Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1164

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Chapter 1164

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Chapter 1164 - The Imperial Descent

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“Bloody hell! What kind of place is this? It’s impossible to tell the men and women apart!” Virtual relationship? Despite a separation of great distances, true love will remain, even if by only a single rope, but the “beauty” was a bloke! 

"My eyes!” Ying Huo moaned. 

"Shut up.” 

This time, Tianming was so anxious to enter he had forgotten to alter the position of the tattoo that represented Ying Huo. The wondersky realm was a place that threw him into disorder.

"Senior Brother Lin Feng, you’re so handsome.” 

"Do you have a girlfriend? If so, do you mind having an extra bed warmer? Violetglory Star has an aging population, so the sect encourages more births!” 

"Senior Brother Lin Feng, do you want a boyfriend? I can be either!” 

Tianming had a splitting headache. Who would have thought a bunch of people like this would appear as soon as he made the Violetglory ranking. Fortunately, it was his turn. Quickly entering the hall, he began challenging the ancient idols.

He made his way through the sixth, seventh, eighth idols, and so on. With no limitations on challenging idols, Tianming didn't bother strategizing. The current level of battle arts were of little use to him. He fought them again and again. In fact, this was a learning process; the ancient idols would use battle arts that had been practiced thousands of times against Tianming. Under the circumstances of even strength, these ancient idols, which proved difficult for many Violetglory disciples, weren’t a challenge for him, given his Trisoul Prime.

The fight continued without pause. This was a game of intelligence, talent, and patience. Tianming hastened to select a battle art suited for his powerful enemies in the Voidsky Realm. Every idol was different; some were swordsmen, some were beasts, and others had three heads and six arms, or spikes and tails. And every time he defeated an idol, he gained a divine-class battle art.

"In fact, the sects of Violetglory Star don’t consider these battle arts special, but it’s a whole other story in Orderia, which is just what I need.” Completely focused on the matter at hand, Tianming was unconcerned with the outside world. In the face of the ancient idols, Tianming countered their moves over and over again. With his Trisoul Prime, he learned quickly. His lifesbane had given him extraordinary talent in terms of comprehension. And as far as battle arts were concerned, all totem users were a level above beastmasters and specters. Tianming’s Aeonic Grandbane ensured he surpassed all others in this respect.

Tianming had challenged the sixteenth idol. Each idol took longer than the last. When he first began, it only took him an hour, but now he needed three. Throughout the entire process, his eyes were fixed on the idols’ movements as he meticulously studied them.

"Allowing opponents to experience and practice the battle art is the best way to master it.” Only by being attacked could he learn where the strengths of each technique lay.

The more he progressed, the more beatings he took. However, Tianming used an incredible method when challenging ancient idols, that is, employing the battle art he learned from the previous idol against the current one. The endless confrontation and tempering had a gratifying effect. 

Four days passed in a blink of an eye. With single-minded devotion, Tianming arrived at the twenty-third idol. In fact, he could sense that he was approaching his limit after the twentieth one. From the twenty-first idol onward, the rewards were at least fourth-realm divine arts that all surpassed the Moonnight Subdued Strike. Tianming chose the Ninebolt Inferno so that Xiaoxiao could practice it. At the twenty-second idol, Tianming selected the Demon Suppression Staff, a powerful, overbearing technique. Since Lingfeng had yet to reach this level, Tianming would leave this battle art to him. 

Tianming finally obtained a fourth-realm divine art that suited him at the twenty-third idol: Imperial Descent. This sword art was in harmony with Imperial Will, like the arrival of a God-Emperor that dominated the world. There were two parts to it. If he wanted to learn, taking a beating was the first step. The twenty-third idol was a golden-robed emperor with a divine sword in one hand, majestic and imposing. It almost seemed like there was a great army behind the lone idol. The momentum of this sword rivaled Tianming’s. This time, it took him an entire day to defeat the idol. Having reached his limit, he was a little disoriented. Further comprehension of the Imperial Descent was required. Owing to the harmonious sword intent and Trisoul Prime, Tianming didn’t think it would be difficult.

"I’ve worked my heart out over the past few days and finally found a suitable battle art.” Despite his exhaustion, Tianming was thrilled. He couldn't wait to return to Orderia to experience the power of the Imperial Descent. Thus, he chose to suspend the challenge.

