Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1264

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Chapter 1264: 1264

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Chapter 1264 - Pandemonium Constellation

The emperor of all stars!

Tianming was fixated on that emperor of all stars as it made itself the center of the universe. The endless golden seawater on it and black mountains continued to be noisily agitated. He lost track of time as he continued immersing himself in the scene, and he had subconsciously linked his Imperial Will to it. He had once relied on the damaged divine ordered patterns on the four gates of the Grand-Orient Sword to cultivate his Imperial Will. For a while now, his Imperial WIll had stagnated. Now, he didn’t have any intention to cultivate it. However, it suddenly grew as Tianming immersed himself in that scene.

It wasn’t a coincidence or insight, just a correction of his path. Now that he had seen the endpoint of his dao, he adjusted his direction and stepped onto the most correct path.

“Maybe one day when I reach this black and gold star, my Imperial Will will finally reach its ultimate limit.” Tianming happened to have that thought right at the point when the growth of his Imperial WIll was at its most vigorous.

“The stars.…” What were the stars? The astral discs in the albi in his body had hit the limit of the astralforce they could endure. The next step was to embark upon a new road of cultivation, the Constellation stage. They would convert new astralforce into a constellation that would form in the space above the astral disc. It would be like creating a new space.

The so-called constellation was the connection of all the albi, uniting them together. This method would let the power in the body become even more stable than before and the transformed astralforce would then create a strange domain of stars, making it a constellation.

The constellations of specters, beastmasters, and totem users were all different.

Specters had simpler constellations, which just connected the albi they had.

Totems didn’t have albi or astralforce, but totem ki. However, they could use the power of the constellation from their totem user.

Beastmasters and lifebound beasts were linked by symbiotic cultivation. They all had albi and astralforce, so they would each form their own constellation and share their power.

The constellations of beastmasters were a little like the nexuses of the Unity stage, but the fundamental difference was that there would only be a few nexuses, while for a god, every albi was a core of power. They had a billion albi, all connected, and also connected to their lifebound beasts.

Thus, the two stages were in completely different leagues.

Furthermore, due to the individual divine wills and astralforces, each constellation formed was different and would create different effects on the battlefield and rule it.

For example, Zhan Yuance’s myriadhills constellation would crush every person present on the battlefield like gravity. Lingfeng’s primordia constellation had a devouring effect that could boost his power.

“The Constellation stage is the stage where beastmasters are the strongest compared to their peers in the same level.” Tianming had no idea what kind of constellation he would create. Supposedly, they were deeply intertwined with the cosmos, heaven and earth, and the stars. They were the most physical manifestation of a cultivator’s path. But now, after seeing the source of the universe, the gold and black star surrounded by an infinite amount of nova source, he understood. Wasn’t this scene just a constellation magnified countless times?

“My Lifesbane Will is just one step away from becoming the divine version. I’ve been stuck on how to use it to form my constellation. However, in the end, isn’t my Imperial Will my primary will? Using it to become my constellation is the simplest option of all. As for my Lifesbane Will constellation, maybe I can still form it after becoming a constellier.”

Many people would choose to cultivate a second heavenly will after becoming a god. Then, at the juncture to become a constellier, they would choose their first will to be their constellation and would work on their second will later on. Hence, it was rather common for many in the later levels of the Constellation stage to have two constellations.

“Sometimes, things are very clear once you understand them.” Most importantly, Tianming’s Imperial Will had just undergone an enormous growth.

There were changes happening in every one of his albi right now. At the highest point, the Imperial Will that was shaped like a Grand-Orient Sword was emitting scintillating light that illuminated the four layers of astral discs below. The infernaldiscs, genesisdiscs, primordialdiscs, and radixdiscs all suddenly exploded under that light and shot upward as Tianming activated his cultivation technique and began sucking in large amounts of nova force, improving himself.

After the nova source entered, just as the albi were about to burst, the four types of newly created astralforces from the discs all merged together and smashed into the starlight from his Imperial WIll.

Thus, a constellation was born!

A brilliant constellation radiating starlight appeared inside his albi. It was in the area above the astral discs. There were countless albi, hence countless constellations! The constellation in each albus became the foundation of an entirely new power and stored astralforce in a different way from the astral discs.

Their common point was that they had sharply increased the upper limit of astralforce that could be stored in an astral physique. The flow and conversion of power was now much smoother.

More importantly, as Ying Huo and the others formed their own constellations, an even more direct pathway for astralforce to travel through was formed between the five of them. The power from Ying Huo’s infernaldiscs could directly enter Tianming’s body now. In the past, they had used beast veins. However, how could beast veins have kept up with their current stage?

“A constellation is the real method to share power.” Once beastmasters covered up this previous deficiency, they entered the phase of being the strongest in the stage.

Now, what would Tianming and his lifebound beast’s constellation be? The laws Tianming cultivated were different from Ying Huo and the rest. He was walking a path that belonged to him alone.

As expected, they obtained different constellations.

The constellation in Ying Huo’s albi above its infernaldisc was like a furnace as it blazed with scorching heat. Meow Meow and the rest all had their own constellations as well! However, Tianming’s constellation didn’t have fire or lightning. Rather, his constellation was exactly like the scene he had witnessed earlier. There was an emperor of all stars in the center, surrounded by a host of shining stars. Endless mist enveloped the constellation.

“Pandemonium constellation?” This name came from the Primordial God-Emperor, like how Lingfeng’s primordia constellation had.


At this moment, Tianming’s caelum had already come out from the Grand-Orient Sword. He had broken through and become a first-level constellier. It was an unexpected surprise. It hadn’t come from a divine pill, miraculous herb, or insight during battle, but from watching a scene.

He unleashed his pandemonium constellation. The host of shining stars appeared, the emperor of all stars sparkling within. It was a very cool and marvelous scene.

Ying Huo came out from the lifebound space and activated its own constellation. Countless furnace-like stars seamlessly integrated into Tianming’s constellation. The two powers reinforced each other without any rejection. This was the fundamental essence of the path of the emperor.

The jump in stage had allowed Tianming’s true power to rise by leaps and bounds. Although his Lifesbane Will hadn’t become divine will yet, it was a matter of when, not if.

“I didn’t link this pandemonium constellation with my totems, as I feel there’s some lack of affinity. I’ll try next time with my Lifesbane Will.” After all, the totems were born from his Aeonic Grandbane. As for what the pandemonium constellation did, perhaps he would find out the next time he fought.


When Tianming opened his eyes, Lingfeng and Yu Ziqian were standing in front of him.

“You! You! You!” Yu Ziqian stammered, his eyes almost popping out.

“What?” Tianming asked. He put away the Grand-Orient Sword. It hadn’t really changed, as the central, colorless gate had only opened a crack.

“I was always wondering why you didn’t use constellations. So, you just reached the stage!” Yu Ziqian almost couldn’t breathe.

“Convinced?” Tianming smiled.

“I kneel with full respect.” Yu Ziqian was tongue-tied for quite a while. “So, you managed to beat the fifth-level Long Longlong without even being a constellier? Are you even human?”

“And you somehow believed it?” Tianming laughed out loud.

“True, how could I believe that?”

The good thing about a constellier is that if you didn’t show the constellation, no one would know you had it. Yu Ziqian finally understood. After all, how could an ascendant beat a fifth-level constellier?

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