Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1284

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Chapter 1284: 1284

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Chapter 1284 - The Faceless People

Tianming wasn’t very clear about the situation or the factional undercurrents in Orderia.

"Didn't you say that the Sky Palace and Myriad Solar Sects are united against the celestial orderians? Aren’t the two sides supposed to have divided the world in two and refrained from interfering with each other?" How could the sun emperor attack the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect? "Isn't this tantamount to going to war with the Myriad Solar Sects?"

He was a little confused. Even if the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect had benefited from this Voidsky Skirmish and invoked the envy of others, an attack by the celestial orderians would be crossing the line. Could the other sects just sit back and watch it happen?

The key was the Sky Palace, the representative of the Myriad Solar Sects. They were the ones who dealt with the celestial orderians. Even if many sects had forgotten the threat of the celestial orderians after years of peace and infighting, the Sky Palace still had its use. Tianming had just left them, but could easily return with the stigma.

“Let’s go.”

After the end of the Voidsky Skirmish, the Voidsky Flame Pillar was no longer closed to Jiang Qingliu and Long Wanying. Led by the Sky Palace disciples, they returned to the Skyward Stele. However, apart from Tianming and Yu Ziqian, no one else could enter it, much less set foot inside the wooden house.

"Ziqian and I will ask them," said Tianming.

"Do you remember what I said?" Long Wanying asked eagerly.

“I do. Don't worry."

Tianming was a reliable man. After leaving a silver cockroach on Lingfeng's shoulder, he headed toward the Sky Palace.

"They were in that great hall before."

Yin Chen still had quite a few bodies inside. They turned their attention to the white hall. Tianming and Yu Ziqian quickly returned to the main hall. In front of them was the stairs, but there was no one in the hall.

“Seniors, I have something important to ask you!"

Tianming wasn’t on good terms with the white-robed elders, so Yu Ziqian did the talking. They stared at the top of the stairs, but failed to get a response. In fact, Tianming had known there was no one here even before they’d entered the wooden house.

"The sun emperor has led the celestial orderians in attacking the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect and violated the rules. They’re going to war with the Sky Palace and Myriad Solar Sects! Please preside over the situation and rescue the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect from the quagmire," Yu Ziqian said loudly, his voice echoing in the empty hall. But there was still no response.

"The Sky Palace receives the respect and reverence of the Myriad Solar Sects and enjoys a lofty status. Now that something came along, you’re not going to hide and play ostrich, are you?”

Tianming despised these unpredictable and cunning people. When they assumed their position, they took over the responsibilities that came along with it. The Myriad Solar Sects gave the Sky Palace its high status, which allowed them to hold power over the distribution of the sects’ cultivation resources.

"Aren’t you going to show up? Why are you hiding?"

This matter was closely related to Tianming. After the Voidsky Skirmish, the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect had become the bedrock of his cultivation. This was his hard-won opportunity to completely integrate into Orderia. In the future, he could rely on the sect and a united Myriad Solar Sects for an opportunity to fight the celestial orderians and truly establish himself on the sun.

However, the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect was now in turmoil, which interrupted his brilliant future prospects. If it weren't for his identity as a Sky Palace disciple, he would be left in dire straits, unable to even hold on to the Lifesteal Silverdragon. Having offended the person behind Weisheng Moran, a miserable end awaited him. He would still be affected even if he was now a disciple of the Sky Palace. If the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect was destroyed, he would be out in the cold.

Despite the sarcasm in his words, there was still no response in the empty hall. His heart pounded with tension.

"We’re coming up!"

Raising his head, Tianming glanced at the steps in front of him. Even if the seven white-robed people were hostile toward him, Tianming wasn’t afraid of them in the presence of the wooden house. The moment his feet landed on the steps, the ground beneath him trembled.

"Stop!" came the order.

Tianming looked up and saw a white-robed man appear at the top of the stairs.

"Fall back!"

A burst of power swept over Tianming, sending him flying backward and slamming into Yu Ziqian.

"Is there a secret to these stairs?"

His blood roiling, Tianming narrowed his eyes. He rose to his feet and glanced over. There seemed to be only six people at the top of the stairs. What was even more bizarre was their pale faces. The powder and blush had completely fallen off. These people were devoid of eyes, ears, and a nose, their faces as smooth as a mirror.

The only difference between them were their hairstyles and the shape of their bodies. Judging from the latter, the only one missing was the white-robed woman who had suppressed Yu Ziqian. She was the youngest and most well-maintained, while the remaining six were extremely old. Tianming felt his hair stand on end as he stared at the faceless people that didn’t even have eyes.

With how noble the Sky Palace was, Tianming had imagined their members were all peerless geniuses despite being few in numbers, with unique personalities and extraordinary demeanors. At the very least, there should be someone as interesting as Ouyang Jianwang. However, the last time they had entered the wooden house, they were greeted with a bunch of wooden, powder-faced people. And this time they didn’t even have a face. It was unspeakably creepy. Without the white fog surrounding them and lending an air of sanctity, it felt as if he was standing in a cemetery. Their strange togetherness and order was terrifying.

Taking a deep breath, Yu Ziqian quickly added, "Seniors, did you hear what I said earlier? The sun emperor has led the celestial orderians in attacking the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect. We’re part of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect, so on behalf of the elders, we would like to ask the Sky Palace to come forward and restrain the sun emperor. Otherwise, we’ll unite with the other sects and fight the celestial orderians!"

It was the Sky Palace’s responsibility to unite the Myriad Solar Sects.

"We’re already dealing with this matter. There is no need to be impatient. We’ll give you an answer," the six faceless people replied in unison.

So the missing person was dealing with this matter? Just as Tianming was about to speak, the faceless people interrupted, "After entering the Sky Palace, you must focus solely on the Sky Palace and prepare to devote yourselves to the Sky Palace, even if you are less than five hundred years of age. As juniors, your only task is to cultivate! We will communicate with the Myriad Solar Sects with regard to the overall situation. This is no place for rude behavior. Get out.”

With the flick of a finger, Tianming and Yu Ziqian were sent rolling out of the hall. In the commotion, the silver cockroaches in the hall were thrown out as well. The ones that remained were hidden in the corners, motionless and invisible. Tianming and Yu Ziqian fell out of the Stele and onto the ground.

"How’d it go?" Long Wanying asked anxiously as she helped them up.

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