Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1328

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Chapter 1328: 1328

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Chapter 1328 - A Beauty On Each Arm

The style of the two girls by Li Haochen’s side were different, but they were still both stunning beauties. One look and it was clear that they were the top of their generation when it came to clan and talent.

As the princess of the soul tribulators, Li Ruoshi was a classical beauty of the celestial orderians. Simple, but elegant, flowers decorated her white dress. Her exquisite figure combined with her fair skin made her seem like a fairy that had descended into the human world. Her shy gaze was especially moving as well.

The current empress who had bore ten sons for the sun emperor was her aunt. Thus, she had been determined to be Li Haochen’s main wife since young.

The other, Long Youyou, was the Torchdragon Emperor’s daughter. Recently, the Veildragon Palace’s stock in the celestial orderians had shot up, especially after taking control of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect. After hearing that Li Haochen had appeared in the Azurecloud Continent, Long Youyou had made a special trip down there.

As a beastmaster of the Veildragon Palace, Long Youyou had three red eyes, one of which was between her eyebrows. It was currently closed, making her forehead look unblemished. Her strange appearance was the opposite of Li Ruoshi’s. She had a much livelier vibe and was the adorable type. Together with her features, she seemed like a little fairy. In contrast, however, her body was very well-developed into a spicy figure.

Together, each of them grabbed one of Li Haochen’s arms.

Li Ruoshi was still slightly embarrassed and didn’t dare to go too far. However, Long Youyou was worried about being slower so she daringly held his arm and leaned her head on his shoulder, practically pasting herself to him. She gave a warning look toward Li Ruoshi.

A storm of jealousy was clearly brewing for all to see. Both of them would be marrying Li Haochen, that wasn’t the conflict. The question was who would be higher in the pecking order. It was a sensitive issue, as it affected the standing of their clans.

That was why Li Haochen had said that if just one was there, it would still be fine.

“Youyou, why are you here? I thought you were helping your brother bring the rebel clan to heel.” Li Haochen’s head hurt.

“I heard you were in the Azurecloud Continent and was worried some blind idiots would bully you, so I came to protect you. As for my brother, he doesn’t need my help,” Long Youyou replied.

“I don’t need your help, either.” Li Haochen rubbed her head, before turning to Li Ruoshi. “Shishi, I thought you were in secluded cultivation?”

“I… I heard the tree here has magnificent scenery. I’ve never had the chance to see it. I heard Big Brother Haochen was here, too, so I thought I’d take the chance to see it,” Li Ruoshi said. That was what she said, but she was actually afraid of her opponent spending too much time with Li Haochen.

“Alright! However, I don’t need any protection. The tree isn’t very nice to see, either. In a few days, both of you go back. Don’t affect my work,” Li Haochen said sternly.

“Yes!” Both of them pouted, clearly unhappy.

“Big Brother Haochen, I heard we’re about to set off and fight for a grade-eight divine herb?” Li Ruoshi asked gently.


“Woah, I didn’t expect such a backwater to have something so good. Big Brother Haochen just happens to need this, so that’s good.” Long Youyou was excited.

“It should be easy to get with so many people here, right?” Li Ruoshi asked.

Li Haochen looked ahead. “Probably. However, this isn’t our turf and there’s some annoying flies buzzing around.”

“Flies? Just swat them away then.” Long Youyou blinked.

Li Haochen roared with laughter. “Set off!”

With beauties accompanying him, he felt like an emperor setting off to war. For a while, he was in high spirits.


In the seventh level of the Violetglory Pagoda, Tianming’s caelum was swimming through the various solarian caeli. For these nearly two months, Tianming had mostly been working on his Lifesbane Will.

“These should all be around Senior Jiang Qingliu’s level, I think. Just this region has millions of them. With so many people and such a long history, the number of people who’ve reached such heights really has built up.” Though every person walked a different path, there would always be similarities.

“In the final analysis, the path of cultivation is to absorb divine will from the laws of the world. Then, absorb power from a nova source before using divine will to control that power. So, every one of these caeli is a fragment of the world’s laws.” The core of Lifesbane Will was mutual resonance. Through resonance, each and every caelum would be used to supplement the world’s laws that Tianming needed.

“The formation of my Lifesbane Will was the foundation for what happens next.” The following rapid growth of his Lifesbane Will was what Tianming had expected, too. This kind of ‘natural growth’ could catch up to Lingfeng and Xiaoxiao’s devouring speed. In truth, it was a benefit that came from Tianming’s stable foundation. It was also proof that his choices back then were correct.

In his divine will right now, the Grand-Orient Sword was the sword while the Prime Tower was the shield, both mutually reinforcing each other. The sharp Grand-Orient-Sword-shaped Imperial Will could stimulate Lifesbane Will’s growth!

“When my Lifesbane Will was formed that time, I more or less rose a level and a half. Today, I’ve managed to finish up the last half a level.” Tianming had had to endure the boredom of doing the same thing over and over again for days.

“Am I finally a third-level constellier?” Tianming returned to the Azuresoul Palace and began absorbing nova source. The five layers of astraldiscs were almost at the third level of the Constellation stage. The combination of his Imperial and Lifesbane Wills was what barely allowed Tianming to control this violent and surging energy.

In his albi, five different types of astralforce roared and whistled. “The Saint Palace Spring is the first stage of cultivation, while the astralforce of albi is the second stage.” As for Earth Saint, Sky Saint, and the Samsara stage, those were all just minor substages within a ‘major stage’.

“It’s the same for the Ascendant, Constellation, and Solar stages.” As for the Beast Vein, Spiritsource, and Unity stages… the greater races with nova sources were all born as a saint at minimum. They gained their heavenly wills in the womb and didn’t need those trifling starter stages.

After reaching a new level, Tianming’s heart remained calm.


Tianming, Lingfeng, and Xiaoxiao all trained near Xian Xian’s Radix World Tree, not bothering each other. By Tianming’s side was the flower Feiling had transformed into. He would regularly be there, watching Feiling grow and missing her more and more. “Ling’er, I’m dying for someone to caress.”

The flower shrank back a little, as if it was frightened.

Tianming lowered his head and asked Lingfeng, who was below the tree, “How do you feel?”

“I feel much better now. This progress is fine with the Primordial Gate, and the souldfiend is also fully recovered,” Lingfeng said. He was now a fifth-level constellier. With his soul advantage, he could fight someone on the seventh level. And if it was a totem cultivator, matching an eighth-level constellier would be possible!

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