Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1251

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Chapter 1251: 1251

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Chapter 1251 - Lan Huang Runs

It was a duel between dragons, a collision of the same elements. All three dragons were extremely powerful; however, the Primordial Terraqua Dragon was the grandfather of dragons and controlled the mountains and seas

Despite being entangled by the Thousand Waterform Dragons, Lan Huang’s Kilofold Rings revolved, forcibly tearing open a bloody path. There was chaos everywhere, but that couldn’t stop the gigantic, mountain-like Lan Huang. It spun and bore into the ground like a pangolin, dragging the surging mars dragon through the rocks and thorns with it.

The grandiose saturn dragon’s formidable powers ended up slamming into the surging mars dragon instead. Long Longlong had made a huge mistake in arranging for the water and earth dragons to pursue and attack Lan Huang. The beast possessed the Greenspark Tower, a treasure worth several times as much as the Ninedragon Imperius. Jagged rocks and water dragons swarmed Lan Huang. This kind of attack was effective at restraining the enemy, but did nothing to Lan Huang. As a result, Lan Huang was able to contain three dragons.

This was Lan Huang's most exciting battle. Its opponents were all dragons with elements that matched it, and through battles like this, Lan Huang could prove its superiority. At this moment, many people had recalled that Tianming too possessed a dragon lifebound beast.

The battle of the earth and the sea was extremely intense. Lan Huang dragged the surging mars dragon as it ran while dealing with the water and earth dragons. Blasting away with their abilities, the pursuing dragons chased after Lan Huang, but failed to catch up. Due to the Primordial Chaos Beast’s natural advantage, the dragons weren’t as competent at pursuing Lan Huang as the platinaurum venus dragon. It could pin down Lan Huang, but these two couldn’t. Overconfidence was the reason Long Longlong had allowed the two dragons to attack Lan Huang. He believed they were the strongest among beasts of the same element, and had never expected they’d encountered a Primordial Chaos Beast. Relying on the Lifesteal Silverdragon and Greenspark Tower, Lan Huang toyed with the three dragons. It was a battle of the gods and this playful scene had the audience gasping in amazement.

Long Longlong had assumed the two dragons would rescue the surging mars dragon from its predicament. But unfortunately, not only had they failed to defeat Lan Huang, they’d also lost the advantage. By the time he reacted and wanted to send the platinaurum venus dragon to rescue its brother, it was too late.

“Don’t go.”

Without a word from Tianming, Meow Meow transformed into the Regal Chaosfiend to stop the platinaurum venus dragon, striking with Blitzbane. The sea of lightning trapped the gold dragon in place.

"Fuck off!" Unafraid of lighting, the gold beast ignored Meow Meow’s Misty Hellthunder as it charged toward Meow, exploding in Thousand Swordspike. This ability was terrifying. A sword-like spike extended from every scale on its body.

The dragon turned into a fearsome fighting machine that resembled a hedgehog; not even Lang Huang could defeat this beast in close combat. It was the Lifesteal Silverdragon in the form of a dragon. The beast roared as it pounced on Meow Meow, flashing in a golden light. Given Meow Meow’s cultivation level, a head-on collision would be devastating. Judging from that alone, it was clear how formidable Lan Huang was to handle three dragons on its own.

However, being a clever cat, Meow Meow didn't intend to go head-to-head in close combat with the platinaurum venus dragon. The moment its opponent went for the kill, it turned into an innocent little kitten, then twisted and turned its back to the dragon. Stretching out its long tail, Meow Meow patted its thigh and sneered, "Bite me!"

The dragon shot toward Meow Meow, pouncing on air. In that instant, Meow Meow flickered away and appeared on top of its opponent's head, snickering. "You’re too slow. Are you a dragon or a snail?"

The dragon was furious.

"Leave it alone. Get the Lifesteal Silverdragon first!" Long Longlong shouted.

The platinaurum venus dragon understood, but just as it was about to switch targets, black thunder shot toward its head, followed by two blood-red Cosmic Lances piercing its tail.

"Dammit! Are your balls made of metal?!" This was Meow Meow’s first time attacking a special part and it was nervous. Unexpectedly, the effect had been minimal, which was very frustrating.

However, the dragon rolled around in pain. "You little!" Meow Meow fled as soon as it began chasing after it. When the dragon stopped to go after Lan Huang, Meow Meow bombarded it with consecutive attacks. With Blitzbane, Meow Meow was a force to be reckoned with. The dragon had its back turned to Meow Meow, so there was no stopping the attack. It was so outraged that its balls were about to explode.

