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Chapter 658: 658

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658 New Clue

On the first morning of Mo Rao’s return, the official website of “Let’s Set Off Together!” posted a message on Weibo to explain the rules of the next episode.

In the next episode, the grouping was completely based on the netizens’ votes. Even Fu Ying and Tong Yue, the two mysterious guests, no longer had special privileges.

In the previous episode, the group that went to the most scenic spots would obtain a travel expense of 5,000 yuan, followed by 4,000, 3,000, and 2,000 yuan.

The new team would have the travel expenses added up.

For a moment, the netizens were in an uproar. They wanted to see their favorite on-screen couple form a group.

“Brother, are you very happy?” Mo Rao looked at Mo Yuan, who was smiling non-stop, and asked calmly.

Mo Yuan nodded without hesitation. “Of course!”

Seeing that the votes for Mo Rao and Xiao Yan’s group, Fu Ying and You Jing’s group kept increasing, he couldn’t help but feel happy.

As long as Fu Ying couldn’t get what he wanted, he would be happy.

When he thought of Fu Ying’s smug look when he brought Mo Rao back yesterday, he couldn’t help but grit his teeth.

When Mo Rao saw this, she could only smile helplessly.

Mo Yuan suddenly looked up at Mo Rao. “Why? Don’t you want me to be happy?”

Not knowing how to reconcile the two of them, Mo Rao rubbed her temples in frustration. There was clearly a period of time when Mo Yuan’s attitude towards Fu Ying was very good. Why had things become like this now?

Or had Fu Ying offended her brother again?

“As long as you’re happy,” she said with a shrug.

When Mo Yuan heard this, he let go of Mo Rao and lowered his head to continue watching the voting results online.

In this sort of situation, Fu Ying would usually think of a way to salvage the situation. However, he and Gu Hai were tied up in more important matters now and didn’t know about the news online.

“You found a clue?” Fu Ying’s frown relaxed when he heard Gu Hai’s news.

Gu Hai nodded. “We found the transfer account and traced the transfer account to find clues.”

He paused for a moment and frowned.

“Tell me, what is it?!” Fu Ying urged.

“But we discovered that that account seems to be related to Qu Ru and Lin Xia’s deaths as well.”

When Fu Ying heard this, he raised his eyebrows and leaned forward a little as he stared at Gu Hai intently.

“Do you think this matter is also related to Qu Ru and Lin Xia?”

Fu Ying had a deep impression of these two people. After all, Qu Ru and Lin Xia had attacked Mo Rao back then. In addition, Qu Rou…

Moreover, when Qu Rou and Lin Xia got in trouble, Gu Ci seemed to have been involved in both incidents.

Thinking of this, he felt that Gu Ci was even more suspicious.

“What else did you find?” Fu Ying asked with interest.

“Also, the owner of that account was in close contact with another related person previously, but our people haven’t found out any specific transaction between them yet.”

At the mention of this, regret flashed across Gu Hai’s eyes.

President Fu had given them enough manpower and resources, but after investigating for so long, they had only found some minor details.

Fu Ying tapped his index finger on the desk. After a moment, a contemplative look appeared in his eyes. Then, he said to Gu Hai, “Continue to investigate and pay more attention to Gu Ci. It’s impossible for there to be so many coincidences in the world!”

After Gu Hai replied in a low voice, he quickly left Fu Ying’s office.

This time, he had to investigate everything that happened behind the scenes!

After Gu Hai left, Fu Ying didn’t stay idle. Instead, he began to deal with the documents that had accumulated during his absence from the Fu Corporation.

After Fu Ying finished handling everything, he remembered to pay attention to the news of “Let’s Set Off Together!”

When he saw that the matter of Mo Rao and Xiao Yan being in the same group had already been decided, he wanted to secretly interfere, but he didn’t dare to do it so rashly.

Looking at the name that didn’t belong to him next to Mo Rao’s name, Fu Ying gritted his teeth and a dark look flashed across his eyes.

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