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Chapter 88: Wolf Warlocks

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Chapter 88: Wolf Warlocks

At the south gate of St. Servant.

A sea of flame was burning fiercely, like the sun that had just risen in the morning.

It was eye-catching and made the soldiers of St. Servant feel nervous.

The werewolves quickly arrived in front of the city gate as if they smelt the taste of meat.

They quietly waited for the sea of flame to disappear with excited and malicious grins on their faces.

After waiting for a long time, the werewolves looked at the sea of flame that showed no signs of disappearing. They felt anxious.

“Damn it, why is the flame still not dissipating!”

Finally, some werewolves could not help but shout.

Even the Holy Knights standing on the city wall were puzzled.

Ace widened her beautiful eyes and asked in puzzlement, “This is?”

She had anticipated on what she had seen the day before that the sea of the flame should have burned down the city gate long ago and then dissipated. But what was happening?

At this moment, the scarlet sea of flame seemed to have smelled something and came to life. It instantly attacked the werewolves standing by the side.

The werewolves shouted when they saw that, “What’s going on!”

“What’s going on with this flame? Why is it suddenly surging towards us?”

They escaped as they shouted.

The flames from yesterday still haunted them. They didn’t want to suffer that kind of pain and misery.

However, this sea of flame looked like it had expanded its wings and surging at them at a fast speed.

Soon, the sea of flame the werewolves, who were lacking behind, making them burn into thin ashes.

The werewolves ran even faster when they saw that.

They were afraid that they would become the next werewolf to die in the sea of flame. The flamed chased after the werewolves as if it had life.

The south gate of St. Servant could be seen again.

The entire gate was unharmed, without a single trace of being burned by the flames.

Everyone’s jaws dropped in disbelieve when they saw that.

“This…this is impossible…”

The flames were so fierce, but the city gate was unharmed?

That was incredible.

Only Barton had a slight inkling of it.

Barton found out that Monn might be able to control the flame. He could not help but snort, “Although this cardinal is not very responsible, he is indeed powerful.”

Princess Cheryl heard his comments. She knew General Barton was still displeased with Monn.

However, she could do nothing about it. She could only let nature take its course.

At the same time, she had already guessed that the city gate would be fine at the beginning itself.

She had witnessed the power of the flames by the sword yesterday, after all. However, she could not feel the terrifying temperature at that time.

Sheryl knew that Monn must have controlled the flames.

Therefore, she was not worried at all when the flames burned on the city gate.

The werewolves’ general saw that the city gate did not have a single trace of burning. The sea of flames was after his werewolf army, and he finally understood that Monn had tricked him.

He was instantly enraged and roared, “Where are the Wolf Warlocks! Call those Wolf Warlocks over here! Ask then to extinguish this detestable flame!”

Wolf Warlocks were a group of werewolves that specialized in spells. They did not like to engage in hand-to-hand combat like other werewolves. They preferred to learn different spells, especially elemental spells.

The werewolves’ general did not hesitate and immediately called the warlocks from Wolf City after experiencing Monn’s high-temperature flame a day ago. The group of Wolf Warlocks had just arrived before Monn started work.

The Wolf Warlocks, who they summoned to deal with the cardinal, would be given their mission.

Dozens of Wolf Warlocks stood in front of the werewolf army and instantly felt the terrifying temperature.

Their expressions changed.

“This! This temperature!”

“This is the temperature of almost a God Rank Flame Spell!”

“Impossible! How can someone at the Holy Rank be able to cast a spell that is almost comparable to a God Rank Spell?”

The Wolf Warlocks could not believe it.

But no matter how much they did not believe it, the truth was right in front of them.

The werewolves’ general heard their exclamations, and that displeased him.

The werewolves’ general shouted, “I didn’t call you here to let you exclaim in admiration. Hurry up and extinguish this d*mn flame!”

The Wolf Warlocks heard the werewolves’ general’s angry roar and snapped out of their amazement. They quickly took their positions.

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The sea of flame that was about to catch up to a God Rank Spell was not something they could deal with alone.

Of course, it was also fortunate that the temperature of this flame had not reached the God Rank. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for them to fight it alone.

The Wolf Warlocks wore black robes.

They wore black hats on their robes.

They held a golden staff in their hands, and they muttered some spells that no one else could understand.

As the Wolf Warlocks chanted the spells, they became faster and faster, and their voices became louder and louder.

Suddenly, dark, blue magic arrays rose in the air in front of them.

Slowly, people could even hear the sound of the sea from inside the magic circles.

This scene shocked everyone.

Dozens of blue magic circles suddenly connected.

The light shone brightly in an instant as if it was connecting to the endless sea.

The endless sea surged out from the magic circles.


The rumbling sea sounded in everyone’s ears.

The seawater and Monn’s flame converged in an instant.

Sizzle Sizzle!

They could hear the sea water boiling sound, and a large amount of water mist rose from within.

The flames in the endless sea were like a light that would never wither, struggling tenaciously.

However, they were still unable to defeat the numerous seas, and the light of the flames gradually dimmed.

Under everyone’s gaze, the endless seawater finally defeated the flame.

The wolf warlocks all heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing that the flames extinguished.

They wiped the sweat off their foreheads, and their hearts were still pounding due to the panic situation.

They were afraid that they had to use up all their powers if the flames could hold on for a while longer.

The soldiers of St. Servant were all disappointed upon seeing that the terrifying sea of flames had disappeared.

On the other hand, the werewolves’ general laughed out loud proudly.

“Hahaha! Let’s see what you’ll do now when you’ve lost your trump card!”

Werewolves’ general was riding on his mount, the Silvermoon Wolf King. His body trembled because of the loud laughter.

Ace’s expression gradually became annoyed when she saw the arrogant look on the werewolves’ general’s face.

Monn replied with a calm word, “Oh.”

That one word spread throughout the entire battlefield as though it had Holy energy in it.

The Elendil in Monn’s hand once again ignited a terrifying flame.

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