Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1262

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Chapter 1262: 1262

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Chapter 1262 - Fifth Gate of the Grand-Orient Sword

There were five types of sword ki divine hazards inside Long Longlong’s Big Dipper Sword Stone. They were the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Most were grade-three or four, but the best had reached grade-five. There were only three of those, one each of metal, wood and fire.

“I’ve learned the Silverdragon, Blooddragon and Blazedragon sword arts so far. So only the metal and fire sword ki are useful to me.” The Ninedragon Tribulation was about the combination of sword body and fusion sword daos.

Tianming had barely scraped the surface so far. His three sword art fusion could only be considered the beginning. He started drawing out the two grade-five divine hazards from the Big Dipper Sword Stone.

One was a dark gold sword ki, the thalligold hardsword, that wandered around on his arm. It had grade-five divine patterns, all in the shape of a sword. Each sword was formed from thousands of tribulation patterns.

This kind of divine hazard could harm Tianming’s current body a little just by being held in his hand.

“If I bring this back to the Flameyellow Continent, it could destroy a city.” Orderia had been nurtured by a nova source for a long period of time, thus the construction materials for buildings were all divine ores. The local flora were all divine herbs, too. The whole planet here was much more stable than the continents below it. That was why divine hazards like the thalligold hardsword didn’t destroy the world.

The other sword ki was dark red and its divine pattern was like a red lotus flower, each petal formed from a dense combination of ordinary heavenly patterns. This divine pattern was called the redlotus furnacesword. It wasn’t just scorching, but sharp as well. Even when Tianming held it with his black arm, he could still feel the sting of its heat. It would transform into the shape of a lotus as it flew, rather similar to Ying Huo’s Sixpath Infernal Lotus.

“Time for the fun part again.”

To create a sword body for the Ninedragon Tribulation, he needed the corresponding element. Tianming could only start with metal and fire for now without the element for the Blooddragon Sword.

These two divine hazards would form the foundation for Tianming’s sword body and coordinate with his Silverdragon Flashkill and Blazedragon Fireblast.

“If I manage to make it to the end, I’ll combine all nine sword arts, then combine it with grade-seven and eight divine hazards. The power will be terrifying.” This was just the beginning, the first step.

Tianming started with the thalligold hardsword. It was the divine hazard Long Longlong had used to cultivate his Five Elements Imperial Sword Body. Long Longlong had cultivated with sword ki for a very long time, and this was Tianming’s first time dealing with divine hazards. It was quite painful when it entered his body. Fortunately, Tianming had the Greenspark Tower, so he could still endure.

Back in the battlefield, Lingfeng and Kong were still in battle. Tianming grit his teeth and slowly stored the two divine hazards into the albi in his body, strand by strand. He could tell the path of cultivating a sword body was long. “It’d be nice if I had the sword ki for Blooddragon Sacrifice.” Unfortunately, that kind was harder to find.

The process wasn’t long, and Tianming looked at the battlefield after he finished as he rubbed Little Fifth. As expected, Lingfeng had won.

Tianming smiled. He had been rubbing Little Fifth, as thalligold hardsword was the metal element it wanted. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough of it. They would have needed a hundred times that much to hatch all tens of thousands of small eggs, or perhaps even better metal-type divine hazards.

“The second round will start soon.”

He was relaxed, because at least one of them would get a candidacy for Sky Palace.

“Right.” He suddenly thought of something, and took out the minorsky stele from his spatial ring. “I thought this would have something to do with the later stages of the Voidsky Skirmish.”

However, nothing had needed it, so he had almost forgotten about it.

“The only thing I know is that it’s one of the pieces of the Grand-Orient Sword.”

Tianming had originally thought that there would be many minorsky steles. Surprisingly, the first he had found had been the last as well.

“The entire Voidsky Realm only has one minorsky stele, but it just happened to appear in front of me at the start and gave me three thousand points?” Tianming was doubtful.

Others thought that the Sky Palace taking out the Imperial Ninedragon Tomb was strange, but Tianming found the minorsky stele to be the strange thing instead.

“Was it the wrong feeling? It felt like they were delivering it to me. Is the Sky Palace really related to the Sky Plundering Palace? If so, it’s a remnant of the forces left behind by my dad and the rest… no, it shouldn’t be. The Sky Palace’s members were chosen from the Myriad Solar Sects, and my dad never told me anything regarding the Sky Plundering Palace.”

Tianming felt like he was surrounded by a fog. He had originally just joined this to get a status and some standing in the Azuresoul Palace, but now, after the Imperial Ninedragon Tomb appeared, he’d been dragged into the chaos of the Myriad Solar Sects.

“In the end, it’s still the same. Everything will be clear after joining the Sky Palace.

Tianming was thinking that since the stele had no uses, he would test and see if it could be used. He no longer hesitated. The Grand-Orient Sword appeared and he pressed them together. He had tried other methods before, but hadn’t been able to get them to fuse. Now, the only method left was to break it.

Tianming abruptly lifted up his sword before swinging it downward; something strange occurred just as the sword tip came into contact with the stele. The minorsky stele turned into a liquid not unlike water and entered the Grand-Orient Sword. The sword started lightly shaking and he felt shocking changes happening internally.

Tianming’s soul was sucked into the world inside the sword, where five gates appeared in front of him.

The one right in the center was a colorless gate and was the most mysterious. The two on the left were light gold and dark gold, while the two on the right were grey and pitch black.

Suddenly, a colorless current appeared in the sky and fell down like a waterfall.

The colorless current crashed into the colorless gate with such momentum that Tianming grew excited.

Every impact made the gate wildly shake.

“Is it going to open?” His eyes widened. He had assumed the stele would become a part of the Grand-Orient Sword; he hadn’t expected it would become a current that could enter the world inside the sword and have an effect on the colorless gate.

When he saw the current running out, he grew anxious.

“Please don’t tell me this is just going to be some cleaning mechanism and it doesn’t open it.”

Tianming watched as the current ran out. The gate was still rumbling, but hadn’t fully opened.

“Give me back my excitement! Was the water not enough?”

The gate finally fell into silence again, as if nothing had ever happened. Although he was depressed, Tianming still proceeded ahead to check it out. When he approached, an ancient mist wafted out from behind the gate and rushed into his face, making his body feel numb.

“No! If something is out, it means it’s open!” He was happy. He had been looking forward to this gate for a very long time.

“What will it be?” Tianming stood in front of the gate. The sheer difference in size made him look like an ant next to it. He squinted, and indeed, a small crack between the gates had opened. It was only two fingers wide, and there was no way for Tianming to squeeze through. Even though he was a soul, he still had a ‘size’. However, he could still see inside the gate! He hadn’t noticed, but his heart had started pounding.

Taking a deep breath, he used his black hand and tried forcing it as far into the gap as he could. Finally, he had stuck his hand up to his wrist inside.

“What do you see inside? A pretty woman showering?” Ying Huo and the rest inside the lifebound space were anxious.

“Shush.” Tianming’s tone was trembling as he said that, because his third eye had pierced through the mist for its gaze to land on something within.… In the midst of the chaos, there was a massive black and gold nova source!

Tianming wasn’t sure how big it was, due to not having a grasp of the scale inside the gate. However, his intuition told him it was endless. But still, he knew it wasn’t a true nova source.

Maybe it was just an image?

He stared as hard as he could, trying to find the truth.

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