“Little strokes fell great oaks. I don’t believe I can’t break those balls of steel. Try turning away from me again.”

The dragon had no choice but to charge toward Lan Huang with its tail tucked. To its dismay, Meow Meow launched one attack after another, but the moment it turned around, the cat ran away. This was the most frustrating battle it had ever fought. Without its help, the water and earth dragons had to restrain Lan Huang or the surging mars dragon would be dragged to its death.

At the very beginning, the surging mars dragon had been hit by Ying Huo’s Skyscorch Featherblast and it was still bleeding. Parts of the Lifesteal Silverdragon cut into its flesh. If Lan Huang continued dragging the beast in this manner, it might slice the dragon into more than a dozen segments. Unless it was an earthworm, it would perish. The surging mars dragon was aggrieved; it had been dragged around like a dog before it could properly launch an attack. On top of the fact that its abilities weren’t effective on Lan Huang, whose flesh was hardened, the Lifesteal Silverdragon was extremely long. The dragon was filled with despair.

"Leave. Let them fight instead!" the surging mars dragon roared.

The grandiose saturn dragon and abyssal mercury dragon were ashamed. Why did their abilities seem so weak against this two-headed dragon? When they tried entangling Lan Huang in close combat, they were dragged away instead.

"Are you a dog? Can you keep running?" they desperately shouted at Lan Huang.

"Up high!" Turning over, Lan Huang sent the dragon on top of it flying.

Lan Huang continued wildly running as the mountains within the battlefield shook. Turning around, the desperate surging mars dragon saw one of its brothers being played with by a cat, while another fought a tree. What was more depressing was the fact that the latter was actually at a disadvantage.

Countless roots and vines entangled the dragon as both of their abilities tore at each other. After having been stifled for a long time, Xian Xian had finally encountered a semi-plant lifebound beast. Torturing the antivoid jupiter dragon had Xian Xian feeling as good as Lan Huang.

With its ability, Winding Woods, Xian Xian’s opponent grew a dense forest using seeds. Xian Xian stretched its roots among the lush saplings, sucking their vitality and turning them into deadwood as the antivoid jupiter dragon watched in stunned silence. The natural restraint Xian Xian exerted on the dragon was far more terrifying than Lan Huang’s. Faced with the Primordial Chaos Beast, the dragon didn't know what to do. It had encountered its natural enemy.

Xian Xian was only afraid of fire, and the only dragon it had feared was in a miserable state. Letting go of all restraints, Xian Xian extended numerous vines and roots, binding the dragon to its trunk. Then, turning to Ying Huo, it said, "Chicken Bro, does my dragon necklace look good?"

"Shut up! Don't distract me from my duel!" Ying Huo flickered past with an arrogant expression on its face.

In fact, it was hiding behind Tianming. Taking advantage of his battle with Long Longlong, Ying Huo was sneakily attacking from time to time. The scene was simply incredible; despite possessing one more lifebound beast, Long Longlong was being besieged by Tianming and Ying Huo.

The platinaurum venus dragon and antivoid jupiter dragon had been completely restrained. Xian Xian could torture its opponent as well as separate vines and roots to help Lan Huang. The Evernight Curse and Trisoul Fiendsong had also begun taking effect. While the water and earth dragons were fine, their struggle was the only thing stopping the surging mars dragon from being dismembered. It was equivalent to Lan Huang taking hostages.

They stopped to pull at the Lifesteal Silverdragon together. The power of the three dragons combined was certainly strong enough, but the weapon was too sharp. As long as they tightened their claws around it, it would only rip out their scales.

However, the Lifesteal Silverdragon’s spikes and sharp blades couldn’t pierce Lan Huang’s flesh, so it didn’t feel any discomfort at all. It wasn’t even paying attention to its back.

"Keep running and don't stop!" Tianming shouted.

At that moment, Lan Huang had sprinted over a long distance; even the platinaurum venus dragon had failed to keep up. With three dragons in tow, Lan Huang ran to the edge of the arena. It was a sorry sight to see.

Watching their brother’s flesh gradually being sliced away by the Lifesteal Silverdragon, the earth and water dragons were forced to sacrifice their own bodies in resisting the weapon’s power. One of the dragons tried tearing apart the Lifesteal Silverdragon. As a result, the artifact soul exerted its power, drawing its strength from Lan Huan as it continued constricting the surging mars dragon. Even if they could bear Lan Huang’s power, there was no fighting such a swift attack in that instant.

Long Longlong’s lifebound beasts were all at a disadvantage and he had no choice but to personally save the surging mars dragon from its plight. Unfortunately, Tianming and Ying Huo were in his way.

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