Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1191

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Chapter 1191

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Chapter 1191 - Whitedragon Empress

The Azuresoul Palace was ranked thirty-eighth on the myriad sect ranking. That meant the status of most here was actually lower than Jiang Qingliu’s. People were strange; they all wanted to rise, but when they saw someone around their level actually accomplish it, their first thought was to curse them or be jealous.

Thus, many people wanted to see Jiang Qingliu suffer.

Jiang Qingliu felt like he was getting a headache. Slightly confused, he turned and looked.

The many people taking pleasure in his misfortune all stepped aside when they saw the newcomer. However, they all exchanged strange looks.

“It’s someone from the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect.”

“What do they want?”

The group this time wasn’t small. There were a dozen-odd people with a third eye between their eyebrows approaching Jiang Qingliu. Most were middle-aged, and their cultivation was nearly the peak they would reach in their life. This age group was the main pillar of Orderia.

“It’s her!”

“I didn’t expect the Whitedragon Empress of the Seven Dragon Imperials would personally come.”

All of the onlookers’ attention was directed at the beautiful woman at the head of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect’s group. To join the Seven Dragon Imperials, this woman mustn’t have just had beauty, but extraordinary power, enough to stand at the top of Orderia’s food chain!

Her hair was as black as night and neatly coiled up into buns at the back of her head. A jade hairpin with beaded ornaments dangling down from its tips kept the coil firmly in place. The woman’s complexion was fair, and neither her lips nor brows required makeup to portray her beauty. A bright yellow dress wrapped around her figure, and an emerald ribbon around her waist revealed her sophisticated contours.

Amorous feelings grew in the spectators when they saw her. She was slightly older than Sovereign Xi, but she was also very different. Sovereign Xi dressed beautifully, but this woman didn’t hide her age. Thus, she seemed even more graceful and elegant. The third eye on her forehead was kept closed, keeping her forehead smooth.

She was the one who had just called out to Jiang Qingliu to stop.

Lan Sha of the Blueblood Starocean had heard her words as well and froze. In that brief moment before he turned around, the woman had already arrived in front of him.

Lan Sha frowned, then coolly said, “Long Wanying, what’s the meaning of this?”

“Lan Sha, how dare you be disrespectful to the Whitedragon Empress? You even dare to address her by name!”

“What right do you have to call a Seven Dragon Imperial by name?”

The elders from the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect all rebuked him. However, their tones also carried an undertone of mockery. Whitedragon Empress Long Wanying was in the same age group as Lan Sha, but her status was so much higher.

“Haha.” Lan Sha let go. He couldn’t be rash in front of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect, because they were the second-ranked sect on the Myriad Sect Ranking. He watched as the Whitedragon Empress approached Jiang Qingliu.

She didn’t pay much attention to Lan Sha; however, she was very polite to Jiang Qingliu. “Jiang Qingliu, congratulations. Your disciples have gotten incredible accomplishments in the Voidsky Realm, and their fame can be said to have shaken the world.”

“I don’t deserve this praise. Those kids were just lucky, but the competition hasn’t ended yet. Many true geniuses haven’t shown their skills thus far.” Jiang Qingliu didn’t look Long Wanying in the eye. They had once been competitors on the same battlefield, but now their statuses had grown so far apart.

Long Wanying smiled. “You’re too humble. It’s chaotic and crowded here, and I was wondering if you were willing to have a private discussion with the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect? I feel a sense of familiarity with this Li Tianming. It’d be great if I could get to know him more. Perhaps our Xuanyuan Dragon Sect could even work together with the Azuresoul Palace to create an even brighter future for these kids.”

Long Wanying’s words were direct and to the point. Futhermore, she wasn’t asking to snatch away those disciples, but to mutually foster them with the Azuresoul Palace. That meant that after the Voidsky Skirmish was over, Tianming and the rest would go to the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect for training. However, the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect would provide compensation to Azuresoul Palace, as well as protection.

This was Azuresoul Palace’s best chance to join the umbrella of a peak power.

For Jiang Qingliu, the thing was that he didn’t even know Li Tianming’s trio! If Tianming and the rest really got in the top ten at the end, the Azuresoul Palace would shoot up the rankings. This was an effortless benefit. They could even send these hot potatoes away afterward, and still gain the Xuanyuan Dragon’s Sect’s protection. That was just too important now that the Blueblood Starocean was starting to make trouble for them. Jiang Qingliu could only be thankful Tianming’s group had shone so brilliantly that even the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect was shocked.

He understood the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect. They had always been the model for Orderia’s beastmasters. Even if there were some ups and downs, they were always still firmly within the top three sects.

Even now that an even stronger Dreamless Celestial Nation had popped up, the Blueblood Starocean still couldn’t compare to them. The Seven Dragon Imperials were the greatest authority of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect, and even though Long Wanying, the Whitedragon Empress, was ranked last, she could still represent her entire sect.

Long Wanying’s words set the area abuzz with conversation.

“These disciples even impressed the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect?”

“The Whitedragon Empress wants to take them in.”

“The Xuanyuan Dragon Sect has always honored their words. If this deal works out, the Azuresoul Palace will definitely be uplifted and become something no one dares to agitate.”

“Yes! The Xuanyuan Dragon Sect rarely supports other sects. The Azuresoul Palace has struck the jackpot!”

All of those who had been reveling in Jiang Qingliu’s misfortune felt like their hearts were being stabbed.

“Those disciples just got into the top ten through dumb luck, though.”

“Their own disciples can’t be weak either.”

“Well, by the end of the battle, we’ll know who are geniuses and who are clowns.”

“Hopefully, the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect won’t make a fool of themselves.”

“The Whitedragon Empress may look gentle, but she’s famous for being a risk taker. This must be her idea.”

“I’ve seen those disciples’ data. Their strength is just average, and their combat power doesn’t rank toward the top.”

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