Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1104

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Chapter 1104: 1104

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The swords above Tianming's head turned into a raging storm. This was a totemic calamity that he would find useful no matter what level of power he was at in the future.

"I now embody every aspect of godhood that the people have in mind when they think about the gods of the Flameyellow Continent's legends.... I’ll protect everyone and be at many places at once. Some used to say that the gods were always above. Now, my swords are like divine providence."

At the end of the day, Myriadsword Providence had allowed his senses to expand far and wide. When he returned to the continent, the hate and angst of everyone connected to him through the Omnisentient Threads gathered in his body, causing the providence swords to change. The power that came from the threads flooded into Myriadsword Providence, causing every sword to grow in power by some degree. In fact, while the power consumed by the totemic calamity was high, he seemed to have no worries about using it up at all. In a short time, all of the providence swords had been filled with the power of billions.

"Die!" Tianming tested out one providence sword and sent it flying hundreds of kilometers away. Just sending it flying alone consumed a lot of energy, but once used, the providence swords could return to his bane-rings to recover their power, something he currently had in abundance.

One after another, the swords above his head went flying. He had thought he would only be able to kill the invading divine moonrace one by one, but everything was much simpler after he awakened his totemic calamity.

"The heavens are on the Flameyellow Continent's side! Their aid will help us eliminate our enemies! Perhaps that's the luck and fate of my dynasty!"

The entire continent burst with the power of all sentient beings.

"The divine moonrace and Sovereign Xi brought this upon themselves! Since the heavens have ruled in my favor, I won’t hold back."

He closed his eyes and plunged the Grand-Orient Swords into the ground. All three of his eyes could no longer see anything, but his vita could view the entire world from above. Using his vita, he controlled his terra, and by extension, his totems in Myriadsword Providence form! The providence swords were extensions of his senses now, and he could perceive all corners of the world from more than ten thousand viewpoints. He could even share the perceptions of the countless people he was connected with.

He locked on to all eighty thousand divine moonrace troops on the continent and channeled his seventh-level ascendant power into the providence swords alongside his subjects' power. "Die!"

Ten thousand swords spread out in all directions, each of them empowered by the power of many others. The counterattack was about to begin! The eighty thousand divine moonrace elites were still slaughtering casually and with abandon, not having received any word to stop and retreat. They were acting on the sovereign's orders, anyway, and they were hardly saints themselves. They had spread across the entire continent like a cancer.

Among them were Huiyue Yan and Huiyue Xiao, who had come to the continent with Huiyue Yu, but lost him somewhere along the way. The three of them were directing their frustrations of publicly being defeated by Tianming in front of the divine moon hall long ago on the people of the Flameyellow Continent.

"This trip has been a fun one," Huiyue Yan said as he clapped.

"The sights here truly are decent, but that's about it. Everything else about this place is sore to the eyes," Huiyue Xiao said.

"That's how rural backwaters are."

"Come to think of it, when should we stop? I'm getting a little sick of this. All they do is kneel and beg for mercy."

"We wait for the sovereign's order! Don't tell me you're growing a conscience or something. How many have you killed by now? Don't you understand? Even if they look the same as us and have the same three aspects of the soul, the terra, vita and caelum, they aren't people."

"Enough nonsense. I’ve killed about as many as you did, I'm just feeling a little bored."

"Just thinking about how Li Tianming must be kneeling and crying at our sovereign's feet to have us stop is enough to keep this entertaining."

"Seriously though, what kind of person is he for Her Majesty to mess with him like this?"

"Who cares? I'm more curious about where Huiyue Yu is right now. I don't think he's holding back either."

All of a sudden, they noticed a group of people hiding in a cave ahead of them.

"Haha, let's stop chatting. It's time to hunt. I'm still far from my thousand-person quota."

"They’re just a lowly race of dirty creatures."

The two of them flew toward the cave. It was all too apparent to those within that the incoming bastards were of the divine moonrace.

