Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1152

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Chapter 1152

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Chapter 1152 - Senior Brother Li Is so Handsome


"Did you already know?" Yu Ziqian asked nervously.

"Of course. Something like that can't hide from my eyes," Tianming said with a smile. Given how hesitant Yu Ziqian was about letting people know about it, perhaps his master Jiang Qingliu might not know the details either.

"I knew we wouldn't be able to hide it from you after seeing how powerful Brother Feng's divine soul is. However, it isn’t really something I'm trying to hide. Everyone knows that I have some powerful legacy. Though, I still hope you'll be able to keep this from the others," Yu Ziqian earnestly said.

"No worries. We're in the same boat, so we'll be looking out for one another."


Tianming was Yu Ziqian's savior, but thanks to Yu Ziqian, he was also able to get a proper identity in Orderia. He would have to continue relying on the Azuresoul Palace and Yu Ziqian's cooperation to blend in for real.

The azuresky qilin continued along its path. Amidst the sound of the blowing winds, Tianming could more or less hear the other disciples chattering about them.

"Those three are Master Jiang's honorary disciples!"

"No wonder they're so powerful. They must've received some kind of guidance from him."

"Master Jiang's teaching capabilities are truly impressive. The chief disciple aside, I heard there’s another three honorary disciples in the top five of the imperial star ranking. I didn't think they'd be revealed here. Senior Brother Feng is even stronger than Senior Brother Bai, so doesn't that mean the top three disciples of Azuresoul Palace are all Master Jiang's disciples?"

"That should be the case. Master Jiang is impressive. He's said to be among the top ten most powerful in the sect as a whole. His disciples of this generation are even superior to the disciples of the head instructor."

The disciples now viewed Jiang Qingliu completely differently, filled with admiration.

"Come to think of it, why’d Master Jiang wait until today to reveal his three honorary disciples?"

"It's to protect them, of course. They're still young, after all. One also shouldn't reveal their trump cards in the beginning. Many other sects keep their talented disciples a secret before the Voidsky Realm opens for the element of surprise. Our chief disciple, for instance, seldom fights to prevent intelligence about him being gathered and leaked."

Everyone under the age of thirty were considered no different from children in Orderia. In this era, talented geniuses were the foundations of the future. For any sect or faction, legacies were of the utmost importance to ensure their supremacy in the future.

"Putting aside Master Jiang, I heard that more than half of all the geniuses of a generation are kept hidden before the Voidsky Realm opens. They'll show up in droves all of a sudden."

"It's going to be a competition of who has more hidden trump cards then…"

The disciples didn't suspect Tianming and the others' origins at all, so their identities were finally secure. It was of the utmost importance, given how Sovereign Xi was able to trace his origins back to the Flameyellow Continent and bring disaster down to it. Having a cover identity was all too important, as there was no way to avoid crossing anyone in a world fueled by an obsession with strife and competition.

"I'm not afraid that our enemies will be powerful… I'm only worried they'll be insane."


These days, Tianming and the rest spent much time with Yu Ziqian and got to know many other disciples. The conversations were merry throughout. Given Tianming's outgoing personality and Yu Ziqian vouching for him, he managed to make quite a few friends in a few short days.

"I noticed that you look more and more like a native of the sun," Xiaoxiao said, feeling a little at a loss for words.

"To keep winning, we have to know ourselves and our enemies. We also have to keep adapting to local customs!" Tianming said.

"Spare me the sophistry, you're just a natural at socializing!" Xiaoxiao couldn't help but smile. Nowadays, the gang was all together, with the exception of Qingyu. Thus, the pressure on them wasn't that huge. They were able to let loose and have some fun, even the lifebound beasts in their lifebound spaces. Not to mention, Feiling's life force was growing stronger inside Xian Xian's body. Tianming felt her recovering more and more.

"When Ling'er wakes up, many things will have changed. I wonder how much more powerful she'll be? Our team of five will be complete when we find Qingyu."

He would be together with his friends, siblings, and lover. They would protect each other. These were the days Tianming had been pining for.

In the following days, he focused on asking Yu Ziqian about the Voidsky Realm.

"Senior Brother Li, you're really handsome!" From time to time, female disciples would go past Yu Ziqian and send signals to Tianming.

