Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1162

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Chapter 1162

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Chapter 1162 - Challenging Ancient Idols Again

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Given Tianming's age, he would be considered a top genius second only to Yu Ziqian for defeating Yun Feiyang. Thanks to the skyward eye, he had attracted quite a lot of attention for himself, especially as he was previously completely unknown. Naturally, his level of power wasn't enough for him to be the star of the Voidsky Realm; there would be many more previously unknown geniuses that would whip up a storm in the time to come.

Tianming and the others traveled at a casual pace, with powering up their main goal. For now, the imperial star ranking was empty, which only meant that it would be even more chaotic once it began being filled. To the seniors, a fight between juniors was still insignificant, to some degree. Even so, there was something about the passionate struggle of youth that appealed to even some elders that were millennia old.

"Alright, this place will be it, then." Tianming and the rest found themselves walking along a deep mountain stream through which molten lava flowed. While it was mind-numbingly hot, there weren't any firestorms here, so it was relatively comfortable. They wouldn't have to weather the forces of the Voidsky Flame Pillar.

There were quite a few wildbeasts within the stream. They were known as ancient wildbeasts and were commonplace across Orderia. Such beasts, after absorbing lots of nova source for thousands of years, would be able to dominate many constelliers despite only being at the third level, thanks to the powers they had inherited from their bloodlines. They didn't have any intelligence, only survival instinct, so understanding the laws of the world was beyond them. As a result, their power was limited to their physical bodies and fundamental cosmic forces.

While the wildbeasts may fare badly against humanoids that possessed intelligence and divine will, they weren't to be looked down upon. Some of them managed to achieve the fifth or sixth level. If they went berserk, they would be able to eliminate entire cities and slaughter their populations. Mercy was an alien concept to them, after all. Everywhere, wildbeasts were only minor players in the grand scheme of things. However, the former Primordial Chaos Beasts themselves could be considered wildbeasts that didn't submit to humans, which showed that there was more to wildbeasts than what met the eyes.


The ancient wildbeasts of the Voidsky Realm were really familiar with the surrounding terrain. Right as Tianming and the rest descended, a bunch of lava fiendsnakes burst out of a seam in a boulder and flew toward them, spitting scorching fire that could even decimate the walls of the mountains around them. Not wanting to be prey, Tianming had Xian Xian strike out and devour some of them as a snack, which sent the rest scurrying away.

"Let's keep a low profile for some time," Tianming said.

"Alright. I'll whip up a misdirection formation to cover our tracks," Yu Ziqian said. These were small, portable formations that could seal off an entire area, making it harder for those outside to detect what was within. Tianming didn't imagine that such a small formation would be on the divine level. It went to show that Orderian formationology was a rather mature field.

"Go ahead and enter the wondersky realm. I'll stay outside and keep an eye on him," Xiaoxiao said as he took out the heavenly locus formation. Yu Ziqian was still someone they couldn't fully trust. Not to mention, Xiaoxiao didn't think the Violetglory Pagoda would affect her cultivation much. With the Archaionfiend around, her breakthroughs were much simpler than Tianming and Lingfeng's.

"Alright." Tianming and Lingfeng entered the heavenly locus formation. To Yu Ziqian, they merely looked like they were meditating within a formation. "Tell me if a skyward eye appears," Tianming reminded her.


"Will do," Xiaoxiao said.

"Why do they look like they're sleeping?" Yu Ziqian asked.

"It's how they cultivate. Don't pry too much," Xiaoxiao answered.

"Got it!" Yu Ziqian winked and glanced at Xiaoxiao with his fan in hand. "Junior Sister Lin, since we have time to kill, why not talk about life?"

"Leave me alone."

"Got it!"



Perplexity Island was where Tianming had met Lingfeng for the first time during the latter's captivity. Not to mention, Lingfeng was properly entering the wondersky realm using a formation this time around. It was like he had gained a completely new identity within.

"I recall that your caelum was about to scatter last time," Tianming said, looking at Lingfeng's recovered caelum.

"My caelum only began scattering because my vita was almost torn apart by that Di Yi guy. But after my vita recovered, and even improved, my caelum and terra have recovered as well," Lingfeng said. He knew better than anyone how hard it had been for him to leave the xenomemory space.

"I’ll go challenge the ancient idols to get some battle arts. I've been severely lacking in those. Nowadays, our foes are even stronger, so we need every edge we can get."

"Alright. I'll also look for one that can draw the most power out of the Evil Suppression Pillar. Compared to your familiarity with the Grand-Orient Sword, I'm far too unfamiliar with my weapon." Lingfeng flipped his hand, causing the black staff to appear. The heavenly locus formation had slightly undervalued its performance.

The two of them lined up in front of the idols. Soon, it was their turn. After entering the hall, Tianming had a slightly hard time picking. "The first ten ancient idols basically all have first-realm divine arts, some second-realm ones at best. They’re still inferior to the Moonnight Subdued Strike. Not to mention, the limitation of challenging them once every ten days is more troublesome for me than for others...."

The difficulty of the first fifty ancient idols wasn't related to his body's strength or power, but rather his talent and insight. Tianming could easily swiftly burst through many of them, but the rules prohibited that. He couldn't get any more powerful battle arts by directly challenging the idols higher up.

"The wondersky fairy said that third-level privileges will allow me to challenge idols as often as I want. Since I made it to the second level of the Violetglory Pagoda, I have second-level privileges, which allows me to access a hundred lands of legacy."

The Violetglory Star had a wondersky realm of its own, but Orderia didn't. In other words, Orderia was probably further from the center of the astralscape of order compared to the Violetglory Star.

While Tianming was a disciple of the Azuresoul Palace, he didn't have access to the legacies and guidance of the sect for now, so he needed everything he could get from the wondersky realm. That was the only way he could grow stronger during his time in the Voidsky Realm.

"Oh! Since I managed to defeat a first-level constellier, I might stand a chance in challenging for a spot on the third floor of the pagoda. Wouldn't I have third-level privileges then?"

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