"Same old rules. Kneel and prostrate yourselves," Huiyue Yan said as he smiled at them. Huiyue Xiao did the same.

However, they were shocked this time around. The people within the cave didn't look the least bit scared, but merely cast furious glares at them.

"The two of you are dead for sure," said one of them.

"Huh? Don't tell me that fear fried his brains," Huiyue Xiao said.

"How pathetic," Huiyue Yan said.

"You’ll definitely die," the others said.

"This is boring!" Huiyue Yan raised his hand and prepared to kill these samsarans, only to feel a chill from behind him. Turning back rapidly, he saw more than ten swords floating behind him. "What’s this?!"

The moment he let out his shriek, the swords shot towards them. "Die!" Tianming's voice came ringing from the swords. The two of them were completely flabbergasted; they had just become first-level ascendants, so they were the weakest among the divine moonrace here, yet they had to face off against more than ten providence swords.

"Strike now!"

The two of them summoned their totems. However, the providence swords pierced straight through their totems, then through the two of them.

"Ugh...." They widened their eyes in shock as all four of their limbs were slashed off.

"Aaagh!" They rolled on the ground in pain.

"What is going on? What is this?!"

Their faces were pale with fear. They couldn't do anything apart from rolling on the ground now that stumps had taken the place of their limbs. Not only that, the providence swords impaired their bane-rings and pierced their organs and spine. They were on their last breath and could barely move, let alone kill. As they cried out in desolation and pain, the swords flew away.

"It's fine! We aren’t dead yet, so we can connect our limbs back!" Huiyue Xiao said, consoling himself. However, that didn't help his panic at all. They didn't know what was going on.

Right as they were thankful at having survived, they noticed the samsaran humans approaching them. Some even picked up their divine artifacts.

"Insects, leave or we'll kill you!" Huiyue Yan howled.

One of the elders among the group raised Huiyue Yan's weapon. "Cut them into fine pieces and feed them to dogs!"

"Their constitutions should be powerful enough that they won't die from this. This should be enough to make them last until all eighty thousand divine moonrace on this continent die!"

"The treasures they brought with them will all become ours!"

Huiyue Yan and Huiyue Xiao were stumped. Their cries could be heard from outside the cave. This was true atonement. From this day onward, the poor and decrepit Flameyellow Continent had suddenly gained over eighty thousand divine artifacts.


The deaths of Huiyue Xiao and Huiyue Yan were but a small sample of everything that was happening on the continent. Something horrible happened to every single divine moonrace invader as a seemingly omnipresent deity appeared. It was as if the entire continent was a part of his body, and every native the invaders ran into had unwavering faith in him. They no longer feared the invaders, and even fought back in rage.

The invaders felt a certain dissonance. It was as if the hunters had become the hunted, and there was no escape. The providence swords rapidly shot out all over the continent, tearing through the invaders. Only someone with a terrifyingly powerful vita could control and organize every movement with precision. There was still some time before the additional three hundred thousand invaders would arrive, so Tianming had more than enough time to clear out the ones that were already here.

Level-one ascendants could be killed with a few providence swords, while the ones at level three were swiftly killed by tens of them. As for elites above the Pentarcanic Sky level, Tianming would personally deal with them. The combined energy that all the providence swords had was far beyond what Tianming could normally handle. Even if Sovereign Xi herself came, she would be helpless against all ten thousand providence swords and could only escape. The entire Flameyellow Continent had become something akin to the orderian cauldron to Tianming!

The power of his subjects came flowing through the Omnisentient Threads. Guided by their rage, Tianming had to rapidly direct the swords at the enemies to expend the energy that he himself could not handle, ushering in a slaughter across the entire continent.

One after the other, the divine moonrace invaders were torn apart by the providence swords, all dealt with in the same manner as Huiyue Yan and Huiyue Xiao. Tianming didn't completely kill them, instead leaving them to the ones whose lives they had ruined. The gods that had stood powerful and tall were squashed by the very beings they saw as cockroaches.

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