At that moment, a loud voice rumbled above him. "Congratulations to Violetglory disciple Lin Feng for defeating eighteen ancient idols in succession and breaking the wondersky realm record at the age of twenty-three. His achievement will go down in history!” 

Tianming was stunned. As soon as he walked out of the hall, he was greeted by disciples on Perplexity Island. It seemed that everyone had heard the announcement.

"Eighteen idols!” 

In that moment, silence enveloped Perplexity Island. Tianming suspected the voice had notified the entire wondersky realm.

"It's him!” someone yelled, and all eyes immediately looked toward Tianming.

"How is he so talented?” Many people were amazed.


"I’ve never seen this man before. Where is he from? Which faction does he belong to?” 

"Does anyone know? The wondersky fairy says he isn’t part of the sect?” 

"He made the Violetglory ranking only a few days ago.” 

They all surrounded Tianming at once.

"Lin Feng!” 

Someone squeezed out of the crowd. It was a girl with green hair tied up in a bun—Liu Wanwan. Incredulously staring at Tianming, she said, "I remember defeating you just two months ago. How’d you become a disciple with level-three privileges so quickly? Have you reached the Constellation stage?” If she hadn’t witnessed it with her own eyes, she wouldn't believe it was true.

"It’s all luck. I'm leaving now. Let’s catch up next time!” At the sight of the crowd around him, Tianming wanted to slip away.

"Wait!” Standing in his way, Liu Wanwan earnestly said, "Hold on. Listen to what I have to say first.” 

"What is it?” 

"You’ve caused a sensation. I’m guessing that after today, there’ll be many people looking for you throughout Violetglory Star. Regardless of their intentions, it’ll cause you quite a headache. You should stay hidden for the time being and wait for the storm to pass. If that doesn't work, you can look for me in the Mystgod Pavilion. You don't belong to the sect, but we’re happy to help. The elders would love to cultivate you, and my parents have some influence.” 

"Me?” Tianming smiled. "Don't worry, they can look for a lifetime but they won’t find me." 

"So confident?” Liu Wanwan asked.


"I’m a real man. Of course I’m confident.” He was in Orderia. Even if they turned this place upside down, it would have nothing to do with him.

"So will you come to the Mystgod Pavilion? We’re not bad,” said Liu Wanwan.

"I’ll leave it up to fate. For now, I’m going to hide,” Tianming replied.

Alright, goodbye then. I’ll take you somewhere fun next time!” said Liu Wanwan.


With that, Tianming disappeared from Perplexity Island.


After leaving the wondersky realm, Tianming was still in Yu Ziqian's misdirection formation.

"Brother, did you have a wet dream? You seem very formidable. Did you dream of countless beauties?" Yu Ziqian asked curiously.

"Fuck off.” Yu Ziqian’s words reminded Tianming of the “little girl.” His hair stood on end!

"What's the situation now?” Walking out of the formation, Tianming looked up, but the imperial star ranking was still blank. However, the storm outside seemed more violent. 

"It’s only been a few days. Nothing’s happened,” said Yu Ziqian. In spite of everything, he had remained in one place for fear of losing a decisive opportunity. "In fact, there’s many treasures and legacies in the Voidsky Realm,” he added.

"Sure, I’ll continue cultivating for a few more days.” Returning to the formation, Tianming began practicing Imperial Descent.

"What a rare sword art!” Yu Ziqian gasped.

Tianming threw himself into cultivation.


Three days later, they left the abyssal stream and headed further in. The fierce winds formed fiery tornados that swept across the land like giant beasts. Wherever they went, they left behind a mess of sand and mud. Tianming lost his sense of direction, but it didn’t matter which way he went, as every direction seemed equally harsh. In this kind of environment, visibility was very low even when he used his Plundering Eye. 

"How can there be no movement now that the Voidsky Realm has opened? It’s strange.” Yu Ziqian was puzzled.

At that moment, a figure came dashing towards them.

"Stop!” Yu Ziqian shouted. As the man approached, Yu Ziqian realized it was a disciple of the Azuresoul Palace. 

"Senior Brother?” The man was just as surprised at his fortune of bumping into them. Weeping bitter tears, he cried, "Who would’ve thought I’d run into you?” 

"Why’re you in such a hurry?” Yu Ziqian asked.

"Senior Brother, a minorsky stele appeared over there. Hurry up, you should go now or someone else will snatch it!”

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