Styles School disciples already packed the surroundings. Disciples from the Water Moon Peak, Thunder Roll peak, Heavenly Fire Peak, Violent Wind Peak all came out. Regardless of whether or not they could become Star Masters, they were present. This time, the Solitary Star’s appearance at the Four Styles School had caused a sensation in the sect. The headmaster opened the Four Styles Solitary Path experience. This sort of extremely rare opportunity would not be missed so long as one was a Four Styles School disciple.

Su Xing glanced at these disciples – en, not a single one of them was capable of stopping him from “marrying” Little Sister Lianxin.


 採精   素女採精 As you can see, 採精 has a double meaning, meaning both a cultivation method and a sex act in this context.  An original poem by the author, I think. Again, anytime she writes in verse, I am left very lost. 
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