Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1315

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Chapter 1315: 1315

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Chapter 1315 - Celestial Astral Storm

Mu Sha, having entered the battlefield first, had chosen a rocky terrain as their battleground. The moment his powerful body landed on the battlefield, cracks appeared on the ground beneath him. Then countless white lightning bolts appeared in the entire battlefield as white clouds gathered above. They weren’t actual clouds, but rather huge concentrations of white lightning bolts. A gigantic lightning bolt struck Mu Sha and caused a fifty-meter-diameter electric sphere to form, enveloping his entire body in a lightning shield that made him look even more intimidating.

Since it was lightning-related, Tianming had Meow Meow attack first. It was a clash between black and white lightning bolts. Meow Meow turned into its Regal Chaosfiend form and used its Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape to protect itself. Black lightning bolts gathered and emerged from the ground to reach Meow Meow. Then it used Misty Hellthunder and caused it to rain black lightning in the hundreds of meters around it, striking even Mu Sha.

The crackling interactions of the two kinds of lightning reverberated throughout the battlefield, flashing brilliantly. In that clash, the white lightning on Mu Sha ended up being overwhelmed and absorbed by the black lightning, sending him smashing to the ground. Even though Meow Meow's astralforce couldn't rival Mu Sha's, its abilities were still powerful enough to put pressure on the skywolf royal.

"Interesting." Even though Mu Sha's build was huge, he was still fit and agile. He stably stood up as the lightning barrier around him reformed. Thanks to his toughness, he hadn’t been hurt by the attack at all. "Lightning Abyss Body." This was his specter ability. A cloud of white lightning was still above him, causing every strand of hair on his body to be electrified. Even though his combat form was relatively compact, all the power was concentrated in a single body, making for quite the image of perfection.

Right then, Lan Huang charged toward Mu Sha and gave its sword tail a fierce swing using Worldbreak Slash.

"Buzz off!" Mu Sha raised his gigantic spiked club and swung it. The venomous club clashed with Lan Huang's tail. Even though Mu Sha's physical body couldn't rival Lan Huang's, he had the advantage of better astralforce and was able to send the dragon tumbling back.

Then, the brilliance of starlight enveloped him as he unleashed his venomwolf constellation. A sea of white stars spread throughout the battlefield. The white astral dots that surrounded him were toxins of his constellation. They immediately shot toward Tianming and the rest. If it struck, the poison would spread quickly.

"This is the wondersky realm, not the real world." Putting aside the matter of his pandemonium constellation, not even the Greenspark Tower worked. The fights here were more mechanical, taking place within the artificial limits set by the Eternal Wondersky Formation. As such, Tianming suffered quite a lot of disadvantages. Even though he should have no issue with some of the clashes in the real world, the battlefield decided that he would be blown back by them.

"Let's end this quickly." When Lan Huang got back up, Tianming and the rest began an all-out attack from all directions.

Mu Sha, however, seemed like he could handle everything alone. His muscles pulsed and eyes tensed as he used Celestial Astral Storm. The starlight, storm, and lightning fused together as his ability was unleashed in all directions with him in the center, vaporizing the rocks and stones nearby. A searing light saturated the entire battlefield, forcing many to close their eyes. The ear-shaking sound that came after forced them to cover their ears, too. The ability contained the full power of a seventh-level constellier, immediately neutralizing Ying Huo and Meow Meow's abilities and forcing Tianming, Lan Huang, and Xian Xian to back off. Usually, Tianming had the Greenspark Tower, so this ability wouldn't be much of a setback to him, but he soon realized that line of thinking wouldn't hold up in the wondersky realm.

"Is that all you're made of?" Mu Sha roared, instantly closing the distance with Tianming.

Tianming's eyes glinted coldly as he lashed out with the Lifesteal Silverdragon, piercing it toward Mu Sha's eyes. The specter quickly avoided it, only for the chain to loop back and strike the back of his waist. The whole spike and a few blades of the chain dug their way into his flesh.

"What kind of trick is this?" Mu Sha didn't know that it was a grade-seven divine artifact and tried tearing it apart with his bare hands in vain. "Why's it so tough? Is it grade seven?"

His expression immediately changed. The next instant, he turned to the other end of the chain where Tianming was. The chain was wrapped around Lan Huang, and the gigantic beast began running with abandon. Mu Sha, losing his footing, smashed hard into the ground. However, he flipped himself over with brute force and dug his feet into the ground, pulling on the chain and stopping Lan Huang in its tracks. His blood began profusely flowing; while it wasn't a real injury, he could still feel the pain. He pulled Lan Huang using one arm and tried to undo the knot the chain had formed around him. However, he was pinned down, allowing Tianming and the rest an opportunity for a group attack.

