Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1144

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Chapter 1144

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Chapter 1144 - Domineering Aura


Yu Ziqian's Azuresoul Palace and the Supracloud Sanctuary were among the Myriad Solar Sects that had irreconcilable grudges with each other. In the past millions of years, the celestial orderians wanted to completely monopolize the nova source, so if the Myriad Solar Sects wanted to survive on the sun, they would have to struggle together to continue their legacies.

That was what war looked like on a nova source world. Divine patterns on such a world created divine ores, herbs, and hazards. The larger the territory, the higher the probability that such treasures would appear in it, allowing its population to benefit from and raising the power of that faction as a whole. If a faction was powerful enough to conquer other territories, that meant more resources and more prosperity for them, which was the main motivation behind the territorial struggles.

Even though the Myriad Solar Sects had many separate internal factions, Orderia's total territory was only around a thousand times the size of the Flameyellow Continent. In other words, if each of those factions had their own territory, it would be about the size of the Archaion Divine Realm, which was already quite a large area.

Yet the celestial orderians occupied more than half of the sun, boasting power on a completely unimaginable scale. One would expect that such a powerful race would be able to completely swallow up the smaller factions of the myriad sects one by one and completely dominate. That begged the question—why did the Myriad Solar Sects still exist? That was the key to Tianming's destination: the Voidsky Realm. What he knew so far was that the existence of the Myriad Solar Sects hinged upon it through teasing the information out of the conversations.

"The Voidsky Realm is a special place in Orderia. It has a long history, far longer than the celestial orderians' own. On this nova source world, shifts in power occur relatively frequently, but the Voidsky Realm has persisted for all time. It's said that the Voidsky Realm is a continent without a sky that only has a single wooden house and a single mirror. Within the wooden house is a place called the Sky Palace. Some call it a world in itself. No matter who enters the Sky Palace to cultivate, they'll emerge as a peak elite across the entirety of Orderia. Those that do never reveal the details of what's inside. They also band together for mutual protection. That's why the Sky Palace is a cultivation sanctuary filled with mystery. Every member of the Sky Palace is famous across the whole of Orderia."

The Sky Palace was a place that those in the Myriad Solar Sects yearned to go.

"Anyone that becomes a member has to leave their original sect at the age of five hundred and properly enter the Sky Palace to serve them. It’s also the main pillar of support for the Myriad Solar Sects, so it's no surprise that most of its members are from the sects as well. Regardless of age, every single one of them are the strongest people in their respective generations." Tianming repeated all the information he got to Xiaoxiao and Lingfeng.

"In other words, anyone that can cultivate in the Voidsky Realm and become a member of the Sky Palace will be automatically propelled to the peak of power. Not to mention, the celestial orderians don't dare to touch them because of the organization, right?" Lingfeng said.

"It seems like it. At the very least, no status is higher than being a member of Sky Palace as far as the celestial orderians are concerned," Tianming said. Thanks to the Sky Palace, the Myriad Solar Sects could hold a united front against the celestial orderians despite having constant internal struggles.

"Sky Palace? Why does that sound familiar?" The Archaionfiend said.

"Do you know about it?"

"I seem to recall that the sky plunderers formed many Sky Plundering Palaces across the many star worlds in their heyday. I wonder if the two are related."

"Do you know anything else?" If the faction had something to do with the sky plunderers, then Tianming had to go to them no matter what.

"Nope. My mind has felt like a mess since I returned to the astralscape of order. It feels like there’s many holes in my memory. Orderia also doesn't use the calendar that's widespread across the astralscape of order, so I don't know how many years have passed. I slumbered for quite a long while before starting symbiotic cultivation."

"So you turned stupid after a long nap," Tianming said.

"Can't you put it more nicely, you ungrateful brat?!"

The Archaionfiend had said that the sky plunderers used to be the hegemons of the astralscape of order, but now the divine wondersky race supposedly called the shots. It didn't know what had happened in between, a sign of its amnesia.

"Either way, I'm still interested in this Sky Palace," Tianming said.

Yu Ziqian looked worshipful whenever he talked about the members of the Sky Palace. Their mystique was powerful, and before they joined it, each one of them were the top geniuses that didn't come from the celestial orderian clans. Everyone got their chance at the ages of twenty to thirty, and once that chance was missed, there was no hope of getting it ever again. Even so, it was a one-in-a-billion chance, given that there were close to a billion people vying for it.

Not only that, even if one rose to the top, they would have to undergo many other trials. This sacred selection process took place once every ten years, but a true member only emerged once a century or so. Basically, being the best wasn't enough to become a member.

As for why Yu Ziqian and all the other billion disciples under the age of thirty were going to the Voidsky Realm, it was because it was a chance for them to grow their reputation. Even if they didn't rise to the top, they would still honor their fellow sect members and ancestors if they performed well. In other words, it was also a chance for the many sects to show the promising future potential they held.

During every tournament, Orderia was at its most merry. It was sparsely populated due to its sheer size in the first place. As the group neared the Voidsky Realm, they saw large groups of people traveling together. Apart from the billion participants, many others had also come to make merry and enjoy the festivities.

Tianming was impressed at the sheer vastness of this world, watching from atop Lan Huang's back. "This world looks like it's figuratively on fire. Everyone seems rushed and explosive. It's a natural battlefield built for a refreshing hot blood shower. Everyone here has the ambition of dominating the world and becoming the ultimate ruler of the universe." Just by looking at this world, Tianming felt his own blood boiling.

"Do you mean you want to build your empire up here as well?” Xiaoxiao said. She was truly observant.

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