Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1231

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Chapter 1231: Chapter 1231 - Heart Like Fire, Sword Like Dragon

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Chapter 1231 - Heart Like Fire, Sword Like Dragon

The power of a third-level constellier gathered onto Xiaoxiao from the Archaionfiend and the constellation. Power from burning caeli as fuel surged into the Dragonblood Desecration, and Xiaoxiao nocked three arrows on the bow.

Blood-colored lightning danced on the arrows. Although they hadn’t left the bow yet, the arrows had already turned into snarling dragons. Under normal circumstances, even firing one arrow was difficult for her and at this moment, the berserk power from three arrows had exceeded the limits of her body.

Bloody mist leaked from her slender arms as they bore the brunt of the astralforce, then they were quickly snapped by the bow. The current Dragonblood Desecration could no longer tell friend from foe.

The power of the deepfiend constellation gathered in the three arrows.

None of it made Xiaoxiao’s will waver.

“Kill!!” she roared as she fired the arrows.

Three arrows, born from a combination of the power of caeli, Xiaoxiao and the Archaionfiend, fell from the sky; all were aimed at just one goldenmane skyape. It was the one that had previously been injured by an arrow. It completely failed to notice the danger descending on it from the sky.

When it finally reacted, a screen of gold appeared in front of it, but was easily pierced through.

The first arrow missed. However, the second landed on its eye and the last landed a critical hit on its heart! A startling shriek rang out and the impact blasted the skyape into the cauldron’s wall.

The arrows greedily sucked up its blood, and the initially vigorous snarling soon turned into pathetic moans. The skyape had been heavily injured. If it weren’t for its strong vitality, it would have died. Two of its fellows hurriedly ripped out the arrows, nearly pulling out its heart as well. However, they didn’t have any choice! Their brother would have become a dried-up husk in a few more moments otherwise.

The scene shocked everyone, including Tianming! He turned around and saw a pale Xiaoxiao atop the Archaionfiend. She was leaning against its horn, and she squeezed out a smile toward him.

“Amazing,” Tianming breathed. This was an unexpected pleasant surprise.

“Yes.” What she was thinking was that it was good that she hadn’t disappointed him. She nocked another arrow, using her action to tell him she could still fight.

Lingfeng and Xiaoxiao had had stellar performances so far, making Tianming incredibly happy. His happiness was even greater than if he had made a breakthrough or beat an opponent.

Both Dragonblood Desecration and the grandpath fiend pill had been seized by Tianming for the people closest to him, so he was happy for them to have benefitted so much.


No matter how strong Zhan Yuance was, he had already lost one beast and his fury had somehow shot even higher than before. He returned the injured lifebound beast to his lifebound space, while the remaining four furiously glared at Tianming’s group.

“That woman….” He had to deal with that sniper at the back. He deployed one skyape to stop Xiaoxiao from running interference, leaving him with three lifebound beasts.

Tianming’s side had Lingfeng and the Soulfiend. Not even Xian Xian had been able to resist coming out, as it believed its Trisoul Fiendsong would be especially annoying for Zhan Yuance with his good hearing.

Demonic sounds began pulsating, which were even more effective in this enclosed place.

Zhan Yuance frowned deeply.

“Kill!” He swung his Divine Skypillar, using Weighty Domination Rod and Five Rods Break the Clouds. The staff seemed to split into five, the attack this time seeming to fill the sky. At the same time, the myriadhills constellation continued to press down on them.

At that moment, Lingfeng suddenly appeared behind them. His primordial constellation activated, turning into a vortex that covered the myriadhills constellation. An invisible sucking force was applied to Zhan Yuance and his lifebound beasts and their astralforce began uncontrollably being drawn out.

“What constellation is this?” Zhan Yuance was shocked.

At the same time, Tianming and his three lifebound beasts arrived on the scene as well, with their abilities.

