Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1020

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Chapter 1020: 1020

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Tianming yearned to make a world where his family and friends would have the right to live without any threats. His palace had been fully constructed; he would go to check in from time to time and gradually move over there. Even though the Flameyellow Continent was rather desolate in terms of cultivation resources, it had great sights to behold. The people of the Divine Moon Realm would never guess that he would hide in such a “backwater”.

Here, Lan Huang could run about unencumbered and Meow Meow could sleep without worry. Xian Xian could even take root at Soulburn Hall and grow as she pleased while Ying Huo roamed about freely in the air. It was a sense of freedom that only a home could provide, and the Divine Moon Realm and Orderia would definitely not feel the same.

After settling down, Tianming began pondering his future path of growth. Before this, he had been stagnant in the Godsoul Canon, but since becoming an ascendant, it went smoothly. He had mastered Soulshaker Eye and caused the fourth technique to surface: Skypolarity Eye.

"I didn't think that Red Twill Mountain, from a backwater like Flamehaven, would actually have an item of this caliber. I've heard the world within the Canal of the Dead was called a chaos skyjail. I wonder if that had anything to do with it."

Still in doubt, he started training the Skypolarity Eye. But he was soon stumped. "So it’s a technique that'll allow me to see my own caelum...."

It appeared to have no offensive capabilities. However, when he obtained the spirit core, the voice said that once he managed to use Skypolarity Eye, he would be able to open the core and enter the wondersky realm.

"Let's see what my caelum looks like." His vita had turned into a mini person covered in bane text, allowing his comprehension abilities to rise to levels beyond imagination. His terra had been used to form the decapath era godswords, so he wondered what changes would occur to his caelum thanks to the effects of Trisoul Prime.

He continued chanting the mantra of the Skypolarity Eye in the dark of night. The Plundering Eye on his arm was really powerful, especially after he had incorporated the Archaionfiend Eye into it. That, coupled with his enhanced comprehension, made understanding the technique easy. All he needed was to construct the Skypolarity Spirit Vein in the eye to be able to see his own caelum. The whole process only took a day to complete.

"I'm done! Now, let's see if my caelum is handsome!"

His Plundering Eye squinted as it shifted to the Skypolarity Spirit vein and opened again. It was said that the caelum hovered above the head, so Tianming pointed his palm upward.

"Damn!" He was shocked to see a figure completely identical to him, looking down on him with intensity. It was all the same; his caelum, like his terra and vita, was covered in bane text. However, it didn't move at all and just stared at him. It had probably been doing so since the moment of his birth. "Perhaps it only leaves me when I enter the dreamscape."

His caelum was more eerie to him than his terra was. Even though it looked identical to him, it was a conduit between him and the universe and belonged to it more than he did. It was his first time ever seeing a living caelum at all. The emperor and specters all had their respective terrae and vitae reincarnated, and obviously, living caeli differed from dead ones. Dead caeli only had memories without a hint of emotion. However, Tianming could vaguely see the emotion in his caelum's eyes, as well as feel that it belonged with him.

"So, what comes after seeing my caelum?" Tianming took out the spirit core from his body. It had been a long time since all of them had had a chance to cultivate.

Feiling, Lin Xiaoxiao, and his lifebound beasts all came over to look.

"Quick, show me a trick!" Ying Huo urged.

Tianming didn't know what to do, so he tried using the Skypolarity Eye on the spirit core. Some fifteen minutes later, nothing happened. Everyone merely watched with their eyes wide open.

"Darn it, this was a lie! Lan Huang, you can eat this useless little candy up." Tianming tossed it to Lan Huang.

"Alright!" Lan Huang jumped up, only for both of its heads to collide with each other when they both tried to reach for the food, causing the spirit core to fall to the ground. Little did anyone expect that it would react and begin crackling.

"It's moving!"

They all surrounded it to take a look. Now, the spirit core had many heavenly patterns all over it. Some of them were as fine as strands of hair, but all were incredibly complex. Then, all of a sudden, a crunchy mechanical sound came from the artifact.

"The wondersky gate contains four heavenly locus formations. It can allow four principal caeli to enter the perpetual wondersky world."

