Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1125

Published at 8th of February 2022 04:58:19 AM

Chapter 1125

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Chapter 1125 - The Fireworks Must Be Beautiful

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Bodhi wasn’t worried about Orderia at all. This was a remote outpost, and no one had ever used such a method to break a fusion formation and seize the stellunar source. This was against the rules, an intolerable sin. But, he didn't care! He was a desperate man on the run. Although the realm of chaos was a place no man dared to enter, it was still the peaceful homeland he had dreamed of. 

"Daddy, sometimes I wonder if there are many innocent people, like those in the Divine Moon Realm and Flameyellow Continent. But now I don’t wonder anymore. In fact, everyone is innocent, even the divine moonrace. They had nothing to do with their ancestors from two hundred thousand years ago. You said that every cause has an effect. No matter good or evil, innocent or guilty, we’re all part of the effect. We’ve endured suffering and sin, and if we’re lucky enough to escape, maybe we’ll have a home. All those who stand in the way, whether it’s the Divine Moon Realm or the Flameyellow Continent, must be destroyed." 

Little You pulled on her father's white robe, her eyes bearing no resemblance to a child’s. In her veins were ancestors who fervently occupied her gaze. 

"No one’s innocent. Life is originally a sin. No one can escape death. All these deaths were predestined. All I did was bring forward an eventuality. Letting them die early so they skip over the part where they get old and sick is a rare thing. Morality is a norm set by people out of their own self-interest. It has no meaning. Little You, just remember, our people have returned to the Ninefold Hell. They’re waiting for the two of us to give them a home after two hundred millennia, one that belongs to us," Bodhi said in his gentlest tone. 

In truth, he wasn’t just persuading Little You, but also struggling and fighting with himself because what he wanted to do was too shocking. He needed an acceptable answer. 

"Then let all those who stand in the way die!" Little You screamed, her immature voice sounding extremely harsh. She had completely merged with Bodhi. The two were like one, mutually influencing each other as they embarked on what they thought was right. 

"Every one of us born in the past two hundred millennia is innocent. We did nothing, so why should we be guilty? Since the day we were born, this cruel universe was destined to bear our rage."

They had completely broken down the barriers in their hearts and their wills no longer belonged to them. Stepping into the formation nucleus, they were bathed in light, Bodhi’s large hand holding Little You’s small one. As the light swept past, the grievances of the specters turned into mist and swirled around them. 

"Let’s begin. The first step is to activate the astralguard formation to lock them all up, then we speed up the moon’s fall...." 

They were shaking with excitement.

"Daddy, the fireworks will be very beautiful, right?" Little You asked expectantly. 

When the moon plummeted into the earth, the world would be destroyed.

"Yes, as beautiful as your eyes," Bodhi said with a smile. 


However, Little You's eyes were full of snake-like wisps of blood.


Flameyellow Continent—Tianming was finally home. There was peace and tranquility as the gods of the divine moonrace who had once wreaked havoc had all fled back to the Divine Moon Realm. 

"They’re now powerless to defend themselves. After this nightmare, I doubt they’ll return for the rest of their lives." 

Once he returned, Tianming could use the power of all sentient life at any time. Here, he no longer had to fear the divine moonrace, let alone Bodhi, the lone wolf. If Bodhi dared to target the people of the Flameyellow Continent, Tianming could kill him now that he possessed Omnisentient Threads. After a long, nerve-wracking period, there was finally calm. The gods were dead, Ye Lingfeng was back, and even Feiling seemed close to triumphing over her Perpetual Nirvana. Tianming breathed a sigh of relief after having experienced such mind-numbing challenges. 


Ye Lingfeng had yet to regain consciousness, so Tianming asked the Soulfiend to look after him. Meanwhile, Feiling was still growing on Xian Xian.


"I wonder when Ling’er will awaken." 

Tianming sorted out the affairs of the Tianming Dynasty and allocated numerous cultivation resources.

"In the future, everyone's Omnisentient Will will be nourished by my divine will. This seems capable of improving their talent. If I can obtain more caeli of the divine moonrace, all beings of this world will grow stronger, which means I’ll be more powerful." 

Tianming believed it was necessary to create a strong and prosperous Flameyellow Continent.

"Unfortunately, the Flameyellow Continent has one fatal weakness, that is, the absence of a stellunar source." 

There was no rushing the matter. All Tianming could do was to benefit the world as much as possible. At the very least, the treasures of all hundred and fifty thousand gods that perished in the Flameyellow Continent had been swallowed by the Tianming Dynasty. There would soon be more gods in this world. Li Caiwei was most likely the next one; she was already a twelfth-level death phase samsaran. At this moment, they were all at Taiji Peak Lake. Upon hearing Tianming speak of the current situation and Sovereign Xi’s death, they were all stunned speechless. 

"The divine moonrace is unlikely to provoke us again. And Bodhi will continue to kill in the Divine Moon Realm?" Li Caiwei asked. 

“Without a doubt.” 

"The rest of the divine moonrace has no way of notifying the celestial orderians?" Li Caiwei asked curiously. 

"I'm not quite sure, but their key players are indeed dead. It’s all chaos up there now,” said Tianming. 

"What’ll happen if the celestial orderians are drawn over?" 

"Bodhi would probably be killed. But as long as I reveal Sovereign Xi’s purpose and show my talents, I should be able to live." 

Death wasn’t likely. Possessing ten totems was certainly more sensational than Qingyu’s talent. However, Tianming didn’t want to expose that. With his Myriadsword Providence, no one else knew about the ten totems. In fact, only revealing seven of them would probably be enough to save himself. After all, Sovereign Xi had violated the rules, and the battle itself might not necessarily alarm the celestial orderians. Even so, it was uncertain what kind of person the celestial orderians would send over. At the very least, it wouldn’t be someone who threatened Tianming with the lives of his people, like Sovereign Xi. 

"I don’t think we can come to a peaceful solution with Bodhi. He must be dealt with. If he continues causing trouble in the Divine Moon Realm, his actions will eventually alarm the celestial orderians. Now that Sovereign Xi is dead, the divine moonrace poses no threat to us. On the other hand, Bodhi is an unstable factor and I doubt he’s prepared to let it go. We can blame Bodhi for Sovereign Xi’s death,” said Li Caiwei.

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