Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1252

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Chapter 1252: 1252

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Chapter 1252 - Minorworld Dragoncloak

The five dragons were extremely frustrated and gloomy. Long Longlong had never expected he would be at such a disadvantage. They weren’t weak, but they had missed two important details. The first was their opponent’s arrogance in entering the battle. Without warning, Tianming had immediately locked on to one lifebound beast and begun mercilessly attacking. Secondly, Long Longlong was overconfident in the superiority of his dragons’ bloodline in their encounter with Lan Huang, who possessed the Montseabane.

As a result of that oversight, one of his dragons was seriously injured. In a short period of time, it was trapped in a dire situation. Although Tianming’s lifebound beasts had a lower cultivation level, their bloodline advantage and the suppression produced by their natural attributes were incomparable. That was the real reason for Long Longlong’s current predicament. The effect of the Radix World Tree against the antivoid jupiter dragon was simply more proof. Before Tianming’s Primordial Chaos Beasts, Long Longlong’s ‘perfect’ combination of lifebound beasts was full of inadequacies.

Despite the resentment he felt, Long Longlong kept his composure. Ending the battle in the shortest time possible was his priority; he needed a breakthrough to level the playing field.

"I underestimated you." Having fought several rounds but still failed to defeat Tianming, Long Longlong had gained an understanding of his opponent. "The Lifesteal Silverdragon is very powerful and has helped you establish an advantage."

His gaze fell upon the Ninedragon Imperius in his own hand. His weapon was obviously stronger, but due to its weapon type, the Ninedragon Imperius must be held in his hands—unlike the Lifesteal Silverdragon, which could be used by Tianming’s lifebound beast. Long Longlong was well aware that he needed a major advantage to turn the tide and make up for his lifebound beasts’ weaknesses.

Through his five-colored pentaphase slaughter constellation, he established a connection with his lifebound beasts’ energy. The three dragons in the distance shone with the power of the constellation. Despite being scattered, they formed a powerful collective body. It was something that Tianming couldn’t achieve for the time being.

"Li Tianming, you had to scheme so hard just to have an advantage over me. That makes you a worthy opponent. However, it also shows you lack confidence and fear me! And here’s what I want to say: in the face of true strength, all schemes are useless. You can’t win." The five-colored eye on his forehead shone on Tianming.

"You’re full of shit! Come on!" Since the beginning of the battle, Tianming had been swift and decisive, every move of his quick as lightning. This time was no exception. With both hands on the Grand-Orient Sword, he glanced at Ying Huo’s position, striking in that instant, shooting toward Long Longlong.

"Do you really think that’s all there is to the Ninedragon Imperius?" Long Longlong swept his gaze across the Grand-Orient Sword. "Say goodbye to your sword!"

A grade-eight divine artifact could almost crush all other weapons on the sun. Since acquiring this sword, Long Longlong had broken dozens of weapons, including a grade-five divine artifact. Nothing could withstand the Ninedragon Imperius. He hadn’t planned on destroying his opponents’ weapons, it was merely an unintentional consequence of the weapon’s might. But this time, he wanted to waste Tianming’s weapon as an outlet for his anger.

Sword ki surged from his body, flowing into the Ninedragon Imperius. Long Longlong also cultivated the Pentaphase Imperialstar, a sword body cultivation technique that incorporated divine hazard sword ki. By absorbing the sword ki of the five phases, accumulating them within his body, and breathing them out during battle, he was deadly. Countless threads of pentaphase imperialstar sword ki poured into the Ninedragon Imperius, awakening its sleeping power. In that instant, the sword exploded with ferocity.

When Long Longlong opened his dragon eye of the five phases, his pride, birth, parents and grandfather, Saintdragon Talent, and sense of honor all gathered within the Ninedragon Imperius. At this moment, he seemed to be the protagonist of this battle.

“Minorworld Dragoncloak!”

The sword danced erratically in an easy demonstration of the grade-five divine art. This was a kind of fusion art with a total of five basic strikes. Long Longlong had integrated four strikes—metal, wood, fire, and water in harmony. Only one more strike was needed for him to exert its full power. Once it was complete, it would rival a grade-six divine art.

However, one glance was all it took for Tianming to burst out laughing. "Isn't that a poor imitation of the Ninedragon Tribulation?" The descendants of the Ninedragon Emperor were so strongly attached to everything he had ever owned. In fact, this sword art was extremely powerful, but in front of its true ancestor, this weak fusion had numerous inadequacies.

As the four phases, metal, wood, water, and fire merged into one sword, the Ninedragon Imperius exploded with power. Many watched in shock through the skyward eyes, some proud of Long Longlong, like his mother, Long Xiqian. She couldn’t tolerate his current disadvantage. There were too many people paying attention to this battle, a fact that Long Longlong was well aware of.

"I must win! Ancestor, give me the power of the saintdragon!" Brilliant rays of light burst from his third eye, creating a five-colored passage that completely covered Tianming from head to toe, leaving him nowhere to escape. Before the sword had even reached him, sword ki scraped Tianming’s skin, causing tiny wounds on his face.

"The heavens command the dragon’s unrivaled power!” With that roar, Long Longlong stepped into the five-colored passage, locking on to Tianming. In a powerful display of the Minorworld Dragoncloak, he shot toward Tianming’s head, sword ki forming a majestic dragon that seemed to possess the blood of a real dragon. With this strike, the strength of the Ninedragon Imperius was indisputable.

Tianming felt its forceful suppression. However, Long Longlong’s move was full of flaws, mistakes that resulted from the misinterpretation of the Ninedragon Tribulation by the Ninedragon Emperor’s descendants. Even if I’m only a quarter dragon bloodline, my blood is ten thousand times purer than yours, Long Longlong, Tianming whispered inside. He was proud of his lineage.

Saintdragon? In the glow of the five-colored passage, Tianming glanced at Ying Huo on the other side.


Twirling the Grand-Orient Sword, Tianming channeled the astralforce in his body toward his arms as he unleashed a fusion of three swords—the Silverdragon Flashkill, Blooddragon Sacrifice, and Blazedragon Fireblast.

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