Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1124

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Chapter 1124

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Chapter 1124 - I Am Happy

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Bodhi hugged Little You in the ruins as he watched Tianming and the rest fly away from the Divine Moon Realm. His pale white eyes were trailed on him until he was sure that Tianming was truly gone.

Little You anxiously widened her eyes and tugged on his sleeve. "Daddy, aren't we going to hurry?"

"We can't. The best time to strike is when they're back in the Flameyellow Continent." Bodhi smiled sinisterly as he lightly stroked the white hair of his daughter. He felt like he was finally released. By now, the divine moonrace was already crumbling from the chaos even though news of their sovereign's death hadn't been spread yet. However, she did have a lifesoul stone in the ancestral hall of the divine moonrace. It didn’t take long before someone spotted the shattered stone.

"Her Majesty has passed away!" The heart-rending cry resounded throughout the entire city. No matter whether or not it was true, it was enough to shock the entire Divine Moon Realm. Countless panicked cries, curses, and laments erupted from the purgatorial capital.

"After tearing off the facade of the 'elegant and refined' divine moonrace, they look no different than blood-drinking cavemen. In fact, their race is made up of nothing but weak, inferior, and cowardly folk." Bodhi watched them with hate and disdain. Even with all of their peak elites lost, the divine moonrace still had a strong foundation to fall back on, so a complete collapse was unlikely. However, leaderless as they were, they were sure to be unable to weather the upcoming tempest.

"Daddy, all of them have to die, right?" Little You growled like a small beast.

"That's right. Not a single person of this world can be spared. Only then will we have made up for the hate our race has nurtured over two hundred millennia." Bodhi's eyes seemed to turn bloodshot. He looked at the panicked and ruined people of the moon as his lips curved into a maniacal, cold smile. The way he made it sound, the target of his hate wasn’t just the divine moonrace, but all life.

"There's still the Flameyellow Continent! He caused Brother and Mommy to die!" Little You surged with hate at the thought of Tianming. It wasn't an expression a little girl like her should have.

"The child of destiny, huh?" Bodhi hugged his daughter tight and turned back to the blood lake. Taking out the Moondream Soul, he said, "Daughter, it's about time. It's time for us specters to go on the stage."

"Daddy, I can't wait. I want to see the stage you prepared for me!" she excitedly said.

"It is sure to be a grand show. Like fireworks, people only look at the flashy parts. Nobody pays attention to the threats that lurk in the darkness. After all of this is over, we’ll have a home. We’ll roam and do good. For the rest of our lives, we’ll no longer kill anyone else." Bodhi was looking forward to it.

"Daddy, will there be grass and flowers all across our home?" Her eyes shone with childlike anticipation and longing.

"There will be." He descended into the blood lake and went deeper along the passageway. The moonlight that highlighted his bald head made him look like a twisted demon, almost making him seem like he had tusks. This was his true aim.


"We must use the light from the clash and the souls of the sinners to cleanse ourselves of the hate of our ancestors. Only then can we be free." He didn't dare to close his eyes, for when he did, he would see those who passed before him coming to him and telling him of their woes; they were in his blood. Heading down this pathway was the most important step in his life so far. He felt the world turn bloody around him as he did, including his and Little You's eyes.

"Daddy, I'm happy." Her hair fluttered about as she enjoyed the smell of fresh blood, wearing an innocent smile. If it weren’t for her bloodshot eyes, it would be a fine smile indeed.

"Now no one can stop us from achieving our grand destiny. Little You, don't be mistaken. This isn't evil, it’s karma. That’s just how the world turns. We were seeded by our forebears' suffering, and now we're blooming and bearing fruit."

"Will it be a pretty flower?"

"Of course. Have you seen any ugly flowers?"

Bodhi teared up as he thought of the first flower he had brought back from the Divine Moon Realm. That was the first time he was going to gift a flower to the woman he loved, only for him to find her nailed to the door of their palace. She couldn't even accept his gift.

