Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1190

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Chapter 1190

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Chapter 1190 - The Young and Wild Jiang Qingliu

“Those names with red dots don’t seem to be having a lot of change in their points.”

“Does that mean entering the tomb will affect your ability to improve your points?”

“That means our chance is here!”

This fact made the disciples who hadn’t gotten inside relieved. But then, a shocking change suddenly occurred!


“The imperial star ranking? Nothing changed?”

Many people looked closer.

“Look at the first name.”

Now, more and more people realized there was a new top dog around. Before, it was Weisheng Moran of Dreamless Celestial Nation, with a total of two hundred and eighty thousand points. However, now, she had been dragged down to second place.

“The first is Li Tianming of Azuresoul Palace!”

“It’s him again!”

“Did you notice? He instantly jumped from two hundred and thirty thousand to four hundred and thirty thousand points!”

“That can’t be points from beating someone.”

“What the hell did he do?”

A disciple who had the power of a second-level constellier should have been ranked in the hundreds when it came to combat power, had seized number one not once, but twice! Once might have been luck, but twice was a pattern.

“How did he do it?”

“Maybe the Sky Palace got something wrong and gave Yu Ziqian’s points to him?”

“No way.”

Apart from confusion, shock filled them as well. After all, this wasn’t some small schoolyard brawl. This was a competition a billion people were participating in.


The experts outside could actually track the changes much more easily. A jump of two hundred thousand points immediately drew all attention toward the name Li Tianming.

“It’s him again.”

“Could he be the son of some member of the Sky Palace and they just threw him points?”

“It seems he gained it from the Imperial Ninedragon Tomb.”

“How is this fair? What could he get in there that’s worth two hundred thousand points?”

“Don’t say that. The Sky Palace never said beating people was the only source of points. Now, that would be unfair. When you have people under thirty, some will be twenty-eight, some will be thirty. Even if they have the same level of talent, there’ll be a difference in cultivation. It’s not fair to see who’s stronger then. Talent should always be the most important thing.”

“So you mean the treasure he got in the Imperial Ninedragon Tomb proves he’s talented?” Everything was decided by the Sky Palace. This was their recruitment exercise, so they wouldn’t want losers. Questioning their examination system was meaningless.

“The Azuresoul Palace had a famous disciple called Yu Ziqian. Now they have another three disciples dominating the top ten. A spectacular showing from a thirty-eighth-ranked sect.”

“And one of their disciples topped it!”

“They’re also all disciples of Azuresoul Tower’s Jiang Qingliu. He was famous a few years back.”

“When he was young? I heard he had the strength to reach the top ten in his Imperial Star Ranking. However, he was unlucky so he got eliminated early.”

“If they keep this up, Jiang Qingliu will be a legend of Orderia.”

“The super teacher of a generation? Haha.”

Everywhere, such discussions were being held. That included those standing right around Jiang Qingliu himself. Several hundred people were congratulating him now. They were powerhouses who had brought along their disciples for this and all of them were impressive figures in their own right.

“Brother Jiang, share it with us? Where in the world did you find disciples like this?”

“Three people in the top ten is way too amazing.”

“What an embarrassment for the geniuses from the top ten sects.”

These people were all wearing big smiles on their faces. However, they were competitors. What emotions were really lurking underneath weren’t shown.

“I don’t deserve it, I don’t deserve it! It was just pure luck. My three disciples used luck too. Their strength is just nicely at the constellier stage. When it comes to actual strength and talent, they’re still lacking. Give it a day or two and they’ll drop back down,” Jiang Qingliu hurriedly said.

“You’re being too humble, Brother Jiang.”

“Yes, you are.”

“Just look at that Li Tianming. His four hundred and three thousand points is equal to beating four hundred and three thousand people. The rest of the top ten might not be able to catch up. Li Tianming has secured a spot in the top ten, at least.”

“It’s been a while since a disciple from a second-rate power has reached the top ten. I believe the Azuresoul Palace will rise in the rankings as well. I’m well and truly envious!”

Jiang Qingliu continued acting humble and claiming it all as luck. That was because he was very well aware the most insidious way to kill someone was to inflate their ego. When you became overconfident after being praised so much, a moment of carelessness might become your downfall. And the culprits couldn’t be blamed because all they had done was lavish praise. The more brilliant Tianming’s group was, the more malicious the eyes of those hidden in the darkness were. For example, Supracloud Sanctuary’s Yun Tianque. There were many people around him.