Another arrow fell as well! Ying Huo used its tiny body and Cosmic Blade to lead one of the skyapes around on a merry chase. It would occasionally use sword arts and poke its opponent, eliciting yelps.

Meow Meow used its Regal Chaosfiend form to tussle with a skyape. As for Lan Huang, it was dominating now that it had found someone to engage in melee with. What did it have to fear with the Greenspark Tower and Montseabane? And most of all, they had Tianming’s support through his Lifesteal SIlverdragon!

Their abilities broke Zhan Yuance’s constellation and put pressure on him.

Lingfeng came charging in from the side again. The power of the primordial constellation gathered in the Evil Suppression Pillar, which he swung at Zhan Yuance.

Infernal Soul Curse!

Although Zhan Yuance managed to force him back, the Infernal Soul Curse on the Evil Suppression Pillar still burned him. Zhan Yuance screamed in pain when he felt his soul being burned. He had finally experienced what his sister had suffered.

After the pain passed, another blood-coloured dagger came stabbing at him…. The only thing Zhan Yuance could say was these people just had too many methods.

“Petty tricks will always break before true power!” Zhan Yuance roared. The power of his myriadhills constellation shifted from his beasts to him.

“Die!” This time, Zhan Yuance used Nine Rods Fill the Sky, the third move of the Weighty Domination Rod. The Divine Skypillar extended over a kilometer, then nine of them appeared and came crashing down. The target was naturally Tianming.

He had a cool expression as he fused the Grand-Orient Sword back together, the dragon scale flashing with light.

“It’s go time!” Tianming looked Lingfeng in the eye.

The Heartpiercer Soulblade in Lingfeng’s hand split into tens of thousands of needles, which all flew at Zhan Yuance.

Zhan Yuance was still using his Weighty Domination Rod. He could only dodge, because the attack from Lingfeng’s third regal soul couldn’t be blocked. However, that altered the movements of his hand.

“I can take it! It’s just some soul pain!” Zhan Yuance grit his teeth before ignoring the needles. He allowed them to hit him while he went for Tianming.

“Ahhhhh!!” The pain was much worse than Zhan Yuance had imagined. He had been too overconfident. The Nine Rods Fill the Sky he was using had weakened by at least a half.

Tianming had already broken through the staff attack by this point.

Silverdragon Flashkill!

Blooddragon Sacrifice!

The Grand-Orient Sword was flickering with blood and silver colored lights that fused together into a new color. The attack had Flashkill’s speed and Sacrifice’s savagery.

“Break!” The sword lunged out like a dragon.

Zhan Yuance had wanted to tough it out, but he hadn’t expected Tianming’s speed and savagery.

“What sword art is that—” When hit by the sword, Zhan Yuance almost mentally collapsed. His hearing should have allowed him to block Tianming’s sword. However, all his ears could hear was Xian Xian’s Trisoul Fiendsong. He couldn’t even track the trajectory of Tianming’s sword.

“Where’s the sword?” Zhan Yuance was in disbelief.

“Up here.” Tianming’s action was instantaneous. Sword images flashed past Zhan Yuance’s ears. Two ears flew into the sky, spurting out blood and Zhan Yuance cried out in surprise.

“Goodbye!” The Grand-Orient Sword flashed once again and struck Zhan Yuance’s head.

His imperial star formation was activated.

Zhan Yuance shone with brilliant light. Filled with fury and resentment, he was kicked out of the Divine Worldeater Cauldron. His beasts were eliminated too.

“Li Tian—” Zhan Yuance was gone before he could finish.

Tianming suavely kept his sword as two bloodstained ears fell into his hand. “So tiny.” Tianming smiled, then tossed them to Zhan Yingying, who was in a corner.

She fell onto her butt when she caught those ears, completely stupefied. “Big brother.…”

It had all happened in a flash.

At that moment, there was dead silence in the Imperialdragon Palace as the jaws of tens of thousands of disciples had dropped onto the floor.

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