Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1306

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Chapter 1306: 1306

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Chapter 1306 - Violetglory Radiance, Caelum Imperius

Just after Tianming arrived, he saw a cute girl with green bunned hair in front of him. She looked quite different from girls on the sun, having a more lifelike and forest-folk vibe about her. The maidens of the sun, on the other hand, were spicier and more aggressive, in stark contrast to Liu Wanwan.

"Long time no see, Lin Feng!" She greeted him with a warm hug.

Tianming was always impressed by the wondersky realm. Not only could his caelum body feel her touch, he could also pick up the fragrance about her. The divine wondersky race was truly a force to be reckoned with.

"Wanwan, you’ve mentioned that interesting place of yours a few times already. Where is it?" Tianming asked. Since he had level-three privileges now, going anywhere within the wondersky realm was really convenient. There were many places he had yet to explore, and no doubt they had things the Azuresoul Palace definitely didn't.

"Going straight to the point, are you? Have you considered my invitation to join the Mystgod Pavilion? My clan is the top clan in the sect, you know!"

Since the last time he’d challenged the ancient idols, his identity, Lin Feng, had spread all across the wondersky realm. However, there was no real-world information about him. Up until now, people were still searching for him on the Violetglory Star. "I already have a faction backing me, but it has to stay secret. So I'm afraid I can't join you."

"I see. Oh well. That wouldn't stop us from being friends, though. Pay my sect a visit when you have time!"

"I will if I have the chance." Tianming wondered where in the world their star was even located in the first place.

"It's a promise, then! Well, I was planning to take you to the Violetcloud Battlefield to spectate the battles there. However, you've made it to the top ten thousand, so you can join the battles yourself. That's where you can spread your name and get famous!"

"The Violetcloud Battlefield? What's the point of fighting?"

"Sigh... you must've grown up in some cave for you to not even know that."

"I'm busy training in seclusion all the time."

"Alright. I'll tell you more as we go."

All they had to do was to tell the wondersky fairy their destination. A light surrounded the three of them as they were transported.

Liu Wanwan said, "The Violetcloud Battlefield is where disciples under the age of thirty fight for their place on the Violetglory ranking. Countless people from the Violetglory Star pay attention to the battles there. Geniuses from all over the world go there to fight, so the rankings keep shifting. Both spectating and participating in the fights there will help you learn a lot!"

In other words, this was similar to the imperial star ranking. However, he didn't care about being ranked in some foreign star far away. He was, however, curious how powerful the top ten rankers were. Could they compare to the celestial orderians?

"Is there any other benefit?" he asked.

"What benefits?"

"Benefits of being ranked high."

"Of course! Why else would people fight? Nobody would fight just for fame alone, since the rankings are never constant."

"Then what's in it for them?"

"The rankings correspond to your cultivation privileges at the Violetglory Pagoda."

"Oh?" Though he didn't care about it initially, that did pique his interest. "So ranking high can let me train on higher levels of the pagoda, eh...."

Tianming had more or less gotten to know the standard of caeli in the Azuresky Bridge. They were fairly similar to the caeli in the pagoda's fourth or fifth levels. So far, he only had access to the third level.

"That's right!" Liu Wanwan said.

"So we don't have to wait ten days to challenge the pagoda? We can just fight until we lose every day?" Those rules were interesting, but Tianming couldn't bear to wait ten days.

"No need. As long as you've secured your ranking, you can keep cultivating without even leaving. That's the privilege that belongs only to geniuses! Envious? Recall the first time we fought. You weren't even my match back then, but now you're in the top ten thousand and qualified to fight here. I'm envious of you."

"Wanwan, how do the rankings correspond to which level you get to enter?" He knew that there were nine levels in total, and had a feeling the caeli in the sixth level and above were superior to anything the Azuresoul Palace had. Maybe the higher levels had something that would be superior to even the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect's, which would be of great help to him. He could make up for the lack of resources of the Azuresoul Palace this way.

"It's simple. The top thousand most powerful people among the younger generation are allowed to cultivate as long as they like on the fifth level. But once they fall out of the top thousand bracket, they'll immediately be ejected."

The quality of caeli on the fifth level likely equaled the best ones in Azuresky Bridge. "What else?"

"The next bracket is the top hundred. Those people are ranked in the top hundred of two billion juniors! They'll be allowed to cultivate on the sixth level as long as they like. As for the third bracket, it's the top ten. Those super geniuses get access to the seventh level! Then, the fourth bracket is the top three, the three most impressive people! They're allowed to stay at the eighth level. Usually, one must be a tenth-level solarian or above to make it to the eighth level, but the top three can go earlier without having to fight to keep their place."

Tianming was now certain he had to go to the Violetcloud Battlefield no matter what. It could be the key he needed to solve his current predicament. "What else?" Tianming wondered what benefits the first place would be given. Otherwise, why bother fighting for the top?

"Of course. If you're the top ranker, you'll be given access to the ninth level!" That was the best the pagoda had to offer. Naturally, the implication was that those privileges would only be granted to those under thirty. Those above that age wouldn't qualify to be ranked.

Come to think of it, the ranking here keeps being updated, whereas the imperial star ranking only gets changed once every decade during the Voidsky Skirmish. The standards of the Violetglory ranking must be more up to date. For instance, people like Yu Ziqian, who were only able to perform due to a temporary power boost once every month or two, would never last on the ranking.

"What level of caeli are on the ninth level of the pagoda?" Tianming asked.

"Caeli imperius of course! There’s a hundred of them in total, all of which are contributions of the many rulers of our star across generations! It's said that even someone without any shred of talent can shoot to the peak of power with their guidance! Those heights aren't places one can reach with mere effort and ability alone. Talent is absolutely vital, and only the top-ranked person on the under-thirty and under-hundred rankings has the privilege of going to the ninth level."

"Wow...." Tianming didn't know how else he could describe his awe. Taking a deep breath, he roared, "I want to take first place on the rankings on both stars! Looks like it isn't the end of the road for me after all!"

"What do you mean by both stars? And why did you yell? It scared me!"

"Haha, I just wanted to vent a bit." Tianming patted Lingfeng on the shoulder and said, "I'll give you second place. Xiaoxiao can take third."

"All three of you? Are you dreaming?" Liu Wanwan said, but then she laughed. "Well, we are in the wondersky realm, after all, so it's no different from dreaming."


Soon, they reached the Violetcloud Battlefield. Tianming looked across the area from above, seeing a gigantic violet sphere in front of him. It was a sphere of cloud and mist with countless blinding star-like objects shining within. It was a huge spherical formation in which battles were carried out. Outside the battlefield were huge crowds of people, mostly juniors, numbering more than tens of millions. It was almost as crowded as the Voidsky Skirmish, with the main difference being the rules: anyone that was defeated would be replaced!

"I wanted to bring you here to watch the battles from outside through our wondersky fairies. Hundreds of millions of people pay attention to the fights of the top hundred," Liu Wanwan said.

"How high in the rankings can I challenge as I am now?" Tianming asked.

"You’re within the top ten thousand, so you can try for the top thousand spots. When you succeed, you can try for the top-hundred bracket and so on until you reach the top." It sounded like refusing challenges was also allowed, but one had to fight at least once in a while or they would automatically be removed from the ranking.


Tianming took a deep breath. He could simply defeat someone and enter the top thousand ranks, which would allow him to head to the fifth level of Violetglory Pagoda. However, his goal was to gain access to the ninth level.

Billions of people paid attention to the vast Violetcloud Battlefield. It was an atmosphere that caused one's blood to boil.

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