The top ten of the imperial star rankings would affect the situation on the Azurecloud Continent. How could he watch from the side without doing anything?

“Brother Yun, you need to take action.”

“You may not be able to affect the Voidsky Realm, but there are strings to pull in the Azurecloud Continent.”

Yun Tianque smiled coldly when he heard the reminder from his ‘allies’. “No need.”

“How so?””

“That disciple has climbed too high. I’m not the one he offended, and the benefits he ruined aren’t our Supracloud Sanctuary’s. Instead, it’s the top ten sects of the myriad sect ranking! He seized their position and snatched their treasure, so someone will naturally deal with the Azuresoul Palace.”

He continued, “These children don’t know that without backing, the higher you climb, the harder you fall. Their master was the exact same way when he was younger. But he didn’t learn his lesson. He puffed up Yu Ziqian’s importance and sent him on a road to death, as well as these three. We just need to kick back and watch the show. Idiots will always be idiots. The hierarchy is important in Orderia. You want to rise up just because you have some geniuses? Hah!” Yun Tianque gave Jiang Qingliu a brief look.

He grinned, “See?”

The people around him turned to look and saw a pale, blue-haired, middle aged man in black robes flying toward Jiang Qingliu. He had a youth with him. Everyone in the way quickly gave way, smirking. The middle-aged man’s facial structure was quite big and sharp, a little like a shark. Blue hair pointed out his origin, and the youth next to him, Lan Xingyao, pointed out his identity. He was someone from the Blueblood Starocean!

There was a flicker in Jiang Qingliu’s eyes when he saw the newcomer. “Lan Sha.” Many things from the past surfaced in his mind and he involuntarily clenched his fists.

“Jiang Qingliu. The passing of time really is quick. Without noticing, seven hundred years have passed since we last met.” Despite Lan Sha looking like the violent sort, his voice was very gentle and cultured.

“Yes, time flies.” Jiang Qingliu looked at him doubtfully, then smiled as if nothing had happened.

“I didn’t expect that I would gain a new understanding of you today. The great teacher of a generation?” Lan Sha smiled.

“You must be joking. This is just the kids playing around. It’s not worth mentioning.”

Lan Xingyao couldn’t endure it and snapped, “He cut off my arm and stole my things. That’s playing around? Let me tell you, your disciples are finished.”

“Shush.” Lan Sha gave him a cold look.

“Yes, Second Uncle.” Lan Xingyao lowered his head and stepped back.

“So, are you here to find trouble? The kids fight and the adults have to clean up the mess?” Jiang Qingliu said mildly.

Lan Sha shook his head. “That’s not so. It’s just my elder brother had some doubts about your disciples. Come with me, he’s not far.”

“He’s near?” Jiang Qingliu paled.

“Yes, just passing through.” Lan Sha nodded.

“I’m not going. The Voidsky Skirmish is a fair competition. As a member of the Blueblood Starocean, you shouldn’t play these kinds of tricks that will only embarrass you.”

At least tens of thousands of experts were paying attention to their conversation.

“I said, it has nothing to do with Voidsky Realm. My elder brother wants to meet you, and I’m here to let you know.”

Jiang Qingliu’s expression was frosty, but he didn’t say anything.

“Jiang Qingliu, the last time you were disobedient toward my elder brother, you lost three lifebound beasts. How many are left?” Lan Sha approached him and whispered in his ear. He narrowed his eyes and said, “Follow.”

Lan Sha turned and walked away, seemingly unworried about Jiang Qingliu not following. He knew Jiang Qingliu didn’t dare.

People looked at Jiang Qingliu with pity.

“This is what happens when you play with fire.”


“Honestly, if he wasn’t so flashy when he was young, with five lifebound beasts, he would be quite impressive today.”

Actually, they didn’t know that Li Tianming and the rest had popped up halfway through, and Jiang Qingliu hadn’t expected them. And now, danger had arrived.

Just as Jiang Qingliu was about to follow, a woman’s gentle voice rang out. Although it was gentle, tranquil, and elegant, it contained a power impossible to resist.

“Jiang Qingliu, stop there.”

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