At this moment, it felt like countless volcanoes were erupting within him as he reached the mooncore. The entrance to the xenomemory space had already been destroyed and sealed, so it looked completely empty. Little You scratched her head and looked around. "Daddy, isn’t the fusion formation and astralguard formation supposed to be located here?"


"Yes." He raised Moondream Soul as he walked around, looking for a specific place. "Yueshen Xi died too abruptly. It's laughable. She didn't even leave any will behind, nor could she contact the celestial orderians either. Even at the moment of death, she was still dreaming about her eighth bane-ring. Her death, however, made things really convenient for me."

"Li Tianming wouldn't know what we're planning, right?"

"Of course not. He only understands the surface level affairs, having come from the Flameyellow Continent. Not many people truly understand fusion formations. They’re the foundation of any kind of star world. Even the continents and seas of a world are built on the foundations of fusion formations. They can only be made by the strongest elites in the astralscape of order, being like miracles themselves. Those people are far beyond the levels of Sovereign Xi or me. Even with the Moondream Soul, I'm only able to control the simplest functions of a fusion formation. A mere constellier like me can't possibly break a fusion formation and steal a stellunar source. There’s a much more involved trick to that."

From the beginning, he had been planning to steal the stellunar source for the Ninefold Hell, but that notion would be laughable to the majority of people.

"Are you confident it'll work, Daddy?" Little You nervously asked.

"Of course!"

He pointed the sovereign's blade around and soon found the spot, then immediately cracked a wide smile. "Little You, I think nobody in the history of the universe has dared to do something as unthinkable as this! They must think that this is crazy and completely morally bankrupt. In terms of good and evil, what I'm about to do is no doubt the greatest evil conceivable in this universe. I'm merely a minor figure from the lower levels of the cosmic aether, but from now on, those elites high above might even fear me! However, let me assure you that we’re just seeds that were planted aeons ago by the forces of karma. This can't be blamed on us. Instead, the ones who planted the seeds are at fault!"

Hate appeared in his eyes as he suppressed the eruption of his pent-up rage. This was no longer his own rage, just like the blood in his body also belonged to others.

"Daddy, I will support you. No matter how people see you, you’ll always be the greatest person in my eyes." She hugged him around his neck as her tears flowed, wetting his clothes.

Bodhi rubbed his cheek on her head with a gentle look, then slashed the blade and opened a path. Now that he had opened the two most important formations on the moon, the savagery in his blood was gathered on his face. He would soon lose control of his emotions; his blood was boiling, threatening to turn into steam and let out the hate of hundreds of millennia.

"Flameyellow Continent.... Divine Moon Realm...." He put his daughter down and laughed maniacally with his arms wide open. "I, Bodhi, will now use the formation core of the fusion formation to send the Divine Moon Realm crashing into the Flameyellow Continent! Only if these worlds collide will the fusion formation break apart and release the pure stellunar source for the Ninefold Hell's fusion formation to absorb! Once this works, we’ll have a home!"

He would destroy two worlds to restore one. It wasn't a decision he had come to lightly, but one he had pondered since the moment he’d left the Skysource Hellshaker Formation. It was the only way someone of his level could steal a stellunar source! From the very beginning, his revenge wasn't just targeted at the divine moonrace, but all the lifeforms on both worlds. He didn't dare to mess with the Flameyellow Continent at first, but he would have eventually gotten around to it.

"I’ll make this star world of the gods collide with the Flameyellow Continent. The clash will break the fusion formation and unleash the power of the stellunar source, which will instantly consume all life without leaving a single speck of ash. If Li Tianming doesn't escape and chooses to die with the continent, he’ll be completely vaporized. I’ll also activate the astralguard formation of the Divine Moon Realm to make sure the people here aren't able to escape by flying away from the moon."

For him, this was a splendid closing act that would wipe clean all sins in the baptism of explosion. "Every lifeform of these two worlds will eventually die anyway. I'm just going to let them die without an ounce of pain. They'll be gone in an instant. Perhaps this is the mercy I will grant them. Even if the Ninefold Hell is only able to absorb half of the stellunar source that’s released, it'll be enough for us to roam for hundreds of thousands of years."

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