Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1111

Published at 14th of January 2022 10:20:03 PM

Chapter 1111: 1111

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She turned back to look and saw thousands of providence swords soaring towards her. Immediately, she knew they were the ones her subordinates had described.

"Totem splitting!" Sovereign Xi could tell with a single glance. There were some totemic calamities that did the same, but being able to split them up into ten thousand in one go was unheard of. The providence swords were so powerful that she felt her life under threat.

One after another, they impacted her and sent her flying into Xuanyuan Lake. The thousands of swords gathered together once more. When she burst out of the water, she saw a white-haired youth surrounded by swords in the air right before her, rage seeping from his eyes. It was a rage that wasn’t just his own, but that of the entire continent, and it was all focused on her. She felt like she couldn't take a breath. Unquestionably, her plan to sneak in and take Feiling had failed due to Tianming's swift return.

"Very well. Looks like that beauty is more important to you than your dynasty. Then We'll let you save your damsel while your subjects suffer. If you stay here any longer, billions will die!"

She glared at Tianming with dissatisfaction and a swirl of her skirt. What she didn't understand was how his power could be so odd. A mere few hours before, she could still easily dominate him back on the moon.

"Are you blinded by confidence? Can't you tell that your troops are all terrified of me?" Tianming said as he helped Feiling and the rest retreat.

"What do you mean?"

"Didn't you send a hundred thousand of them down to cover your infiltration? Ninety thousand have already been scared away, and the remaining ones won't last long. I don't really have to try to bring you ten thousand heads. After that, I'll take yours and bring it back to the moon with the other heads!" He squinted and the thousands of providence swords took aim.

"Sovereign Xi, you didn't have to ruin yourself like that. This heavy loss was due to nothing but your own actions. Your arrogance and pride cost you greatly. The hate every one of us bears for you is all thanks to your own selfish desires. I have to thank you for coming here. It saves me the trouble of going up to claim your head!"

Tianming thought that she had gone mad from the losses and decided to take a huge risk. She even failed to notice her troops retreating in fear. After all of this, she still thought she commanded unflinching obedience from the divine moonrace, but they were no fools. Without telling them the truth, none of them would die for her. She thought the others could keep Tianming occupied, but the truth was far from her beliefs. He didn't need to bat an eye at all, since he had another five thousand providence swords shaving away at them fueled by energy that wasn't his own. Her plan had completely failed, and now she had no choice but to fight.

Even so, she didn't feel an ounce of fear but instead smiled and winked seductively. "To tell you the truth, We’ve always been curious what it is about you that could’ve changed in a few short hours for you to dare to talk to Us, someone at the Constellation stage, like this."

While she hadn't witnessed Tianming slaughtering her troops with the providence swords, she knew that being able to defeat a large group wasn't the same as being able to defeat a single powerful enemy. While Tianming had created countless miracles, one thing hadn't changed: he still stood no chance against Sovereign Xi one on one. If he wasn't even able to resist not long ago, why would he try to stop her from leaving? Not to mention, the ones precious to him were watching from nearby, Feiling included.

"Are you looking down on Us? With Our abilities, once We deal with a brat like you, We'll be able to reach her in an instant." She knew Tianming could hide in the Prime Tower, so securing Feiling was still her priority. "Just because We weren't able to quietly sneak her away doesn't mean you can look down on Us! We can take her right before your eyes!"

She refused to believe in the terrifying rumors, not understanding that Tianming's power had come from his subjects. In her mind, even if he could break through, without a stellunar source, there was no way his power could increase by that much. Not to mention, there was only one way Tianming could stop her from leaving: fighting her himself. It was humiliating to even consider that fact. Before Tianming's providence swords attacked, her rage fueled her killing intent and the seven dots near her chest shone brightly. These were her bane-rings, and they were arranged across her bosom in the same formation as the seven stars of the Big Dipper. They were really eye-catching when they glowed.

This was Tianming's first time running into a heptabane, someone who only had one fewer bane-ring than Li Wudi or the ruler of Orderia. There was no doubt about her talent, but the legacy of the Divine Moon Realm and her ancestors had limited the full potential of her growth. This frustration had festered in her throughout her entire life. She was much weaker than the heptabanes of Orderia, even though her totems were among the best.

The seven dots of light were surrounded by a snowy aura as seven five-hundred-meter-tall humanoid totems manifested above her. They towered into the clouds, all of them beautiful and elegant goddess incarnations. Even though they were totems, they had the same devilish figure of Sovereign Xi, and as totems didn't usually have any clothes-like features, they were even more pleasing to the eye. Though they were all unique from one another, they were all unquestionably good looking. They were called heptastar moongods, named after the seven stars of the Big Dipper. Each of them held a sword, like the sovereign herself. She didn't show the slightest sign of fear even though she was facing thousands of providence swords.

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