"Take my sword strike!" Ying Huo used the Ninedragon Tribulation behind Mu Sha. Then, Xian Xian's Radiant Vines came bursting out of the ground as its five flowers bloomed. The sword petals of the Scarlet Lilies also impaled him all over and began draining his blood.

"Gaaaah!" Mu Sha roared as his body exploded with the Celestial Astral Storm once more, reducing the vines and petals to dust. Then lightning gathered again to block Ying Huo's attack. Not to mention, he had finally freed himself from the chains! "Hmph!" Annoyed, his anger soared. Right as he was about to counterattack, the little bird came striking from behind once more, this time launching all of its sword-like feathers.

"Hehe." Mu Sha was only a little annoyed at the ability, though he didn't think that the feathers would pierce straight through his flesh. Even so, the wondersky realm didn't recognize Cosmic Blade's effects, so they didn't dig themselves in too deeply. "What is it this time?!" Mu Sha's expression immediately changed when he noticed countless silver spiders crawling around him. They had spun a lot of thread around him, tightly binding him.

He exerted a lot of force to break free, only to cause the threads to draw even more blood from him. It was driving him insane, and that was all before he properly clashed with Tianming! First, there was the Lifesteal Silverdragon, then the vines and petals, and now he was bound by the metallic threads. All of them were methods that Tianming had employed to limit his movements, and that wasn't the end of it. As if the endless swarm of spiders that couldn't all be swatted away wasn’t bad enough, they began transforming into scorpions and stung him all over, filling his body with their venom. The layer under his skin began radiating a metallic sheen that was visible through close inspection. His skin was being transformed into metal by the venom! If this went on, he would become a frozen statue. The threads and venom had him completely locked down and had put him at the mercy of the countless bugs.

"Explode!" He used an ability, Demonslayer Hellthunder, to vaporize all of the insects on his body. That took out fifty or sixty thousand of Yin Chen's bodies, but Yin Chen wouldn't die. It only got smaller in number, not to mention that death in the wondersky realm was never permanent. Using the chance Yin Chen had created for it, Lan Huang used one head to bite Mu Sha's head, and the other to bite his waist. Then Ying Huo leapt off Lan Huang's head and used the Ninedragon Tribulation while Meow Meow used its abilities to cancel out the lightning around Mu Sha.

"This is unfair! You're only overwhelming me with numbers!" Mu Sha said something incredibly laughable at the last moment.

"That's not my problem!"

Even though Mu Sha could shake off the beasts and take care of them, the beastmaster himself hadn't struck yet. Once more, the Lifesteal Silverdragon came wrapping around Mu Sha.

"Die!" Tianming descended from the skies with the Grand-Orient Sword in hand. Mu Sha had been able to shake off Ying Huo's sword strike to the head, so it would be up to Tianming to deal the finishing blow. He used the four-fusion strike, Quaddragon Tribulation. The four dragons blended together into the sword as it crashed down like a meteor, piercing into Mu Sha's chest. It went straight through and out of his back!

"You!" Mu Sha roared as his heart was completely turned into dust alongside his other internal organs. He had been deemed defeated by the system, and now he had no control over his body at all, a sensation that endlessly vexed him. Yet he had to admit that making up for a weaker body with numbers was a perfectly valid strategy for beastmasters. He hadn't feared beastmasters before, because most of their lifebound beasts could easily be fended off by him.

"Mu Sha, don't forget that I haven't even used my totems yet," Tianming said as his body dematerialized.

"Fine, you’re indeed powerful. You have won fair and square. From now on, you'll be ranked fifth on the Violetglory ranking." Mu Sha finally admitted his loss.

"Ranked fifth? Are you looking down on me?" Tianming said, smiling.

Mu Sha looked at Tianming’s confident demeanor, both speechless and impressed at the same time. "This is the wondersky realm. There are many tricks that I'm not able to use here, so you might not necessarily defeat me out there. If you have the time, seek me out. Let’s have an actual duel outside."

"Sure thing!" Tianming didn't bother explaining anything, including the fact that he actually had ten totems, the pandemonium constellation, and Greenspark Tower outside. Mu Sha vanished, leaving Tianming alone in the battlefield. Billions of people were looking straight at him.

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