"Wow, they're so direct." The environment really did shape much of a person's personality. The women of the Flameyellow Continent were more reserved, but the women here were just as passionate and wild as the burning sun they lived on. They were also far more direct than women from the moon and hated beating around the bush.

"Dammit, those rascals used to be my fans! How fickle!" Yu Ziqian said.

"They're switching to the winning side, you see. Your charm can't compare to mine."

Charm was something that was hard to hide. Tianming couldn't pretend to be a pathetic weakling even if he wanted to. Even though he hadn't shown his skills yet, the other disciples all kept an eye out for him.

"My master said you’re fated to rise to the top. Each and every one of your behaviors radiates a kind of divine aura. It's something that can only come about after you overcome many tribulations. It's super rare for someone in their twenties to have this kind of aura. Not to mention, your golden eye radiates justice and authority, while your black eye inspires respect," Yu Ziqian praised.

"Alright, lay off on the flattery, won't you?"

Right as they were chatting, the qilin leapt from the river and continued speeding on the surface of the sun. Danger suddenly came, not for Tianming, but for Yu Ziqian! Tianming looked up and saw a throwing knife shooting toward Yu Ziqian's back, having been launched from the group of disciples behind him. It was so fast that no normal person could defend against it.

"Careful!" Tianming yelled. Many people cried out that instant. The knife had been thrown with enough power that an ascendant wouldn't be able to defend against it. It was a calculated move made with the intent to kill.

Jiang Qingliu was currently at the head of the qilin. He wouldn't make it in time to the center of the qilin where Tianming and the rest were in time, and the gigantic qilin wouldn't be able to react to an attack on such a small scale either! That instant, Yu Ziqian's expression changed as he moved fast as lightning, turning back and opening his fan before whacking the dagger away. A constellation appeared near him at that instant. Tianming could see that every star of the constellation looked like divine pills. Together, they took the shape of a black cauldron.

The fan managed to knock the dagger away, neutralizing the threat. Yu Ziqian fanned himself as he stood up. "Qing Zi, you’re three generations above me, yet you dared to use such an underhanded method to take my life. Have the disciples of the head instructor already sunk that low?!"

His words shook the entire cohort.

"What's going on, Senior Qing Zi?"

They all moved aside, surrounding Qing Zi and a few others.

"A disciple of the head instructor… sinking so low…"

Everyone was angered and shocked into disbelief. Tianming was rather surprised as well. The only reason Yu Ziqian had emerged unscathed was because of the power of his constellation; it wasn't weak, either. He was on a completely different level now compared to the time he was being pursued. So this fellow's abilities can rise and fall, eh… Back then, Yu Ziqian had almost died. He definitely hadn't been faking his weakness. When Mo Yuling called him out on it, he didn't act and let the doubts fester. But now, Qing Zi, Mo Yuling, and many others looked at Yu Ziqian with utter surprise.

"I see… So that's what true acting is like." Tianming broke out laughing. Yu Ziqian didn't hold back when the opportunity came for him to shine.

Soon, Jiang Qingliu rushed to their side. "Qing Zi, explain!"

Qing Zi, Mo Yuling, and Bai Junce were at a loss. Bai Junce's embarrassment turned into anger as he glared at Mo Yuling. "Didn't you say he was a weakling?!"

"I… I…" Mo Yuling stammered, tears forming in her eyes.

"Don't bully my junior. Sister Mo, come here. I don't blame you for this. Back then, there was indeed a problem with my cultivation, but I've since recovered. As long as you no longer doubt me, I won't blame this on you," Yu Ziqian said magnanimously.

"Senior Brother…!" Having doubted him, only to be proven wrong, Mo Yuling felt horrible. Her resolve crumbled as she leapt into his embrace.

Yu Ziqian pretended not to care, smiling empathetically as he hugged her tight and comforted her. Their relationship had been mended just like that, much to Tianming and the others' amazement.

"Someone should give him an award for that acting…"

Meanwhile, Jiang Qingliu kept the pressure on Qing Zi and Bai Junce high. "I demand an explanation!"

"I… I was doing this for the sake of the Azuresoul Palace! There’s some that doubt his capabilities and our sect's reputation is no laughing matter! You were the ones who kept inflating his reputation in the first place! The sect can't afford the slightest chance that he’s really a weakling!" Qing Zi argued.

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