The next instant, the spirit core split into four white spheres, each of them around two meters in diameter. They were all empty and covered in moving patterns, all of them complex beyond belief. As a whole, the patterns formed pictures of a universe. The four spheres looked like four distinct universes.

"Please enter the heavenly locus," said the voice.

"What is the wondersky realm and perpetual wondersky world?" Tianming asked the Archaionfiend. It was probably the one who knew the most out of all of them.

"I've never heard of it," the Archaionfiend said.

"What about principal caeli? What does that mean?"

"Your caelum is the principal caelum, for instance. All of your lifebound beasts also have caeli, but theirs are attributed to yours and don't count as principal caeli. In other words, the heavenly locus formations allow entry to beastmasters."

In other words, even totem users who didn't have lifebound beasts were considered to have principal caeli.

"So all three of us can enter and there's still one spot to spare," Tianming said.

"That's right, assuming you dare. Who knows what this’ll do? It could be fatal," the Archaionfiend said.

"I’ll enter," Lin Xiaoxiao said.

"Heyheyhey! You stupid lass...." The Archaionfiend felt like bursting out in tears. The only way for a beast so large to enter was for it to return to its lifebound space.

Tianming had Ying Huo and the rest return to his lifebound space. He wanted to try entering. "It doesn't feel like this is anything dangerous."

"Big Brother, let me go with you," Feiling said.


Once Lin Xiaoxiao forced the Archaionfiend back into her lifebound space, only the three of them were left. Tianming and Feiling picked the two formations in the middle, while Lin Xiaoxiao took one in the corner.

"So all we have to do is walk in?" Feiling asked.

"That's right. Let me give it a try." Tianming summoned the dragonhide and took out the Grand-Orient Sword to prepare himself for any situation. He stepped into the sphere that was covered in eerie patterns. He passed through the side and he entered, as if he was phasing through a membrane. Nothing else happened.

From within, the patterns looked even more complex. With his current vita, he could see so much detail that it almost dazzled him. He had no idea what caliber these patterns were, only that they all seemed to form the picture of a real universe when layered atop one another.

Then he could hear a voice saying, "Please take a seat. When first using a locus, the Perpetual Wondersky Formation will collect information about your physical body, powers, cultivation level, weapons, and cultivation type. Please display all of your abilities to allow the formation to adequately gauge your combat capability. This evaluation is related to the competition within the wondersky realm. Trust that the divine wondersky race will keep all your information private."

Tianming had no idea what all that meant.

"What in the world is that? The voice sounds so arrogant," Ying Huo said.

"Divine wondersky race?" Tianming noticed that his voice could still be heard outside. Turning to Lin Xiaoxiao, he asked, "What’s the divine wondersky race?"

"It says it doesn't know, but they could be a third-rate humanoid race in the astralscape of order. Only third-rate humanoids would be so arrogant as to dare call themselves a divine race," Lin Xiaoxiao relayed from the Archaionfiend.

When she spoke, Tianming noticed the formations inside the wall entering his body and permeating through his flesh and astral discs, as well as his sword, armor, and even bane-rings. "Locus user, you are a rare dual cultivator of the rootbeast race that also has totems. Please manifest your totems so that your true combat abilities may be reflected in the wondersky realm to aid in your future battles."

Manifesting his totems? There didn't seem to be nearly enough space! Tianming attempted to manifest his four cardinal godswords first. Those swords poked out through the formation, but Tianming noted that the dense patterns of the formation scanned all of them and notified Tianming he could put them away.

"Please be assured that the divine wondersky race is contractually beholden to the countless races of the astralscape to never reveal any scanned information of the user. Once that clause is broken, the perpetual wondersky world will be destroyed per the first ordinance of the astralscape of order. Next, please display your lifebound beasts."

Tianming had Ying Huo and the rest out. They were scanned and even asked to display their abilities.

"Thank you for your cooperation. We will proceed to collect other necessary information."

Fifteen minutes later, the mechanical voice rang out again. "Scanning complete. Your caelum will retain all your scanned capabilities. Do you want to enter the wondersky realm right away or wait for your friends in the other loci?"

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